Source of Calamity CH 044 Feeling Upset

“CEO Shen, please take a look at this project.” The assistant placed the document on Shen Zhen’s desk. Shen Zhen was now running back and forth between both companies such that he had a big headache. He knew that this was because his ability was not strong enough. Qin Xing had so many businesses under him, but he was not as busy as he was. He only understood the tip of the iceberg on a lot of things. If he wanted to understand in depth, it was not enough to just watch and listen. He had to participate in these projects himself.

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Shen Zhen took the project list, read it carefully twice, and then asked, “When will the bid be made?”

The assistant quickly said, “March next year.”

That piece of land was originally a wasteland, there were no residents around, there was no bus line, the subway was still under construction, and the highway was not close by either. Shen Zhen didn’t have much of an impression of this piece of land. Relying on the memory of his previous life would not work. Shen Zhen said: “Call for a meeting before getting off work.”

Assistant: “Yes, CEO Shen.”

The book did not record everything in detail, sometimes the next chapter took place a few years later, but these years still have to be lived a day at a time, and the people in the story were still moving.

After the meeting, Shen Zhen left the company after the bottom line of the bidding price was determined.

Shen Li was being led by his senior to look at the data. The senior had a bad temper, but he had a lot of skills. At the beginning, Shen Li retorted back at him, but after being yelled at countless times, he behaved——because this senior was too big and strong-looking. He could tell at a glance that he wouldn’t beat the other in a fight, in fact he would definitely be hammered.

Seeing Shen Zhen getting out of the elevator, Shen Li wanted to file a complaint. It was best to fire this senior who was so fierce to him and let him know he had backing. However, when Shen Zhen stepped out, he didn’t even spare him a look and the senior was still glaring stared at him on the side. Shen Li could only continue to listen to the senior’s ramblings with a despairing face.

He swore that when he got into the management level, he would definitely drive out this ignorant senior!

The road ahead was long and lengthy.

Shen Zhen was going to see the Su siblings tonight. He brought them both to meet a lot of people a while ago, but Shen Zhen didn’t know if they had benefited or not. It just so happened that the Su siblings wanted to invite him to dinner, so Shen Zhen agreed.

The cooperation project was given to them, and the contacts were also given to them. If the Su family still couldn’t get themselves together, even the gods wouldn’t be able to save them.

Su Yutong was wearing casual clothes, and when he saw Shen Zhen from a distance, he waved hello. He had a smile on his face, and his whole person looked completely new compared to before, the gloom between his brows completely disappearing.

“Brother Shen.” Su Yutong smiled and walked over, Su Jinghan also smiled at Shen Zhen, “Brother Shen.”

Shen Zhen was also hungry, and the three of them went to their reserved private room in the hotel restaurant and waited for the food to be served.

As soon as Su Yutong sat in his seat, he started talking nonstop. He never knew the world could be like this. Now when he went out to socialize, no longer did people point at him behind his back. Everyone had proper and polite smiles on their faces. Although they knew that these smiles were not sincere from the heart, but how many people in this world were sincere to others? It was already good to just look sincere on the surface.

The companies that had previously rejected the Su family have now offered olive branches one after another.

Su Yutong knew that for these companies, it didn’t make much difference who they cooperate with, but cooperating with their Su family was to show goodwill without harming their own interests.

The young masters who used to be sneering and sarcastic as soon as they saw him now had to smile in front of him.

The atmosphere at home was also unprecedentedly good.

There was no youngest uncle making trouble at home, and no Su Shiqing making trouble outside. Such a life was really comfortable indeed. Their company’s turnover and stock were also rising steadily. Sometimes Su Yutong woke up and worried that everything now was just a dream.

After waking up from the dream, he still had to continue to worry over trivial things, getting a headache every day over Su Shiqing, and helping his father reason with his youngest uncle.

“My youngest uncle came back again.” Su Yutong was gossiping about his own family, “Su Shiqing left him and my youngest aunt in Qin Yue’s house. They ran out of money and went to find Su Shiqing, but the Chu family refused to let them in. Now they can only be shameless and go back to the Su family.”

Su Jinghan was peeling shrimp beside him, and said with a smile, “Dad didn’t let them in.”

After finally getting rid of the family’s troublemaker, they would be brainless to let them come back again.

Although Father Su still had feelings for his little brother, as the head of the family, if his words have no weight and change from day to day, then how could he convince the public? Not to mention Su Yuan, even his other younger brothers probably wouldn’t take him seriously.

After all, the price to pay for offending him was really too little.

Shen Zhen didn’t have much thought about the Su family’s affairs, so he just hummed.

Su Yutong said quickly: “Brother Shen, I will treat you as my own brother from now on. If you want me to do anything, just ask me.”

He almost didn’t pat his chest to guarantee the ticket.

Shen Zhen wiped his mouth with a napkin, without much expression: “En.”

After parting ways, Su Yutong whispered to Su Jinghan, “Sister, I don’t think Brother Shen has any hostility towards our Su family, he just simply hates Su Shiqing.”

Su Jinghan breathed out through her nostrils: “Who doesn’t hate Su Shiqing?”

Su Yutong: “…..It seems that everyone likes him except us.”

Su Jinghan: “That’s because they have blind eyes, and their eyes are covered with feces!”

