After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 041 Daring To Hit One’s Elders

As soon as Yang Tianci walked to the gate of the community, he saw many people surrounding the downstairs of his building, and he could also vaguely hear the sound of beating and cursing. He was stunned for a moment, and immediately quickened his pace: “Move aside, move aside, what’s going on? What are you doing downstairs in front of our building?”

An old man with a fan was pushed off balance by him. After he stood up, he spat and cursed, “What are you still even asking for? The loan sharks have already come knocking. You don’t know what is happening when the money was borrowed by you?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When other people saw Yang Tianci, they also said:

“Xiao Yang, go back and have a look, your wife and mother are crying.”

“Ai, what’s the matter with you kid? Why did you borrow so much money? The debt collectors are already at your door. Your dad was pushed by someone just now, and he fell down for a long time and couldn’t get up!”

“You have a wife and a child yet you don’t know to be more mature. I always heard that you made money by speculating in stocks. I was wondering how you got your money, but it turned out to be from a loan shark.”

“That’s right….”

Yang Tianci was dazed by the scolding raining down on him, and it was Yang Shengmao behind him who squeezed in first. After seeing the situation at home, he yelled: “Grandma! Mom!”

Yang Tianci was awakened by his son’s screams. He immediately pushed aside the crowd and walked in. Everyone gave way consciously and he soon saw the situation at home:

The Yang family was on the first floor, and there was a small garden attached to the building. The Yang family pulled out the flowers and instead planted vegetables. The normally juicy vegetable field had been trampled into a mess. The door and the windows have been splashed with red paint, exuding a strong pungent smell. And looking in through the window with the curtains drawn back, he could also see a few large and burly men who were not easily messed with at just a glance. The furniture had also been smashed to the point that almost nothing was whole.

A man wearing a gold chain and a tattoo on his arm came out, holding a note in his left hand and tapping the palm of his right hand lightly. He casually looked at him while tapping: “You are Yang Tianci?”

Yang Tianci’s brain went numb, and he subconsciously wanted to deny it, but Yang Shengmao spoke first: “He is my father! Speak with my father if you have a problem, don’t hurt my mother or my grandma!”

Yang Tianci froze, and his eyes widened a little bit. Old lady Yang and Yang Shengmao’s mother hugged Yang Shengmao tightly and wept bitterly in gratification and fear.

Looking at the tattooed man who was getting closer and closer, Yang Tianci subconsciously took half a step back, and said, “I… Yang Tianci, but I don’t owe anyone money and I haven’t borrowed money from usury. Did you find the wrong person?”

“Find the wrong person?” The tattooed man snorted, raised the note in his hand, and flashed it before his eyes: “Is the fingerprint and name on it not yours?”

Yang Tianci only had time to see the name of the borrower, and it was indeed his name and his handwriting, but…..he hurriedly explained: “Brother, although this is my handwriting, I really…..”

“It’s yours.” The tattooed man interrupted him, raised his hand to call everyone inside out, and waved his hand: “Hit him!”

The group of men surrounded Yang Tianci in an instant, and the sound of punches and kicks on the flesh could be heard endlessly, with Yang Tianci’s screams and begging for mercy mixed with it. It was a bit frightening to hear in the already dark night.

During this period, old lady Yang and old man Yang tried to pull those people away several times, but they were all pushed away mercilessly. Seeing that these people were becoming more and more vicious, old lady Yang sat on the ground and yelled bloody murder and about calling the police. Shouting to the surrounding neighbors to help.

The onlookers looked at each other in blank dismay. The Yang family usually did not get along well with their neighbors, and there were even many frictions. There was no closeness to speak of and this kind of situation was nothing one could easily get involved with at a glance. If they helped, the Yang family might not even be grateful, while they themselves would be pulled into the trouble. Thinking about it this way, the neighbors scattered in an instant, going home one after the other and closing the doors and windows, as if they hadn’t seen anything at all.

When the group of people stopped, Yang Tianci no longer had a piece of good flesh on his body, half of his face was covered with blood from his nose, and he couldn’t even cry out.

