After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 043 Came To See The Excitement

At half past six the next morning, Jiang Chen put on his earphones and went out for a morning run.

When he ran around the park for the second time, the voice of Changjiang came from the earphones: “The target persons have appeared, in the eight o’clock direction. One person is 1.78 meters tall, of medium build, dressed in gray shirt and black trousers, and the other is 1.8 meters tall, slightly heavyweight and dressed in black shirt and pants. They are fifty meters away from you, and the distance continues to shrink.”

Jiang Chen breathed steadily, and whispered: “Save a screenshot.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Changjiang could hack into any monitoring system without anyone knowing it, but the conditions required to run it were too strict and couldn’t be directly applied to the mobile phone, so Jiang Chen designed a little program that could connect it to the computer and could receive voice commands through the mobile phone. If there was someone in Jiang Chen’s room at this time, they would see that the computer screen was displaying dozens of surveillance footage near the park, as well as a screenshot that quietly appeared in the corner and was silently stored in a folder.

“After 200 meters, there is a van with the license plate YO43XXX. There are three people. The surveillance camera is blurred and the driver’s appearance cannot be captured. There are two people beside the car. One is 1.72 meters tall, of medium build, wearing a black fisherman’s hat, and the other is 1.75 meters tall, of medium build, wearing a black baseball cap.”

Jiang Chen joked habitually: “Your information collection speed on this aspect is pretty good.”

“There is no limit on the type of clothing information on the Internet, and it is the most information captured at present——at six o’clock direction, the two people behind you have accelerated, and they are now away from you by 26 meters, 20 meters, 15 meters…..”

Jiang Chen’s steps slowed down almost imperceptibly: “Act according to the plan.”

While speaking, he raised his hand and took off his earphones. When movement came from behind him, he turned sideways to avoid it, and then started fighting with the two.

The sneak attackers didn’t expect Jiang Chen to be able to evade them. They lost the opportunity, and it actually became difficult to subdue him despite two-on-one.

The two threw punches more and more anxiously. It was still early at this time, and there were no pedestrians on this street for the time being due to road construction ahead, but the longer the delay, the greater the possibility of them being discovered. One of them avoided Jiang Chen’s attack, and called out: “Come over and help!”

When the two people outside the van at the corner heard the shout, they looked at each other and ran towards this side. In the black off-road vehicle on the opposite road, the man who had his eyes closed in meditation also opened his eyes with a frown.

Shi Fengyue stared coldly at the three people fighting on the street through the window of the car. The young man who was attacked was obviously handling it with ease, but for some reason he deliberately maintained a balance until two more people ran over to the street corner, and the balance was broken. The young man who was attacked from both sides seemed to be unable to keep up and after being punched a few times, he staggered and fell to his knees.

The rest of the people immediately subdued him and pulled him to stand up. When they turned around, Shi Fengyue saw the young man’s face clearly, and raised one eyebrow.

The teenager was dragged away by several people and disappeared around the corner, and then the sound of a car starting could be heard.

Inside the off-road vehicle, the man tapped the edge of the steering wheel with his bony forefinger. He lowered his eyes in a seeming daze or ponder for a few seconds, then stepped on the accelerator to follow.

In the van, Jiang Chen’s head was covered with a black cloth, and he was squeezed into the middle of the last row between two people, one left and one right. The car stopped after driving for about two hours. He was pushed out of the car and made twists and turns who knows how many times for nearly half an hour before being pushed into a house.

Jiang Chen stood still, quietly listening to the movements around him.

Outside the door, a voice came: “I didn’t expect this kid to be quite good at fighting.”

“I think you two are just too lousy at it. We caught him within two strokes. You should practice some more.”

“You were able to catch him as soon as you came over because we exhausted his physical strength first, and picked up a ready benefit, yet you have the nerve to brag to the two of us here.”


Someone interrupted them, cutting off the quarrel before it could really start, and said: “Don’t quarrel, watch him, don’t mess it up.”

“What can be messed up.” Someone laughed: “A little kid who has barely grown up, are you afraid that he will run away?”

“Yeah, this place is like a maze, he can’t get out even if he wants to run.”

“No matter what, be vigilant. No matter how easy the money is, it won’t be ours until it arrives. If he runs away, our efforts will be in vain.”

“Understood, we will definitely keep an eye on him.”

“I went outside to check the situation, and if there are instructions from above, ttell me immediately.”

The outside soon became quiet, and Jiang Chen basically knew what he wanted to know from their conversation.

Yesterday he collected information on all the abandoned warehouses in Yan City and the suburbs near Yan City. According to their description, this place should be a warehouse where abandoned containers were piled up from the neighboring Xing City, numbering in the hundreds if not a thousand and all messily occupying a wasteland in the outskirts. People who were not familiar with the place were likely to get lost.

That they would choose this place, and be sure that he would not get lost, proved that this group of people were either familiar with this place, or have mapped it out in advance. No matter which, it meant that it was not the first time they have done this kind of thing. However, they probably didn’t know who the instigator of this kidnapping was, let alone what the purpose of kidnapping him was, so they could only obey the instigator’s instructions and wait to act.


The rusty old iron door rubbed against the ground, making a harsh and heavy sound.

