Source of Calamity CH 043 Even Drinking Water Can Choke You

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse, Shen Yun squatted in the corner with a lost expression, while Shen Mu said beside him, “Brother, let’s go back.”

Shen Yun’s tone was dry: “Didn’t Dad kick us out when we went back last week? Wouldn’t it just be the same if we went back again?”

They originally thought that as long as they went to Su Shiqing, with Shi Qing’s kind heart he would definitely help them, and at least arrange a house and a car for them. Even if they didn’t live in the Shen family house, they would still be young masters.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

What they didn’t expect was that the Chu family didn’t like Su Shiqing, but with Chu Haoyi protecting Su Shiqing very well, they turned their anger on them instead.

The two brothers who were kicked out of the Chu family had nowhere to go. When Su Shiqing sent them off, he could only say apologetically: “Ah Yun, Ah Mu, I want you to stay…..but you have also seen that I have no speaking right in the Chu family, just like in the Qin and Shen families, I am just duckweed with nowhere to take root.”

“Shi Qing, don’t say anymore.” Shen Mu interrupted Su Shiqing, and said with a sad face, “When we get home, we will definitely convince Dad to take you back, so that you won’t be judged by others here. “

Shen Yun also confessed quickly: “Yes, Shi Qing, you have to trust us, in our hearts, you are our dearest little brother.”

Su Shiqing was a little happier after being coaxed, he nodded, but still looking timid: “Then you also have to take care of yourselves, don’t talk back to Uncle Shen, after all, he is your father, and it’s for your own good, father and son have no overnight feud. If you talk properly, you will be able to understand each other.”

Shen Yun and Shen Mu felt that Su Shiqing was still so caring and kind, and he didn’t even hate their father when he scolded him like that. Such a person was too precious, and it was rare to find one.

But life must still go on. When Shen Yun and Shen Mu left the Chu’s, they only had a little more than 1,000 yuan. Su Shiqing said that he was now living off another family and had no money, so the two young masters stayed in what they thought was a mid-class hotel for one night. And then, their last bit of money was practically all spent.

They couldn’t even afford to eat rice——not fried rice on the roadside, but hotel rice.

With only 500 yuan left, they could only find the cheapest inn, and they could only eat roadside fried rice. After all, they didnt know how long they would stay outside.

Later, the 500 yuan was used up, so they had no choice but to go back to the Shen family house, only to be kicked out by Shen Fu.

The two brothers had nowhere to go, and felt that the world had turned on its head instantly. The original world seemed to have changed completely, shedding the gentle mask and revealing the ferocious inside. In this ferocious world, no one cared about their surname, and no one cared about how they were living. At their poorest, they were kicked out of the inn, and now they were sleeping on the street.

At first they were unwilling to sleep on the side of the road, and the only clothes they brought were the suits they were wearing, and their luggage were snatched from them when they took a black car. As soon as they got out of the car, the driver rushed away like chicken blood had been injected into him.

Probably because they look like respectable people in their attire and have the aura of a rich man, so they thought they had something valuable in their suitcases.

In fact, it was just some clothes, Shen Fu didn’t let them take away any valuable things.

After sleeping on a bench in the park for a day, they were discovered by beggars in the area, and were then severely beaten. They could only sleep on the streets, looking for empty alleys, as the clean ones were taken by the beggars and there were wild dogs in the unclean alleys.

Life didn’t seem as simple as they thought, without the Shen family, they didn’t even have the basic ability to survive.

They looked down on the brick-moving construction workers, the cashier girls, and the trash-pickers. They didn’t even want to try it. Even if they starved to death, they still persisted in dying with their young master pride.

It was a pity that when one was extremely hungry, this persistence was like a paper tiger, which disappeared without a trace when the wind blew.

“Are we going to just be homeless men?” Shen Mu didn’t even dare to smell his own body. After living for twenty plus years, this was the first time he had lived like this.

Shen Yun suddenly said: “How about we go find Xiao Li?”

Shen Mu smiled bitterly: “We don’t even know where he is.”

“Xiao Li doesn’t have many friends. He has a strange personality. If we ask around carefully, we will definitely be able to find out.” Shen Mu was confident.

So the two brothers used their last bit of phone data to call everyone they knew who was related to Shen Li.

Only to come out with nothing.

“Huh? I don’t know, Xiao Li is not at home?”

“I heard that you were kicked out by Mr. Shen? It can’t be true, right?”

“Why were you kicked out? And why did Xiao Li run away from home? There must be a reason?”

There were also Shen Li’s cronies who laughed at them from Shen Li’s perspective:

“Xiao Li was forced out of the Shen family by you, now you are going to find him, hey, how ironic.”

“Aren’t you so capable? The way I see it, Xiao Li did the right thing.”

“Hahahahahaha” this guy didn’t say a word after hearing this, just laughed out loud.

One of the benefits of having cronies was that no matter what Shen Li had done, whether it was good or bad, right or wrong, they would side with each other first.

Shen Yun and Shen Mu didn’t get any news, and their last expenses were used up. When had they worried about the phone bills before? The phone bills and other small expenses were all managed by the butler. They didn’t know how much was even charged at a time. Who knew that when they left, the butler had yet to pay the phone bill.

Sometimes when people meet with misfortune, even drinking water could lead to choking.

They failed to get news about Shen Li, but Shen Li got news about them.

Of course his cronies had his latest contact information, and they all happily came to inform him of the good news.

