Source of Calamity CH 041 Get The Hell Out

During this period of time, Shen Li lived very happily, no one nagged him, Shen Zhen gave him back pocket money, although it was not much, but it was enough if his fingers weren’t too loose. Because he was afraid that his two brothers and Chu Haoyi would come to make trouble for him, Shen Li spent almost all day inside playing video games, and thus developed a new hobby——buying collectible figurines, the apartment was piled high with it.

When it was time to eat, he would go to Shen Zhen’s apartment to mooch meals, being a complete rice bug with ease of mind.

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Of course, it would be nice if Shen Zhen wasn’t always with that handsome man with a smile on his face, yet still made him feel scared somehow.

“Eldest Brother, I think he must have some designs on you!” Sitting next to Shen Zhen, Shen Li whispered bad things when he saw that the man hadn’t come out, “Don’t you think? I saw him holding your hand last time!”

Shen Zhen almost choked on his saliva: “Hai hai… think too much.”

With a serious face of “I know everything, you don’t have to pretend”, he whispered: “I think it’s okay, this kind of high-quality man is hard to find, mainly because he has a good aura. You don’t know this, but Shen Yun used to keep a male starlet. He had muscles and a handsome face, but every time he couldn’t say a few words without breaking into tears, how inauspicious and unpleasant.”

Shen Zhen’s expression was a little dazed: “Shen Yun, he.….”

Shen Li: “Wow, you still don’t know? Second Brother is bisexual, he likes both men and women, and he likes the kind that cries every day.”

Shen Zhen: “…..” He felt that what Shen Yun liked was one who relied on him, not one who cried every day.

Shen Li: “So that surnamed Su is Second Brother’s dish. Whenever there’s nothing to do, he would break out into tears like Meng Jiangnu at the Great Wall.” (TN: folk story)

Shen Zhen patted Shen Li’s head: “Don’t insult Meng Jiangnu.”

Shen Li changed the subject: “Eldest Brother, I will follow you from now on, I can see that Shen Yun and Shen Mu are both inhumane whenever they are faced with a good tail!”

“I don’t like them anymore,” he said angrily.

Shen Zhen looked at Shen Li and felt that it was God’s retribution for Shen Fu to give birth to such a son.

What Shen Li didn’t know was that the Shen family didn’t have time to look for him right now, they were currently busy dealing with Chu Haoyi who took Su Shiqing to question and find fault with them.

Shen Fu stood in the living room, leaning on his dragon head cane as always. He was so angry that he almost fainted. It wasn’t that he was so angry at Shen Li. He was already used to being vexed by Shen Li. It was Shen Yun and Shen Mu, when they heard Su Shiqing’s leg was broken by Shen Li, the both of them were like their father had died, practically shedding tears in mourning.

“Shi Qing, are you okay?”

“Shi Qing? Why didn’t you stay in the hospital? You just had surgery on your leg, so you still have to be hospitalized, right?”

“When Xiao Li, no, Shen Li comes back, I’ll tell him to make amends to you.”

Su Shiqing stood silently on the spot, with his head down, afraid that if he raised his head, his sinister gaze would be seen. His leg was now lame, and the doctor said that it would not get better even if he stayed in the hospital. He should be thankful that this leg could still move. If he didn’t see Shen Li get his leg broken as well, he would not be able to release his anger.

Chu Haoyi: “Don’t talk so much nonsense, where is Shen Li? Tell him to come out!”

Shen Yun and Shen Mu were already dazed stupid, and said quickly: “He’s not at home, we’ll call him and tell him to get back quickly.”

“Get back quickly my ass!” After pretending to be a Confucian businessman for so many years, Shen Fu finally couldn’t bear it any longer. He knocked on the floor with his cane a few times, and said angrily, “Did you two forget who is your true younger brother?!”

Shen Yun and Shen Mu looked at each other: “Shen Li did something wrong, he should bear the consequences.”

Shen Fu: “Where is the evidence!!!”

Chu Haoyi: “I saw it with my own eyes, would I come here to lie to you?”

Shen Fu snorted coldly: “I’ve never heard that when criminals are judged, they only look at witness evidence and not physical evidence.”

“Call the police.” Shen Fu said, “Breaking into my house casually, wanting to mess with my son, who gave you the right?”

Chu Haoyi: “Mr. Shen, I respect you as an elder. Some things I can’t say too harshly, so don’t make it difficult for me.”

Shen Fu was so angry that his hands were shaking. It was the first time he was talked down to by a junior, as if his face had been torn off and thrown on the ground, and the other even stepped on it a few times.

He couldn’t hand over Shen Li to Chu Haoyi, otherwise he would lose all face.

“Since Mr. Chu is so capable, coming to the Shen family to find fault, then you must know the whereabouts of my youngest son.” Shen Fu calmed down, “Mr. Su too, since the Shen family can’t worship a big Buddha like you, you should find a place that can. I think the Chu family is a very good choice, I wonder if old Chu is willing to have another son with inheritance rights.”

Su Shiqing’s expression changed.

His purpose was not to make trouble for the Su family. What’s the point of making trouble when the matter had already happened?

The reason why he was willing to come with Chu Haoyi was because he wanted the Shen family to take a step back. Once the Shen family took a step back, he could become the person with the most say in the Shen family, because Chu Haoyi would support him from behind, and although Qin Yue is abroad, the name of the eldest young master of the Qin family was still there, and his life would be better than before.

Of course it was painful to become lame, but the lameness was not particularly serious, and after becoming lame, one still had to continue living.