Jiang Chen sat in the same place, hearing the footsteps getting closer and closer, and then dazzling light met his eyes. He narrowed his eyes slightly, and saw a man wearing a peaked cap.

The man in a peaked cap crouched in front of him, looked at him carefully, thought of something, and clicked his tongue in pity. He stood up without saying anything, turned around and went out to close the door again.

Jiang Chen looked at the door where only a faint light could be seen shining through, and soon looked away. There was only one possibility this group of people would take off the black cloth on his head at this time, and let him see their appearance. They had received an order that they could not let him leave alive.

At this time, Changjiang should have intercepted the phone recordings between He Qianjian and the kidnappers, but He Qianjian must be relying on something to dare to go this far, and his backing was naturally the system in his head. Jiang Chen broke free from the hemp rope that bound his hands, and re-tied a knot that could be opened as soon as he exerted slight force. He lowered his eyes and thought, wondering which would come out on top, Changjiang or the system in He Qianjian’s head.

However, no matter who won or lost, as long as Changjiang and the system in He Qianjian’s head exchange moves today, his goal would be achieved.

But by bit, time passed, and the off-road vehicle, which was half stuck in the reeds and half on the road, remained silent.

The man in the peaked cap who came out to watch for a long time, finally let go of his worries. This should be a car parked here a long time ago, but they just didn’t notice it before. Why was such a good car parked in this wilderness? Actually, it was not too strange, because the terrain around here was peculiar, many racing gangs would come here to play, and then when some young master’s car had a problem they would just leave it on the side of the road to be towed away after ten days or even half a month.

Sitting in the car, Shi Fengyue called his friend expressionlessly, asking him to quickly call someone to help him pull the car.

When Li Nanfeng received his call, he rolled his eyes and said, “Young Master, didn’t I tell you that with your sense of direction to not go running around? And you drove the car to the wilderness? Where are you even going? If it was even more remote, I’m afraid I’ll have to use police dogs to find you.”

Shi Fengyue propped his chin with one hand, looked out the window casually, and said lazily: “Don’t talk nonsense, come quickly.”

“I’ll need time for me to arrive!” Li Nanfeng said: “What part of your brain went wrong now? You have been working all night but you don’t sleep and instead go to the suburbs of Xing City to have fun. If you hadn’t called me, just looking at the location, I would have thought you were kidnapped.”

Shi Fengyue: “I just saw someone kidnapped and thought it was interesting, so I followed to see the excitement.”

Li Nanfeng was instructing his subordinates to set off immediately, and when he heard this, his raised hand paused in mid-air, “Seriously? Who? Do you know them? Or is it your enemy? That you would want to watch this kind of excitement?”

Shi Fengyue said casually: “The son of a patient.”

Li Nanfeng paused, then hesitated: “Then should I bring a search and rescue dog? Or call the police?”

“No need.” Through a window, Shi Fengyue watched the man in the peaked cap come back out again to examine the car window, and said lightly: “I think he can solve it by himself.”

“Fine.” The corner of Li Nanfeng’s mouth twitched: “The person who was kidnapped could solve it by himself. But you, the person who came to see the excitement, drove your car into a ditch, and needed me to send someone to rescue you. You are truly independent, truly capable, truly—— “

“Truly what?”

“Truly a man after my own heart.”

After hanging up the phone, Shi Fengyue watched the man in the peaked cap walk from the front window to the door of the driver’s seat, then bent down and knocked on the window, and was completely undisturbed.

The man in the peaked cap didn’t know it, but the car in front of him had been specially modified, not only was the sound insulation effect excellent, but also the window glass was covered with a layer of military anti-peeping film that could be mobile controlled. When it was shut off, it was like normal glass and transparent inside and out. But when it was turned on, only the people inside could see the outside, but the people outside couldn’t see the inside, no matter how close their face was pressed, it was useless.

He didn’t hear any movement, so the man in the peaked cap circled around the car again, then touched the roof, coming away with a layer of dirt and dust. Only then did he completely put down his doubts, turned and left.

When Shi Fengyue woke up, more than two hours had passed, and it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon. He took a sip of water, calculated the duration of time Jiang Chen had been imprisoned here and frowned slightly. He grabbed a handful of candy and put it in his pocket, then opened the car door.

Avoiding the man in the peaked cap that was smoking on the side, Shi Fengyue walked into the maze of containers that were piled up haphazardly that the road could not be seen clearly. He stood at a fork and paused for a moment, then raised his legs and walked in one direction.

After walking for about twenty minutes, he heard the sound of conversation not far away, and the sound of footsteps getting closer:

“I’m starving to death. I wonder if the food in the car is enough for the few of us. There is also a person locked inside. After dividing it up, I imagine that little bit of food could barely be enough to taste.”

“Why do you care what the one inside eats. After today, he’ll be dead. It doesn’t make any difference whether he eats or not.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Hey, that’s right, that kid is pretty good at fighting, it’ll be easier to strike when he’s lacking energy.”


When the two of them were far away, Shi Fengyue stepped out. He walked a few steps forward but then stopped suddenly.

——When those people came out, they had wiped off the special marks they drew on the containers.

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