After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 294 Extra 1: Graduation Performance (1)

Preparations for Tao Mu’s graduation performance began in the second semester of his junior year. Because most of the 2008 Beijing Film students signed with Tao Mu’s film and television company, the schedule of the graduation performance was easily coordinated. CEO Tao waved his hand, and all the students in the same year followed suit in practice in the first rehearsal room of the school.

The script of the graduation performance was called “Reincarnation”, which was written by Tao Mu himself. It was about a CEO who had always been obsessed with making money to the extent he could not extricate himself. But when he woke up one morning, he suddenly found himself stuck on one day forever.

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The domineering CEO was a man who was very self-disciplined and so powerful that he was very cold and indifferent. He lived step by step, like a robot with all the programs set up every day. Get up at five o’clock in the morning, go for a run, browse relevant news at home and abroad, always have coffee and sandwiches for breakfast, then go to work at the company on time at nine o’clock in the morning, or fly around the world on business trips according to the itinerary.

On the day when the story began, according to the domineering CEO’s itinerary, he was going to attend a very important contract signing event. However, that morning, he had received a call from his mother, tactfully expressing that she missed him, hoping that the domineering CEO could take time to go home and visit them, his parents.

The domineering CEO’s response was to transfer 100,000 yuan to his parents’ account, and order his assistant to buy good health care products to send home. He even thoughtfully ordered a seven-day tour with a group for his parents to help them dispel loneliness, and then expressed that he really didn’t have any time.

Later, he also received a call from his girlfriend informing him that she wanted to break up. So the domineering CEO proposed to his girlfriend on the phone. His sincere attitude originally touched his girlfriend’s heart but soon afterwards, in order to make it on time to the important contract signing, he perfunctorily brushed her off and once again angered his girlfriend. After some hysterical accusations and criticisms, the girlfriend broke up with him angrily and hung up the phone.

Afterwards, the domineering CEO who was not in a good mood encountered an absent-minded employee who was late for work, almost causing the signing ceremony to fail. The domineering CEO managed with difficulty to save the mishap and fired the employee according to the employee guidelines, only to have the employee attack him out of revenge…..

All in all, this day was very messy and bad. However, when the domineering CEO finally came home from work, after finishing all the work and getting ready to go to bed, the next day when he opened his eyes again it was to return to this day again.

During the first reincarnation, even though the domineering CEO realized that something was wrong, he had no interest in investigating the cause. He still lived his life step by step. However, with repeated reincarnations, even the domineering CEO who was obsessed with work couldn’t help but disperse his energy on other things. Anyway, even if the work was finished, it would start again the next day. No matter how good the results of his efforts today, when the sun rose the next day, it would still disappear.

Amid such thoughts, the domineering CEO finally began to change. He noticed that the fired employee was late because the employee was involved in a car accident on the way to work while dropping off his daughter to school. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the signing ceremony, the employee had to send the daughter off on the ambulance alone, and then call his divorced ex-wife. Amidst the unbelievable questioning and scolding of his ex-wife, the employee entrusted the injured daughter to his ex-wife, and brought the injured daughter to the ex-wife himself before rushing to the signing site. Even so, he was late. And was questioned and dismissed by the domineering CEO. And the reason why the employee got divorced in the first place was because he was too busy at work to take care of his family…..

The experiences of the employee made the domineering CEO think deeply. On this day, he did not try his best to save the signing ceremony, but returned home silently. Due to preparing for this contract signing, he also didn’t sleep well for many days. He wanted to go home and rest. Then the next morning, the domineering CEO who returned to this day once again received the call from his parents.

This time, the overbearing CEO willfully rejected all the appointments for the day, went home to accompany his parents, chatted with them, bought groceries and cooked meals with them, ate with them, took a walk with them to digest the food and then watched TV with them. He was surprised to find that the very youthful parents in his memory have gray temples, wrinkled skin, and even their backs were not as tall and straight as before.

That night, the overbearing CEO stayed at his parents’ house. This was also the first time since he had been working for so many years, that he had put down all the work at hand and spent time with his parents wholeheartedly. When he opened his eyes again, the domineering CEO returned to his bedroom once again. And in this reincarnation, he accompanied his girlfriend who decided to break up, and also learned about her helplessness and loneliness…..

In the end, of course, the domineering CEO realized through repeated reincarnations that what he should cherish and care about the most was not his work, but his family and beloved. So he took his girlfriend home to meet his parents and finalized the wedding date. Even though he knew that he would start over again the next day, the domineering CEO still patiently promised everyone a happy future. Of course, the ending was different this time. On the second day, time finally started to continue to flow.

