After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 281 “Beyond Reincarnation”

While Cheng Baodong was discussing with his agent how to bow his head to Tao Mu, Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng were called to the Li family house by the two families’ elders, and under the earnest eyes of all the elders, they served as two large live-action dolls, letting the designer torment them, all the while with pained faces.

“I think Chinese weddings are better.” Old Mr. Song sat on the spacious and comfortable sofa, crossed his legs, held a cup of tea in his hand, and watched the designer take the measurements of the two children while explaining that on the day of the engagement ceremony, what auspicious patterns should be embroidered on the ceremonial clothes worn by the two children. His thoughts inevitably went back a long time ago, when the Song family was flourishing under the same roof for several generations. In a slight trance: “I still remember our Song family back then——”

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Old Mr. Song stopped abruptly after saying only this sentence. Probably thinking that the Song family’s fate was not good, it would be unlucky to mention it at this time. Before others could react, old Mr. Song, who had begun to overthink himself, sighed slightly, and changed the subject calmly: “A Chinese-style wedding is more lively.”

“And our son is also very handsome in the groom’s ceremonial clothes.” The old gentleman of the Li family said with a smile: “The bright red ceremonial clothes look very festive. It means that the two children can live a prosperous life after they get married, and is a lucky sign. “

“Isn’t it!” Still very glad that someone finally wanted their old leftover son, the Li family willingly promised that everything would be done according to Tao Mu’s requirements as early as when the two made their relationship public. Now that the in-laws wanted the engagement ceremony to be held in the Chinese style, the Li family must of course meet this requirement.

So early in the morning, the two children were called to the ancestral house to measure and custom order clothes. At the same time they could also decide on the confectionaries for the engagement ceremony. As the person in charge of Song Ji, old Mr. Song also learned from his ancestors the various recipes for major events and banquets. Now his only grandson was going to hold an engagement ceremony, old Mr. Song, who hadn’t shown his skills for a long time, was suddenly very eager, and simply took over the dishes and desserts at the engagement ceremony. He would personally lead the apprentices from Song Ji Culinary School to manage it together. As for the wine, old Mr. Song rolled up his sleeves, and was also very interested in making the wine.

The Li family knew about old Mr. Song’s ability, but they were also worried about old Mr. Song’s age, and they were afraid that the engagement ceremony would be too tiring and would exhaust him so they didn’t agree at first. Later, it was Tao Mu who understood old Mr. Song’s heart knot——according to the Song family’s family rules, whenever the children of the family have weddings or funerals, all the banquets must be arranged by their own family. For example, weddings were arranged by the elders, and birthday banquets or funerals were arranged by the younger generations. Old Mr. Song regarded Tao Mu as his own grandson, and even passed down the brand of Song Ji to Tao Mu. Of course, he also hoped to follow the rules of the ancestors at this time.

Tao Mu knew that after the Song family had experienced that disaster, only old Mr. Song was left. The reason old Mr. Song insisted on organizing the engagement ceremony for him, besides treating him as his own grandson, he probably also thought of his son who died young and wanted to make up for this regret.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu certainly would not reject old Mr. Song’s wishes. He didn’t want to spoil old Mr. Song’s interest, and he didn’t want to let him have any regrets, but he was also worried about old Mr. Song’s health. So after thinking about it, he simply handed over the banquet for the engagement ceremony to Song Ji Culinary School. In addition to fulfilling the old man’s wish, it could also act as a test of the skills of the apprentices of Song Ji.

Probably because there were too many reincarnations, although there were many bad encounters, but under the influence of greed and obsession, Tao Mu had also done many wrong things in every life. He had been betrayed and rejected by others, and he had owed many people. So after his memory was restored, Tao Mu became more and more tolerant and obedient to the people around him. He hoped that he could satisfy all the wishes of his family and make up for the debts of many lifetimes, even if these debts and wrongs were not remembered by his Grandpa Song, Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad.

After being played with by the designer like a doll for several hours, when the designer finally announced with satisfaction that everything was over, Tao Mu, who had never walked a show in his life, almost fainted in relief. Also with a slightly green face was Li Xiaoheng who had never wasted time on such matters as well.

At this moment, CEO Li’s expression was the same as the K-line of the M-share stock that kept rising. He helped Tao Mu to sit down on the sofa and when the two of them picked up their teacups, their wrists were so tired that they trembled.

Tao Mu suddenly remembered something, and said, “Can I play the piano at a Chinese wedding?”