Seeing her son’s miserable state, old lady Yang trembled in fright. When she came back to her senses, she began to curse at the debt collectors, her husband, and her daughter-in-law. Probably because the first two were not easy to mess with, she focused all her fighting power on her daughter-in-law: “You unlucky star, when Tian Ci married you, I knew it was not good. And it really became like this. Not only are you lazy and greedy and don’t know how to take care of your husband and son and in-laws, you also dare to persuade our Tian Ci to borrow usury. What kind of heart do you have! You want to kill this old lady, don’t you…..”

Yang Tianci’s wife was not easily bullied either, she pointed at old lady Yang’s nose and said: “I’m an unlucky star? Why don’t you think about your meddling self poking your nose in other people’s business all day long, and just how to eat and drink and spend money? If it wasn’t for you damn old lady, how could Yang Tianci borrow usury behind our backs? If you ask me, you are the culprit. You should go kill yoursself right away to pay back the money, only then will it not be a waste of having lived this long!”

“You unlucky star…..”

“You damn old lady…..”

The two were arguing endlessly, and they completely forgot about Yang Tianci, who was lying on the side, dead or alive, unknown. They also ignored the big brothers with tattooed arms who were watching the show while eating melon seeds with their arms crossed.

Yang Shengmao looked around and didn’t know who to help, so he said to old man Yang, “Grandpa, Grandma and Mom…..”

“Forget about them.” With a dark face, old man Yang glanced at the debt collectors on one side, and then at the balcony windows of their neighbors above which seemed to be closed, but in fact hid many onlookers. He felt extremely embarrassed.

Yang Tianci, who had been lying on the ground, finally moved. A few seconds later, he groaned while clutching his arm. Hearing the movement, Yang Shengmao stood up immediately. After walking a few steps at first, he saw the big tall men on one side and stepped back to his original position. He called out to old man Yang: “Grandpa, Dad…..”

Old man Yang raised his hand and interrupted Yang Shengmao’s words: “Your father has completely disgraced our old Yang family. The family is unlucky. Just forget about him!”

“But…..” Yang Shengmao looked left and right, really worried.

Old man Yang pulled Yang Shengmao up, and said: “This is their business, not our business, let’s go inside!”

Yang Shengmao was dragged into the building by old man Yang, but before they entered the door, they were blocked by the man with a tattooed arm. Old man Yang shook angrily, “Do you have any conscience? Are you still thinking of finding trouble for me, an old man and a child!”

The tattooed man threw away the melon seed shells in his hand, and sneered: “I don’t care if you are an old man or a child, it’s only natural to pay back the debt. If your son owes the debt, as the father, you have to pay the debt for your son. If I don’t look for you, who would I look for?”

Old man Yang was so choked by these words that he almost couldn’t breathe. He pointed at the man with a trembling arm, and said, “You people are breaking the law!”

“Here’s the IOU.” The tattooed man waved the IOU and said, “In black and white, everything is clear, even if the police come, you still have to pay the debt. I will only give you three days, 300,000 yuan, not even a cent less, or I’ll cut off a hand from your family. You can calculate it out yourself, how many hands and feet your family of five has.”

Yang Shengmao instantly remembered the scene of his wrist being twisted and dislocated in the afternoon, and cold sweat instantly dotted his forehead. He took a step back and hid behind old man Yang.

He realized very clearly: If their family couldn’t pay back the money, these people would really cut off their hands and feet…..

Old man Yang obviously also heard from the tone of the tattooed man that he was not joking, he really dared to do it. Thinking that all of this was caused by Yang Tianci, he was so angry that the hand holding the door frame was trembling uncontrollably. Even after the tattooed man led his men away, he was still muttering: “The family is unlucky, the family is unlucky… did I give birth to such trash…..”

Yang Tianci returned home with the support of old lady Yang and his wife, but he was blocked at the door before even entering. Old man Yang pointed at Yang Tianci’s nose and said, “How dare you borrow usury, and even as much as 300,000 yuan, speak, where did you spend all that money!”

Yang Tianci’s arms were weak, his legs were weak and his whole body was in pain. He just wanted to lie down quickly, he said: “Dad, I didn’t borrow any money, those people made a mistake, you get out of the way first, let me in.”

