After Becoming The Tyrant CH 063 The King And His City

The patients who left from the headquarters of the Free Chamber of Commerce were excited to find that they had recovered their health. They bowed to the King repeatedly before leaving reluctantly to return to their respective places of residence.

These people described the King to others with passion and love they had never known before.

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While other people who failed to participate in the ceremony were envious, the King’s attendants in red cloaks walked into the streets of Koszoya. This time, they were welcomed like never before. People flocked to these executors of the King’s will to receive rose coins tied on white ribbons from their hands.

There was even a bold girl who squeezed into the crowd, stood on tiptoe, and dropped a thankful kiss on the face of the King’s young attendant.

This was absolutely impossible to happen before!

In the past, people avoided the King’s entourage like they were tigers, either trembling in fear or full of resentment. Where had there been such a scene full of respect and love?

The King’s attendant was originally seriously distributing rose coins, but suddenly he received such preferential treatment, and the hand holding the rose coin was left suspended in the air. His face was blank for a moment, and then it turned red like his cloak. Seeing this scene, the people around him let out good-natured laughter.

Light and happiness, these things that the people darex not hope for have returned to Koszoya.

These were the things as precious as the plague gradually dissipating.

Wonderful, peaceful.

General Sheehan stood at the window facing the streets, watching the commotion of the crowd.

He watched his soldiers who had been feared in the past receive cordial greetings from the people, watched those cold and hard young men show all sorts of embarrassment in the face of such enthusiasm, and watched the people spontaneously organize parades. They waved all the colorful ribbons they could find, shouting “The glory of the rose bless Koszoya” and “God bless my King” over and over again.

General Sheehan couldn’t help but also smiled.

“God bless my King.”

He resisted the urge to follow the happy parade, raising the rose coin tied on the white ribbon in his hand.

When the procession passed by an inn, a wandering painter who temporarily lived in Koszoya leaned out of the window with most of his body.

Inspiration burst into his mind, and he trembled all over. After waiting for the procession to leave, the impoverished painter quickly set up his panel.

He wanted to memorialize all this!

The moment the brush fell on the cloth, the wandering painter knew what the painting should be called——

“The King and His City”.

His quick strokes on the canvas broke all painting traditions since the Return of the Holy Spirit movement.

He wanted this canvas to be a canvas in which there was no god to take pity on the world, no Holy Spirit to transcend worldliness, no angels to guide the people. He wanted the sky above the city covered by dark clouds to break through the clouds, the rose representing the national will to bloom, and the people to follow the King’s envoy, with sincere smiles on everyone’s face.

He wanted to make “mortals” the protagonists of art.


“You succeeded.”

Charles stood with the King at the window, smiling softly, with a touch of pride in his tone.

Koszoya was a port city, and no King had ever stayed here before. After the ceremony, the King temporarily rested in the number one residence of Koszoya, which was once owned by the Ross family. As the wealthiest family on the southeast coast, the Ross Manor was considered quite luxurious.

The King was also looking at the city that belonged to him.

After the crows transformed from the plague doctors completed a wonderful performance, they scattered all over the city, and the large number of plague doctors quickly cleaned up the plague in the entire city. This was combined with the action of the King ordering his people to issue rose coins, and thus the desired result of the King had been achieved.

From today on, in this city, the status of the rose in the people’s hearts would be higher than that of the cross.

Despite such a great achievement, there was no smile on the King’s face.

The enthusiastic cheers of the people did not make him smile.

Charles sighed in his heart, becoming more and more aware of the nature of his godson. He was frighteningly sober and frighteningly calm. He would not be dazzled by the appearance of victory. Such a person would always look farther away.

When ordinary people were cheering for success, as the leader of success, his eyes were on the various crises hidden behind these grand scenes.

This was what a monarch should be like.

There was no peace in being a king, let alone indulging in joy.

“What are you thinking about?”

Charles asked gently.

“The Holy Court.”

The King answered.

Captain Hawkins captured the man in the black cloak that night. After Captain Hawkins’ secret interrogation, he got some key information——there were instigators behind Qatani’s actions, they and the Qatani kingdom had reached a secret agreement.

Although he didn’t directly receive the answer of who the instigator was from that person, he could guess it.

The shadow here was exactly the same as the shadow of Legrand’s split: the Holy Court.

“The Holy Court wants to establish a nation.” The King said slowly, he was thinking about something, “It should be soon.”

“Are you sure?” Charles was taken aback, his expression suddenly became serious, “The Holy Court wants to establish a nation.”

Just repeating this sentence once, Charles felt the scent of blood sweeping towards his face, as if he could see the endless flames of war in front of him.

The King nodded slightly.

This was a judgment drawn from the Koszoya incident.

The Black Death did not infect Legrand, which was definitely a dangerous signal for the Holy See, but they did not choose to intervene directly, but instead made a detour, using Qatani to trigger the plague in the southeast and cause turmoil.

