After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 286 Wrapping Up & Plastic Surgery For Love

CEO Li only stayed in Africa for two days on the weekend before flying back to Beijing. However, the health doctors, old Chinese medicine practitioners and nutritionists he brought with him all stayed. Tao Mu learned his lesson so in the filming after, although he tried his best to complete various martial arts movements, he paid more attention to body maintenance and massage after filming. Paired with the healthy diet plan prepared by the old Chinese medicine practitioners and nutritionists, after a month, although his tan darkened another shade, his body looked much healthier than before. And his height had also jumped up by one centimeter, and was now 1.88 meters in total.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Do I look more manly and full of gong aura?” At the film set, Tao Mu, who was wearing a combat uniform, kept posing in front of the mirror. That narcissistic appearance was simply unbearable to look at.

Du Kang and others, who were slumped on the ground casually leaning on prop boxes, rolled their eyes. Wen Bao complained weakly: “Are you really not tired! Sit there and rest for a while. There will be an explosion scene later!”

Although they nag, and even tried to persuade Tao Mu not to work too hard in filming by secretly reporting to Li Xiaoheng and urging Mr. Li to come to Africa to visit the set. But from the bottom of the heart, when everyone saw with their own eyes that Tao Mu was so serious that he could get himself injured all over in order to film the movie well, they were still moved.

Young boys in their twenties were all passionate and impulsive, not to mention that they were also making a hero movie now, and influenced by Tao Mu, this bad role model on top of that. From that day on, many actors took the initiative to propose to Director Cheng that they would appear in the filming of fighting and explosion scenes in person rather than use stand-ins. In order to film the TV series “Soldier Elite”, these actors have been training in the army for more than half a year. Therefore, compared with the stunt actors, although their martial arts foundation was not good enough, they still have the ability to put on a show in front of the camera. Moreover, when the actors personally shoot the fight scenes and relatively dangerous blasting scenes, the camera crew could take a large number of close-up shots. In post-editing, it would appear more real and suspenseful, with a more stimulating visual impact.

Therefore, Cheng Baodong had no reason to refuse this kind of proposal, and he also wanted to do his best to make the movie well. But in this way, the requirements and pressure on the actors themselves were even greater. In order to pursue the ultimate visual effects and explosion scenes, Cheng Baodong designed many thrilling explosion scenes. Many plot points of the film involved the special forces jumping out of rooms or vehicles before they exploded, as well as various stunt shots of jumping from tall buildings, or “flying” from this building to another building. These scenes were all dangerous, and the actors would be injured if they weren’t careful. So in the original plan, these scenes were played by stunt actors.

Now that the actors wanted to perform in person, although it would appear more realistic and exciting in post-production, during the filming period, including the entire crew, they all feel tremendous pressure, whether in terms of funds or other aspects. Before filming every day, the demolition team and the props team would conduct multiple tests to ensure that the entire scene and all explosive points were foolproof. As for Cheng Baodong and the actors, because actors were not stunt performers after all, multiple rehearsals were required to ensure everything was safe. All of them were scenes that required fighting and explosions. Just going over the scene once was already grueling, not to mention rehearsing so many times. Many of the cast couldn’t adapt to it for a while, and they all ended up bruised all over like Tao Mu. Even Cheng Baodong was almost injured during filming. Fortunately, Tao Mu “donated” his health care doctor, old Chinese medicine practitioner, and nutritionist in time, which ensured that all the actors survived with “a lingering last breath”.

At the same time, the repeated tests and rehearsals, as well as the realistic blasting scenes also consumed the filming budget like running water. Cheng Baodong even joked during a filming break that he could finally enjoy blowing up houses and cars like those directors of Hollywood blockbusters.

Of course, all this cost was worth it. A month later, when the crew finished filming in Africa, the entire crew was full of confidence in this unfinished movie.

Because the filming in Africa was really tiring, after returning to China, Tao Mu gave the whole crew a day off. Then it took another week to reshoot parts of the “Soldier Elite: Unsheathed Knife” film in China. When the filming was finalized, Cheng Baodong watched the raw footage of the movie and expressed excitedly that the movie would definitely be a hit. He even imagined that the movie would be made into a series after it exploded in popularity.

“…..If you plan to make a series, I hope you can still ask me to be the director. Our whole crew will strive to make this IP a classic.” At the film wrap-up party, Cheng Baodong poured three glasses full of wine for himself and toasted Tao Mu to make amends: “I admit, I used to have prejudice against you. But I also admit now that you, Tao Mu, are one the best actors in China, whether it is acting skills or professional attitude. It was very satisfying cooperating with you. I hope we will have another chance to cooperate.”

After Cheng Baodong finished speaking, he drank the three glasses of white wine without waiting for Tao Mu’s reaction. The same scene, the same rhetoric, but this time, Cheng Baodong was completely willing and fully won over.

Tao Mu chuckled. It must be said that although he hated Cheng Baodong’s character, it was still very pleasant to work with such a capable and persistent person. He also drank the wine in his glass. The two looked at each other and smiled, seemingly with the meaning of “meeting and laughing away all kindness and enmity”.