The inspiration for this script came from Tao Mu’s experience of constant reincarnation. However, the main purpose of the story was to tell everyone that if you were blindly immersed in work or one thing and could not extricate yourself, and have no energy to pay attention to the surrounding scenery and people around you, even if time kept moving forward, then for this person, these passages of time were also meaningless. Because he would stay on this day forever.

Just like Tao Mu in the past, he was blindly immersed in the emotion of revenge and being recognized by the Shen family and couldn’t extricate himself, so no matter how many times he reincarnated, he would always stay in one place. Time seemed to flow, but it was actually static. Because the elapsed time had no meaning to him.

While Tao Mu was pondering the script, Li Xiaoheng was nestled beside him to browse the news of the day, and process a lot of company documents that needed his approval.

The two of them nestled on the same sofa. The afternoon sun poured through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the shadows cast by the dark green trees flickered in the breeze, making the living room extraordinarily bright and warm.

Tao Mu tapped on the keyboard for a while, then raised his head and said to Li Xiaoheng: “…..Actually, the prototype of the hero is you.” To be precise, it was the Li Xiaoheng who had never met Tao Mu. In every life that passed by, he was addicted to work and couldn’t extricate himself, and remained alone until dying of old age.

Li Xiaoheng moved his eyes away from the stock market listing, looked down at Tao Mu who was stretching lazily in his arms, and teased in a warm voice: “Then is the prototype of the heroine you?”

Tao Mu’s lips twitched, feeling that there was no way to chat any longer.

“You conversation terminator!” Tao Mu secretly slandered, and asked Li Xiaoheng unwillingly, “Don’t you think this is very romantic?”

He wrote his own script for the graduation performance, and the prototype of the hero was actually his lover or something…..

Li Xiaoheng laughed when he heard the words, and immediately realized Tao Mu’s unspoken expectation. Immediately, he said: “Of course it’s very romantic. In fact, I’m also looking forward to seeing this graduation performance, as well as you acting as me. Of course, I am even more looking forward to the day when you receive your diploma.”

When Li Xiaoheng said this, he paused slightly, stretched out his hand to hook Tao Mu’s little finger, and emphasized gently: “We have agreed. On the day of graduation, you will receive your graduation certificate in the morning and your marriage certificate in the afternoon.”

Tao Mu also hooked Li Xiaoheng’s little finger back with a little force, pulled him down, and kissed him lightly, “En, it was agreed a long time ago.”

Li Xiaoheng chuckled and kissed Tao Mu, then began to attack: “But having said that, in the heart of our family’s CEO Tao, I turned out to be such a work-obsessed, cold and indifferent person who is like a robot, and even my parents and lovers don’t want to pay attention to me.”

Tao Mu: “…..” No, that’s not the case. I don’t, I’m not, I don’t think this.

“You said it yourself, this male protagonist is based on me.” Li Xiaoheng observed Tao Mu’s expression, and continued to sigh aggrievedly: “I’m so sad. So in our baby’s heart, I am an old man without a sense of romance.”

Tao Mu could only feel a string snap in his head. He didn’t even have time to pursue the matter of Li Xiaoheng calling him “baby”, quickly explaining: “I don’t. I just…..fine, I’m wrong.”

Seeing Li Xiaoheng’s increasingly aggrieved expression, Tao Mu had no choice but to obediently admit his mistake.

“Then what kind of punishment should Mr. Tao receive for this mistake?” Li Xiaoheng raised his eyebrows, pretending to be serious and asked: “Or, no matter what punishment I give, our Mr. Tao will willingly accept the punishment? “

Noticing Li Xiaoheng’s sudden “enthusiasm”, Tao Mu, who was forced to admit his mistake, only felt weak in his kidneys, and asked without confidence: “Then how do you want to punish me?”

Li Xiaoheng raised his eyebrows again, and in an especially domineering CEO manner, he hugged their family’s CEO Tao, and said meaningfully: “Of course it is the punishment of love!”

Tao Mu: “…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So from this afternoon until the next morning, Mr. Tao, who wanted to work on the script, was unable to complete the tasks listed on his to-do list. It was not until the noon of the next day, Tao Mu, who was woken up by the bright sun, got up from the bed with a hand rubbing his waist and a bitter face. Mr. Li, who had been the punisher all night, was squatting in the bathroom and preparing bath water for his punished. Seeing Tao Mu walking in with one hand supporting the wall and one hand protecting his waist, Mr. Punisher greeted him very graciously, and helped the dear punished take a bath.

Mr. Tao, who failed to complete the work again, suddenly thought that the hero of this “Reincarnation” could also be himself. Every day, he repeated the reincarnation cycle of wanting to work hard but still being unable to complete the work, and even have to accept Mr. Punisher’s “punishment of love” under various excuses.

It was just that towards this time’s reincarnation cycle, Tao Mu endured it gladly.

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