After Becoming The Tyrant CH 065 The Royal Court Of Law

General Karl’s outstretched hand trembled violently. He originally wanted to take the letter, but at this moment it felt as if he touched a flame. He looked up at young Ferri III in disbelief.


General Karl asked.

The war between Bressi and Legrand had lasted for hundreds of years. The two sides have shed countless blood on the battlefield. It was not an exaggeration to say that they were life and death enemies.

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“The knights who pledged allegiance are not as good as Legrand, who has been an enemy for generations. People in the future will think it is absurd to even talk about it.” Ferri III smiled slightly, “The “Holy Order” has circulated again, we don’t have the time to quibble over the status of our ally.”

The Holy Order was an important document circulated in all countries within the Holy See’s sphere of influence during the ninth century. The content included the letters of the bishops of the Holy See and the documents of the conferences with various countries. Rather than calling it a “Holy Order”, it would be better to call it a “knife on the king’s throat”.

In the Holy Order, the Holy See once again emphasized the absolute status of the Holy See, taking the appointment and removal of bishops away from the king in the form stipulated in documents. In Bressi, the abbey nobles and monasteries controlled nearly one-third of the land, and after these bishops were completely controlled by the Holy Court, Bressi actually saw the appearance of a “state within a state”.

“It was true that Legrand’s overseas spies are cautious, but after all, they are separated by a strait.” Ferri III said indifferently, “Collect the movements of the lowland countries controlled by the Holy Court and pass them on to Legrand.”

General Karl understood what Ferri III meant.

Their cooperation with Legrand would never be made public, and it was even more like a temporary alliance between the wolf and the lion than that of a true “ally”.

Once the Pope’s scheme succeeded, Bressi and Legrand would face the most dire crisis at the same time.

Therefore, Bressi paid attention to the actions of the Holy Court on behalf of Legrand, hoping that Legrand would contain the power of the Holy Court. And Legrand would send a way to help the King of Bressi not be controlled by the coronation and baptism, so as to avoid Legrand having to face a Holy Court with a real kingdom overnight.

General Karl must ensure that those who carried out the order did not know the inside story. Bressi’s royal spies would only think that they were collecting information to serve the royal family, but they would not know that the information would cross the strait and be sent to Legrand’s king.

If either party was exposed, the other party would never admit to anything.

There was no sincerity at all, and the two sides were nothing but accomplices with no trust.

“Have our warriors prepare armor and swords.”

Ferri III said while looking out of the window, as if he could see the aggressive papal delegation.

General Karl obeyed and withdrew.


In the territory of Bressi, Kolo City.

Under the gray sky, a deacon and a man with a hood got off a black carriage. The man was holding a black leather box. They hurried through the street to the gate of the monastery.

At this time, the Pope’s mission was stationed in the monastery in Kolo City, and the heavily armed Templar knights surrounded the Pope’s resting place. The two approached, and the longsword of the Templar knight was raised immediately, the light flickering off the sword cold and overwhelming.

The deacon raised his hand to show the Templar the papal order in his hand.

The Templar put away his sword and stepped out of the way.

“Let’s go, Mr. Ansel.” The deacon turned his head and said to the man in the hood who seemed afraid of being seen.

The black curtained carriage that sent them moved forward slowly, and when the wheels rolled, bright red blood dripped down continuously, as if the other people in the carriage had all been killed.

The person called “Ansel” shuddered and followed the deacon into the monastery.

As the most powerful within the entire Holy Court, the room where the Pope rested in the monastery could be called simple. Apart from the luxurious Holy Court carriage, the Pope had no other luxuries on this trip.

The deacon solemnly stepped into the Pope’s lounge, followed by Ansel. As soon as he entered, his breathing felt slightly suffocated. In the small room sat two bishops of the Holy See cardinals, one was very young and the other was white-haired. And other people from the Pope’s Secretariat stood quietly at attention.

Unable to restrain his trembling, Ansel took off his hood before entering the room. If General Karl was here, he would be able to recognize him.

He was one of the deacons of the important castles of the Bressi royal family, and was also an earl that was not of a low status at all.

“Prince Charles is willing to dedicate this object to the Holy See.”

Under the signal of the deacon’s eyes, Ansel kneeled down and held the black box high with both hands.

At this time, the Pope was sitting behind the desk in the room, flipping through the documents sent by the Eleventh Ministry. He stopped writing and glanced at the white-haired cardinal.

The old cardinal got up and took the black box from Ansel. The lock of the box was closed, and the deacon stepped forward, took out the key and opened it. A yellowed letter lay on the golden flannel within.

The cardinal picked it up gingerly, inspected it carefully, heaved a sigh of relief, and presented it to the Pope: “Your Holiness, this is it.”

The Pope took the letter.

Ansel knelt on the ground, not daring to move.

He also knew the contents of the letter.

