Source of Calamity CH 045 Inexplicable

It was rare for Shen Zhen to have a rest day. He had been working without a break for almost two months. He worked more than twelve hours a day and suffered from severe lack of sleep. But the strange thing was that his skin condition seemed to still be fine, and there were no dark circles or bags under the eyes, he just seemed a bit listless. So he could only temporarily put down what he was doing and take a good rest for two days.

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He himself knew that there was no way around it. It seemed important to understand theory and do practical things, but if theory was not practiced, it would always be just talk on paper.

Likewise, when he recruited employees, he also liked to recruit ones with experience and achievements.

Seeing that the boss was working so hard, the employees below also followed suit. After all, the bonuses and commissions were real.

Several older employees also persuaded Shen Zhen not to work too hard, at least not to work like his life was on the line. He would even be on the computer while eating, and just stuff a few mouthfuls.

Shen Zhen said to them wearily: “I work harder now, so I can relax in the future.”

The older staff did not persuade him then.

On the rest day, Shen Zhen went to bed at 8 o’clock the night before, and slept until 2 o’clock in the afternoon the next day. He only got out of bed because he was too hungry. Mama Zhang had already prepared meals, which could be eaten after heated a little. Even if at home there were only two people she still made a big meal, three dishes, one soup, and small desserts after dinner.

“Xiao Zhen…..” Mama Zhang hesitated to speak.

Shen Zhen raised his eyebrows: “Mama Zhang, what’s wrong?”

Mama Zhang hesitated for a while, then said in a low voice, “You said last time, to let my son move here, is it still okay?”

A mother always misses her own child. She felt guilty and dared not face her own child, and only finally spoke up after considering until now.

“Sure.” Shen Zhen smiled at Mama Zhang, “Anyway, I’m not often at home, so even if you feel guilty, don’t spoil him too much.”

The mother was working hard outside to earn money to support a blood-sucking family. If Mama Zhang’s son put all his hatred on Mama Zhang, then Shen Zhen could let him come in standing up and go out crawling on his knees.

Mama Zhang finally had a smile on her face: “Ai.”

At six o’clock in the afternoon, Shen Zhen was about to go out. He had made an appointment with Qin Xing in advance to attend a business party. This kind of party had no special significance, just listening to the people making speeches on the stage. But it was a large-scale business event, where almost all the CEOs of large and medium-sized enterprises would come.

They came to share their successful experiences——most of them just said what everyone could say. As for the real successful experiences, no one with a normal mind would share their cards.

Qin Xing was of course invited.

Shen Zhen went to listen to the experience of the older generation. Although there might not be any gains, it was always good to listen.

Qin Xing’s driver was waiting for Shen Zhen outside the building. The driver looked happy. Every time he came to pick up Young Master Shen, his monthly bonus would be much higher. Although his overall salary was quite high, who didn’t like more money?

“Young Master Shen, Mr. Qin went over first.” The driver smiled at Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen nodded: “Don’t drive too fast on the road, pay attention to safety.”

Then he fastened his seat belt.

The driver also said: “There are very few people like Young Master Shen who pay attention to traffic laws.”

Before he came to the Qin family, he was also a driver. Most people didn’t wear seat belts in the back seat of the car, usually only when sitting in the front passenger’s seat.

Shen Zhen: “Safety first.”

The driver was a chatterbox. Usually when Qin Xing was in the car, he pretended to be mute. Now that Qin Xing was not in the car, the driver started to be eager for a chat. He said, “Ai, it’s getting darker and earlier recently.”

It was six o’clock now, but it was almost dark.

Shen Zhen: “En.”

The driver added: “Mr. Qin has not had a good appetite recently.”

Shen Zhen: “…..”

The driver pretended to be worried: “Ai, I found that Mr. Qin’s appetite is better when he is with Young Master Shen.”

Shen Zhen looked up at the driver’s face in the rearview mirror, what exactly was he trying to say?

Driver: “Eldest Young Master Qin seems to be coming back. He did not have a good time abroad.”

The driver had an expression that spoke “I’m just talking casually” and said: “I heard that he messed up on a project, so Mr. Qin told him to come back and sent Young Lady Shan to go over.”

Let Qin Shan go abroad to take over Qin Yue’s seat?

Indeed, only Qin Shan could go abroad now.

Don’t even think about Qin Meng, he was just like Shen Li, and relied on others to support him all his life.

Shen Zhen: “Driver Zhao, it’s not good for you to tell me about the Qin family, right?”

The driver was taken aback, it was Mr. Qin who told him to reveal all this, so should he say that it was on Mr. Qin’s orders? The driver was caught in a dilemma, and finally had a flash of inspiration: “Mr. Qin said that Young Master Shen is much more important than Eldest Young Master Qin.”

Shen Zhen was taken aback.

The driver found that Shen Zhen didn’t ask any more questions, and he was relieved, feeling that he had escaped unscathed.

Shen Zhen looked out the window with no expression on his face. He still didn’t understand why Qin Xing suddenly treated him so well, so good that he even unconsciously put down his guard when facing Qin Xing. What was the difference between this life and the previous life?

In his previous life, he loved the wrong person and took the wrong path, but he was still him, his personality had not changed, and his height and weight had not changed.

Qin Xing’s heart, it was as deep as the sea.

When we arrived at the clubhouse, the parking lot outside the clubhouse was already full. Shen Zhen didn’t wear a suit today. This kind of business party was actually not so formal. Most people came here just to go through the motions. Only those who gave speeches would wear it.

