After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 282 Song Recording & Apology

“”Beyond Reincarnation”?” Cheng Yi took the work that Tao Mu gave him, and went through it carefully in his heart, with a slightly strange expression.

The lyrics! Full of “reincarnation”, “fate”, “repeated memories”, “frozen time”, and fantasizing that the original real world had been shattered, and wanting to go back in time to piece together the past, but couldn’t do it with all one’s strength. Just like a broken mirror that could not be mended, all affinity was imprisoned in the time fragments. A person lost in the cycle of reincarnation, until all emotions were exhausted, but was finally saved by another person who broke the cycle of reincarnation. All obsessions have been dissipated, and one could finally welcome the new life with lover and family.

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Cheng Yi felt that even though Tao Mu had established a huge family business by the age of twenty, in fact, he was still a child who was unrestrained in fantasies and imagination. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to write lyrics like this.

It was just falling in love, who hadn’t at least once in their life. But reincarnation, fate, and time, the concepts were too grand. Those who don’t know might think they were filming “Triangle”!

Cheng Yi commented secretly in his heart, but his face was very serious: “The lyrics are good. Very beautiful and full of fantasy. Do you want to shoot a MV with CEO Li?”

With such lyrics written, it would be a pity for the script’s creativity if it didn’t get a Hollywood blockbuster level MV! Cheng Yi once again sighed that Tao Mu lived up to his reputation as a film and television producer, he couldn’t even forget his job even when writing songs and filling in lyrics.

Tao Mu blushed slightly, coughed lightly, and said seriously: “No thanks on the MV. I’m going to sing this song at our engagement ceremony. Our family’s CEO Li will accompany me on the piano. I think it would also be quite meaningful to edit and make a MV out of engagement ceremony clips.”

Even singing it at the engagement ceremony! Cheng Yi suddenly remembered that Tao Mu had indeed mentioned this matter. But Cheng Yi thought that Tao Mu would compose an indie pop love song, only for it to turn out full of concepts like reincarnation and fate, are you sure it is suitable for the wedding scene?

Of course, whether it was suitable or not, it was not Cheng Yi’s place to comment. He just smiled and said, “I remember that the engagement ceremony is two months away?”

Tao Mu nodded. Cheng Yi smiled and said: “Then we still have plenty of time to polish this song. Let’s discuss the arrangement first…..”

After meeting with Cheng Yi, it was already beginning to darken outside. Tao Mu didn’t expect that it would take so long for the two of them to discuss work together. They haven’t even been in the recording studio yet!

As a top tier music producer with a halo in the Chinese music scene, Cheng Yi was actually a little afraid of entering the recording studio. The main reason was that Tao Mu’s singing performance in KTV back then was simply too stunning. It was like the devil’s voice ringing in his ears, and even until now, when Cheng Yi would hear it in his dreams, he could still think of the fear of being dominated by Tao Mu’s singing that day!

So this time, big producer Cheng also spent a long time psychologically preparing before he was confident enough to step into the recording studio with Tao Mu.

However, what surprised Cheng Yi was that Tao Mu didn’t use his devil voice skills this time. The whole recording process lasted from morning to night. Tao Mu sang the song more than 30 times, and his emotions became more and more full each time. Although his singing skills were still immature, Cheng Yi actually heard touching emotions in Tao Mu’s singing.

It was the touching feeling of seeing thousands of sails, washing away all the lead, and going through all hardships, and finally being able to stay together in the same boat under wind and rain for a lifetime.

Standing outside the recording studio, Cheng Yi looked through the glass window at Tao Mu, who was earnestly singing inside. He couldn’t understand why it was that these two people were just in love, yet there were so many heavy emotions about life and death. Could it be that actors were naturally more emotional than singers, and it was easier to get into the emotions of a character, and even the emotions of a song?

There was a knock on the door outside, Cheng Yi frowned, and motioned for the assistant to open the door. Li Xiaoheng in a suit and leather shoes walked in from the outside, and smiled at Cheng Yi: “Thanks for your hard work, Mr. Cheng.”

Cheng Yi glanced at Tao Mu in the recording studio, and asked with a smile, “Mr. Li is here to pick up your lover?”

Li Xiaoheng nodded. He was actually a person who didn’t like to talk much, not to mention that Cheng Yi and Tao Mu were still at work. Li Xiaoheng didn’t want to affect the other party’s work. After entering the door, he stood obediently behind Cheng Yi, staring affectionately at Tao Mu in the recording studio.

