Source of Calamity CH 051 Isn’t That Right?

“Mr. Shen, last quarter’s report.” The assistant put the document on Shen Zhen’s desk.

Shen Zhen, who was sitting on the boss’s chair, opened the report and looked carefully. The network information company was profitable in the last quarter, while the real estate side was full of expenditures——there was no helping it, after all, the news of the construction of the expressway and the subway had not yet come out, and it would have to wait until next year in April, when the housing prices and land prices in the surrounding area would all skyrocket.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The housing price in that area was originally 6,000 yuan per square meter. After all, the transportation was not convenient, it was far away from the city center, and there were only a few buses.

But as soon as the news came out, the housing price soared from 6,000 to 10,000, and from 10,000 to 25,000 in just two years, and it would continue to rise slowly. The whole country was now building expressways and subways. The next ten years would all belong to real estate corporate carnival.

Shen Zhen took over these buildings and land to build a mid-range community with commercial and residential integration. Residents would have access to shopping malls, supermarkets, fresh food markets, and fitness shopping clubs as soon as they walked outside. So recently, Shen Zhen had been attracting businesses to settle in, as he couldn’t eat this pie himself.

So recently he almost often appeared in various social occasions.

After reading all the materials, Shen Zhen called the Su family siblings after getting off work and invited them to attend a gathering with him.

This made the Su family siblings smile widely. Originally, Shen Zhen didn’t like to socialize. Attending once or twice a month was already considered frequent for him. But now, he could appear at the banquet five days a week and even bring along the Su siblings.

Su Jinghan was wearing jewelry, eight centimeter crystal heels, and a silver haute couture evening dress, holding a limited edition designer handbag. Her whole body seemed to be clad in money. She took Su Yutong’s arm and whispered: “I heard it will be very lively tonight.”

Su Yutong didn’t understand, so he asked, “What?”

Su Jinghan: “Feng Anyan is coming too.”

Su Yutong was taken aback, but quickly realized who Su Jinghan was talking about, and his expression became excited: “Doesn’t he never attend parties?”

Feng Anyan was a casino tycoon. His family made their wealth in casinos and was considered a proper crown prince. Ten years ago, the Feng family egan to whitewash their businesses and created the country’s biggest film and television company. Feng Anyan was the only child and heir so naturally with this halo, wherever he would be the center of attention and praise.

“Half of the firepower tonight will probably go to him.” Su Jinghan shrugged, then tilted her head and asked, “Is my lipstick fine?”

Su Yutong: “Sister, your makeup today is perfect, and you are the most beautiful among all the beauties.”

Su Jinghan smiled and said, “I like that sweet mouth of yours.”

Shen Zhen arrived just when the party started. He had learned his lesson this time and asked the driver to drive the company’s car. He couldn’t go back in someone else’s car like before.

Shen Zhen was wearing a gray suit, with his hair combed back, revealing exquisite and indifferent features. This would make him look more mature.

As soon as he stepped into the banquet venue, what he saw was a group of people gathered together, which surprised Shen Zhen.

After all, even if these people wanted to flatter and hug the thigh of Feng Anyan, they still had to put up a pretense at the beginning. Even Shen Zhen, they would only stick over after they were a little familiar.

“Young Master Shen.” Su Yutong and Su Jinghan arrived one step ahead, and when they saw Shen Zhen coming in, they hurried forward to say hello.

Shen Zhen: “What’s going on over there?”

Su Yutong smiled and said, “Feng Anyan came to a banquet for the first time.”

Of course, Shen Zhen knew that Feng Anyan was one of Su Shiqing’s suitors. To be precise, any man who was excellent and rich would fall at Su Shiqing’s feet. Su Shiqing himself was better than any sense altering drug.

This person also made Su Shiqing a national idol——he produced a special TV program for Su Shiqing, filming the daily life of the wealthy, satisfying the voyeuristic desire of ordinary people, and making Su Shiqing popular. Su Shiqing didn’t need to do anything, just film some ads every year and he would earm heaps of money.

And this person was even a saint, even if he knew that Su Shiqing’s lover was Qin Yue, he would silently make sacrifices behind his back without asking for anything in return, living off the hope that he could cuckold Qin Yue one day.

But whether that someday was years or decades away was unclear.

Su Shiqing could mess around with Qin Yue, but the other supporting males had to remain chaste like jade for Su Shiqing.

To be honest, Shen Zhen was quite impressed.

Feng Anyan didn’t know Su Shiqing yet. He just came from X City and was preparing to take over the family’s entertainment company. His father was in charge of the part of the family businesses that hadn’t been whitewashed.

“Young Master Feng, what are you looking at?” A girl asked coquettishly.

Feng Anyan pointed to the direction where Shen Zhen was: “Who is that person?”

After all, in this entire venue, Shen Zhen was the only other one surrounded by people besides him.

There was no such person in the information he got last year.

The girl giggled lightly: “That’s Young Master Shen. I heard that he lived in the Qin family manor since he was a child. Mr. Qin has practically kept him by his side for more than half a year. Now there are not many who don’t curry favor with him.”

Feng Anyan nodded, no wonder he didn’t have any impression. It turned out that it wasn’t a memory error, but that it was normal that there was no such person in the information he got a year ago. He looked at Shen Zhen, his eyes full of weighing and inquiry.

The girl grabbed Feng Anyan’s wrist: “It’s rare for you to come to a banquet, come dance with me.”

