After Becoming The Tyrant CH 062 Death Bows To You

The royal banners could be seen from a long distance away.

The roaring north wind unfurled the dozen or so banners, and the iron roses that symbolized the Legrand royal family bloomed on top of the blood red background. When they broke through the wind and snow, there seemed to be a surging heat wave in the air.

The people became excited. It was not only Charles and the others gathered at the city gate, but also even more citizens of Koszoya who were waiting. They trembled, their vision almost blurred.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They could hardly believe their eyes.

The King! The King!

Dozens of oath knights in fine steel armor surrounded the carriage in the very center. The convoy had no irrelevant personnel, and the speed of travel was like molten lava sweeping across the earth, and soon it brought with them that kind of trembling majesty and might to stop at the gate of the castle.

The heavily armed oath knights reined in their horses.

The knights at the front parted, and a spacious avenue was immediately made available. The King’s carriage rolled forward slowly while crushing the snow on the ground. The King’s carriage was covered with a scarlet canopy, and the four corners of the carriage were decorated with gilded lion carved statues, and roses embroidered with gold thread were blooming on the curtains.

What this gorgeous carriage symbolized was by no means luxury at this time, but a kind of power, an unrivaled power. It announced that it was the King himself who arrived, and it announced the majesty and power of the King.

And that’s what the people need right now.

The people realized that their King had truly come!

“A respectful welcome, Your Majesty!”

General Sheehan stepped forward and shouted loudly.

The long-waiting crowd cheered, and for the first time a wave of sound rushed into the sky shrouded in the shadow of the plague. They threw their hats high into the air to express their excitement.

Eleanor hid in the crowd.

She looked proudly at the King’s youthful face behind the rolled up curtains. He wore royal robes, a golden crown on his silver hair, and had icy blue eyes that surpassed all gems in the world.

This was her son!

This was Legrand’s king!

Amidst the cheers, the carriage drove into Koszoya Castle closely followed by the crowd.

The people had already heard that the King was coming today, and they spontaneously waited on both sides of the street. Courage and hope filled the people’s hearts. The Black Plague didn’t seem so scary at this moment. Perhaps the future was not really so gloomy, and the brilliant sun had arrived.

The crowd became even more energized as the carriage drove through the streets.

The King looked out of the carriage window, saw the people bearing the marks of the plague, saw the city ravaged by death, saw his knights and pirates.

This was Koszoya, this was the King’s Koszoya.

The carriage was moving forward, but when it passed an intersection, a little girl standing and waving a handkerchief staggered and fell down on the street. She grabbed the clothes on her chest and coughed up black blood——she was having a seizure. The crowd fell silent all of a sudden, and the people cast their expectant and nervous eyes on the King.

The oath knights reined in.

Because the King ordered the carriage to stop.

After receiving the King, Charles and the others joined the team guarding the King, and stood beside the carriage at this time.

Charles glanced slightly out of the corner of his eye, and he was relieved to see a crow perched on the street not far away.

In the silence, the girl’s coughing sounded very ear-piercing.

The Master of the Households who had followed the King held out his hand, and the King stepped down from the carriage.

This was the first time the citizens of Koszoya had seen their revered King. He was younger than imagined, and more like a peerlessly noble wielder of the scepter of power.

The scarlet cloak with rose patterns embroidered with gold thread almost hung down to the ground, and the white snow that fell on the cloak quickly rolled down. The eyes of the King wearing the golden crown had a compelling and acute spirit in them. Under everyone’s gaze, the King walked towards the little girl who fell on the ground.

His boots made a crisp sound when they stepped on the stone surface.

The little girl heard the King’s footsteps, and she struggled to get up from the ground, struggling to salute the King.

The King walked up to the little girl.

He held out his hand with the rose ring.

The little girl raised her head blankly, looking at the young king who was much taller than herself. The King looked down at her. He was accompanied by glory, powerful and fierce, and it seemed that the word “gentle” had absolutely nothing to do with him.

He was born to be an iron-blooded monarch.

But he stretched out his hand and touched the girl’s cheekbone, so malnourished that it was covered with just a thin layer of skin, with a warmth that was hard to connect with him.

The Master of the Households stepped forward and handed the King a white ribbon on which hung a Legrand coin marked with a rose relief.

“May the glory of the rose bring you health.”

As the King spoke he gently hung the ribbon around the little girl’s neck.

The Master of the Households replaced the priest in the original Sacred Ceremony of the Monarch’s Touch and handed the ribbon to the King, and the words of blessing were changed from “May the Lord give” to “May the glory of the rose”——this ceremony that the King personally arrived in Koszoya for clearly broke away from the Holy Court, and theocracy was deliberately forgotten at this time.

Looking at the majestic king, the girl suddenly choked up and couldn’t speak a word.

A miracle appeared before everyone’s eyes——

She no longer coughed, no longer spat out black blood, she stood there like any healthy and normal person.

After a moment of silence, the crowd erupted in deafening cheers. The King’s oath knights drew their swords and raised them high:

“God bless my King!”

