After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 049 Younger Brother

Before the summer vacation, He Qianyu and Li Xiao made an appointment to go skating together but right after school ended she returned to the old family house, and Li Xiao was also busy with the Olympiad in a few months, so it wasn’t until after a quarter of the summer was over that the two finally found time to hang out.

When Li Xiao and He Qianyu were on the phone, Pan Liuyi was nearby. Hearing that the two wanted to go skating, she was so excited that she also invited friends to the newly opened skating rink the next day and invited them to go there together. So after dance class, He Qianyu went straight to the ice rink, but who would have thought that she would see Jiang Chen before even entering the door. Just as she was feeling pleasantly surprised, she saw He Qianjian and his friends appearing from behind as well.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He Qianyu didn’t expect that He Qianjian and Jiang Chen would know each other. Seeing them walking in the same direction together, she followed them quietly without thinking. But who knew, when she just walked into the woods, the people on He Qianjian’s side and Jiang Chen’s side broke out into a fight.

In the woods, the several teenage boys began brawling, and He Qianyu was both surprised and puzzled, subconsciously and quickly hiding behind a tree trunk.

The teenagers fought without any scruples, and someone was kicked to land in front of the big tree where He Qianyu was hiding. She was startled and felt that she should go out to persuade them to stop, but she had never seen a real fight happening in front of her before. Seeing that He Qianjian didn’t join the fight, and Jiang Chen was holding his own despite being two against his one, He Qianyu couldn’t help watching for a while longer.

Jiang Chen and He Qianjian were not far away, and He Qianyu only paid attention to them. She could see every move of the two of them clearly. When she saw someone sneaking up on Jiang Chen, she subconsciously wanted to call out to him, but before she could even open her mouth, it was as if Jiang Chen had eyes behind his back, and kicked his attacker to the ground with a sideways kick.

He Qianyu couldn’t help but cheer in her heart, and almost applauded him. But just when her palms were about to touch each other, she saw He Qianjian quietly picking up a stone from the ground, and before she even had time to wonder, she saw He Qianjian sneaking cautiously behind Jiang Chen. She was startled and was about to call out alert Jiang Chen but the inadvertent expression on He Qianjian’s face made her forget to speak out.

At this moment while she was in a daze, Jiang Chen dodged He Qianjian’s sneak attack, and seemed to have expected it long ago, knocking him down effortlessly. At that time, He Qianyu didn’t know why, but she just breathed a sigh of relief, and then called the police.

Before the police came, she watched He Qianjian wanting to sneak attack again but was beaten by Jiang Chen once again, completely unable to fight back. She wanted to go out countless times to stop them, but she couldn’t get her legs to move no matter what. During the fight, she was torn by different feelings, at once suddenly feeling that it was wrong for her eldest brother to sneak attack on Jiang Chen, and then feeling that if she didn’t stop the fight her eldest brother would be beaten to death. Just when she was finally about to step out, what Jiang Chen said to He Qianjian reached her ears, burning them and her cheeks red.

In her mind, her eldest brother was always outstanding and mature, he was the pride of her parents and her role model, and other than his bad relationship with her second brother, he had almost no shortcomings. But such a person, at this moment, revealed another side that had never been shown at home. It was not only his actions, but also his unconscious emotions and expressions, which were so despicable that even if she stood watching in the dark l, her cheeks still couldn’t help flushing in shame.

This sense of shame reached its peak after returning home and passing through the living room and hearing He Qianjian’s completely false words. She began to wonder, was the eldest brother she saw before really who she thought he was? If not, other than this side of his, how many sides did her eldest brother have hidden?

He Qianyu lay on the bed and thought for a long time, so long that she began to wonder whether she herself was thinking too much, whether she was judging others too arbitrarily, but suddenly it came to her mind what He Qianmin said a long time ago.

After hearing the whole story and He Qianyu’s entanglement with this matter, He Qianmin sneered: “Can’t believe it?”

He Qianyu nodded, the expression on her face was so conflicted as if she had encountered a century-old problem and her views had been reshaped: “Second Brother, could it be that I am thinking too much? I don’t think Eldest Brother is that kind of person, maybe there is just some misunderstanding between him and Brother Jiang Chen, that’s why it is like this.”

“Like this.” He Qianmin raised his eyebrows: “Like what? Using underhanded means, and being very proud and gleeful over it? No matter how bad off I was during fights, I never did such a lowly thing.”

