After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 278 New Movie

“Thank you Brother Cheng for writing a song for me.” Tao Mu smiled and pushed the sheet music back to Cheng Yi, and said with a shy smile, “But I want to try writing a song myself.”

Before Cheng Yi could respond, Tao Mu added shyly, “A song for our family’s Mr. Li.”

Caught off guard by the face full of dog food, Cheng Yi, who was about to speak, stretched out his hands and rubbed the goosebumps on his arms: Showing affection like this is immoral!

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Knowing that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng have just announced their relationship, and that the elders of both parties were already preparing for the engagement ceremony, Cheng Yi could understand the thoughts of young people in love. He just had no confidence in Tao Mu’s knowledge of music theory and composition skills. After all, Tao Mu’s tone deaf singing skills were really impressive.

Cheng Yi was a music producer who was very strict with himself. Since Tao Mu asked him to help make the single, Cheng Yi would take responsibility to the end. Tao Mu would never be allowed to write a song that was not on the standard line on his watch, smashing the brand of the top tier music producer in the Chinese music scene.

Of course, Tao Mu could also understand Cheng Yi’s rigor and strict requirements for work, he smiled and said, “Brother Cheng, just give me a chance and let me try.”

Cheng Yi nodded, and said: “Okay then. Show me your work as soon as possible. But we have to agree on one thing first, if your song is not up to standard, I will not pass it. So while composing your song, I suggest you practice this song, so as not to delay the release of the EP.”

“I understand.” Tao Mu smiled and said, “Brother Cheng, don’t worry, I will definitely not smash your brand.”

Although he was tone deaf, Tao Mu, who was taught how to play musical instruments by the resident band of Night since he was a child, actually knew a little bit of music theory. Besides, this time was to celebrate’s breakthrough of 200 million registered users. Such a grand event was also related to’s face. Tao Mu, who had always been a perfectionist, certainly didn’t want to trip up here. What’s more, Tao Mu wanted to sing this song to Li Xiaoheng himself at the engagement ceremony. So he was very serious about creating a good song.

——This manifested in everyday after filming, he would hold a guitar and play it around in the hotel. It was a pity that the gulf between each profession was like a mountain. By the time the drama “Soldier Elite” was officially completed, Tao Mu only had the first stanza of that song written.

On Cheng Yi’s side, because he had to prepare for a national tour concert, he didn’t have time to dawdle with Tao Mu. After the two agreed on a specific time to record the single, Cheng Yi put down Tao Mu’s affairs and went back to do his own thing.

After the wrap-up party, Tao Mu, who had nothing to do, returned to Beijing with the first and probably the only half-baked song composed by him. As usual, Li Xiaoheng was the one who picked him up at the airport.

Because the two have officially announced their relationship, the news that the two were preparing for the engagement ceremony was also uploaded on the Internet and in major newspapers. The media reporters and Ceramics who learned about Tao Mu’s specific itinerary arrived at the airport one after another, wanting to interview/see the couple who appeared in public together for the first time after announcing their relationship.

Even as a boss worth tens of billions, after dropping the double bomb of announcing his sexual orientation and announcing his relationship, Tao Mu had to accept the fact that he lost nearly a million fans overnight. However, this kind of data loss was not reflected in the airport pick-up.

Counting the filming schedule of “Soldier Elite”, Tao Mu had not appeared in front of the public for more than half a year since the mainland version of “Black and White” was released. And even when returning to the film studio some time ago, the itinerary was not announced. This time, if an entertainment reporter from a certain city hadn’t reported the news of the wrap-up of the crew of “Soldier Elite” in advance, the media reporters and fans in Beijing would not have known about Tao Mu’s flight. There was no public itinerary for half a year, and the only appearance before was the live broadcast of coming out of the closet announcing their relationship. Many fans even wondered whether Tao Mu had the intention of leaving the entertainment industry entirely. After all, Tao Mu wasn’t considered a full-time actor in the first place——his serious career was a self-made Internet entrepreneur.

Thinking about it this way, after experiencing a large wave of crying and loss of fans, the remaining fans became more determined and loyal, but also more panicked and afraid. They were afraid that Tao Mu would really take advantage of the situation and retire from the public eye. So they were eager to see Tao Mu and tell Tao Mu personally that no matter what his sexual orientation was or who he liked, everyone liked him as always. They hoped Tao Mu could stay in the entertainment industry for a long time, and never have the idea of going home to inherit the family business.

Under the urging of this kind of thinking, regardless of the fact that Tao Mu would go through the VIP passage every time, the Ceramics actively organized and planned this time’s plane drop-off and pick-up.

At the same time, many LGBTQ folks who dared not speak out also regard Tao Mu as an idol. Wearing rainbow ties, they all came to pick up his plane, and by the way express their support and blessings for Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng’s relationship.

In addition to staking out the airport lobby, some highly skilled media reporters and some Ceramics also bought first-class tickets and squatted in the VIP passage. So much so that the usually cold and peopleless VIP passage had almost become the scene of a fan meeting. The empty aisle was filled with people, and the crowds were like a sea of people walking shoulder to shoulder. Even the security check lanes and boarding gates were packed, seriously affecting the airport order. So much so that the airport had to communicate with Tao Mu who had yet to board the plane to Beijing, and asked Tao Mu to come forward to appease the fans and guide them. As a result, he even promised a fan meeting, which persuaded most of the fans to leave the airport.

