After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 045 Bizarre Code

When it was almost evening, three police cars drove into the Zhonghai District Public Security Bureau.

“Here we are.” The young policeman sitting next to Jiang Chen got out of the car, stood outside and said with a smile, “The person walking this way is your mother, right? She should have been waiting anxiously. You can comfort her before coming in to recount what happened.”

Jiang Chen thanked him, and before he even got out of the car, he was hugged by his mother who ran over. Still in a sitting posture, he was held in the arms of his mother who was much shorter than him, in an absolutely protective posture just like when he was a child.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Mom…..” Feeling his mother’s trembling, Jiang Chen felt guilty in his heart. He patted her back comfortingly, and said in a low voice, “I’m fine, don’t be afraid.”

Her son was in her arms, and Yang Si’s tense nerves finally relaxed. She let go of him a little, and seeing the scratches on his cheekbone, her eyes turned red instantly: “Does it hurt? Are there any other injuries?”

Jiang Chen comforted in a gentle voice: “Mom, it doesn’t hurt. I only suffered a slight injury here. It’s actually nothing.”

Yang Si looked him over carefully again, and after confirming that he really only had a little scratch on his face, she finally felt relieved and let him go.

Jiang Chen got out of the car, saw Huo Bo who was two meters away, and smiled.

The day before yesterday, after he learned of He Qianjian’s plan, he called Huo Bo. He omitted He Qianjian, and explained the ins and outs of Yang Tianci’s plan to kidnap him, and his plan to send Yang Tianci to prison directly.

So, before he went to the park today, Huo Bo had already waited there, took pictures to collect evidence when he was fighting with the kidnappers, including pictures of the kidnapper’s license plate number, and followed the car all the way to the container warehouse in Xing City. All the information was sent to his computer, Changjiang changed the IP and sent it to the police station and made the call to the police, while he waited to adapt to the situation outside.

In Jiang Chen’s original estimate, the police would arrive between three and four o’clock. Unexpectedly, the police arrived an hour faster than he expected, and arrived within the hour that Shi Fengyue said so Shi Fengyue’s unexpected appearance didn’t disrupt his plan. The only thing that was different from the plan was the injured man and the kidnapper who stabbed his companion but turned a blind eye to Shi Feng Yue.

Jiang Chen was very curious——how did Shi Fengyue manage to get in and out of the container he was kept without the kidnappers seeing.

Seeing Jiang Chen standing still, Yang Si thought he didn’t understand why Huo Bo was here, and explained: “I couldn’t find you before, so I called Xiao Bo. He was very worried about you, so when I called this afternoon and he learned that you were kidnapped, he came over too.”

Hearing Yang Si’s words, Huo Bo couldn’t help but feel a little guilty when he thought how he and Jiang Chen had kept her in a state of worry for so long. He coughed lowly, and under Yang Si’s kindly gaze, he walked over and hugged Jiang Chen comfortingly, whispering in his ear: “The person has been found, and he will arrive within fifteen minutes.”

Jiang Chen temporarily put aside the unresolved doubts since he saw Shi Fengyue until now, and nodded: “I’ll go over to give my statement and you look after my mother.”

Towards the end of his statement, a middle-aged man with a simple and honest appearance and plain clothing came in. Jiang Chen looked up and the policeman who led the man in smiled and said: “It’s all thanks to him, he was the one who saw that you were kidnapped, followed you all the way, took pictures of the suspects, recorded the route and where they were hiding, so we could arrive so quickly.”

Jiang Chen stood up, smiled and said, “Thank you very much.”

The man waved his hands repeatedly, touched the back of his head and said, “No need, no need, it’s what I should do.”

Yang Si, who was waiting outside, heard the movement and walked in after hearing the words, thanking the man again and again.

Jiang Chen and Huo Bo, who was behind Yang Si, looked at each other. Huo Bo raised his chin, and the corners of his mouth curled up a little.

After coming out, the time was already getting late. Yang Si recalled that Huo Bo lived alone, and he didn’t have dinner, and he probably just deal with it casually when he went back at this time, so she said: “Xiao Bo, go to Auntie’s house for dinner, you can keep Chen Chen company, today he…..with you to chat with and keep company, Auntie will also be at ease.”

Huo Bo thought for a while, but did not refuse: “Then I will bother you.”

“What bother?” Yang Si linked an arm with Huo Bo’s and the other with Jiang Chen’s, and said with a smile, “You, Xiao Xu and Chen Chen grew up together, in the eyes of Auntie, other than calling me differently, you’re all my sons.”

Jiang Chen turned his head, saw Huo Bo’s slightly raised lips, and smiled too.

After returning home, Yang Si prepared a table of dishes as quickly as possible for the two of them. Too many things happened today. Both Jiang Chen and Huo Bo hadn’t eaten for almost a day and the two barely paused in between mouthfuls.

Yang Si put down her chopsticks after finishing early, and watched them eat with a smile.

When the two of them had eaten and drank their fill, she smiled and said, “You two chat, I’ll slice some fruit, Xiao Bo, sleep over tonight, and share the bed with Chen Chen, it’s not convenient to go home this late.”

Huo Bo declined and said, “Auntie, I have something to do tomorrow morning, and I’m leaving now, so I won’t be sleeping over.”

“But it’s getting late now, will it be unsafe for you to go back?”

“No, Auntie, don’t worry.”

Yang Si wanted to say something more, but Jiang Chen said first: “Then you go back first, remember to send me a message when you get home.”

Huo Bo nodded: “Okay, goodbye, Auntie.”

The two spoke one after another, and by the time Yang Si realized it, Huo Bo had already left.

She looked at Jiang Chen helplessly: “When Huo Bo gets home, and he sends you a message, you tell Mom.”

