After Becoming The Tyrant CH 064 The King’s Ally

“May I be allowed to speak with you alone, Your Majesty.”

Charles frowned.

The Witch didn’t look at Charles, but just stared at the King quietly.

“Of course.” The King raised his hand and interrupted Charles, who was about to say something, “I am very happy to.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Charles sighed helplessly, glanced at the Witch, then bowed and left. Only the King and the Witch were left in the bow.

“It seems that Charles should be able to guess what you want to say.” The King glanced at the dark purple tint at the end of the Witch’s eyes. The pale face of Witch Grella matched the ghost ship very well, as if she was the resident ghost of the ghost ship in legend, “What do you want to ask, Miss Griselda.”

“Help. Help that only you can possibly provide.”

The Witch replied, her voice taking on a melancholy tone.

“Tell me.”

The Witch took two steps forward, and put her pale hands on the railing of the ghost ship: “You know, they have their own thoughts and consciousness, and she is called ‘Jenny’.”

Accompanied by the Witch’s words, dark green rose vines suddenly popped up on the railing of the ghost ship. The Witch put her hands on the vine, and folded her hands together. The thin vine in her palm grew a small flower bud at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then under the eyes of the King, a crimson rose bloomed.

The scene was both strange and beautiful.

“Is this your power as a Witch?”

The King looked at the rose with some interest.

“You seem to have a certain degree of tacit understanding with Ms. ‘Jenny’?”

Accompanied by the King’s words, the bow of the ship shook slightly, the range was very small, like a child snorting unhappily.

The Witch picked off the blooming rose: “Sorry, ‘Jenny’ prefers to be called Miss. She is still a little girl.”

The King understood.

He had heard from the Devil that these alchemic half-living ships had their own consciousness, and now it seemed that this consciousness was almost the same as that of a human being, and it also had its own temper.

“Hawkins said that you are very sharp.” The Witch raised her eyes. “After seeing you, I finally confirmed that this is the only credible word he has said for so many years. My soul and the ghost ship are connected as one, and often I am the person actually controlling the ghost ship. I can cooperate with Jenny to bring out her power more.”

Both Charles and Hawkins have mentioned to the King that there was no way for the Witch to leave the ghost ship.

It seemed that was because of this.

“If you want to be able to operate and live on a ghost ship for a long time, you must sign a contract with the ghost ship. Your Majesty, you are a distinguished guest, so you are not included. Every pirate of Walway has a contract with at least one ghost ship.”

The sails of “Jenny” the ghost ship began flapping without the need of wind, as if echoing the Witch’s words.

“I have read some records in ancient books. If the contract signed is old enough, then through special means, the contract can be used to retrieve the soul of the contractor and summon him back in the form of a ghost.” The Witch looked at the sea, “I asked them about the chance to come back in the form of a ghost…..they looked forward to it and were very happy.”

“You want to call your companions back, don’t you?”

The King understood what the Witch meant.

The Witch bowed deeply to the King: “Yes, but the ceremony is too cumbersome and complicated. I need a long preparation, and I may need your help in the future.”

“This should not be an easy task for you.” The King remained calm, “You cherish your companions enough to move all poets.”

“I am one who should have been burned on the stake, but they saved me and gave me a safe place to stay.” The Witch straightened up, “I am willing to use all the secrets I have, all the power, all the ancient sorcery——if you are willing, I want to exchange such a favor with you.”

The King showed his first faint smile of the night: “I am very glad that you are a member of the Walway Pirates. And that my godfather and Mr. Hawkins has been assisted by you for so many years, Miss Griselda.”

“You agree?”

“No.” The King smiled, “This doesn’t require a deal, they are my soldiers, since they want to return in the form of ghosts, then this is also one of my responsibilities.”

Tap, tap, tap.

There was a cheerful sound of wood knocking, the two wooden boards on the bow jumping up automatically and bumping into each other, simulating the action of human clapping.

“It seems that our Miss Jenny also agrees with me.” A rose newly emerged from the railing, rubbed against the King’s hand, swaying. The King obeyed its will and picked it down. Holding up the red rose, he smiled slightly at the Witch, “Then I ask Miss Griselda to spend more effort in the next few days.”

“I will, Your Majesty.”

The Witch bowed deeply, and said “Your Majesty” more solemnly than before.

When she straightened up, the King had already turned and left.

“This is not your safe place. More so, I think…..” The King walked in the direction Charles left, his voice carrying on the night wind, “This is the home of you and all the Walway brothers.”

The Witch was stunned.

She was a late addition to the Walway Pirates.

By the time she became a member of Walway, William III had already died. She just heard some bits and pieces from the mouths of the pirates. Before that, she couldn’t understand why Hawkins and Charles were willing to travel thousands of miles to fight a fierce battle as soon as they received a letter from the Duke of Buckingham.

