Source of Calamity CH 040 Talented Mr. Shen

“What happened?” Qin Xing rubbed Shen Zhen’s ear, and Shen Zhen didn’t avoid the touch. He was used to Qin Xing’s touches now, Qin Xing seemed to like to knead his ears and face, but these touches made Shen Zhen feel very comfortable.

Probably because apart from Mama Zhang, no elders have expressed love for him since he was a child, so Shen Zhen felt that Qin Xing’s touches gave him a feeling of being pampered.

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Shen Zhen said calmly, “Shen Li broke Su Shiqing’s leg.”

“Oh?” Qin Xing didn’t seem interested, he stroked Shen Zhen’s hair with his hand, and asked softly, “Is Xiao Zhen happy?”

Shen Zhen practically blurted out: “Happy.”

Qin Xing gave a low laugh: “I’m going to send Ah Yue abroad.”

The foreign market really needed someone to keep an eye on it. He couldn’t leave now, so it was only natural for Qin Yue to go.

However, the foreign team members were all old employees of Qin Group, so Qin Yue could only watch at most, and couldn’t stick his hand in.

All the decisions would still be made by Qin Xing.

“Abroad?” Shen Zhen came to his senses, he wanted to ask Qin Xing if he had given up on Qin Yue? But he didn’t ask.

Qin Xing stroked Shen Zhen’s hair: “Since Xiao Zhen doesn’t like him, letting him go abroad will not make Xiao Zhen uncomfortable, will it?”

Shen Zhen pursed his lips and smiled shyly. He thought in his heart that Qin Xing couldn’t possibly have decided to have Qin Yue go abroad just for him, but even though he thought so, he was still very happy.

It was as if Qin Xing could accept everything about him.

Even if it was just to coax him.

Qin Xing would stay at Shen Zhen’s place for a week. This week was a veritable two-person world. Mama Zhang was ordered by Qin Xing to take care of her own son. Except for the housekeeping auntie who would come to clean the house, there would be no third wheel showing up at home.

“I’ll cook.” Shen Zhen stood up a little excitedly. Mama Zhang stocked up a lot of groceries in the refrigerator. Shen Zhen felt that he must have a talent for cooking. Didn’t Qin Xing say that the plate of boiled shrimp he made before was delicious? Maybe he was talented at cooking?

Shen “talented” Zhen excitedly guaranteed: “Uncle Qin, wait here for a while, I’ll call you when I’m done.”

Qin Xing didn’t stop him, he gently encouraged: “Go, Xiao Zhen is awesome.”

Ai, this feeling of being praised all the time was really great.

Shen Zhen lowered his head and smiled, and then walked into the kitchen. He had already forgotten about Shen Li and could not even remember this person.

After working in the kitchen for an hour, Shen Zhen finally admitted that he had no talent for cooking.

Clearly the electric rice cooker was automatic, but he didn’t know which step he made a mistake in that the rice ended up burnt black, and it was impossible to eat.

The cucumber had too much vinegar added, and only sourness could be tasted.

He also cut the meat slices into pieces, but after cooking it with onion it still smelled raw and bloody.

Standing in front of his “masterpiece”, Shen Zhen decided to let the trash eat these things.

“Why didn’t you bring it out?” Qin Xing had already walked to the door of the kitchen. He smelled something strange, which obviously didn’t smell like food.

Shen Zhen quickly turned around, covering his talented masterpiece, and said with a smile: “Let’s go out to eat.”

Qin Xing walked in, and he said to Shen Zhen, “Let Uncle see.”

Shen Zhen stepped back reluctantly. Qin Xing picked up the chopsticks, and picked up the only decent looking cucumber.

Just when Shen Zhen thought that Qin Xing would spit it out in the next second, Qin Xing swallowed it expressionlessly. Although he didn’t smile, he didn’t seem to be greatly affected by the sourness. Qin Xing spoke nonsense with a serious face: “Not bad.”

Shen Zhen: “…..But I think it’s better for us to go out to eat.”

Qin Xing might have lost his sense of taste, but his sense of taste had not failed, so it was better not to torture himself.

“Let’s go to Uncle Yang’s.” Shen Zhen went to get his coat and asked, “Which one are you wearing? I’ll take it out for you together.”

Qin Xing seemed to be still savoring the cucumber, and it took him a few seconds before he answered, “The gray one.”

When Shen Zhen walked into the room, Qin Xing’s expression became very complicated. He felt that Xiao Zhen’s skills could be used when extorting confessions by torture.

The two went downstairs together. When Shen Zhen passed by the security booth, he found that the security guard had changed. The security guard who took care of Su Shiqing last time and helped Su Shiqing persuade him was gone. Such a confused person, even if he didn’t complain, there were also house owners who would complain.

“Eldest Brother!” A voice sounded, and Shen Li ran over from the other side of the street. He looked like a stray dog, one who finally saw a bone. His eyes could practically read: pitiful and helpless.

Shen Zhen: “…..” How did the arrogant and unreasonable Shen Li in his memory become like this? Su Shiqing actually had this function?

Shen Li ran up to Shen Zhen, his eyes were moist, and he looked pitiful: “Shen Yun and Shen Mu called me, but I didn’t answer, I don’t want to go back.”

If he went back, he would definitely be pointed and scolded by Shen Yun and Shen Mu, and forced to apologize to Su Shiqing. Maybe his own leg would even be broken to make up for Su Shiqing. He was not stupid, so he would definitely not go back.

But his card was suspended, and he had no money. Just now when Shen Zhen said that he could take him in for a while, he ran over without hesitation.

