After Becoming The Tyrant CH 068 The Northern Rebellion

James stared at the commander: “The Ingres people are not idiots like you who would get lost in the heavy snow for three days! They have dealt with heavy snow since they were young! Now! Send someone out to find them immediately!”

The disagreement on the commander’s face disappeared, and he became more solemn.

He also realized that there was a problem.

Damn it!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Those procrastinating bastards from the Five Port Alliance made him almost used to transport teams arriving at such late times!

It had been snowing a lot these days.

But James was right about one thing. In Ingres, during winter, the cold current along the coast would make their snow fall almost as thick as that in the Northland. Moreover, the Ingres people have just established a deal with Legrand, so they won’t be as lazy as the people of the Five Port Alliance after just a few months.

Most importantly!

——This was Newcastle.

The riots last year had just subsided, but from time to time mobs still attacked the troops stationed here. Although all this time, their attacks have been sporadic, like annoying mosquitoes.


The commander cursed, he didn’t bother to drink any more bulls*t spirits, he turned around and strode towards the barracks.

“Get out here now!!”

There was a clamor, the sounds of whinnying horses and clanging armor.

Soon, the drawbridge at the southwest gate of Newcastle lowered, and the guarding soldiers watched as the commander led a group of cavalry to rush across the bridge like a whirlwind.

They rushed into the vast snow under the urging of the commander.


Horses fell in a pool of blood, and Ingres’ soldiers gathered together. They used the vehicles transporting iron and wood as a temporary fortress for defense.

But, to be honest, this temporary fortress was too shabby.

The Ingres were known for their combativeness.

The Rose royal family conquered Ingres for many years, but they still failed to completely pacify them. Although they were extremely poor and lacked advanced weapons, often only wearing leather armor and using bows and spears to fight against heavily armed knights. All the same, they relied on their swiftness to catch their enemies off guard.

For hundreds of years, they relied on this guerrilla tactic to defeat Legrand’s army, but today these advantages failed.

They escorted ironwood away from the familiar Ingres mountains to the unfamiliar Northland.

Only to be ambushed.

The opponent was far more familiar with the terrain here than they were. The enemy was lurking in the place they must pass through to Newcastle——a slightly long canyon.

When they marched to the middle of the canyon, the enemy suddenly jumped up from the snow on both sides.

The enemy wore  thick white cloaks that blended perfectly with the heavy snow, their scent covered by the snow, and even the horses didn’t notice any strangeness. When the snow on both sides flew up and the situation was found to be wrong, there was already no way out.

As soon as the commanding officer of Ingres’ transport team pulled out his curved sword, the sound of sharp arrows flying through the air could be heard.

Iron arrows cut through the air like rain.

The commanding officer swung his knife and batted away a few iron arrows, but the horse under him fell to the ground with a scream. He staggered and pulled out the leg that was pressed down by the horse, and rolled onto the ground under the loaded iron and wood cart, avoiding the rain of arrows.

This was simply a one-sided massacre.

Ingres’ soldiers only wore simple leather armor, but the opponents were holding refined iron crossbows banned by the Holy Court.

Under such a short distance, the crossbow shot so fast that even the most elite Ingres knights have no time to react. As we all know, the reason why the crossbow was banned was because it could penetrate the best chain mail! This was the weapon known as the “Cursed Object”.

Chain mail was like paper in front of it, let alone Ingres’ crude leather armor.

In a blink of an eye, the white snow was stained red with blood.

When the horse was wounded and ran off, it overturned the cart full of ironwood, and the black logs rolled down and scattered on the ground. The corpses of Ingres soldiers and horses fell to the ground at the same time, and the air was filled with blood in an instant.

He should do something!

Hearing the pained cries of his comrades in his ears, the commanding officer tightly clenched the curved sword in his hand.

Amidst the sound of arrows raining, the hoofbeats of galloping war horses could be heard.

The commanding officer rolled abruptly from under the carriage. A warhorse with an arrow in its hind leg was charging from behind. The enemy’s target was the soldiers, not the horses, so no one paid attention to it. The officer was almost trampled on by the galloping horse. He quickly grabbed the saddle, turned over, and got on the horse.

The wounded horse carried him out of the canyon like the wind.

At the moment the commanding officer rushed out, some enemies spotted the missed target, and they shouted behind him.

The commanding officer caught their language.

Newcastle was invaded by sea barbarians in the twelfth century BC in the Western Continent, and their language had deep-rooted barbarian characteristics. Especially the local dialect, which was very different from Legrand’s common language.

These lurkers were Newcastle’s rebels.

A doubt flashed through the commanding officer’s mind:

——Although Newcastle’s economic situation was better than Ingres, it was only better than Ingres! The Northland had also been plagued by poverty for a long time, and it could be called Ingres’ suffering brother. So why do these Newcastle rebels suddenly have such sophisticated weapons?

Where did they get it?

These doubts passed in a flash, and the commanding officer would never have them answered.

Because the enemies behind him had aimed their crossbows at him again.