Cheng Yi was very strict with his works. Even if Mr. Li was by his side, Cheng Yi insisted that Tao Mu record it two more times until he was satisfied, before finally letting him get off work.

Tao Mu eagerly came out of the recording studio, and asked Li Xiaoheng, “Why did you leave work so early today?”

Li Xiaoheng smiled but said nothing. He didn’t want to say that in order to get off work early, he moved a lot of work to tonight. He just wanted to see with his own eyes what Tao Mu looked like in the recording studio.

“I have visited the set for every movie and TV series you made. Of course I can’t be left behind when you are recording a song for the first time.”

When Cheng Yi, who was standing by, heard this, he inexplicably had the illusion of being hit by something that felt suspiciously like dog food on his face.

Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng wanted to invite Cheng Yi to have a meal in order to thank Cheng Yi for his help by “risking his life” (Cheng Yi’s original words). As a result, at the dinner table, Tao Mu received a call from Principal Liu and Guo Yaning. Both called to speak for Cheng Baodong. However, the reason and the way of speaking of the two were quite different from each other.

The principal of Beijing Film was playing the card that “everyone was from the same school and should be united in the same spirit”. He felt that there were already very few directors from Beijing Film. Although Cheng Baodong’s actions were a bit unethical, but since Cheng Baodong had realized his mistake and was willing to drink to Tao Mu to make amends, Principal Liu still hoped that Tao Mu could forget the petty faults and just smile away his grudges with Cheng Baodong. At least until the film was finished peacefully.

Principal Liu complained to Tao Mu: “…..You also know that there are very few great directors from Beijing Film. Relatively speaking, there are not many choices. If our Beijing Film was like Yan Film, putting aside the international scope of influence, just speaking of the domestic circle, so long as there are directors of commercial films who could be named more than on one hand, I would not force you to cooperate with Director Cheng.”

But the current situation was that Cheng Baodong was the only director of commercial films that Beijing Film could produce. Therefore, even if just considering the reputation of the directing department of Beijing Film, Beijing Film didn’t want to see Cheng Baodong’s scandalous rumors all over the Internet. What’s more, Cheng Baodong’s black material was at best some unspoken rules in the circle that could not be put out in the open. Many directors did the same.

Principal Liu was so earnest, it could be called words from the heart. Having said so much, Tao Mu couldn’t let the school lose face along with Cheng Baodong, let alone make it difficult for Principal Liu. It was just a meal, and Cheng Baodong was going to be bowing his head to him! Tao Mu had nothing to complain about. But the ugly words must be said up front: “Since I am the producer and investor of this film, I hope that in future cooperation, Director Cheng can position himself properly. Don’t always challenge my scope of work.”

Compared with other producers in the industry, Tao Mu still respected the director’s ideas during the production of the film. This was also an important reason why directors who have worked with Tao Mu were full of praise for Tao Mu. Because Tao Mu could fully balance the director’s artistic pursuit and the commercial nature of the work. Moreover, when Tao Mu was the producer, he usually gave the director a lot of say.

Except for people like Cheng Baodong who don’t distinguish between black and white and want to take a bite of everything. No matter how tolerant Tao Mu was, he couldn’t stand someone jumping on his head and bossing him around. It was not that Cheng Baodong, as a director, was not unable to raise requirements over casting and script revision, but if he bypassed Tao Mu, the producer and investor, and directly went to persuade the school and make small moves behind the scenes, then that was really treating Tao Mu as a fool.

If Tao Mu swallow this and not fight back, then everyone who cooperated with Tao Mu in the future would follow suit. If everyone treated Tao Mu as a fat sheep to be slaughtered, how could he do his job?

Principal Liu could certainly understand Tao Mu’s concerns. In private, he also thought that Cheng Baodong’s actions were a bit excessive, so he agreed wholeheartedly. Even before the dinner, he made a special call to Cheng Baodong’s agent and told the other party to remember this.

In contrast, Guo Yaning’s words were more casual.

“Director Cheng was kind to me, and you are also the benefactor who made me transform my image successfully. I can’t afford to offend either of you. Today, this sister, I will put my face here. CEO Tao, you can just do what you want.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu laughed aloud. But he agreed to Principal Liu, so naturally he wouldn’t refute Guo Yaning’s face.

So the next night, Cheng Baodong, who was dragging his feet but could not forgo bowing his head, got his wish and invited Tao Mu to a dinner. The only thing that was a bit out of his expectations was…..Li Xiaoheng insisted on coming!

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