As soon as the words came out, everyone looked over in unison.

Although he wanted to keep it a secret, and give a surprise for Li Xiaoheng later, but considering that the Chinese style engagement ceremony might not match the piano, Tao Mu still explained: “As you all know, I promised netizens before that when registered users break through 200 million on, I would sing a song as a gift for everyone. I wrote this song myself, and I think it is very meaningful. I just want to play and sing it at the engagement ceremony, and sing it for Mr. Li——”

“That’s so romantic!” Before Tao Mu finished speaking, Little Sister Li had already gasped dreamily, and said enviously, “Brother Mu is so talented, my eldest brother is so lucky.”

It was also the first time he had heard Tao Mu mention this matter, and Li Xiaoheng looked over in surprise, his ears flushing a little red: “You, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect…..”

When Li Xiaoheng said this, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed: “But I don’t know how to write songs.”

Li Xiaoheng frowned, with a solemn expression as if he suddenly found out that Xiaoheng Capital had a huge investment loss. No, even worse than that. As Li Xiaoheng spoke, everyone in the Li family also frowned. Then they racked their brains together to help Li Xiaoheng think of a solution.

Before they could figure it out, they heard Li Xiaoheng ask solemnly: “Although I can’t write songs, I can also play the piano. Can I accompany you as your piano partner?”

Tao Mu was slightly taken aback, but before he could speak, Little Sister Li already exclaimed with her eyes shining: “Of course.”

Little Sister Li patted her eldest brother on the shoulder with a look of reassurance: “That’s right. Eldest Brother, you finally got the hang of it. Brother Mu will sing for you at the engagement ceremony and you can definitely accompany him on the piano.”

As she said that, afraid that Tao Mu would refuse, Little Sister Li suddenly turned her head and looked at Tao Mu eagerly: “Right, Brother Mu?”

Tao Mu’s song was actually almost finished. Just waiting for Cheng Yi to come to Beijing to discuss how to produce it. According to Tao Mu’s perfectionist OCD character that everything must be perfect, he originally wanted to wait until all the work was completed, and then bring the finished product to the engagement ceremony to sing to Li Xiaoheng.

But now, seeing Li Xiaoheng’s expression of silent anticipation, Tao Mu’s heart suddenly moved. He actually couldn’t wait any longer.

Although the work had not been finalized, and had not even been reviewed and polished by Cheng Yi, the top tier music producer. But inexplicably, Tao Mu just wanted Li Xiaoheng to hear him sing for him. Even if the song wasn’t perfect right now.

Tao Mu also wanted Li Xiaoheng to be the first person to hear the song.

Because I really can be imperfect in front of you.

Tao Mu had always done things decisively and resolutely. That night, after Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng went home. Sitting in the piano room, Tao Mu nervously rubbed his fingers, and suddenly regretted it: “Actually, this song hasn’t been finished yet. You know, I’m not a music major. Before, I just played it to amuse myself. It definitely won’t be as good as a top tier medal producer like Brother Cheng. Why don’t you wait——”

Before finishing the following words, Tao Mu suddenly could only feel a slight heat on his lips. Li Xiaoheng, who had been standing next to him, bent down and kissed his lips gently.

“I don’t want to wait anymore.” Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu with a warm smile: “I hope I am the first person in this world to hear this song.”

“But this song——” Once again Tao Mu still hadn’t finished speaking when Li Xiaoheng interrupted in a warm voice: “You wrote this song for me. No matter how others evaluate it from a professional point of view. For me, this song must be the most perfect.”

“Because you are the most perfect in my eyes.” Li Xiaoheng said, holding Tao Mu’s hand, and gently kissing Tao Mu’s slender white fingertips. His eyes were gentle and bright, like the Milky Way flickering quietly in the silent night sky.

Tao Mu stared at Li Xiaoheng, and suddenly understood all of Li Xiaoheng’s unspoken feelings.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu suddenly calmed down. All the uneasiness, hesitation, shyness and low self-confidence disappeared at this moment. What Li Xiaoheng said was right, even time and space were not a problem between them, so why bother about those tiny flaws that no one cared about at all.

“This song is called “Beyond Reincarnation.” Tao Mu’s ears were slightly red, and his eyes were moist as he stared into Li Xiaoheng’s. Gently and firmly he said: “It is dedicated to the person I love the most.”

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  1. The food every reader deserves!! The Li family was too funny when they frowned altogether, as if the problem is theirs too lmao

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