After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 287 “Soldier Elite” Launches & Big Pig Trotters


“What the hell’s plastic surgery for love, those gossip reporters are too good at making up stories.” That night, Tao Mu, who finally dug free from the deep pit of beauty care, was called out by Long Tianao on the phone to attend hia pre-engagement stag party. Also attending the party were Tao Mu’s relatives and friends, such as Da Mao, Xiao Pang, Feng Yuan, the Yun siblings, Gou Rixin, Qin Miaoru and gang. Even many celebrities who live far away in Hong Kong have freed up time to come to Beijing to join in the fun.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As the host of the party, Mr. Tao, who had just been exposed on the Internet for “doing plastic surgery for love”, was unsurprisingly met with inhuman ridicule by everyone at the dinner table.

“Let me tell you, these reporters dared to act so boldly because your two families are about to hold an engagement ceremony, and can’t send a lawyer’s letter at this juncture.” Long Tianao laughed until tears flowed out: “Do you want to think about letting loose your Lawyer Zhou from to scare these gossip tabloids who don’t know what’s good for them?”

“Forget it.” Tao Mu shook his head, and handed over the engagement ceremony invitation to Long Tianao: “You also said it, during such a happy event, I’m too lazy to bother with them.”

While talking, Tao Mu took out the exquisitely crafted invitation letters from his schoolbag and distributed them to everyone one by one. Long Tianao took the invitation letter, read it over and over several times, and eagerly asked Tao Mu if he wanted to do something exciting on his last single night.

Tao Mu didn’t bother to respond to Long Tianao’s immature suggestion. He was a man with a family now, and while he could celebrate leaving the single life, there was no need to mess around.

“The longer you live, the more you are like an old antique!” Long Tianao shook his head exaggeratedly, and said with a sigh: “You have such an old-fashioned mindset, and you also senselessly stepped into the grave so early, what a waste of your attractive pretty face.”

Speaking of this, in fact, many of Tao Mu’s friends found it incredible. It was completely incomprehensible that Tao Mu, as a boss worth tens of billions, insisted on plunging headlong into the deep pit that was the Li family at such a young age, rather than enjoy a few more years of single life. With an engagement ceremony at the age of twenty, looking at this trajectory, who knew, he might even get a marriage certificate as soon as graduation?

Long Tianao beat his chest and sighed, “If I had your face, most of the entertainment industry would be my harem, okay?”

Tao Mu: “…..” Enough of you!

After fooling around with his group of friends for most of the night, when Tao Mu returned home, Li Xiaoheng had already filled the tub with bath water for him.

“So wifely?” Slender fingers nimbly unbuttoned the shirt as their owner, Tao Mu leaned against the door of the bathroom, glancing at Li Xiaoheng sideways. The look in those eyes was particularly seductive.

“I can be even more wifely.” Li Xiaoheng smiled slightly, and simply walked over and held Tao Mu’s slender fingers, doing the rest for their CEO Tao.

Tao Mu chuckled, and directly pulled their CEO Li into the bathtub.

When Tao Mu woke up again, the night was pitch black, and it was already the evening of the next day. There were dots of neon lights coming in through the gaps in the curtains. The TV was on in the living room, old Mr. Song, Liu Yao and Meng Qi were sitting side by side on the sofa eating fruit while watching “Soldier Elite” which had just started broadcasting.

It was now the end of June. Since “Soldier Elite” was a military recruitment promotion drama co-produced by Tao Mu and the military, the main audience target was students from middle school to university. Therefore, the broadcast schedule of “Soldier Elite” was naturally arranged during the summer vacation, and it would be broadcast at 8pm in the National TV’s golden slot time.

This was also Tao Mu’s first drama as a leading actor in the past three years since his debut. So as early as half a month before the broadcast, and conducted a massive publicity campaign with the national channel. From the launch of FlyNews homepage ads to the scrolling of clips on the TV station to the main push of the homepage of BulletScreen to FlyNews’s lottery activities, it was ensured that all viewers who watch TV online could know the broadcast time of “Soldier Elite”.

Such a huge publicity campaign directly caused the ratings of the first episode of “Soldier Elite” to break through 10%. The smooth rhythm, tight plot and humorous lines coupled with the sexy soldier big brothers, and the rush of adrenaline stimulation was not what those sweet and glamorous idol dramas could bring. Even the young ladies and housewives who clamored that they were not interested in military dramas were reluctant to take their eyes off and sat firmly in front of the TV. Not to mention the male audience who already liked watching this kind of TV series.