This particular atmosphere also infected other people present. Everyone also followed suit, and the desire to chat grew stronger. They all seem to be fantasizing about the brilliant future they would face after the success of this movie——immediately becoming a B-list star, and then seeing a continuous flow of endorsements and jobs coming in.

In this kind of atmosphere, the wrap-up party ended happily. At the end, Tao Mu, who was drunk like a drunk cat, clamored to take everyone to Night to continue partying. Only to be coaxed and tricked by their family’s CEO Li to go back home.

From Tao Mu beginning the filming of the movie to the official wrap-up, Li Xiaoheng hadn’t touched Tao Mu for nearly two months. It was just that he was worried about Tao Mu who was too tired from filming, and afraid that Tao Mu’s body would not be able to take the stress put on his body on top of the aches from filming. Now that Tao Mu was finally free, how could CEO Li, who had been abstinent for so long, be able to hold back. So that night, he performed “One Hundred Ways to Lure a Drunk Cat” on Tao Mu.

The next morning, when the Drunk Cat struggled to get up from the bed, Mr. Li, was refreshed and satisfied, wearing a pink apron, making a breakfast of love in the kitchen. His Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad were also sitting in the living room for who knows how long.

“You’re awake.” Seeing Tao Mu coming out of the bedroom with rough skin and disheveled hair, Meng Qi’s eyes paused slightly on Tao Mu’s face that had been tanned dark by three shades and frowned without a trace.

“Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad. Why did you come here so early?” Tao Mu was wearing pajamas, with one hand on his waist, while greeting the two fathers. He was stunned to find that Liu Yao, who had always been obtuse, looked over with pity, and even winked at him.

Tao Mu: “?”

Seeing that their little cub had no tacit understanding with him at all, Liu Yao sighed silently.

Noticing the interaction between the father and son, Meng Qi smiled slightly, took out a thick stack of itinerary planners from his bag, and said to Tao Mu: “There is still more than half a month before the engagement ceremony between you and Xiao Heng. To ensure that you can appear at the engagement ceremony in the best condition, Dad has made an appointment for a half month’s duration of a whole body beauty package for you…..”

Tao Mu: “…..”

Tao Mu: “???”

Tao Mu: “!!!”

A series of punctuation marks perfectly expressed Tao Mu’s state of mind at this moment. He looked at the thick beauty itinerary schedule in Meng Qi’s hand in horror, and suddenly felt that the future he was facing was even more dangerous than acting in any explosion scene in person!


“Don’t bother.” Meng Qi smiled, and sat down on the sofa in a particularly elegant and gentlemanly manner, and even with his leg propped up, he was as elegant and dapper as always: “This is the first time in your life, and it may be the only time for you to be engaged. Do you really want to attend your own engagement ceremony looking so rough and dark?”

“I think I’m pretty handsome now. And it’s not dark, this is called a bronze tan, and most people can’t even have this kind of result when they tan!” Tao Mu felt wronged: “I’m tall, handsome and manly, and everyone in our crew says I’m full of gong aura.”

“Who gave you the illusion?” Meng Qi raised his eyebrows: “Don’t fantasize. Even if you are as black as oil and rough as a grinding stone, you can’t cover up the fact that you are on the bottom.”

This comment was too ruthless!

Tao Mu looked at their Xiao Qi Dad with grief and indignation.

However, it was of no use. Meng Qi, who had always been gentle and zen, was extremely firm on this matter. He couldn’t bear the fact that his cub, who had been elegant and fashionable for 20 years, had become so rough after filming a few military films that even applying a facial mask for whitening resulted in miserable howling. As he liked to say, if you don’t have the straight man’s life, don’t get the straight man’s disease. Even if you were married, you must not relax the management of your body shape. It was absolutely unacceptable to turn into a rough man with a beer belly and a creeping hairline.

“You must always keep in mind your idol baggage.” Papa Meng said righteously, reminding Tao Mu that no matter what stage of life he was in, he must not give up his golden age beauty. To strictly implement the idol baggage, we must not only pursue the inner beauty, but also take into account the external.

Tao Mu, who finally made it to the end of the movie and just wanted to take a vacation at home with peace of mind and wait for the engagement ceremony, slumped on the sofa helplessly. Li Xiaoheng came out of the kitchen, bringing over the breakfast of love he made for Tao Mu, and said tremblingly: “Breakfast is ready, Uncle Yao, Uncle Xiao Qi, Xiao Mu, let’s eat first.”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded, looked at Li Xiaoheng, and suddenly said, “You’ve lived for almost thirty years, and you haven’t really practiced beauty care for yourself, have you? Then take this opportunity to go with Xiao Mu. You are older than Xiao Mu by so much, you should indeed do some maintenance.”

In order to avoid losing his appeal and being dumped? Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu tremblingly, and Tao Mu also looked back tremblingly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

That afternoon, the guests of a high-end beauty salon in Beijing were shocked to find the grooms-to-be Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng being walked inside under the leadership of their parents (Xiao Qi Dad and Mother Li), before the much-anticipated engagement ceremony.

Half an hour later, the news that Mr. Tao of and Mr. Li of Xiaoheng Capital got plastic surgery for love shot up on the hot search for gossip news!

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