“You still want to go in?” Old man Yang blew puffed in anger and glared: “You still have the face to enter this house? Do you know that those people want you to pay back 300,000 yuan within three days, and if there is even a cent less, they will cut a hand or leg. You are going to kill our whole family! Yet you have the nerve to say you want to go in!”

“What?” Yang Tianci’s wife screamed, “Dad! Those people really said that?”

Old man Yang had a dark face: “Ask Sheng Mao.”

Yang Shengmao nodded with a pale face. Yang Tianci’s wife stared wide-eyed, and old lady Yang rolled her eyes and passed out.

“Grandma!” Yang Shengmao immediately supported the old lady Yang, his eyes red with fright.

“Help your grandma in.” Old man Yang commanded: “Also, Yang Tianci, you go out to borrow money now, and come back after you borrow the money. If you can’t borrow it, I will cut off the father-son relationship with you. Sheng Mao will also do the same. My grandson is still young, and he can’t lack arms or legs.”

Yang Tianci was originally feeling pain all over, and his chest heaved violently when he heard these words, he shouted: “I said I don’t owe any money, I don’t know about it at all! Even if I owe money, you are my father, shouldn’t you help me pay it back? How can I borrow 300,000 yuan in three days? Are you going to watch me die?!”

Old man Yang didn’t answer, but closed the door in front of him and locked it.

Yang Tianci stared at the closed door, his chest heaved violently, and his hands and feet, which were still weak at first, now provoked by anger, suddenly had energy. He kicked the iron door of his house: “Open the door!”

The door remained closed, and he persistently kicked and screamed, but failed to open his own door. However, the neighbors opened the door one after another. A middle-aged man on the second floor came out, stood in the corridor and shouted downstairs. “Yang Tianci, what’s the matter with your family? Let’s just forget about the debt collector scene just now, but now you’re still making noise, how can we even sleep with all the racket? Can your family have a little bit of public morality?”

Yang Tianci’s neighbor also said through the iron gate: “Yes, even if you can’t get in, you can’t kick the door like this. If you kick it, you are only hurting yourself and bothering others.”

The other people who opened the door chimed in. Yang Tianci turned his head with a gloomy face and said, “If I can’t go back inside, you won’t be sleeping either. If you’re not happy, then swallow it back. Stop talking nonsense to me.”

Hearing this, the man on the second floor said angrily: “You’re very arrogant at this time. Why didn’t you peep a word when the debt collector beat you just now? It’s rare to see someone like you who bully the weak and fear the tough to the extent you are. If you dare to borrow usury, you have to know what would happen today. Serves you right!”

Yang Tianci kicked heavily on the iron door, and the entire corridor echoed with the bang. The others were startled by such a sound and fell silent for a second. At this moment, the door of the Yang family opened, and the old lady Yang pulled her son in, saying: “Come in quickly, your father agreed that you can come in.”

The door of the Yang’s opened and closed, and the neighbors who were watching saw that they were finally quiet, and closed their doors one after another.

In the living room of the Yang family, old man Yang was sitting on the sofa, smoking a cigarette. He said: “I discussed this matter with your mother and your wife. The 300,000 must be raised, and it can be raised.”

Yang Tianci was taken aback for a moment, and stared at his parents blankly.

“But first tell me honestly, when did you borrow the money, where did you use it, and how much is left?”

The fire in Yang Tianci’s chest went out in an instant, and he quickly explained: “I really didn’t borrow money. I don’t remember borrowing money at all. If I knew, I would have paid it back long ago. How could the loan sharks come to our house? Mom and Dad, you have to believe me, I really didn’t borrow money!”

Old man Yang slapped the table heavily, and shouted: “You are still lying at this time, your name is written in black and white, and you said you didn’t borrow it! Where did the money go! Tell me now!”

“I…..” Yang Tianci paused for a moment, then suddenly raised his head: “You are not trying to raise money for me, you just want to know where the money is and how much is left, right?”

Old man Yang’s expression changed, and he was so angry that he gasped a few times before pointing at Yang Tianci and said: “Unfilial son! You rebellious and unscrupulous thing, how dare you talk to me like this! If I knew you would do such a thing, I wouldn’t have let your mother give birth to you back then!”

