After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 285 CEO Li Is Angry

That night, when Tao Mu returned to the hotel, he felt that all the bones in his body were about to fall apart. Medicinal ointment for bruises was rubbed on his body desperately, but when the next morning’s filming arrived, he still looked so calm and badass. This situation lasted until the fifth day. Tao Mu, who was gritting his teeth, felt his legs shaking. He almost fell off the roof of the car during filming, but was caught by Wang Boyuan with his sharp eyes and quick hands.

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Tao Mu was not only the leading actor of the film, but also the producer and largest investor of the film. But during filming, an accident involving him almost happened on the set, which shocked the entire crew.

“…..You are courting death, kid!” Du Kang looked at Tao Mu who was carefully supported by Wang Boyuan to the rest chair. Probably because of the hot weather, Tao Mu was also a little muddleheaded, his face was flushed, his hair wetly plastered on his forehead, and he looked listless. An assistant came over with iced mineral water, moistened a towel and applied it to Tao Mu’s forehead, and the accompanying doctors helped Tao Mu take off his heavy combat uniform. It was only then that everyone realized that Tao Mu was covered in bruises and there was no good piece of flesh on him. He looked like a case of domestic violence, and only the face was as radiant as ever.

Several emotional girls suddenly felt their noses sting, and the roommates who had the best relationship with Tao Mu couldn’t bear it either. Wen Bao questioned Tao Mu with red eyes: “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Chu Sui’an handed the remaining half bottle of mineral water to Tao Mu. The water was just taken out of the refrigerator, but because of the temperature difference, layers of small water droplets have formed on the outside of the bottle. It felt wet in the palm of his hand. Tao Mu didn’t drink either. He unscrewed the bottle cap and poured the remaining half bottle of water on his head, feeling instantly refreshed and better.

“Look at your faces,” Tao Mu said with a smile, “Isn’t it normal when filming fight scenes? In fact, it looks scary, but it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s just that it’s been too hot these two days, and I’m a little dizzy. I’m probably going to suffer from heat stroke.”

With that said, Tao Mu ordered: “Have the unit manager find a way to cook some herbal tea for everyone to cool off the summer heat every day. How about this, I will write a recipe later, our old man told me about it, and you follow the recipe to grab the herbs. I hope that there are also Chinese medicines for sale in Africa.”

The big boss spoke, no matter how difficult the matter was, the unit manager could only nod obediently with a bitter face.

Cheng Baodong also came over. After so many days of getting along and breaking in, although the two people’s grievances have not disappeared, they still admire each other’s professional level and dedication. What’s more, Tao Mu became like this to make a good film. Cheng Baodong didn’t say anything, but he still valued this aspect of Tao Mu’s in his heart. At least it was much better than those idol stars who couldn’t suffer any hardship after becoming spoiled by their popularity or capital.

Considering Tao Mu’s physical condition, Cheng Baodong made the decision and gave Tao Mu a day off, and even found a massage therapist for Tao Mu who was very experienced in healthcare——the official kind. Before leaving, he still reminded Tao Mu: “Don’t keep this kind of thing to yourself again. Just say what you have to say. You are an actor, not a professional boxer. It’s not embarrassing if you can’t beat a stuntman. Even for the sake of visual effects, we can think of other ways. Not all actors in the world know kung fu, but aren’t those actors who don’t know kung fu still able to shoot well all the same? You are looking down on me too much!”

Tao Mu rolled his eyes at Cheng Baodong: “Filming is not just playing around! Since I can do my best by doing my best, why should I let myself settle for a passing grade?”

Cheng Baodong was choked and he rolled his eyes: “Then you should think about how you are still the leading actor of this movie! You are not only the leading actor, but also the producer and the largest investor. If something happens to you, this movie will be game over. As a person can’t you do things with a limit?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the two fell silent for a moment. Cheng Baodong himself felt that something was not right, and without waiting for Tao Mu to speak, he got up and said goodbye: “You rest. I’ll go back first. The crew still has a lot of things to be taken care of!”

Tao Mu took a nap in the hotel. When he opened his eyes, he saw Li Xiaoheng sitting beside the bed.