It was a pity that what Su Shiqing thought didn’t mean that Chu Haoyi thought the same. Chu Haoyi sneered: “Since you don’t want to hand over Shen Li, after I find him, you likely won’t be able to intervene then.”

Shen Fu: “Are you threatening me?”

Chu Haoyi replied politely: “It’s a notification.”

Shen Fu took a deep breath: “Go ahead.”

Then Shen Fu sat on the sofa, tired and depressed. What had him feeling the most disbelief was his other two sons, they seemed to have forgotten that Shen Li was their own brother.

After Chu Haoyi left with Su Shiqing, Shen Fu looked at Shen Yun and Shen Mu.

“You two can go too.” Shen Fu said.

Shen Yun and Shen Mu turned pale in shock: “Dad?”

Shen Fu yelled: “Get the hell out! I said get the hell out! Don’t you understand?!”

“If you want Su Shiqing to be your younger brother so much, then go! See if he recognizes you two as his big brothers!”

Shen Fu was furious: “Do you hear that? Now pack up your things and get the hell out!”

Shen Mu was still defending himself: “Dad, it was Xiao Li who did something wrong…..”

“Don’t call him Xiao Li.” Shen Fu calmed down and took two breaths, “Didn’t you call him Shen Li just now? Will you call me Shen Fu in the future?”

Shen Yun became scared: “Dad…..”

Shen Fu: “Who is the head of the family now! I will personally freeze your cards for you, pack your things and go, and see if your beloved brother Su Shiqing will come to help you.”

Shen Mu: “Dad, why are you so blind to right and wrong? Shi Qing has such a good personality, how could he offend Xiao Li? Isn’t it because Xiao Li is jealous? Not only doesn’t he examine his own problems, Dad, you won’t even teach him a lesson, but yell at us instead.”

Shen Fu sat there and waved his hand: “I can’t handle you anymore, you go on your own.”

“Old Li, send them away.” Shen Fu summoned the butler, “Don’t let them enter the house without my permission.”

Shen Yun and Shen Mu: “Dad!”

Shen Fu was tired, he stood up with his cane, and walked upstairs slowly.

He knew what his three sons were like, and he didn’t have hopes they would make the Shen family bigger and stronger. If they were fighting each other for inheritance rights, he might turn a blind eye. After all, the winner who came out like that, could maybe bring the family to a higher level, and with him still here, the other two would be preserved as well.

But he couldn’t accept his children infighting over an outsider.

Standing at the door of the house, carrying their suitcases, Shen Yun and Shen Mu, who even had their car keys confiscated, looked at each other.

Shen Yun: “How much money do you have in your card?”

Shen Mu: “I don’t have a card. It was confiscated. I only have a thousand yuan in cash with me.”

Now everyone used cards, who still carried cash.

Shen Yun hesitated and said, “Look for Shi Qing?”

Shen Mu: “It seems…..that there is only this way.”

Shen Li only learned of this after it had been several days since Shen Yun and Shen Mu were kicked out of the Shen family house. He ate and drank well, and felt that life was very satisfying. When facing Qin Xing, he even dared to say a few words now. When mentioning Shen Yun and Shen Mu, Shen Li looked contemptuous.

“They are all bewitched stupid by Su Shiqing, not even wanting to go home.” Shen Li curled his lips, “Mom must be crying at home.”

Shen Zhen peeled an orange, handed half of it to Qin Xing, and said to Shen Li, “You won’t go see them?”

Shen Li spoke righteously: “Go see them for what? Su Shiqing is their younger brother. I was just picked up, given as a freebie with the lottery ticket.”

Shen Zhen laughed. Qin Xing ate the orange that Shen Zhen peeled personally, forgetting his own cleanliness obsession, and then almost had his teeth fall out from the sourness. He could only maintain an indifferent expression.

Qin Xing looked at the oranges on the plate on the coffee table, stood up silently, and took the plate to the kitchen.

Shen Zhen also ate the other half of the orange, his face wrinkled at the sourness, and he picked up the water glass with difficulty and took a sip of water: “Didn’t you say that the oranges are very sweet?”

The oranges were bought by Shen Li when he went downstairs for a walk. Shen Li nodded: “The boss said that if it’s not sweet, he won’t charge me.”

“You haven’t tasted one?” Shen Zhen asked.

Shen Li: “He already said that, so it must be sweet.”

Shen Zhen: “…..” Was this person mentally retarded?

“I’m going back to sleep.” Shen Li yawned, and said to Shen Zhen, “I played games all night last night, so I won’t have dinner with you today, bye.”

After finishing speaking, he left decisively.

Qin Xing sat next to Shen Zhen, stroking Shen Zhen’s head with a big hand, and asked, “What is Xiao Zhen’s arrangement for this afternoon?”

Shen Zhen had already habitually tilted his head and leaned on Qin Xing’s shoulder. He felt that he was becoming more and more childish in front of Qin Xing, as if he had reverted into a teen. He said lowly: “I want to go hiking.”

He hadn’t gone out for a long time. Being holed up in the city, car exhaust or smog were the only things he could smell. The sun was out today, and the temperature had risen by fifteen degrees, which was just right for climbing.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Okay.” Qin Xing agreed.

Shen Zhen sat up straight: “Let’s get ready now!”

If Qin Xing hadn’t wanted to go together, he would have called Li Jiaxing, Yang Changsheng, and Shen Li to go together, but if Qin Xing was going, then he would just settle for a two-person world.

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