Source of Calamity CH 047 The Icy CEO Fell In Love With Me

Before the opening, almost all the corporate executives with big names and reputations were sitting in the lounge. Without exception, these people had dealt with Qin Xing. The respectful attitude they had towards Qin Xing was quite an eye-opener for Shen Zhen, but it was probably because they were older that they liked to talk about the past.

“I still remember the first time I met CEO Qin.” Someone said with a smile, “At that time, I felt that CEO Qin was young and promising.”

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“Who said it isn’t so? Mr. Qin’s demeanor back then, tut-tut…..”

“Hey, to tell you the truth, I underestimated Mr. Qin back then.”


Shen Zhen listened with gusto. It was a Qin Xing he didn’t know. He had just returned from abroad at the age of fifteen and carried the entire Qin family on his immature shoulders, opening a road that belonged to him in the thorny commercial field. Shen Zhen felt that he might not be able to do it at the age of thirty-five, let alone at the age of fifteen.

At that time, Qin Xing was the youngest son with several older brothers above him, and it was not his responsibility to inherit the family business. What was more, the Qin family was already going downhill back then. When Qin Xing returned to China, it could be said that he came back in the face of danger. His older brothers were helpless to solve the problems, and could only bet all their hopes on Qin Xing, who was only fifteen years old back then.

Sixteen years old was the age when Qin Xing appeared in everyone’s sight.

He kept all the properties that would have been sold, vigorously purged the top management, and he personally re-selected all the management.

Every decision, every business deal, he had to fight personally.

At the age of fifteen to sixteen, one could just imagine how many people would not accept his leadership.

There was no need to think about it to know what kind of scene Qin Xing faced back then. A chaotic Qin family, brothers who wanted him to solve their problems and then snatch the fruits of victory afterwards, and hostile opponent companies that were eyeing him. At that time, Qin Xing faced enemies on all sides, yet he managed to hold up under the pressure. And it was precisely because he did so that there was the current Qin family and the current Qin Group.

Perhaps in the next few decades, it would be difficult to produce another Qin Xing.

Qin Xing was probably not interested in hearing flattering, so he smiled and said, “It’s the same words every year, let’s change the topic of conversation this year.”

Everyone responded: “It’s true, we are getting older, and we only think about the past.”

“It’s the same with older people.”

Qin Xing just smiled, and he said to everyone: “This is Shen Zhen.”

Shen Zhen, who was sitting on Qin Xing’s left after coming in, smiled politely in response, which gave people the illusion that he was not deeply experienced in society.

Since he came in, everyone had been paying attention to him, but Qin Xing didn’t mention it, so they didn’t ask.

In the past, Qin Xing just introduced Shen Zhen to the bosses of local companies, but this time it was the bosses of all the leading companies in the country.

“This is the child I admire the most, you can call him Xiao Zhen.” Qin Xing said.

He didn’t use the word dote, he used the word admire.

“Another young and promising talent.” Someone quickly answered, “He has the demeanor of CEO Qin back then.”

“What is Xiao Zhen doing now?”


Shen Zhen put on a restrained and mature look: “I just got involved in real estate and network information this year.”

“One is a pillar industry, and the other is an emerging industry.” Someone praised, “Start doing practical things at such a young age, no wonder it is the child Mr. Qin admires, if it was me, I would admire too.”

“Those of us back then cannot be compared to the young ones of today.”

“We’ve become old, the waves behind the Yangtze River push forward the waves ahead.”

Qin Xing listened, with a smile on his face. Shen Zhen didn’t feel much from being praised. He knew that these people weren’t sincerely praising him, but just praised him for Qin Xing’s sake, so there was no need to take it seriously.

After the business lecture started, Shen Zhen and Qin Xing walked to the center of the hall. Qin Xing sat in the center seat in the audience, and Shen Zhen sat next to Qin Xing, surrounded by people who had just been in the lounge.

In addition to well-known entrepreneurs, there were also several rookies who gave speeches on the stage.

——Including Zhao Xuan who was beaten up by Shen Zhen before.

He looked much better than before, probably because he had rearranged his appearance, but his eyes were flickering, as if he was afraid of being retaliated.

It wasn’t until his speech was over that Zhao Xuan breathed a sigh of relief.

This meeting would also be broadcast live on TV and online.

“Camera! Damn! The camera just passed a super handsome little brother!”

“There are handsome guys in this kind of meeting? I’m so touched, I thought it was all a group of middle aged balding men.”

“When the camera just moved over, it was really a lot of balding heads hahahaha.”

“Poverty makes me have lush and fine hair, wealth make them bald.”

“…..Why am I so poor yet still bald?”

“I have captured the screenshot of the little brother, godzamn, he is exactly the iceberg male protagonist in a novel, he had no expression during the whole process, but he is so handsome!”

“The one sitting next to him is also very handsome, but not necessarily the same handsome, he looks mature and steady at first glance.”

“Sure enough, good-looking people become friends with good-looking people.”

“Maybe they are related?”

“The facial features don’t look alike at all.”

“It was really hard for me to find a handsome guy among a group of middle-aged and elderly people with beer bellies and bald heads.”

“I won’t watch until the camera scans the little brother.”

“By the way, didn’t you guys notice? This conference only invites entrepreneurs, that is to say, this handsome guy is also a CEO.”

“…..Watson, you have discovered a blind spot.”