Shen Zhen, who was dressed in casual clothes, didn’t look so serious either.

When entering the door, Shen Zhen was stopped by the doorman.

“Sir, this meeting is not open to the public, please show the invitation card.”

Shen Zhen took out his mobile phone and showed the electronic invitation to the doorman. After the doorman confirmed it, he still had to go through a security check.

Now it was normal for this kind of meeting to go through security checks. Ten years ago, a depressed criminal broke into a meeting. Not only did he suffer from mental illness, but he also hated the rich. Although the range of his soil gun was not far, it was very lethal at close range, and three people died on the spot. (TN: a soil gun refers to a gun made by indigenous methods)

Since then, security measures have been taken very carefully for such meetings.

The meeting had yet to start, and Qin Xing was supposed to be in the lounge. Shen Zhen was about to go find Qin Xing when he heard someone talking about him.

“Mr. Zhao, look at that young man, he is also young, and he can come to such a meeting. Sure enough, the current world is the world of you young people.”

“Yeah, Mr. Zhao is only twenty-five this year, right? You started from scratch, and now your company is so big. That kid looks like a second-generation rich kid, living off his ancestral wealth. How can he compare with Mr. Zhao?”

“That’s right, how talented is Mr. Zhao? Comparing him with the rich second generation? That’s too insulting to Mr. Zhao.”

The first person who spoke was so embarrassed that he could only smile awkwardly.

Just what kind of bad luck did he stumble on, that a small business owner like him could attend the meeting was completely out of luck, and it was really amazing to be able to even come to this kind of meeting led by industry giants once.

They were all from the same province, and big companies that were more powerful than them would not socialize with them, so they could only ingratiate themselves to Zhao Xuan, who owned the largest company in their group.

After all, after coming out here once, they had to make some connections.

Shen Zhen stopped, and turned his head impatiently to the people sitting on the sofa and said, “When you speak ill of someone, remember to keep your voice down.”

Maybe they thought that they were whispering?

Shen Zhen was about to leave, but a middle-aged man stiffened his neck after embarrassment and said, “We didn’t say anything wrong.”

The people behind pulled him, but the middle-aged man felt like he had lost face, so he didn’t let go: “Otherwise, how could you come to such a meeting at such a young age? The rich second generation is just the rich second generation. So what if you admit it?”

“Brother Li.” The young man opened his mouth and interrupted the middle-aged man. He was very young, with his hair combed back, wearing a black suit, full of the aura of a successful person. He stood up, walked towards Shen Zhen and stretched out his hand , “My surname is Zhao, Zhao Xuan.”

Shen Zhen was insulted inexplicably, was stopped inexplicably, and finally was asked to shake hands by a person who had just gathered with others to slander him behind his back inexplicably.

Shen Zhen felt that these people probably had brain problems, right?

If you don’t step on others to praise another, then wouldn’t there be no issue?

“What?” Shen Zhen asked indifferently.

Zhao Xuan frowned, and withdrew his empty hand: “The business world is unpredictable, and it’s better to be friends than to become enemies.”

Shen Zhen: “This is something you have to worry about.”

Zhao Xuan: “…..”

Why was this person so disrespectful to him?

“Hey, do you know who Mr. Zhao is?” The several middle-aged men with big bellies were filled with righteous indignation, “You don’t even shake hands, you don’t even know to be polite, how will you make it in the business world?”

They were not afraid of this kind of rich second generation. At most, they would just have a small company under their name. If they were really the heirs of a big company, they would already be in the lounge by now. How could they be in the lobby with people like them?

Among the people in the hall, the most successful one was Zhao Xuan.

This gave Zhao Xuan pride.

“Get out of the way.” Shen Zhen said expressionlessly.

Zhao Xuan didn’t move.

Shen Zhen: “Good dogs don’t get in the way.”

Zhao Xuan inhaled: “Who are you calling a dog?”

Shen Zhen sneered: “You.”

“Don’t know how tall the sky is!” Zhao Xuan was furious. He had never been angry like this before. In their locality, he was a new entrepreneur yet those who were stronger than him were willing to make friends with him, and those who were weaker than him were even more fawning on him. He had never been slapped in the face like this before, and it was even in front of so many people.

Zhao Xuan took a deep breath: “You don’t know who I am, I won’t quibble with you.”

Shen Zhen didn’t care what he was saying: “Why are you still in the way?”

Zhao Xuan stared at him closely.

“Security!” Shen Zhen shouted, “There are dogs blocking the way.”

Security guard: “…..”

Ai, he was just a little security guard who did a lot of work for a small salary.

He didn’t dare to offend anyone, how about letting go of this hard-working little security guard?

The security guard came over with a look of despair.

However, Zhao Xuan took out his wallet from his pocket, threw a stack of hundred-yuan bills on the ground, and said to the security guard, “Get out of the way, and these are all yours.”

The security guard froze in place.

How insulting was it to throw money on the ground at others?

Being a security guard was a menial job, but people who do menial jobs also have dignity.

“This gentleman.” The security guard who didn’t dare to get involved had a dark face, “Please follow me over there.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhao Xuan said impatiently: “I told you to get lost, don’t you understand? Is this money not enough? I’ll give you double!”

After speaking, he threw another wad of cash on the ground.

Shen Zhen was speechless, even the nouveau riche had more class than this person, right?

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