After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 290 Honeymoon & Work

On the day after the engagement ceremony, Tao Mu woke up with a splitting headache in the sun-drenched bed. Tao Mu squinted his eyes, and subconsciously stretched his arms to the side——the other side of the bed was empty but still with a residual warmth.

The sound of sizzling fried eggs accompanied by the aroma of hot milk slipped in through the crack of the door. Tao Mu took a deep breath, got up from the bed, took a shower first, and then walked into the kitchen trailing the fresh scent of shower gel.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In the warm and bright sunshine that flowed in through the windows, Li Xiaoheng, wearing home clothes and an apron, was standing in front of the island, mixing fruit salad. Seeing Tao Mu come in, he plucked a cherry tomato and brought it to Tao Mu’s lips. Tao Mu accepted Li Xiaoheng’s feeding with half-lidded eyes, and teased with a smile: “Is our CEO Li such a virtuous wife?”

Li Xiaoheng chuckled lightly when he heard the words, leaned forward and kissed Tao Mu’s cheek lightly, and said with a smile, “Happy wedding.”

Tao Mu was taken aback for a moment, then corrected with a smile, “It’s “happy engagement”.”

“It’s all the same.” Li Xiaoheng said, and handed the freshly fried heart-shaped poached egg to his little fiance, while he brought the glasses of hot milk, sandwiches and fruit salad to the dining room.

After breakfast, an assistant came to the door and brought over the gift money received at the engagement ceremony and the list of various gifts. Li Xiaoheng keenly noticed the names of Shen Chen, Yao Wenxiao, Yan Sheng and others on it. These people were not invited to Tao Mu’s engagement ceremony, but these people still mailed gifts to the venue on the engagement day. The staff responsible for signing for the gifts didn’t know the relationship between Tao Mu and these people, so they accepted the things unknowingly. When sorting out the gift list afterwards, they simply wrote the names on it.

Tao Mu was silent for a moment. Clearly they were people who he had been entangled with for several lifetimes, and he used to have such strong and deep emotions and couldn’t let go, but now when he saw the names of these people, he didn’t even have the slightest emotion.

Too lazy to waste it!

Li Xiaoheng saw that Tao Mu had little interest, so he changed the subject. After breakfast, the two returned to their respective companies to hand over work.

After the engagement ceremony, Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng both took a long vacation for themselves and prepared for their honeymoon trip. Since the filming of the movie “Soldier Elite: Unsheathed Knife”, Tao Mu had not accepted any new scripts. He also entrusted and his other companies to Xiao Qi Dad with full authority. All kinds of online and offline conscription campaign promotion in conjunction with the launch of the TV series “Soldier Elite” had also been prepared long ago, and could just be carried out step by step. So Tao Mu’s schedule was easily freed. In contrast, it was more difficult for Li Xiaoheng to move his schedule. After all, the nature of Xiaoheng Capital was not the same as that of FlyNews. The financial market was changing rapidly and as the company’s most authoritative chief trader, Li Xiaoheng must always be in charge of the overall situation.

Fortunately, Li Xiaoheng’s work relied heavily on the Internet, so there was not much restriction on the working space. Therefore, even if Li Xiaoheng and Tao Mu have planned a three-month global trip, as long as there was a laptop and Internet connection, Li Xiaoheng could do both work and honeymoon without delaying the other. Besides, the other analysts and traders of Xiaoheng Capital were also the world’s top high-end elites. With everyone cooperating with each other, they could be considerate of their boss who had been an eternal bachelor, finally settling down with a life-long partner.

In fact, Tao Mu was more interested in the famous mountains and rivers in China than traveling abroad. However, due to Tao Mu’s high popularity in China, it was easy to cause congestion once he appeared in scenic spots and tourist attractions, so in exasperation, they could only travel abroad.

The first stop of Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng’s honeymoon trip was Bali. Then they traveled to the Maldives, the Aegean Sea and other major honeymoon holy places, and finally went to Antarctica to see penguins.

During this period, the ratings of “Soldier Elite” also jumped from 10% at the beginning of the broadcast to 25%, and finally ended smoothly with the finale breaking through the ratings record of 25.7%. And along with the broadcast of “Soldier Elite”, and the military have also carried out several activities for conscription publicity. Because of the popularity of the TV series, many netizens began to become interested in the routine training and tasks of the special forces. So FlyNews cooperated with the military to set up a program on individual combat of special forces, also called “Soldier Elite”. It allowed netizens who were interested in the military to see the performance of Chinese special forces in daily training more intuitively.