“I suddenly want to write a novel called “Little Heart Stealer Demoness: The Icy CEO Fell In Love With Me”.”

“Write quickly! I’ll read it!”

Shen Zhen suddenly became popular on the Internet without any knowledge of it.

Young, not bald, good-looking, and a CEO, he perfectly fit the main character set in Mary Sue novels. Shen Zhen’s screenshots were also made into headshots and appeared on various forums and chat tools.

When it was time for dinner at night, Shen Zhen checked WeChat, only to find that he had been picked up by the marketing account.

[Little Pioneer in Entertainment]: I suddenly found that many lovelies have replaced their profile picture with my husband’s picture. Now let’s talk about my husband. My husband’s name is Shen Zhen, and his nickname is Baby Zhen. He is the CEO of Huitong Real Estate, the CEO of Huitong Network Information Company, simply a life winner in capital letters, with Gary Stu stamped on his forehead, a walking male protagonist of romance novels, and can be cold and cute. I must blow a wave of rainbow fart, the photos are as follows, all kinds of Shen Zhen’s Wives, go an save them to your content, you are welcome, please just call me Shen Zhen’s Official Wife.

The photos below were all photos of Shen Zhen attending various open occasions. There were those in which he looked indifferent, those in which he had his head bowed in thought, and those in which he was smiling slightly. They were almost all of him dressed in suits. Shen Zhen had a good figure, and wearing a suit highlighted his body’s advantage.

“Damn damn damn, I never thought that I would have escaped the clutches of idols but not the CEO.”

“My family was already planning to buy a house, but now I have to inquire about Huitong, to support my husband.”

“Are the CEOs so handsome now, I feel despairing inside.”

“Although I’m a man, I don’t mind being my husband’s wife.”


Shen Zhen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he didn’t have such experience in his previous life, it seemed that even the world had changed after a different lifetime.

Surrounding him was no longer scheming and intrigue.

“What?” Qin Xing put down the knife and fork, looking over at Shen Zhen who was looking at the phone and smiling foolishly.

Shen Zhen pursed his lips and said with a smile: “It’s nothing, people on the Internet praised me for being handsome.”

Qin Xing said gently: “Xiao Zhen is very good-looking.”

Apart from Shen Zhen, of course other people could also check the news. Su Shiqing, who currently lived in the Chu family, bit his lip as he checked WeChat. Before he knew it, Shen Zhen had already reached this level, but what about him? He lived in the Chu family, but he was not part of the Chu family. The Chu family elders ignored him, so what was the use if the servants liked him?

And he didn’t know what happened with Chu Haoyi recently, he could only see the other once a day.

Su Shiqing squeezed the phone, if not for his lack of strength, he might have crushed the phone.

Don’t know why, but he had a feeling, that everything that Shen Zhen had now should belong to him. He felt that he was no worse than Shen Zhen, but he just lacked opportunities, it was just that no one could back him like Qin Xing backed Shen Zhen.

Su Shiqing suddenly stood up.

That’s right, Qin Xing.

Qin Xing was the key. Qin Xing backed Qin Yue before, and Qin Yue practically controlled half of the Qin family’s voice.

When Qin Xing became displeased with Qin Yue, Qin Yue became worthless and was even sent abroad.

Su Shiqing picked up his phone and called someone he had never contacted before.

“Is it Mr. Zheng?” Su Shiqing’s voice trembled a little, “I’m Su Shiqing.”

The person on the other line asked, “Shi Qing? Why did you contact me suddenly? What’s the matter?”

Su Shiqing quickly said, “It’s like this. I’m in the Chu family now, but I don’t want to trouble the Chu family all the time. I…..I want to work in the Qin Group.”

He was going to get close to Qin Xing. He believed that Qin Xing just didn’t see his advantages. As long as Qin Xing saw him and discovered his good side, he would no longer regard Shen Zhen as a treasure.

Just like Qin Yue.

Qin Yue grew up with Shen Zhen, but didn’t he choose him in the end?

Mr. Zheng said, “It’s not a problem for you to go inside, but I don’t have any power. I can only let you go to the grassroots level.”

Su Shiqing: “Fine, as long as I can get in.”

Mr. Zheng: “By the way, what is your college degree?”

Su Shiqing was stunned, he…..he didn’t go to college. He was brought to the Qin family by Shen Zhen in high school, and he never went to school again.

“Didn’t graduate from high school…..” Mr. Zheng also had a headache, “Qin Group is very strict, and it’s impossible to fake your credentials, but if you want, I can arrange for you to work as a custodian.”

Su Shiqing’s voice was hoarse: “A custodian?”

Mr. Zheng: “It’s indeed an aggrievance to ask you to become a custodian, how about forgetting about it.”

Su Shiqing said tremblingly, “Go, I can do it.”

Mr. Zheng: “Then wait for my news.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After hanging up the phone, Su Shiqing sat on the bed in a daze. He never thought he would go work as a custodian. He couldn’t accept this in his heart. It took half an hour before he persuaded himself that if he stayed at the Chu family’s house all the time, then he would really be ruined, he must get close to Qin Xing.

Su Shiqing said to himself: “Xiao Zhen, I don’t intend to replace you on purpose. I just admire Uncle Qin just like you. You will understand me, right? Xiao Zhen?”

At this time, Su Shiqing didn’t know that Qin Yue was going back to China soon. He had already completely forgotten about Qin Yue.

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