“Shouldn’t have given birth to me?” Yang Tianci sneered, “Why do I remember that you told my two sisters that I am the only seedling and the only continuation of the old Yang family line? Why is it that now that I have a 300,000 yuan debt I am no longer your son? In the end, money is more important than a son, right?”

“You!” Old man Yang pointed at Yang Tianci, so angry that he couldn’t speak.

Old lady Yang hurriedly said: “Why are you talking to your father like this? It’s already wrong for you to borrow usury and put the family in such a situation. Now you still refuse to tell us when you borrowed money and how much money you have left. How can we help you find a solution?””

Yang Tianci enunciated word by word: “I told you, I didn’t borrow any money.”

“Yang Tianci!” Yang Tianci’s wife said angrily with red eyes: “Don’t be ignorant of what’s good for you. If you don’t pay after three days, it’s not just you who will be unlucky, but also your parents, me and your son. Even if you don’t want your parents, even if you don’t want me, you have to think about your son, he is still so young, if those people really cut off a hand or a foot, how will he live in the future?”

Yang Shengmao, who was mentioned, had a pale face, as if he had gone numb after experiencing such a fright, his face practically expressionless now.

“Think about him?” Yang Tianci recalled the scene where he was beaten, but his son only protected his old mother and wife. He sneered, “Which one of you think about me? No one believes me, so why should I think about you all?”


“Enough!” Old man Yang slammed the ashtray on the coffee table, every wrinkle on his face full of sinister gloom: “I don’t care how much you have left now, you will go to your sister’s house to borrow money tomorrow morning. I heard that Jiang Zhuo’s operation has already been done, since they have the money to do the operation, they must have the money to help you pay off the debt, let them chip in the 300,000 yuan!”

Yang Tianci and his wife were taken aback at the same time and looked at each other. His wife said: “Dad…..would this work? Last time Yang Si came to our house she severed ties with you and Mom. The relationship has already become so ugly, could she still lend money to Tian Ci?”

“She has to lend it even if she doesn’t want to!” Old man Yang patted the table, and said: “Our old Yang family has raised her to such an age, watching her get married and have a child. Her mother and I are not dead yet, but at this time people are forcing us to a dead end, if she dares disagree, then…..”

Yang Tianci interrupted old man Yang: “She won’t agree.”

Old lady Yang said, “What did you say?”

“With Jiang Chen there, she can’t possibly agree.” Yang Tianci’s eyes were filled with gloom, and he said in a deep voice: “Last time at the door of our house, we said we would cut ties with each other, and that bastard Jiang Chen recorded it. Today when I went over I saw him, and he took out the recording. Not only that, he also hit me, dislocated Sheng Mao’s hand, and threatened me not to appear in front of Yang Si in the future.”

Old lady Yang couldn’t believe it: “He…..hit you? He has such daring?”

“Ask your grandson.” Yang Tianci said, “See if it’s true that Jiang Chen dislocated his hand and relocated it back today.”

All the eyes of the people in the room were on Yang Shengmao, he hesitated but didn’t nod. He didn’t know why, he had a premonition that if they went to trouble Jiang Chen, they might end up worse than offending these loan sharks.

Seeing that Yang Shengmao didn’t speak, the other three people’s eyes became suspicious. Yang Tianci was anxious, walked to Yang Shengmao’s side, slapped him on the head, and said, “Say it! Isn’t that the case!”

Yang Shengmao clenched his fists and nodded slightly.

Old man Yang became angry instantly: “Rebellion! Jiang Chen even dared to hit his elders. He is simply lawless! Sure enough, he has no family education at all!”

Yang Tianci continued: “I think he was pretending in front of us before. In fact, he is full of evil and insidious scheming. If Jiang Chen is around, my sister will definitely not be able to lend us money.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Then what should we do?” Old man Yang said, “There are only three days. Jiang Chen is at home all the time during the summer vacation. He can wait but our family can’t.”

“It’s okay.” Yang Tianci’s eyes flashed coldly, and he sneered, “He offended a young master for some reason, and he gave me a sum of money to monitor him and teach him some lessons at the same time. If I ask him for help, he will definitely be willing to help us, and without that bastard Jiang Chen as a hindrance, Eldest Sister will definitely use the money to help us pay off our debts.”

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