Tao Mu thought he was seeing wrong, so he subconsciously raised his hand and rubbed his eyes. The childish action made Li Xiaoheng laugh. After laughing, he started to feel distressed again.

“How did you make yourself like this?”

“How did you come here?”

The voices of the two sounded at the same time, and Li Xiaoheng replied first: “It happened to be the weekend. There was nothing else to take care of in the country, so I came to visit you.”

In truth, he came to visit Tao Mu after receiving a complaint call from Du Kang and the others.

However, to the disappointment of Du Kang and others, the arrival of Li Xiaoheng was not to persuade Tao Mu not to work so hard when filming, but to bring the most professional health care doctor and the most experienced Chinese medicine practitioner in China.

“After filming every day, have the doctor give you a massage to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, relax muscles and strengthen bones.” Not only that, Li Xiaoheng also brought a nutritionist to prepare recipes according to Tao Mu’s physical condition. Doing his best to ensure that Tao Mu would not suffer any injuries due to physical fatigue while working hard.

“I also learned a couple massage skills from the doctor.” Li Xiaoheng patted Tao Mu’s arm: “Turn around, and I will massage for you.”

Tao Mu lightly curved his lips, and said with a smile: “Du Kang and the others are going to be disappointed. They must have wanted you to persuade me not to work so hard when they originally called you over. But you brought such a large group of people here, clearly to support me.”

When Tao Mu said this, he suddenly thought of what Cheng Baodong said before he left. He clearly didn’t feel aggrieved before, but when he met Li Xiaoheng’s gentle eyes, a nerve suddenly twitched in his head and he said inexplicably, “They all think that I’m too capricious. I only care about my own face and personal performance, and don’t take the overall situation into consideration.”

“I don’t know much about the entertainment industry.” Li Xiaoheng frowned slightly, and analyzed carefully while giving Tao Mu a massage: “But as an actor who works hard to play his role well, isn’t that a god thing?”

“If it was said that for the sake of the so-called overall situation, you could only achieve 8 points even though you could do 10 points, then I don’t understand why there is any need to maintain such an overall situation.”

Li Xiaoheng said calmly: “The game of interests sometimes requires compromise. But the ultimate goal of your efforts to become a producer and investor was to get rid of all kinds of constraints and be able to act without scruples. If this is the case, why do you have to put the cart before the horse for the sake of the so-called overall situation?”

Their CEO Li was indeed their CEO Li. His logic was as clear as always.

Tao Mu turned over with a smile, and stretched out a hand to hook the chin of their CEO Li: “I just love how you support me without hesitation no matter what others say.”

Li Xiaoheng leaned down and kissed Tao Mu’s lips: “Because the meaning of my existence is to let you do what you want to do most without any worries.”

What beautiful words! With a tug of Tao Mu’s long arm, he directly pulled the person down regardless of his sore muscles and body. He had one thing he really wanted to do right now.

“I wonder if Mr. Li can cooperate with me?”

Mr. Li chuckled, looking at his lover who was covered in bruises all over his body, but which only aroused a desire in others to abuse him some more, and asked softly, “Are you not in pain anymore?”

“Wuu!” Tao Mu tilted his head, and said resolutely, “I can bear it.”

“What a coincidence.” CEO Li smiled, kissed Tao Mu as light as a dragonfly, straightened with his arms propping him up, and said, “Me too.”

Then, the domineering CEO, who was always agreeable and obedient, got out of bed just like that, and pressed the phone in a particularly cruel, ruthless and unreasonable way——to call the doctor in.

Tao Mu: “!!!”

Tao Mu, who was lying on the bed like a salted fish, looked at Li Xiaoheng in disbelief.

Feeling Tao Mu’s extremely burning gaze, Li Xiaoheng turned his head, smiled at their CEO Tao, and customized a wise saying: “Although I can’t tolerate you getting yourself covered in bruises for work, I will defend to the death your work attitude. So…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When Li Xiaoheng said this, he politely signaled the health doctor to conduct a full-body examination on Tao Mu: “In order for you to recover as soon as possible, we need to exercise restraint. We can’t let you suffer external injuries and then suffer internal injuries. Right?”

With a thump, Tao Mu’s head hit the pillow. He could be sure. Although their family’s CEO Li put it in a noble and high-sounding way, he was definitely angry!

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