Netizens were originally attracted by “Soldier Elite” drama, and they already have great enthusiasm and curiosity about real army life. Every night after watching the drama, the eagerly climbed to the forum to discuss the plot, discuss several outstanding characters in the drama, discuss whether the shooting of the soldier training and weapons and props in the drama was realistic or not, and even debated about who the soldier elite and popularity king were in the drama. Even in other forums, as long as there were posts related to keywords of “Soldier Elite” and several main characters in the drama, tall buildings with thousands of floors could often be built overnight. (TN: building=thread, floor=comment)

Now with and the military making such a publicity effort, these young people who were full of yearning for army life after watching the TV drama signed up to join the army without hesitation. Instantly there was a wave of enthusiasm for joining the army nationwide, and especially the proportion of college students joining the army had increased by 30% year-on-year compared with previous years. This immediate publicity effect also made the military grin from ear to ear.

As the leading actor of “Soldier Elite”, Tao Mu was busy with his honeymoon during the few months when the TV series aired. But in fact, he did not fall behind the promotion of the TV series. Usually when the two of them return to the hotel and Li Xiaoheng was busy watching the stock market in the study, Tao Mu would do a live broadcast or record a video to help the military publicize this year’s conscription policy and preferential policies for college students to join the army. Occasionally, he would make a guest appearance as a travel anchor and food anchor, and introduce the scenery and folk customs of the various places on his honeymoon trip to netizens squatting in front of the computer.

Every time this link arrived, Li Xiaoheng, who was not very talkative and appeared quite cold and even dull on the outside but very passionate on the inside, would put down the work at hand and use various excuses——such as pouring coffee, cutting a fruit plate, picking up something, etc. o just walk back and forth in front of Tao Mu, acting as various background boards for Tao Mu’s live broadcast. This adorableness naturally caused the netizens to squeal, and leave various comments on the bullet screen or make monetary rewards, wanting to have CEO Li say a few words.

“Do you want to say a few words to everyone?” Tao Mu turned to look at Li Xiaoheng. The two were on a cruise ship traveling to Antarctica. It was freezing cold outside and the temperature was too low, so Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng just nestled in their room, having nothing to do so one worked while the other live streamed.

“Say what?” Li Xiaoheng, who was staring at the computer, raised an eyebrow slightly, walked behind Tao Mu, and bent down to greet the camera. Seeing all kinds of rewards and gifts constantly flying out on the screen. After pondering for a moment, he suddenly reported the name and serial number of an international futures to everyone: “This futures has bottomed out, but it should have a good upward trend in the future. Ceramics who are Interested can consider buying it. Consider this a live stream benefit.”

The originally dense bullet screen comments suddenly stopped. A few seconds later, with a bang, the originally stagnant bullet screen once again densely appeared on the screen, firmly blocking the faces of Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng.

“Online Guidance by the God of Finance!”

“CEO Li is mighty, CEO Li is the best!”

“CEO Li, do you still lack leg pendants? The kind that has been to college and is a Ceramic!”

Some quick-handed netizens have already gone to FlyNews to confess their love. So netizens who didn’t watch Tao Mu’s live broadcast were stunned to find that in less than half an hour, a FlyNews called “Sexy God Online Trading” quickly became the top trending search. Netizens who didn’t know what was going on but loved to eat melons immediately clicked in to read the cause and effect. Then, some netizens who liked to trade stocks and futures tentatively bought a certain international futures based on the principle of believing in the master.

——It was only a few years since the global crisis in 2008. Many financial products and commodity transactions were affected by the crisis, and the current sluggish situation continued. But Xiaoheng Capital relied on the economic crisis to build its capital with precise short-selling on a global scale. As the founder and chief trader of Xiaoheng Capital, Li Xiaoheng had been keeping an eye on the international market for three years non-stop. Coupled with the help of the memory of several lifetimes, Li Xiaoheng’s trading in the international and domestic financial markets in the recent period was even more unmatched. He has truly become the God of Wealth in the financial market who could  cause clouds and rain with a turn of his hand.