This group of people were basically the youngest sons in their respective families, they did not have to take on the important responsibilities of the family, and their daily life was just eating, drinking and having fun, simply just being happy rice buckets. Their background and experiences were the same as Shen Li’s, so they all thought from Shen Li’s perspective.

Towards Su Shiqing, now that was practically hatred for a common enemy.

“Xiao Li, let me tell you, you can’t take pity on them, let them learn a lesson, if my brother doesn’t recognize me and recognizes an outsider as his younger brother, I could eat them all alive.”

“Xiao Li, you can’t be soft-hearted.”

Shen Li’s feelings were very complicated.

It was so complicated that he didn’t find Shen Zhen to mooch a meal all day, and stayed at home alone, cooking noodles when he was hungry, only to feel unbearable heartache when it turned into mush.

“Eldest Brother.” Shen Li still went to talk to Shen Zhen in the end.

Shen Li relayed the experience of Shen Yun and Shen Mu, and then asked Shen Zhen: “Say, should I help them?”

Shen Zhen just looked at Shen Li. In his eyes, Shen Li was a spoiled, self-centered person who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the earth, but such a person had one very precious quality. He still possessed a little kindness and familial affection.

When he was destitute, even though Shen Li hated him so much, he still went to see him and gave him the only two thousand yuan he had.

At that time, Shen Li’s situation was similar to the current Shen Yun and Shen Mu, but Shen Yun and Shen Mu didn’t want to pull this younger brother out of the sea of suffering, but wanted him to learn a lesson with a rock-solid heart.

In the book, Shen Li’s final ending was that he was expelled from the Shen family and went to another city to work as a small employee. With a salary of just a little more than 2,000 a month, he married a wife, but the wife turned out to have cuckolded him. He became a father of another man’s child, and lived in ignorance all his life. He didn’t know that his wife had been unfaithful to him until he died. The son he raised for more than 20 years was someone else’s seed.

Shen Li died of anger in the end.

But among those who offended Su Shiqing, Shen Li could be counted as lucky, at least he survived to the end.

“Go if you want.” Shen Zhen said. He didn’t want to kill Shen Li’s humanity.

Shen Li was still very distressed: “But what if they are still the same as before?”

Shen Zhen looked at Shen Li in shock, this husky actually had a brain.

Shen Li firmly said: “I’ll just give them one thousand yuan!”

Shen Zhen laughed, feeling that Shen Li was too funny, he rubbed Shen Li’s head: “They used up the thousand yuan, then what?”

“Ah?” Shen Li was confused.

Shen Zhen: “If you don’t go to work, how can you put food on the table?”

When Shen Zhen was at his lowest, he went to the construction site to move bricks. It was the property of the Qin family. The foreman deducted his salary, but he couldn’t just quit and walk away in anger, because he couldn’t find any job after leaving there, even if he had a high degree from a prestigious school. No one dared to accept him. At that time, Qin Yue was just trying to please Su Shiqing, and let Su Shiqing see how miserable Shen Zhen was.

The daily wages were 300 yuan for others, but he only got 120 yuan. Even though the construction site did not charge for accommodation, he still needed to pay for the accommodation.

When he was pushed to the extreme, Shen Zhen still never thought of dying, he wanted to live, no matter what.

But no one gave him a chance to live.

That was why Shen Zhen cherished his life so much in this life.

He quit smoking, wore seat belts when driving, never drank and drove, did not engage in any high-risk sports, and only exercised indoors.

He hadn’t lived enough.

Shen Li slapped his forehead: “Eldest Brother, you are right! Those who don’t work don’t get food!”

Shen Zhen: “…..” Husky, you have never worked before either.

Shen Zhen: “It’s good if you think so, you’ve had enough fun during this time, go to my company and work for me.”

Shen Li looked happy: “What position?”

No matter what, he should still be a manager or an assistant to the CEO, a position that allowed him to show off his power, right?

Shen Zhen smiled and said: “Grassroots staff, a senior will lead you. If you use my name to go around making trouble, I will break your legs.”

Shen Li, who was beaten by Shen Zhen before: “…..Can I…..can I refuse?”

He just wanted to be a happy rice bug!

He could also see how busy Shen Zhen was during this time. Twenty-four hours a day, Shen Zhen could spend twenty hours discussing business and work. Every time he came over to mooch a meal, he saw Shen Zhen with a laptop.

Shen Zhen had never been in contact with high-level jobs in his previous life. To be precise, he had never worked properly at all. Moving bricks was a part-time job and didn’t count. In both lives, his first job was at the Qin Group but after just a few days at the grassroots level, he became the CEO’s secretary.

Therefore, in his own real estate company, he was now learning from the employees that Qin Xing helped hire.

As for his Internet company, he could only be educated with an open mind as well. So je was busy every day and barely had the chance to rest.

It was impossible for him to rely on Qin Xing forever. Qin Xing had given him an opportunity, but whether he could grasp it or not depended on his own ability.

When a benefactor helped you, things would only become yours when you stood on your own, otherwise it would always be someone else’s.

“Or, work at my side?” Shen Zhen looked at Shen Li with a smile.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Li looked like he had seen a ghost. His eldest brother’s expression was exactly the same as that of the man who lived in his eldest brother’s house before, down to the minute details. He thought of Shen Zhen’s high-intensity workload, shook his head like a small fan, and said firmly: “No, I want to start from the grassroots. The grassroots need me, and I will contribute to society!”

Shen Zhen patted Shen Li on the shoulder and praised: “Okay, you have backbone.”

Shen Li had tears in his eyes.

How could he sell himself so easily?

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