But now, looking at the King’s back, she seemed to understand something.

On the railing, another rosebud popped out with a “boing”, and the flower bud rubbed against the Witch’s hand, as if expressing its approval of the King.


The King soon learned further how self-aware the “living ship” was.

“F**k! Jenny, I haven’t offended you recently, have I?”

When a pirate with a piece of black cloth tied obliquely on his head was going to take in the cable and stepped on the deck, a small hole appeared in the deck out of thin air. The unlucky Mr. Pirate stepped into the hole and got stuck in midair.

The wine jug, which was randomly thrown on the deck, rolled towards him with two “bang bang” sounds.

“You have seen a joke, Jenny has a bit of a childish temper.”

Charles sighed helplessly.

There were three ghost ships of Walway, one was stingy, one was a warmonger, and the “Jenny” on which the King was on was full of mischief. Sometimes, Charles wondered if it was because they had an out-of-the-ordinary captain such that even the ghost ships were out of tune.

……That envoy ship from Hell was not bad-tempered, but it loved stealing things from the crew. Every few days, pirates full of resentment would go to the cabin to find their own drink money.

“Miss Jenny is quite lovely.”

The King looked at the pirate who was struggling to pull out his leg, and the corners of his lips curved slightly.

Seeing this, Charles dispelled the idea of speaking out to stop ‘Jenny’.

Anyway, these guys were not stuck on the deck once or twice, and it was more important to make the King feel lighthearted.

The black cloth pirate didn’t know what their always elegant and fair first mate was thinking, yelling with a bitter face, “Jenny! I was wrong! I don’t dare to litter again!”

He yelled his apologies twice, and promised to wipe the deck for three days, and only then could he pull his foot out of the hole. As soon as he looked up, the black cloth pirate was stupid on the spot.

——The King and Charles stood not far away, looking at this scene.

The black cloth pirate stood at attention, straightened his back, and tried his best to pretend nothing happened.

“Wipe the deck well, sir.”

The King smiled and passed him with Charles.

Black Cloth Pirate: …..Ahhh!


Bressi Kingdom.

The Pope’s convoy had entered the territory of the Bressi Kingdom and was heading towards the capital of Bressi.

The carriage with white and gold as the main colors was spacious and luxurious, and the sacred cross was embroidered on the hanging curtains. Surrounding the carriage were heavily armed Templar knights. There were dark patterns of crosses on the front and back of their armor, and those dark patterns would faintly flash with a subtle luster.

The Pope was not moving fast this way.

Accompanying him was not only the Templar knights, but also a group of priests. The route the Holy Court personnel took did not avoid the places where the plague broke out. If they encountered people infected by the plague on the way, these priests who rarely appeared in front of the world would take action to treat them.

Under the light of the Holy Cross, the sick were brought back to life.

The capital of Bressi, the castle of Acelli.

“…..The Holy Spirit brought down brilliance, and God saved those pious people.”

Ferri III put the letter full of praise on the table heavily, reciting a passage from the letter.

General Karl sat solemnly beside the new Bressi King.

“What a good solution to the Black Death, our good Pope.” At first glance, Ferri III’s gray eyes carried a smile, but the smile didn’t actually reach his eyes at all, “How is he here to crown me? He clearly came to crown himself.”

“Your Majesty.”

General Karl didn’t say anything like “speak carefully”. He also felt the aggressiveness of the Pope.

The Black Death was spreading across the land of Bressi, but it wasn’t a big problem before that. Because people were dying everywhere, all people were dying, nobles and paupers alike——the priests were no exception. But since the papal mission of the Holy Court arrived in Bressi, everything had changed.

The Holy Court’s priests healed many sick people along the way, claiming that it was the will of God.

They announced to the world that the Black Death was the Holy Lord’s punishment for the prevailing sins in the world. They uphold the will of the Lord to forgive those who were already pious.

This kind of statement spread rapidly in the land of Bressi, and apart from Bressi’s own deep religious roots, Ferri III knew without thinking that those nobles who were greedy for life and feared death wanted to express their loyalty to the Holy Court so as to maintain their privileged position in the face of the plague. He was afraid that they would likely become the Pope’s lackeys due to this.

They fueled the flames of publicity, and they did a very good job.

“What are you going to do?” General Karl asked.

“Contact our ally.”

Ferri III said slowly.


General Karl was taken aback.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ferri III took out a secret letter from his sleeve and handed it to General Karl.


AN: Daily life of the pirates on the Jenny: littering–>being punished–>doing cleaning.

 ——Everyone is responsible for caring for the environment. 

By The Walway Pirates

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