After Becoming The Tyrant CH 067 Legrand’s Monarch

The others withdrew from the room, and Charles took out a secret letter and presented it to the King: “From Adaube.”

Adaube, a country next to Bressi, the Adobe Queen was the cousin of Ferri III.

The King understood, the letter actually came from Bressi.

The “ally” of Legrand, Ferri III.

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The King opened the letter, and read it quickly.

The letter was divided into two parts, one part was written by Ferri III himself, and the other part apparently came from Bressi’s overseas spies——it was information about the movements of the lowland countries across the sea from Legrand.

The lowland countries.

The King frowned slightly. He got up and walked to the “cloth of the world” map hanging in the room.

In the north of Bressi, there were more than a dozen small countries such as Hull and Carleland, which were collectively called the “lowland countries”. They were across the sea from the northern part of Legrand, but there had been no dispute between the two sides.

Ferri III was not an idiot, and he would not do useless things at this juncture.

“What are you looking at?”

Charles got up, walked behind the King, and looked at the map hanging on the wall with him.

“What do you know about the lowland countries?” asked the King, who was currently pondering over this.

Charles cast his eyes on the dozen or so small countries, and shook his head slightly puzzled: “If you are talking about the lowland countries before the 12th century AD, after they were completely occupied by the sea barbarians, they used to have considerable strength. But now the lowland countries are in decline, and for three centuries they have not participated in the great events of any one of the continents.”

As Charles said, the lowland countries have kept a low profile for hundreds of years.

Perhaps because they knew that they were not strong enough, they only focused on the development of maritime commerce, and tried to avoid any major political disputes. It seemed that they were trying their best to build themselves into neutral “sea sailing ships”. For this reason, they even endured relatively high customs and tariffs from Legrand, Bressi, and many other countries.

What they received in return for paying such a high price was that although the lowland countries were weaker in military affairs, they still gained room to survive by relying on commercial luck.


The King shook his head slowly.

He returned to the desk, quickly laid out the letter and picked up the pen, writing to the Duke of Buckingham in the Rose Palace.

Across the Abyss Strait, Legrand’s knowledge of the lowland countries was absolutely inferior to that of Bressi, who was next to the lowland countries. If the King understood correctly, in return for Legrand’s notification of the deadly trap in the coronation ceremony, the meaning of Ferri III’s letter was to alert Legrand in return:

Watch out for the lowland countries, they were also taking part in this upheaval that was brewing.

“Have our overseas spies be even more careful,” the King said to Charles at the same time.

“You aren’t optimistic about Bressi?”

Charles sensed this.

“Yes.” The King did not answer this question directly, but asked Charles, “What do you think of our Koszoya City Council Chairman?”

The Chairman of the Koszoya City Council.

He was one of that group of city officials just now who came to report to the King about the New Year celebration.

Charles thought about it, he had to deal with many officials along the coast during the past few days, and he also heard about this high-ranking official in Koszoya City——generally speaking, this was a man who, other than having a little more mistresses than his peers, was very mediocre in all aspects. He was not great but also not too bad as a city official.

But at this time, being mentioned by the King might not be a good thing.

“Our mediocre gentleman is actually not mediocre at all.” The King said with a smile in a complimenting tone, “His lovers also have extraordinary relationships with priests. This broad-mindedness is not something other ordinary gentlemen could possess at all.”

“You mean?”

“It must have been hard for him to manage the complicated government affairs and at the same time try to send secret letters to the bishop of the monastery.”

The King smiled, as if he was sincerely praising the Chairman.

But Charles understood that the King already possessed murderous intent.

Charles sighed slightly.

Before the wandering painter Mr. Clark came in, the conversation between the King and the city officials was the same as usual, though dignified but not at all sharp, and even he didn’t notice anything unusual. Mr. Chairman may never have imagined that when he thought he had successfully hid his actions, the King had already set the date of death for him in his heart.

The King looked at Charles: “In Legrand, even in Koszoya after I came, there are still people who have accepted olive branches from the Holy Court, let alone Bressi who is under the shadow of the Holy Court?”

There was a slight sneer in his tone.

The Holy Court of this world would only become more powerful.


The “God” of this world truly existed.

During this Black Death, the King himself could use the power of Hell to enhance the brilliance of monarchy. But in the same way, the Holy Court could also use extraordinary power to consolidate its position during the Black Death——in the letter from Ferri III, it was especially noted that the Pope and his party had cured many Black Death patients and won the support of the great nobles.

The power of the Holy Court in this world was more stable and stronger because of those true existing “sacred relics”.

“Tell our spies to be wary of those of Ferri III’s faction who come into contact with them.”

The King gave the order.

Charles understood the King’s meaning, and he silently accepted the King’s order.

Ghost ships were real, Hell was real, and the eyes of God looking at the earth were also real…..For thousands of years, human beings have struggled to live and move forward under heavy shackles.