“But…..” He Qianyu said, “But isn’t there a saying that ‘all’s fair in war’?”

He Qianmin knocked on He Qianyu’s forehead: “He is not practicing ‘all’s fair in war’, he is simply showing his true nature which is that of a treacherous villain.”

He Qianyu lowered her head and was silent for a while, then grabbed He Qianmin’s clothes and said, “Then Eldest Brother…..did he treat you like this too? Is that the reason why you hate him?”

He Qianmin was startled, but when he lowered his eyes, he could only see the top of her small head and slightly trembling eyelashes.

How did He Qianjian treat him… fact, He Qianmin himself couldn’t explain it clearly. There was no evidence for any of it. If he really wanted to mention it, he could only look for it in the direction of ghosts and supernatural powers. He felt that it was ridiculous enough without the need to even bring it up in words. Even every time when he woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare, he couldn’t help thinking, did He Qianjian really do those things? Could it really be like everyone said, it was just his own imagination, just paranoia.

If he hadn’t already seen the truth of his duplicity from He Qianjian’s clues, maybe he would have doubted himself like He Qianyu now.

“Brother?” He Qianyu looked up, and was taken aback after seeing He Qianmin’s expression: “Brother…..Second brother, what’s wrong with you?”

He Qianmin came back to his senses, saw He Qianyu whose eyes were red with anxiety, and pulled his lips into a smile. He ruffled her hair, and said, “Why are you crying?”

He Qianyu sniffed, for some reason, seeing He Qianmin’s smile, she couldn’t suppress the sting in her eyes even more. She choked in a sob and buried her head in He Qianmin’s chest, a voice coming out from the bottom of her heart: “I’m sorry…..”

He Qianmin stiffened, then relaxed after a few seconds. He hugged He Qianyu lightly, smiled and said in a low voice, “It’s okay.”

He Qianyu sobbed and raised her eyes, seeing his gentle profile. Suddenly, it overlapped with another silhouette that had been kept in her heart for a long time.


When Jiang Chen received the call from He Qianmin, he was reading a book with Miao Miao. Old Mr. Miao sent Miao Miao to the Jiang’s early this morning, asking Jiang Chen and Yang Si to help take care of her for a day. He had to go out to take care of some things.

It just so happened that Jiang Zhuo was discharged from the hospital today, and Yang Si was planning to bring Jiang Zhuo back, and invite old Mr. Miao and Miao Miao to come to their house for dinner, so she naturally agreed to old Mr. Miao’s request.

Therefore, Jiang Chen, who was originally going to pick up Jiang Zhuo together, remained at home to look after Miao Miao.

“Miao Miao, wait for a bit.” Jiang Chen pressed the answer button and said to Miao Miao, “Big Brother will continue to tell you stories after the call.”

Miao Miao nodded obediently, and flipped through the fairy tale book by herself, while Jiang Chen walked to the window and answered the phone call.

He Qianmin heard what Jiang Chen said, and asked casually, “Big Brother, who is next to you?”

“A child that my neighbor entrusted to my family to take care of.” Jiang Chen asked, “Is there something the matter?”

He Qianmin suddenly laughed: “Did you meet He Qianjian yesterday?”

Jiang Chen: “That’s right.”

“And beat him up?”


“He sneak attacked you?”

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. It was not surprising that He Qianmin knew that he and He Qianjian fought. After all, He Qianjian’s injuries couldn’t be covered up yesterday, and there was no need for He Qianjian to hide it. It was just that, regarding He Qianjian attempting to sneak attack him, it was obviously impossible that He Qianjian would say it himself.

“How did you know?”

“My little sister saw it.” He Qianmin glanced at He Qianyu who was determined to listen to the phone call, then looked away and said, “It’s He Qianyu, I mentioned her to you, she said you two met at the bookstore.”

A delicate and petite girl appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind, and he frowned and asked, “She was there yesterday?”

“She and Li Xiao made an appointment to go ice skating, and she followed when she saw you. She was also the one to call the police yesterday.” He Qianmin mercilessly betrayed his sister. He laid a palm on her forehead, keeping the fiercely indignant He Qianyu away, “By the way, Brother, how did you know Pan Liuyi and Li Xiao? I haven’t heard l you mention it.”