“I know.” Jiang Chen hugged Yang Si and said with a smile, “I’m going back to my room first, you should go to bed early too.”

“En, I’ll go to bed after washing the dishes.”

After closing the door, Jiang Chen sat down at the computer desk, put on the earphones, and said, “How is the situation? Have you captured the location code?”

“The code was successfully captured and is being analyzed. The analysis progress is at 0.15%, and the cracking progress is 0.”

Jiang Chen: “Show me that piece of code.”

As soon as the computer screen went black, it then turned gray. Countless coding flickered by like the no signal image of an old-fashioned TV set, forming a picture with a strange pattern. If not for Changjiang enlarging the coding, Jiang Chen might have just thought it was a strange painting.

He leaned closer to the screen, frowning slightly.

——This was indeed computer code. However, it was different from any code he had seen and studied before. It should have its own laws and meanings, but if he wanted to crack it and study it, this probably not even a ten thousandth piece of code captured from the system in He Qianjian’s brain was not enough.

And…..Jiang Chen leaned back in his chair, thoughtful——he kept getting the feeling that this code was not just a code, but also mixed with an energy he couldn’t explain, which was very weird.

Since it was impossible to decipher it for the time being, Jiang Chen simply put it down for now, and said, “Report the progress of the analysis at any time.”


Jiang Chen’s eyes flickered, and he said, “Play the recording between two and three o’clock this afternoon.”

There were vague sounds of clothes rustling and footsteps coming from the earphones. Apart from that, there were almost no other sounds in the first ten minutes, and even if there were, there were just some meaningless exchange of words.

Jiang Chen listened carefully, without any impatience.

At the twenty-eighth minute, a heavy knocking sound suddenly appeared on the recording, followed by a short conversation between the two kidnappers. Amidst several consecutive light to heavy knocking sounds, the man who hurt his companion decided to go and see the situation alone.

The audio quieted down again, and even the sound of footsteps was so soft that it could hardly be recorded. However, within a minute, Jiang Chen heard another voice, which was so blurred that it was difficult to make out the words, but he was sure that it was Shi Fengyue. Along with the sound of Shi Fengyue’s voice, there was another continuous rhythmic sound, like the sound of some kind of metal parts colliding.

Jiang Chen frowned slightly, something flashing through his mind.

The following sound from the earphones again interrupted his thoughts.

“I thought something was wrong, you f**king——”

What caused the words to stop abruptly was the sound of the knife piercing the cloth and cutting the flesh, and then the sound of a body falling to the ground.

Jiang Chen: “Pause.”

The audio in the earphones stopped, and Jiang Chen tapped his fingers on the table, carefully connecting every detail he just heard with the brief meeting with Shi Fengyue in the afternoon.

Suddenly, a scene appeared in his mind——Shi Fengyue squatted in front of him, playing with the lighter, and the sound of the lighter opening and closing was very similar to the sound that was slightly blurred by the rustling of clothes in the recording.

Lighter——the man pointing to his stabbed companion as the traitor——Shi Fengyue’s coat which was similar to that of the group’s leader…..

Connecting the three most important clues, Jiang Chen felt that the answer was about to come out. He unconsciously stopped tapping on the table, and the whole room fell silent.

A few seconds later, his eyelashes trembled and he raised his eyes.


Jiang Chen connected all the clues, and instantly got an answer——hypnosis.

In the interstellar era, there was an extremely famous master of psychic power, whose initial research direction was the relationship between ancient hypnosis and psychic power. This master had given three public lectures at Jiang Chen’s school. He happened to attend one of the lectures during a free period, and this lecture was on hypnosis.

In the class, the master introduced the history of hypnotists from ancient times to the interstellar era. He said that no matter in which era, hypnotists have essential steps and stages before hypnotizing patients. There was a possibility of failing and causing nasty harm to the patient if a single step was missed. Therefore, every hypnotist could only be qualified for this position after passing the most rigorous examination and many tests.

There was only one type of person that was different, and that was the SSS-level psychics. They have hundreds of times the psychic power of ordinary people. They only need simple props and words to hypnotize a person at any time. In fact, when reaching a certain stage, they only needed words to hypnotize a person, or even a group of people.

This kind of psychic power was equivalent to an army without the need of guns, absolutely powerful and dangerous.

However, because the entire empire, including the federation, had never had an SSS-level psychic, this was just the master’s speculation based on the current highest-level S-level psychic, and he himself could not draw a conclusion.

At that time, Jiang Chen was just listening casually. Now, recalling what the master had said in class, he was surprised to find that Shi Fengyue’s hypnotic technique was very similar to the SSS-level psychics mentioned by the master.

First attract the attention of the hypnotized person through the sound, and then use the rhythm to lay the foundation for the psychological suggestion, and then use a special voice combined with what he said to hypnotize the other party. And to guarantee that everything was surefire, he dressed similarly to a person who was familiar with the other party to strengthen the suggestive effect.

Therefore, the hypnotized person would be convinced that his companion was a traitor, because Shi Fengyue was playing the role of his boss, and if he stabbed his companion, the hypnotized person would only think that he was doing it for his boss, that’s why he insisted that he had met their boss at that time.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But at that time, their boss was outside alone, and the two people who went out after changing shifts happened to avoid the time when the hypnotized person stabbed their companion, so even though their boss knew very well that he had never seen the hypnotized person, he couldn’t argue in his case, because no one could prove it for him.

Jiang Chen got up, walked to the window, and looked at the sporadic vehicles passing by on the road in the distance. He thought of Shi Fengyue, who cleverly used everything around him, using someone else’s hand to hurt others like it was child’s play, and his eyes flickered slightly.

Could the SSS-level psychic who had never even appeared in the interstellar era really exist in this world?

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