Why did they want to do this?

Because their main strength must be focused on Bressi at this time, and if they want to build a country, Legrand was definitely the strongest obstacle. The Holy Court wanted to drag down the power of the Rose royal family in Legrand first, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the plan.

Such urgency proved that they would act soon.

When the assassination failed some time ago, the Holy Court seemed to have no response on the surface, but the Qatani incident showed that the Holy Court was by no means unresponsive, but had a bigger plan.

“This is just the beginning.”

The King whispered, resting a hand on the railing while standing against the wind.

Charles was silent for a moment: “I am at your command, Your Majesty.”

The King smiled slightly as he watched a crow fly by in his field of vision.

There was one more thing he didn’t say.

Even if this time, Hell did play an important role in solving the plague, the King still did not relax his vigilance because of this

——On the contrary, he cared more about the connection between the Rose royal family and the Devil, and Hell.

Whether it was the Duke of Buckingham or the former knight commander of the Templars, even Charles and the others, they were no strangers to the Devil and the power from Hell.

Hell was restricted, the Holy Court controlled the earth, and the enemy of an enemy was a friend. Under the premise of having the same enemy, the two sides could cooperate with each other at certain times. In this kind of cooperation, “trust” was an absurd joke. The two sides were just using each other for their own purposes.

This was a political norm.

However, there was one point.

The King felt that the relationship between Hell and the Rose royal family was not as simple as cooperation in the face of a common enemy. The contract between the Devil and him was not simply a soul contract.

He was guessing in his mind, but needed more clues.

While lost in thought, the sky had already dimmed.

With the cold wind blowing, the King looked at the dark night and asked in a low voice, “Was it a night like this?”

Charles was taken aback for a moment, and after seeing the King looking towards the port, he understood what the King meant. He was silent for a moment, then replied: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Yes, it was a night like this one.

Qatani’s plague ship threw the corpses into the city, and the pirates of Walway bravely sailed out of the port to meet the plague ship. And the Iron Rose Cavalry searched for all the corpses.

“Let’s go, take me to see where they fought.”

The King said softly.

Charles glanced at the sky, and wanted to dissuade him.

The King saw his intention.

“They fought and died for me.” He said flatly, “Let’s go.”

Charles bowed deeply: “I thank you on behalf of my Walway brothers.”



The sea breeze was so strong that it rolled up the one’s cloak. The King stood still on the shore, looking at the sea under the night sky. The night tide rose and fell on the sea, and the water was as dark as ink.

“Where are their tombstones?”

The King asked.

“There are no tombstones.” Charles stood beside the King, his blue eyes staring at the sea he was familiar with. “There are no tombstones, Your Majesty.”

Pirates were not as happy as people think.

Although they were free, most of the time, they had to endure the narrow space and poor living conditions on the ship during the long voyages. While gaining freedom, they were also doomed to be expelled by the land, unable to go ashore to drink to their heart’s content. Few pirates lived long, and most died of disease, sword, or the gallows.

The Walway Pirates were no exception.

But unlike ordinary pirates, their love for the sea was branded into their bones.

So when the Walway pirate died, his brothers simply sent him into the sea. He was born in the sea and rested in the sea after death.

This was where they belong.

“There is one thing, I think they want you to know.” Charles said gently, “you gave them respect, so they serve you. It was their own choice to die for Legrand’s honor. It’s an unprecedented happy ending for them.”

“Take me to where they rest.”

The King was silent for a long time after listening, before saying quietly.

The gangway was lowered from the ghost ship docked at the pier, and the King stepped aboard.

During the Koszoya Plague, the Walway pirates suffered the most casualties. Except for the people on the three ghost ships and one envoy ship from Hell, two-thirds of the pirates on the other clippers died.

Could it be that some of them, perhaps, had once drunk on the same ship as his father, saw him as the child of their good brother, and thus were willing to fight for him?

The King did not know.

When the pirates on the ghost ship saw the young King accompanied by Charles, they subconsciously jumped up, trying the best to salute the King. The King nodded to them all.

Watching the King go to the bow accompanied by first mate Charles, an old oarsman muttered to himself: “So alike.”

The ghost ship sailed to the place where the naval battle was held that day, and this was also the burial place chosen by the Walway pirates themselves. Buried in the place where they won victory, these pirates have extraordinary pride. Perhaps it was because of this pride, they could become the most famous pirates on the sea.

“They will be remembered.”

The King gazed at the sea that swallowed his soldiers, and promised.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I trust you.”

Charles replied.

Footsteps were heard behind him, the King turned his head, and the Witch in the pointed hat curtsied to him. Lifting her head, the witch stared at the King with her dark eyes.

“I want to ask you something, Your Majesty.”

The Witch said.

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