The sharp arrow pierced through the air, and the commanding officer turned the curved sword backwards to protect his back. In the blink of an eye, several arrows pierced his shoulders, and he almost fell off his horse of not for the stirrups.

The war horse was also hit by an arrow, and it speeded up with a mournful cry and a final burst of speed.

The man and the horse rushed out of the mouth of the canyon.

In the heavy snow, a cavalry came quickly from a distance.

With the last of his strength, the commanding officer threw the curved sword towards the cavalry.

Then he rolled off his horse and fell headlong into the icy snow. The white snow rustled down, covering his young face.

“Something bad happened.”

The commander reined in his horse and swung his sword horizontally to prevent his soldiers from advancing.

He saw the scene where the commanding officer of the Ingres transport team fell from his horseback, and he also saw the curved sword inserted not far from them.

“They’re under attack! We have to go to their rescue!”

The knights around him became anxious.


The commander calmly looked at the gloomy canyon, where it looked like a poisonous snake with its huge mouth open. It had devoured the life of a convoy and was now licking its teeth, waiting for a new sacrifice.



The knights could hardly believe the order they heard.

“I said withdraw!”

The commander roared.

Ingres soldiers, known for their warlike behavior, chose to escape from the canyon and threw their weapon that was equivalent to their lives——this was a warning to them! There was a huge danger hidden in the canyon, a danger that even if they went there, they would not be able to hold up against!

The other party chose to convey the news to them desperately.


Under the roar of the commander, this cavalry turned around and returned to Newcastle.

The boundless snow soon covered the body of the Ingres commanding officer.

Not long after the cavalry didn’t approach and quickly withdrew, a group of people appeared at the entrance of the canyon. They were covered in snow-white cloaks, wearing fine iron armor that the Northland should not have, and holding crossbows glowing with cold light in their hands.

“Let’s go.”

Looking at the shadow of Newcastle in the distance, the leader turned his head and said coldly.


Just as the guard yawned, he saw the commander who had left in a hurry come back with the cavalry. He put down the suspension bridge full of questions, and was just about to ask something, when he saw the commander rushing into the castle with a cold face without stopping.

“On defense! On defense!”

The commander’s order, yelled at the top ogf his lungs, spread along with the cold wind.

1432, less than a week until the end of the year.

An urgent battle report was sent from Newcastle.

By the time the Duke of Buckingham in the Rose Palace received the battle report, it was already covered in blood.


Tomorrow was a new year.

Today was a jubilant celebration.

Thanks to the efforts of the city cleaning team, this was probably the first time Koszoya had ever been so tidy.

The streets were clean, the sewage system had paved the main streets, and the places that have not been paved, the garbage was no longer piled up randomly like before. Crimson banners were hung in the streets in an effort to show the city’s vibrant side.

But it was not destined to be a peaceful celebration.

A travel-worn messenger rode into the city gate, and soon he was received by the King.

He came with a message that cast a shadow on the festivities:

In the Northland, Newcastle, another rebellion broke out.

The flames of war started from Newcastle and were now spreading rapidly. The transport team from Ingres to Newcastle was cut off. Relying on the newly built Newcastle royal military castle, the soldiers stationed in the Northland were struggling to hold on day after day.

On receiving this news, the King hastily returned to his study, took up his pen and began to write a royal writ.

He issued a decree and appointed the Duke of Buckingham as the general of the army, and the power of enlistment was directly appointed to the Duke.

According to Legrand’s military system, all those who have obtained titles and lands from the King were obliged to lead their knights to fight when the conscription order was issued. This was also the common military system of all countries in this era, but the time for cavalry military service was limited, serving forty days a year.

Fortunately, in the “Rose Crisis”, the King relied on the army of the Ingres, and the confrontation between the Duke of Buckingham and the Duke of Grice at that time was also not within the scope of military service.

“Do you think the Duke of Buckingham has already started preparing for conscription?”

Charles watched the King write his decrees.

“Yes, he has,” replied the King, “but he doesn’t have that power, so I will give it to him.”

There was no room for any peace talks, and there was absolutely no need for any damn meeting to discuss things. Those useless wastes might still think this was a common rebellion just like before. But even a long distance away, the King had already determined that his uncle would definitely make the same choice as him:


This was no ordinary rebellion!

Behind this rebellion, there was a shadow closely related to the Pope’s arrival in Bressi.

Rising to the sky above Koszoya, the bell of the new year rang, and in the chilling north wind, goshawks fluttered their wings.

And on this day when the old and the new were changing, on the sea surface of the Abyss Strait, deathly silent plague ships were heading southeast of Legrand. The prophecy the Witch once made had come true:

——Those plague ships, like schools of dead fish, has come across the sea.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The crowds outside were still enjoying themselves, while the King’s messengers were already rushing out of the city gates with a letter addressed to the Duke of Buckingham. At the same time, the decree, which heralded war, was also sent off, and it would spread throughout the counties of Legrand.

1432 had passed.

In the early morning of 1433, the Duke of Buckingham made a decision to fight immediately in the palace, and in the southeast where the King was, the plague ships were approaching the coastline.

The curtains on the real turmoil had finally risen.

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