Su Yutong didn’t expect that his elder sister, who was always praised by the elders as a lady, could say such a thing. Su Yutong stammered and said: “Sister…..that…..don’t talk about uh, feces. “

Su Jinghan smiled slightly, and turned into a gentle and polite rich lady again. She took her brother’s arm and whispered, “I only talk like this in front of you.”

Su Yutong had no choice, after all they were twins, he could only be the trash can for his older sister. However, Su Yutong said: “I think Brother Shen was is good, and our ages are not so apart, and Brother Shen doesn’t have a girlfriend…..Sister…..”

Su Jinghan was taken aback, she shook her head and said, “Don’t be so daring with your words, I have no other feelings for Shen Zhen.”

“I think Brother Shen is pretty good. Although he looks cold, you don’t need to worry that he will be unfaithful and he also has his own company. He is rich and has status. The most important thing is that he is young, and there is the Qin family behind him.” Su Yutong didn’t understand, “What are you dissatisfied with?”

Su Jinghan took a deep breath: “The situation at home is so much better now, yet you don’t want to take this opportunity to completely lift up the family, but you want to sell your sister for glory?”

Su Yutong: “Sister, your words are very strange. I just listed Brother Shen’s conditions.”

Su Jinghan: “Then go yourself, I trust you.”

Su Yutong mumbled: “Forget it if you don’t like him, it’s not like I said anything.”

At this time, Su Shiqing also learned about the current situation of the Su family from Chu Haoyi’s mouth. He sat by the bed and didn’t know what to feel. He thought that without him, the Su family would go downhill. After all, if he was there, Ah Yue would take care of the Su family, but now that he was not part of the Su family, the Su family was instead getting better and better. This gap in reality made him unable to breathe.

What scared him the most was that there had been no news from Qin Yue this whole time. He knew that Qin Yue loved him deeply, but he also needed to live his life. Now Chu Haoyi was his only life-saving rope. He couldn’t lose Chu Haoyi, at least before Qin Yue returned, the Chu family was his only refuge.

But he was not doing well in the Chu family. Mrs. Chu didn’t like Chu Haoyi, the illegitimate son, and she hadn’t said a word to her husband for nearly two years because of this. Although Mr. Chu treated this only son who was also not raised by his side very well, but not well enough to treat Su Shiqing well for his son’s sake.

What’s more, being born in such a family, marriage was also a bargaining chip. If Chu Haoyi got married obediently, Mr. Chu wouldn’t care if he played around with men, but the fact that playing around actually turned into love, to extent he wasn’t willing to get married, Mr. Chu couldn’t stand this at all.

So in the Chu family, Su Shiqing was also a marginal person. Even if the servants like him, even Chu Haoyi’s half-sisters also like him, but without the approval of the elders, he couldn’t get any benefits at all.

“Hao Yi.” Su Shiqing looked at Chu Haoyi with tears in his eyes, “I have nothing now, if you leave me too, I really don’t know what I should do.”

Chu Haoyi comforted: “Shi Qing, don’t think too much, I will protect you and let you live a good life, no one will bully you, and I won’t let you be wronged again.”

At this time, the sky had gradually darkened, Chu Haoyi looked at his watch, and said, “Go to bed early, I will take you to recognize people tomorrow.”

He wanted to introduce Su Shiqing to his friends.

Su Shiqing showed a flattered expression, but soon became depressed: “I, I am a cripple now…..”

“No.” Chu Haoyi looked at Su Shiqing seriously, with a earnest and deep expression, “You are complete in my heart.”

“Hao Yi…..” Su Shiqing was moved.

“You should rest earlier.” Chu Haoyi stood up.

At this moment, Su Shiqing grabbed Chu Haoyi’s hand. He lowered his head, face blushing red, and his voice was small like a mosquito buzz: “You…..don’t leave tonight.”

Su Shiqing understood one thing at that moment just now, that was, he loved Chu Haoyi. Although he also loved Qin Yue, falling in love was not something one could control. He felt that all his actions came from emotions that could not be restrained.

“Shi Qing, do you know what you’re saying?” Chu Haoyi looked at Su Shiqing.

Su Shiqing nodded slightly.

But Chu Haoyi didn’t answer, he just said: “Shi Qing, you’re just too tired, you should rest first, I’m going back to my room now.”

After speaking, he didn’t give Su Shiqing another chance to say anymore, and left the guest room where Su Shiqing was staying as if fleeing.

Chu Haoyi returned to his room, took out his mobile phone, and pulled up the photo album, which contained a photo of him and Su Shiqing in his childhood. Su Shiqing was the only ray of sunshine he saw in his childhood. He was like a traveler walking in the dark. When he saw a beam of light, he started to run wildly, thinking that that beam of light was everything in his life.

But now…..

He seemed less sure.

Su Shiqing hadn’t broken up with Qin Yue yet, and some time ago he even told him that he loved Qin Yue deeply.

If he really loved the other deeply, how could he say such a thing just now?

Love was inherently full of possessiveness and exclusivity.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Chu Haoyi threw the phone aside, feeling very upset.

He wished that Su Shiqing belonged to him, but not in this kind of situation.

It was as if the pure garden in his heart had been polluted, and the strong and kind person he loved also had a greedy and social climbing side.

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