Hearing He Qianmin’s tone, Jiang Chen knew that He Qianyu had not been scared, so he was reassured and briefly explained how he got to know Pan Liuyi and Li Xiao.

He Qianmin couldn’t help but let out a huff: “So the book you gave me was the test book that Pan Liuyi had blown rainbow fart over countless times. Next time she comes over, I’ll put it in front of her for her to see.”

Jiang Chen chuckled lightly: “You called me because of this?”

“No…..” He Qianmin let go of the hand on He Qianyu’s forehead, pushed her towards the door, then closed the door, ignoring the sound of knocking on the other side, and said in a low voice, “Thanks.”

Jiang Chen paused, and almost instantly realized what He Qianmin was thanking for.

He Qianmin heard a few seconds of silence on the other side, and then a laugh mixed with a slight sigh came, and he said, “You are my younger brother.”

An indescribable feeling welled up in his heart, and He Qianmin “en” lightly, smiling with reddened eyes.

When Jiang Chen hung up the phone, he saw Miao Miao staring at him with big eyes, her round face full of curiosity: “Who is Brother Jiang Chen’s younger brother? Is he as good as Brother Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen smiled, picked her up, and said with a slight smile, “Even better than me.”

Miao Miao widened her eyes, thought for a while and shook her head, and said solemnly like a little adult: “Brother Jiang Chen is the best, no one is better than Brother Jiang Chen, even if it is Brother Jiang Chen’s younger brother——” She held out two chubby little fingers: “At best, he can only be the second best!”

“Brother Jiang Chen’s younger brother?” Jiang Zhuo stood by the door and said with a smile, “Why didn’t I know that Brother Jiang Chen has a younger brother?”

Jiang Chen turned his head and said with a smile, “Dad, you’re back.”

“Uncle Jiang!” Miao Miao obediently greeted, and then said, “Brother Jiang Chen has a younger brother, and the one who called him just now is Brother Jiang Chen’s second best brother.”

“Then who is the first best?” Jiang Zhuo walked into the room and asked with a smile.

“Of course it’s Brother Jiang Chen!” Miao Miao didn’t hesitate.

Jiang Zhuo wanted to ask again, but Yang Si’s voice came from behind: “Jiang Zhuo, don’t stand for too long, Dr. Shi said that your excessive activity will affect your recovery, come and sit down and take the medicine first!”

Jiang Zhuo had no choice but to gesture to Jiang Chen that we will talk later, then turned and left the room.

Old Mr. Miao only came back after dinner. He thanked the Jiang family and took Miao Miao home.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Jiang Chen finally had time to rest. He opened the Wingnet and clicked on the messages from 196.

[196: God D, Boss Huang came to find me all the way at my school this time. He has a very urgent business and doesn’t trust others. He just wants to ask you for help, which is why I’m asking you again.]

[196: Their company’s business information has been stolen, and now they want to find someone to help hack into that company and delete their company’s stolen information, the asking price is three million.]

[D: Not taking it.]

196 seemed to have been waiting on the Internet the whole time, so when Jiang Chen responded to the message he replied immediately.

[196: I also guessed that you won’t accept the job. You have mentioned your rules for accepting jobs before, and you should not be short of money now, so I’ll go and let them know.]

[D: I must trouble you.]

[196: No trouble no trouble! ]

Jiang Chen closed the dialog box, and another message popped up. It was a message from the hacker group.

[B: Japan and South Korea are fighting fiercely. Is anyone interested for some fun, and to stir up the muddy waters?]

[E: Needless to say, I’ve already been involved.]

[O: I’m in Japan, and it’s a mess here, it’s quite interesting. ]


Jiang Chen scrolled up the chat history, only to find out that the hackers from Japan and South Korea started disrupting each other’s country’s national security network in the early hours of yesterday, and it had intensified today. In the past few years, Japan and South Korea have had some political and economic confrontations with China in the international arena. The diplomatic situation was so-so, and there have been frictions in history. In recent times, international trade conferences have even boycotted China. Now the trade conference is coming soon. B chose to make a move at this time, and it was also with the intention to teach them a lesson.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

[Q: Such an interesting thing, we must take part!]

[H: In reality, I am nicknamed Sh*t Stirrer, there is no sh*t in this world that I can’t stir~]

[B: Vomit…]

[E: Vomit…]

[S: Let’s go.]

Jiang Chen pondered for two seconds, and followed S, typing four words.

[D: I will go too. ]

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