Shen Li didn’t know Qin Xing, he was a standard hedonistic son of a rich family, and because he was the youngest, no one thought that he could head the Shen family in the future. So after returning to China from university, he didn’t recognize all the high society people at all. He only played within his own small circle, and was not interested in business, so he didn’t even read financial magazines.

“Are you going to eat out now?” Shen Li said shamelessly, “I didn’t have lunch, and I’m hungry.”

Shen Zhen: “…..” Who was this cheeky and shameless guy?

Qin Xing said, “Together?”

Shen Li didn’t think the other was just being polite, so he quickly said: “Okay, okay, what are you going to eat?”

Shen Zhen: “Chinese food.”

The driver had already driven the car downstairs. As soon as Shen Zhen walked to the side of the car, Shen Li opened the door ahead of him as if afraid of Shen Zhen regretting, quickly sat on the co-pilot seat, and speedily put on the seat belt.

Although Shen Li had never lived with Shen Zhen, he knew that Shen Zhen had some special insistences, for example, he must wear a seat belt when riding in a car, and he was very afraid of death.

Shen Zhen sat in the back seat helplessly, and Qin Xing sat with Shen Zhen.

Shen Li: “This car is really nice, Eldest Brother, is this your car?”

Just as Shen Zhen was about to deny it, Qin Xing held Shen Zhen’s hand and said with a smile, “It’s his car.”

Shen Li: “Wow, Eldest Brother, have you made a fortune? I’ve always wanted to buy one, but Dad won’t give me the money.”

Shen Zhen wanted to take his hand out of Qin Xing’s hold, but Qin Xing held it tightly, and Shen Zhen didn’t want to struggle too obviously. After all, there was Shen Li and the driver in the car, so he could only pretend that nothing happened. He felt a sense of shame and excitement of one having an affair under the nose of others.

Shen Li: “Eldest Brother, you don’t know what I went through yesterday, no wonder you don’t like Su Shiqing, I’ve never seen this kind of person in my life, he really is  incomparably shameless.”

Shen Zhen: “…..” His mind was not on what Shen Li said, but on Qin Xing’s hand.

When he was eating kebab yesterday, he didn’t feel anything wrong with his hand being held by Qin Xing, but now he felt very shy.

His face was a little red.

“Eldest Brother, why are you blushing?” Shen Li brought up what should not be brought up.

Shen Zhen said viciously, “Shut up, or I’ll throw you out.”

Shen Li tucked his neck in honestly, and said in a low voice: “Shutting up, shutting up.”

Shen Li was still chattering while eating. Qin Xing and Shen Zhen could only watch Shen Li perform a solo. Shen Zhen’s perception of Shen Li was very complicated. To the end of his last life, only Shen Li came to see him and scolded him, while giving him two thousand yuan.

But Shen Li was not doing well in the Shen family at the time. With Su Shiqing around, he became a marginalized person. No one in the Shen family cared about him. He fooled around outside, drinking and drunk driving, and ended up hitting someone. Although he sent them to the hospital, and no one died, but since then it was like he was expelled from the Shen family.

Shen Li scolded him at the time: “What are you even capable of! You are forced to such straits by Su Shiqing! Aren’t you amazing, Shen Zhen? What use are you even!” As he spoke, he took out two thousand yuan and put it in front of him.

Perhaps it was because they were all deeply harmed by Su Shiqing.

An enemy of an enemy was a friend.

Or maybe Shen Li sympathized with him.

That was why Shen Zhen was willing to give Shen Li a hand now.

Think of it as repaying the kindness of the two thousand yuan.

Shen Zhen felt a little tired. He closed his eyes, leaned on Qin Xing’s shoulder, and said in a low voice, “Uncle, I’ll nap for a bit.”

He also had no appetite to eat now.

Qin Xing said softly in his ear, “Go ahead.”


“Hao Yi, it hurts so much.” Su Shiqing grabbed Chu Haoyi’s hand, his face was swollen into a pig’s head, and he looked very shocking. His voice was also very unpleasant, almost like scratchy tape, he said, “Hao Yi, help me.”

Chu Haoyi carried him and sat in the car, his eyes were red and his hands were trembling: “Don’t worry, you will be fine.”

In the traffic jam, Chu Haoyi held the steering wheel tightly: “Where is Qin Yue? Where is he? Did he not protect you?”

Su Shiqing’s body was also stiff, yes, why didn’t Ah Yue protect him? He bit his lower lip tightly: “Maybe Ah Yue has something urgent?”

Chu Haoyi: “What urgent matter is more important than you?!”

Su Shiqing wept softly: “I…..I don’t know…..I don’t know why Shen Li did this to me.”

Chu Haoyi squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth: “His name is Shen Li?”

Su Shiqing quickly said: “I didn’t say his name on purpose, maybe he has some unknown reason, I, I don’t blame him.”

Chu Haoyi: “Shi Qing…..don’t be too kind.”

Su Shiqing said with difficulty: “I just think that everyone has their own difficulties.”

Chu Haoyi: “I will contact Qin Yue. If he can’t protect you in the future, then let me do it.”

Su Shiqing finally had some joy on his face, but when he looked up the next second, his expression became very worried again.

“But, I don’t want to hurt Ah Yue, and Ah Yue didn’t expect Shen Li to be like this.”

Chu Haoyi sneered: “He can’t even protect his own lover, Young Master Qin, he is not all he is cracked up to be.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Shiqing remained silent, and after a while he said, “Hao Yi, don’t deal with Shen Li, okay?”

Chu Haoyi: “Shi Qing, don’t worry about anything, I know what to do.”

Su Shiqing breathed a sigh of relief, lay down on the back seat, touched his broken leg with one hand, and clenched his teeth.

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