Now that Li Xiaoheng recommended a certain futures to everyone, in the eyes of insiders, it was unintentionally the God of Wealth giving out charity. As a result, waves of individual investors and small financial institutions, and even some large financial institutions directly rushed into the futures market without saying a word, these Chinese individual investors also unintentionally affected investors in other countries. Therefore, under the butterfly effect, a certain futures that had been brewing for a few days before showing an upward trend in Li Xiaoheng’s analysis unexpectedly raised its head ahead of schedule.

Seeing this, everyone further confirmed Li Xiaoheng’s authority as a professional. There were even financial media reports from various countries which frequently reached the top of the headlines in various countries. And the Taoli couple, who were honeymooning far away in the Antarctic, once again realized their headline physique of “although this brother is not in Jianghu, but there are still legends of this brother in Jianghu”.

Because of Li Xiaoheng’s example, in the next two years, there was not only a wave of joining the army in China, but also a wave of fresh college entrance examination candidates applying for the international finance major. And it would directly lead to Xiaoheng Capital as the ideal job offer for a considerable number of finance majors at home and abroad in the next few years. As a result, Xiaoheng Capital, which had only been established for a few years, was able to compete with many established Wall Street financial institutions in its core competitiveness of recruiting talents for a period of time in the future. Even many large companies with abundant funds were constantly looking for Xiaoheng Capital to open accounts, and were willing to hand over their idle funds to Xiaoheng Capital for management.

This unintentional effect was also quite dumbfounding, simply too fantastical. As a result, many colleagues kept complaining in front of the Taoli couple——didn’t you say it was a honeymoon trip? Couldn’t you husband and husband concentrate on showing off PDA, why must you multitask on work and honeymoon, showing off your love and grabbing business from everyone? Especially as due to them being on a global honeymoon, the time zones didn’t even match. As a result, other colleagues had to sacrifice their rest time and work overtime, and always pay attention to Tao Mu’s live streaming, lest Li Xiaoheng released some financial reports on a whim during the live broadcast of his love that might affect the entire market!

However, no matter what their peers complained about, Li Xiaoheng and Tao Mu were very satisfied with the efficiency of their three-month work/honeymoon. This was also the first time that Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng have been so indulgently intimate and stuck together for a long time since they have been dating for so long.

Three months later, Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng returned to Beijing after their honeymoon trip, and appeared in front of the public again.

Although they disappeared in person for more than three months, the Taoli couple, who had a strong presence on the Internet, once again experienced the increasingly popular airport pick-up scene. Although Tao Mu himself didn’t know it, why must his fans insist on picking him up and kept coming even though they knew he never accepted airport pickups. Of course this time Tao Mu left through the VIP route without exception.

The Ceramics who had long been prepared were not disappointed at all. Just doing the usual routine of coming and going. And it was actually quite organized. When they got home, they didn’t forget to post the airport photos without the protagonist on the Internet, and very happily entertained themselves. It was euphemistically called “My picking you up has nothing to do with you”, “I just feel that when other stars get off the plane, fans would pick them up, so we can’t let our idol be too lacking in face, otherwise it would make us Ceramics appear very unprofessional”.

This reason was really——

“Alright then!” Tao Mu acknowledged that he was a maverick, and was praised by the media and many in the industry as the most unprofessional actor, and now his fans were also following suit. Sure enough, there was some truth to the saying “fans take after their idol”.

The three-month vacation was not long, but for someone like Tao Mu who had a lot of work, the accumulated work was enough for him to keep busy after returning.

The post-production stage of “Soldier Elite: Unsheathed Knife” had been completed. Taking advantage of the popularity of the “Soldier Elite” TV series and the enthusiasm for joining the army, the big production movie had been successfully scheduled for the National Day. After returning to Beijing, Tao Mu immediately devoted himself to the promotion work of the movie “Soldier Elite: Unsheathed Knife” after it was finalized.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Because it was the first film he starred in, and it was jointly prepared with Beijing Film and the military. But most importantly, the filming cost of this film was too high, and Tao Mu was still very concerned about the box office and word-of-mouth after the film was released. So after returning to China, he immediately finalized the promotional policy of “both online and offline promotions” and “taking three routes in TV, network and local broadcasting”. Going into battle in person, flying around with the main creative team to participate in variety shows and publicity promotions, and finalized a series of performances with the military during the National Day. His figure frequently appeared in TV and major media reports, and finally did his job as an actor properly.

In the midst of the publicity campaign by Tao Mu and the main film creators, the eagerly waiting movie fans finally saw the premiere of “Soldier Elite: Unsheathed Knife” arriving.

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