It was a letter written in AD 723 by King Clemo V of Bressi to the Archbishop Encias, in which he promised to hand over to the Holy Court the secular dominion of the entire lowlands and the western part of the kingdom. In history, Clemo V was not the blood of the descendant of the hero king. He killed his brother by means of a conspiracy and ascended to the throne.

At that time, the entire Bressi nobles were clamoring, so fearing the strong criticism in the country, the conspirator Clemo V tried to get aid from the Holy Court.

Unfortunately, soon Clemo V’s knights betrayed and assassinated him. Because Clemo V became the shortest reigning monarch in the history of Bressi, he was nicknamed “the Short-lived King”.

With the death of Clemo V, this letter was sealed together with other documents in Bressi’s royal archives.

However, Ferri III’s younger brother, Prince Charles, who competed with Ferri III for the throne some time ago, stole it at this time and secretly sent it to the Pope.

After the Pope finished reading the letter, he put it down and looked at Earl Ansel, who was prostrate on the ground: “The Holy Court cares about every one of its children, but Prince Charles’ contempt for the Holy Court some time ago made those who care about him heartbroken.”

This was a condemnation, but the tone was gentle.

Earl Ansel knew how to answer. Some time ago, during the battle for the throne, it was customary for the Holy Court to support Ferri III, who was the crown prince. So Prince Charles, who regarded the Holy Court as an enemy, did some disrespectful things.

But that was in the past, wasn’t it?

“Prince Charles has repented of his sins, and he longs to return to the embrace of the Holy Lord. Today, I am here on Prince Charles’ own will, a voluntary act, and the purpose is to redeem his crimes.” Earl Ansel raised his hand and made a sign of the cross on his chest.

The Pope looked at the others in the room: “My dear friends, do you think this poor young man deserves forgiveness?”

The cardinal, the deacon, and the head of the Secretariat looked at each other. They raised their hands and drew a sign of the cross on their chests, reciting: “God, please take pity on me according to your benevolence, and blot out my sins according to your abundant mercy.”

“Father, forgive him, for he does not know what he has done.” The Pope got up and helped up Earl Ansel, who was prostrated on the ground, “The Holy Lord is lenient and merciful, he forgives the mistakes of the lost, and treats them with high hopes.”

“Our Holy Father is merciful.”

The boulder in Earl Ansel’s heart was finally let go, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.

“Then relay to him the Lord’s delight at his return, sir.”

The Pope smiled.

After Earl Ansel left, the Pope picked up the letter written by Clemo V which was stamped with the royal family seal of Bressi, and he looked at the capable men in the room: “The Millennial Kingdom is approaching, and we are duty-bound to build His kingdom on earth. St. Peter handed over the two swords to us servants of God, so that we can restore His kingdom.”

Others in the room stood up and crossed themselves: “Holy, holy! Lord of hosts, king of kings!”

Beneath the solemn chanting was the light and shadow of conspiracy and sword.


Legrand, Koszoya.

The shadow of the Black Death receded with the arrival of the King. General Sheehan took this opportunity to seize the time to organize citizens to join the cleansing operation of the entire city. People scoured the streets with buckets, and the urban sewage system started by Mr. Architect unfurled three times faster than before.

The blockade was lifted.

Those originally worried sick, for fear that the Black Death would spread to their own cities, also breathed a sigh of relief. After the Koszoya plague incident, the dissident voices about the Free Chamber of Commerce in the southeast finally gradually faded away.

Since he came to the southeast in person, after finishing the matter of Koszoya, the King took this opportunity to personally handle some affairs along the southeast coast.

As a king, there were two most important responsibilities, one was to lead the army to fight, and the other was to administer justice.

During the period of Mad King Henry, in order to suppress the power of local lords, shortly after the abolition of divine judgment, the trial power of most cases was transferred from the lord’s court of law to the royal court of law. During the period of William III, the royal family set up the central royal court of law, and at the same time set up the royal circuit court to reduce the burden of the central court.

The courts of law, which were supposed to be regularly patrolled, were put on hold due to previous civil unrest and subsequent events. If one wanted to conduct judicial proceedings, one could only go north to the Metzl Palace. Since the King was in the southeast at this time, it was really good news for those who have been waiting for their lawsuit for a long time.

The King also intended to use this opportunity to achieve some goals.

The great nobles of the manors in the southeast were one of the groups most affected by the rise of commerce in Legrand, and their power was far less than that of the northern landlords. During the trials, the King took the opportunity to deprive some nobles of the land that they had taken from the peasants through bankruptcy.

In the name of the royal family, he rented out these lands at low prices to some free people who were facing the situation of becoming serfs.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Charles was silent for a while after witnessing how the King granted a land disputed by two families to a third family and provoked a fight between the traditional aristocratic forces in the city.

——It had to be said that the monarch had never been fair and benevolent when it came to controlling power.

After the King settled a territorial dispute that day, General Sheehan reported:

A painter asked to see the King.

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