However, some people were unwilling to live under such surveillance and accept such a fate.

So in this long history, the blood of generations of the Rose family have stained the earth. What they wanted was for human beings to stop being the lambs of God, the servants of God.

The King was silent for a moment: “Recruit more sailors, the blockade cannot be relaxed.”

Qatani chose the Holy Court and brought a great plague to Legrand.

But at this time, there must be many plague ships on the sea, the King didn’t think that the Holy Court would limit their target to just one Koszoya. The coastline was long and there were always weak spots. In fact, if the target was not a large port city like Koszoya, the Holy See could have driven some ordinary fleets to “send the plague” to Legrand.

If he was the Holy Court, then he would definitely not use this low-cost method that could cause huge damage to the enemy only once.

This was a conspiracy.

Next, there would definitely be more ships trying to spread the plague into Legrand.

——The King being in the southeast was also to deal with this.

“When the epidemic ships are active, they will act.”

The King said quietly.

At this moment, Koszoya’s bell rang, the sound loud and echoing.

Charles looked out the window: “It’s almost a new year.”

“A new year.”

The King also looked out of the window.

The rays of the sun in the last days of 1432 enveloped the port city.

The snow was falling heavily, and in this city, most people celebrated that a catastrophe had just passed, and waited for the new year with joy. They didn’t know what kind of undercurrent was raging, let alone what kind of turmoil was about to erupt.

This turmoil, at this time, would only weigh on a small number of people who saw it.

“When our court painter wakes up, have him paint a new painting.”

The King suddenly spoke.

“What do you want him to paint?”

Charles was a little curious. The King who became the monarch of Legrand from birth naturally received the most outstanding education. Most monarchs have good cultivation in all aspects. But the King had always been more interested in theater than art.

“The Night of the Plague of Koszoya.”

The King answered.

He wanted everyone to remember those dead cavalrymen, those brave pirates who died in the sea.

Charles was taken aback for a moment, and he turned his head to look at the painting “The King and His City” that was still in the room——there was no doubt that this was an outstanding painting that would remain in people’s minds. He didn’t know exactly what the “light of literature and art” spoken by the King meant, but at this moment he understood what the King’s order represented.

If so, this was the dawn of literature and art.

The King didn’t want to let the light focus on himself, but let this glory fall on those who sacrificed their lives.

How many monarchs remember their fallen soldiers?

In war, the most worthless thing was human life. If the dead soldiers were not nobles, they were worthless, and a little pension money was enough to pay their families off. People have always believed that and accepted it that way.

——They will be remembered.

That night, where the pirates were buried, the King promised so.

He believed it.

And the King would not disappoint his trust.

Charles laughed.

He could already see that scene in his mind, wherever the will of the crown was directed, the Iron Rose Cavalry would follow.

“The world will envy Legrand.”

He said softly.

The King looked at him slightly surprised.

Charles just smiled mildly, without explanation.

——They would envy Legrand for having such a monarch.


Legrand Northlands at the time the King sent the letter to alert the Duke of Buckingham of the lowland countries.


The panic caused by the Black Death did not affect this place. After receiving the rich iron and wood resources from Ingres, the military castle ordered by the King to be built here last year progressed much faster than before.

After his request for more funds from the King was rejected, James, the architect of the castle, began to write to the King with “the enthusiasm of writing to his little mistress”.

The first half of each letter was a detailed explanation of his new ideas for the military castle, and then the second half of the letter was the same——asking the King for more funds.

The commander stationed here accidentally saw the letter written by James, and the corners of his mouth immediately began twitching uncontrollably.

He felt that the King did not match the rumors.

——For example, towards James’s audacious behavior of asking the King for money every day, the King actually let him live to this day. How could a tyrant be so tolerant.

Anyway, since his “war maniac attribute” was awakened, the commander began to see the original church designer as a very bizarre fellow…..This guy not only squatted on the observation deck every day thinking about how to improve the archery holes, but also kept insistently urging him to ask the King to privately build a batch of crossbows…..

The commander had to wonder, was he the soldier, or was this guy the soldier?

And the King actually agreed to build a batch of banned crossbows for Newcastle.

However, building a batch of crossbows was obviously not something that could be completed in a short period of time, so since then, the commander had avoided James almost every day, for fear that this guy would nag about the crossbows whenever he came across him.

“Don’t you think it’s a little strange?”

On this day, the commander carefully avoided the places where James often haunted, and was about to take a sip of strong wine, when a gloomy voice suddenly came from behind.

He was so frightened that he almost spit out his drink. When he turned his head, James was standing behind him with an unshaven beard and dark circles under his eyes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You, you, you…..” The commander twitched the corners of his mouth, and finally said helplessly, “What is it now?”

“The convoy hasn’t arrived yet.”

“It’s snowing heavily, my dear architect!” The commander was full of bitterness, “In the past two days, you have asked hundreds of times! Listen to me, let those poor artisans also have a rest!”

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