“Why do I feel that Tao Mu has become more popular after he announced his relationship? The number of fans is almost catching up with those k-pop stars!”

In the waiting room of an airport in a certain city, looking at the equally crowded airport, the three roommates looked shocked. After seeing with their own eyes that Tao Mu actually had to cooperate with the airport to open a live broadcast in Beijing Airport in order to persuade the fans to leave, and even had to promise a meeting at the fans’ begging, the three roommates only felt that the world was becoming more and more fantastical.

“Why is a guy of Tao Mu’s sexual orientation and one who is already taken, soon to be engaged, have so many crazy and loyal beautiful female fans, but I don’t even have a single female fan!” Du Kang, who was really unwilling, wailed, acting cute at the fans in the VIP room with wet doe-like eyes: “My dear lady, there is no future for you in liking Tao Mu. How about climbing the wall to fan me? Look, I am 1.92 meters tall and weigh eighty-eight kilograms, with six-pack abs, a sexy v-line, and a firm narrow waist! If you are my fan, you’ll definitely have a good future!”

This guy, stealing fans so openly! Tao Mu raised his eyebrows, and was about to speak, when he saw the female fan on the opposite side directly stabbing Du Kang’s heart with a smile: “But you aren’t as good-looking as our CEO Tao!”

In an instant, Du Kang’s rich facial expressions seemed to be suffering from facial paralysis, with his mouth going crooked and his eyes going slanted.

The other people sitting in the VIP room laughed out loud. Chu Sui’an and Wen Bao also patted Du Kang’s shoulder playfully, showing no sympathy for this guy.

They flew back to Beijing laughing and in a good mood all the way. Li Xiaoheng was standing at the airport pick-up gate with roses in his hands. Tao Mu walked over amidst the heckling of the group of people, and asked while hugging him, “Why did you think of bringing flowers?”

“My dad’s suggestion.” Li Xiaoheng smiled and said, “There must be a sense of ceremony when picking up a lover’s plane.”


The media reporters squatting at the airport came over excitedly. Although most Ceramics were persuaded to leave, there were still a small group of fans who were reluctant to leave, and they also didn’t intend to disturb Tao Mu, they just wanted to take a look from afar. Lest they be remembered by Tao Mu, who had a photographic memory, and lose the opportunity to participate in the fan meeting.

Compared with these lovely fans, the media reporters who were waiting to interview and report were not so self-aware. They rushed forward in a swarm, asking questions in a hurry.

Tao Mu answered seven or eight questions patiently, and walked forward surrounded by bodyguards. The classmates of Beijing Film and Yan Film who took the plane with him left long ago. Tao Mu would go home first with Li Xiaoheng, and then report to school the next day.

It was at this time that he learned something from the head of the acting department.

“The school wants to make a big production movie?”

“That’s right!” Director Huang nodded slightly, and said with a smile: “Actually, the school had always had this idea. In recent years, especially among the students of the acting department, the learning atmosphere has been very impetuous. It was becoming more and more common to ask for leave to film during school. As a result, the outside world has also developed some doubts about the teaching quality of Beijing Film. From the standpoint of the school, of course, we hope that students can concentrate on learning. It is not just for the sake of the school’s reputation. We felt that only by laying a solid foundation during the student period would they have better career development in the future. But we also acknowledge that the competitive pressure in the entertainment industry is very high. Our students, if they start acting in their junior year, their performance experience in front of the camera will definitely not be as good as those students who have just entered school and began filmimg, or have not yet entered but who have already filmed dramas and movies. So this was also one of the school’s points of conflict.”

In the end, it was Tao Mu’s approach that provided the school with inspiration. Before when Tao Mu filmed “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and “Fashion Storm”, he had always provided opportunities for the seniors of Beijing Film. This time, in order to film “Soldier Elite”, he even asked the school to pause classes and ask for leave. When the students returned to school yesterday, the teachers conducted a batch of assessments on the students, and found that these students had different degrees of growth in their understanding of performance. It could be seen that if students wanted to improve their acting skills, it was not enough to just learn theoretical knowledge in the classroom, they must also have practical experience.

That was why the school made up its mind to make a big production movie.

“The initial idea was to select directors and actors who have graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Of course, both the hero and heroine must be students at our school.”

Considering Tao Mu’s own acting skill level, brilliant achievements and contributions to the school, the school hoped that Tao Mu would be the producer and leading actor of this film. As for the director, there were several candidates selected by the school. Of course the most promising was Cheng Baodong.

However, there was some disagreement between Cheng Baodong and Tao Mu, which was not a secret in the industry. Of course, the Beijing Film Academy didn’t take it too seriously. There were many private discords in the entertainment industry, and yet you don’t see anyone delaying normal work, right! What was more, with Tao Mu’s scheming, even if Cheng Baodong couldn’t control his temper, Tao Mu wouldn’t be unable to.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu’s eyes flickered slightly, and he said with a smile: “The school must really trust my ability to entrust such an important task to me. I feel very honored. I will also try my best to help Director Cheng make this film well.”

“That’s good.” Director Huang patted Tao Mu on the shoulder, and said again: “Of course, you are the producer of this film. In some aspects, you are the main voice.”

After all, the film and television works supervised by Tao Mu were there as shining examples. Whether it was word of mouth or box office, even Cheng Baodong, a veteran director, could not compare.

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