“God bless my King!”

The crowd followed and the shouting crashed like a tide.

The fire of hope was kindled, and the people believed that their King would drive away all the terrible gloom.

The King raised his hands, and he clapped them gently.

His silver hair was blown by the cold wind, and he looked around, saying with a powerful voice:

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

The crowd fell silent, and they watched the King eagerly, unwilling to miss any word or sentence from him.

“I have come to face death with you all.”

The King’s terse words were the most effective sedative.

There were corpses everywhere, this place was covered by plague, but the King came from the Rose Palace, wasn’t it indeed to face death with them?

The faces of those who had cursed the King before felt like it was on fire, and their shame reached its peak at this moment, that they hardly dared to look at the young monarch.

“I have come to fulfill my duty as a monarch.”

The King’s words reached everyone’s ears clearly. The snow continued to fall, but he stood there, and a raging fire was ignited in the ice and snow.

“If you entrust your loyalty to me, then I will not hesitate to build a peaceful city wall for you with sword and armor. If necessary, I will not hesitate to sacrifice my blood for you. Legrand’s glory will last eternally!”

“The glory of Legrand will last eternally!”

The blood boiled in the veins, and the cold winter wind seemed no longer as cold. The people obsessively followed the King and chanted, waving whatever was in their hands with all their strength.

The glory of Legrand was eternal.

In the midst of the sounds, the King returned to his carriage, and the procession continued to move forward steadily amidst the shouts of joy and love.

The official “Sacred Ceremony of the Monarch’s Touch” would be held at Koszoya’s former Five Port Alliance headquarters.


Originally, the “Sacred Ceremony of the Monarch’s Touch” was usually held in the church, but just as the King changed the original blessing when touching, it was not surprising that this was changed as well.

This was an unprecedented political show.

The monarchy would be the absolute protagonist in this show, and the Holy Court had been kicked out by the King from the beginning. Throughout the process, oath knights replaced the clergy. The Royal Rose flag flew outside the building, and the cross was forgotten at this moment.

Not only that, although Hell was the real contributor to the treatment of the plague this time, the existence of Hell would not be brought to the fore.

Miracles could only be attributed to the King.

This was a confrontation between the monarchy and the theocracy, and the King wanted there to only be victory and not defeat.

The Devil disguised himself as an oath knight, and entered Koszoya with the King. On the way here, he assisted the King in trying to use his authority——this time the gate of Hell was opened by the King himself, and even the Devil could not intervene.

The lobby of the former headquarters of the Five Port Alliance, now currently the Free Chamber of Commerce headquarters.

Charles watched the King raise his hand with his own eyes, and crimson fire swept out from the void, an ancient gate beyond the boundaries of Charles’ imagination slowly emerging in midair. When it appeared, the empty hall was suddenly filled with endless howling and screaming.

A power that made mortals tremble from the bottom of their hearts emanated from that ancient gate, the history of which surpassed human civilization.

“Come out.”

The King opened his eyes.

The gate of Hell suddenly opened, and the plague doctors, as many as specks of sand, passed through the long and twisted passage one after another, and walked out of the gate. The space in the hall was too small, so these plague doctors consciously turned into crows, circling high up.

Their attitude was much more positive than when summoned by the Devil.

According to the King’s intention, these crows transformed from plague doctors passed through the icy dome silently, and perched quietly on the roof of the building where no one could see. Their obedience to the King’s orders was carried out as if they were an army under the King’s command.

An army from Hell.

The King stopped maintaining the gate of Hell when the Devil confirmed that the number of plague doctors was sufficient to control the epidemic in the entire city of Koszoya.

Those receiving the “Monarch’s Touch” treatment have gathered and preparations for the performance have been completed.

After receiving the order, the oath knight guarding the door put away his sword and opened the door.

The patients flocked in with great anticipation.

There were many people receiving treatment, so the ceremony had changed the past tradition of entering one by one. All patients entered the spacious hall together and knelt down at the same time. And the King himself stepped down from the dais and bestowed upon them health. The ribbons with coins were instead handed out by attendants.

As the most prosperous port city, even if one-third of the population of Koszoya had died these days, its population was still very large. Of course, it was impossible for everyone to accept the King’s touch. So the King’s attendants would then go out onto every street, and they would hand out rose coins tied on white ribbons to everyone else.

There was only one purpose——

To take the place of the cross in this plague.

Let monarchy shine on the retreat of theocracy.

When the King withdrew his hand from the face of the last patient, he returned to the dais and announced aloud:

“The heroic souls of the Rose family’s ancestors protect this beautiful city! The plague will be defeated soon!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Accompanied by the King’s words, the people who had already been arranged for it rang the ancient bronze bell.

For the first time in the past days, the sound of the bell reverberated over the entire city.

Amidst the sound of the bell, the people saw a flock of crows, a symbol of death, flapping their wings and flying over the headquarters of the Free Chamber of Commerce, flying to all directions of the city, like a cloud that had been dispelled.

Death bows to the King!

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