By the end of the second episode, the ratings of “Soldier Elite” had risen to 10.5%. Among the top ten online real-time searches, three were entries related to “Soldier Elite”. By this time, everyone could say with certainty that this military recruitment promotion drama, which the military and most people in the industry have placed high hopes on, had lived up to expectations and detonated this year’s summer vacation.

When Tao Mu came out of the bedroom, there was a scene on TV where the hero played by Tao Mu entered the new recruits company. Because of his heavy idol baggage, he was instigated by the recruits of the same company to compete with the instructor, but was brutally face-slapped by the instructor.

In order to enrich the plot, the personality of the hero played by Tao Mu was set as a husky who was never cool and handsome over three seconds but was reliable at critical moments, while at other times, all kinds of chaos would be stirred up by him because of his idol baggage. In the early stage of the plot, it was lighthearted and humorous, while in the later stage, there were tears and razor blades, but the final ending was happy. It belonged to the coming of age story genre involving learning and growing up in the midst of chaotic humor and reality checks.

At that time, Tao Mu asked the screenwriting team to go to the army to conduct a survey, and they ended up writing a total of three versions of the script. One of the versions was a documentary style similar to “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, another version was an upgraded style that was more inclined to online feel good webnovels, and the last was a slightly hot-blooded second year junior high syndrome style.

As a result, after the three versions of the script came out, the entire crew discussed it for several days, but still could not make a decision. Tao Mu asked everyone to revise according to the plot outline, and combined the three versions of the script, and finally decided on the current version. In the early episodes there were candies continuously given out while in the later episodes the candies were replaced with razor blades. The plot mainly focused on leveling up and fighting monsters with a romantic subplot, which was a comprehensive upgraded version that moved closer to the k-drama style.

It had to be said that this kind of slightly suspended plot was very suitable for the appetite of audiences in the age group of 17/18 to 25/26 year olds. Specifically, during the commercial period of the first two episodes, many netizens logged into FlyNews and Tieba to discuss the TV plot, actively searched for information on the several main actors, and military fans also posted on professional forums to praise and recommend this drama for those interested in fighting and guns, etc. There were even some Ceramics who felt that the hero of “Soldier Elite” was more handsome than Tao Mu, and abandoned Tao Mu to become fans of the hero.

But what Tao Mu didn’t expect was that even their own old man was one of them.

For example, now——

Old Mr. Song glanced at Tao Mu who slept the whole day away and said with disgust: “Can’t you learn from Zhan Feng, look at how energetic this young man is. Unlike you who laze at home, becoming rusty at such a young age.”

After making a movie with blood, sweat and tears, Tao Mu, who had just returned home for less than a week: “…..”

Even Liu Yao, who had been supportive of him all the time, agreed with old Mr. Song and nodded: “I also think Zhan Feng is more handsome than you. Zhan Feng is manly, while you have a little white face.”

Tao Mu: “…..” Just who the hell forced me to go to the beauty salon for whitening?

Meng Qi also took a look at Tao Mu, and said with a little disgust: “Why do I feel that Zhan Feng’s figure is much better than yours. Have you indulged in the past few days after you came home? You didn’t keep up maintenance on your figure?”

Tao Mu: “…..”

Tao Mu, who was full of indignation, didn’t dare to get angry with his elders, so he could only go to their family’s CEO Li to complain about his grievances. As a result, their CEO Li asked calmly while ladling porridge for Tao Mu: “Honey, did you bring back Zhan Feng’s combat uniform when you came back from wrapping up the film?”

Tao Mu: “…..”

Li Xiaoheng said with a little regret: “Speaking of which, when I went to Africa to visit you at the beginning. Seeing that you were so tired, I didn’t want to exhaust you even more. It’s a pity, you were the mature version of Zhan Feng at that time. You were even more sexy than you were in this drama.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In Li Xiaoheng’s words, he dared to have a trace of regret and disappointment! As if he had missed out on a million dollars!

Tao Mu: “…..”

Tao Mu didn’t want to talk to their CEO Li anymore! Tao Mu drank three bowls of porridge angrily, then threw the empty bowl and spoon to Li Xiaoheng! Tao Mu fiercely returned to the bedroom and closed the door with a bang!

Men were all big pig trotters!

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