Feng Anyan pushed the girl away gently but firmly: “I don’t know how to dance.”

This was a decline.

The girl pouted, but she wasn’t truly angry, just pretending: “Then I’ll go dance by myself.”

Feng Anyan said nothing, and watched the girl enter the dance floor.

Su Jinghan asked Su Yutong: “How is it, so I look good tonight?”

Su Yutong: “Go, you are the most beautiful.”

Su Jinghan stepped forward on high heels, passing Feng Anyan in a charming manner.

…..Feng Anyan didn’t even look at her.

Su Jinghan: “…..”

Shen Zhen sat on the side. He had just exchanged contact information with a few people, and then he would have to invite their elders to come out for a detailed discussion, but tonight’s goal was accomplished, and he could drink wine and eat pastries at leisure.

As for dancing——the only dancing he knew was radio gymnastics, and it had been so long that he didn’t even remember it clearly.

“Sitting here alone?” Someone handed Shen Zhen a glass of champagne and toasted Shen Zhen, “Aren’t you bored?”

Shen Zhen turned around and saw that it was Feng Anyan. Feng Anyan had already torn off his bow tie, which gave him a wild aura, the type that many people liked.

But in fact, in the business world, an appearance that was too ostentatious was not an advantage.

Such people were either too smart or too stupid.

They weren’t really people one wanted to deal with.

At least now Shen Zhen didn’t want to deal with him.

For the sake of being polite, Shen Zhen still took the glass of champagne and said in a socially acceptable tone, “It’s alright.”

Feng Anyan: “My surname is Feng…..”

Shen Zhen nodded: “I know, Feng Anyan.”

Feng Anyan smiled: “This is the first time I hear someone say my name, and it feels like they are reciting it.”

Shen Zhen turned his head: “What is it?”

Feng Anyan leaned over, their heads becoming very close to each other. Feng Anyan whispered, “Are you?”

Shen Zhen looked confused: “?”

Feng Anyan chuckled lowly: “Stop pretending, we are the same kind of people.”

Only then did Shen Zhen understand what he meant by that, but thinking of Feng Anyan’s “deep love” for Su Shiqing, Shen Zhen said righteously: “No, I’m not.”

Feng Anyan: “…..?”

Feng Anyan smiled and said, “I don’t mean anything else, I’m new here, how about making friends?”

Shen Zhen looked at Feng Anyan, his gaze was deep, his eyes amber, like the most luminescent amber under the light.

Feng Anyan didn’t know why, but he was inexplicably nervous.

Shen Zhen: “My surname is Shen…..”

Feng Anyan breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “I know, Shen Zhen.”

Feng Anyan was a good conversation partner. He behaved naturally, and was handsome. Although his aura was unrestrained and wild, he knew how to speak within social boundaries. He even had a sense of humor. It was a pity that when faced with Shen Zhen, no matter how funny he was, the corners of Shen Zhen’s mouth would not move even a millimeter.

Shen Zhen listened to Feng Anyan’s words, but his eyes swept across the person walking in from the front doors——Su Shiqing was wearing a white down jacket, with a timid expression. He followed behind Chu Haoyi, looking innocent and pitiful, which really aroused one’s tenderness.

Feng Anyan also noticed that Shen Zhen’s attention was not on him, and following Shen Zhen’s gaze, he naturally found Su Shiqing, but he seemed to have misunderstood something.

“You have a good eye.” Feng Anyan touched his chin and said, “I didn’t expect you to like the little white rabbit type.”

Feng Anyan not only thought that Shen Zhen was gay, but also thought that Shen Zhen was 1 just like himself. (TN: 1=top, gong 0=bottom, shou)

And since both were 1, their aesthetics should be similar.

Feng Anyan clicked his tongue: “I prefer one with a bit more muscles, the one next to him is not bad.”

Shen Zhen: “…..” This person was as good at talking to himself as Shen Li.

Chu Haoyi and Su Shiqing also saw Shen Zhen and the person next to him. Of course, they would not walk over to Shen Zhen just to invite ridicule on themselves. After all, Chu Haoyi was the heir of the Chu family, and there were still people who were willing to curry favor with him, but Su Shiqing’s treatment was not so good.

After all, Chu Haoyi was the heir, not the head of the family, and the Chu family didn’t have that much power and influence either. To curry favor with Chu Haoyi meant possible benefits, but to curry favor with Su Shiqing? That was really too lacking in class.

By the time Su Shiqing realized it, he had already been pushed out by those people and could only stand there helplessly.

“He looks so pathetic.”

“Are you going to talk to him?”

“No thanks…..I don’t know him.”

The girls were more sympathetic, discussing in low tones.

“Aren’t you going over?” Feng Anyan asked Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen raised his eyebrows, and it unexpectedly made him look a little wicked: “For what?”

Feng Anyan felt that his saliva was secreting uncontrollably, and he whispered, “The hero saving the beauty.”

Shen Zhen finally laughed. With a faint smile he said to Feng Anyan, “I’m not the hero, are you?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feng Anyan also laughed: “That depends on who you compare with.”

When Feng Anyan appeared in front of Su Shiqing, Su Shiqing’s whole person was in a daze. Of course he knew Feng Anyan, but he didn’t know what he looked like. When Feng Anyan introduced himself, Su Shiqing’s face already turned slightly red.

God still treated him well, isn’t that right?

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