Source of Calamity CH 055 Scheming

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On the first day of working at the Qin Group, Su Shiqing stood with the cleaners waiting to be assigned their cleaning areas. The cleaners were almost all middle-aged and elderly people. They were wearing uniforms, and they were all very curious about this young man. There were not many young people who took up cleaning and custodian jobs. Most of them were not well-educated, and it was difficult to find a job. Because the Qin Group’s salary for the cleaners was not low, there were still many people who tried their best to squeeze in, so it was actually quite competitive.

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However, there were hardly any new additions every year.

Su Shiqing had fair and tender looks, his appearance was the kind that was very pleasing to elders. He was also a sweet talker, and in just one morning, he got along with the cleaners and was assigned to the most relaxing area.

The office area was the easiest, because the employees were of high quality and did not litter. The garbage was thrown into the trash can at the end of the corridor. Other cleaners were responsible for the dust on the floor. Su Shiqing only needed to tidy up the cabinets and tables next to the office area.

This new cleaner with outstanding appearance quickly attracted the attention of many people.

At noon, Su Shiqing had already established relationships with many employees in this department.

During the break time, the cleaners would also rest, so Su Shiqing naturally sat in the coffee shop with the office workers to rest. Probably because he felt that the life of a cleaner was relatively tight on money, someone even bought Su Shiqing a cup of coffee out of his own pocket. Su Shiqing smiled at the other and said thank you, causing that person’s face to turn red.

After chatting for a while, Su Shiqing asked curiously, “Will CEO Qin come to inspect?”

The office workers all laughed: “How is it so easy to see CEO Qin, even the management may not be able to see him. Why would the people above care about us grassroots?”

Su Shiqing was silent for a few seconds, and then asked, “Doesn’t the top floor need to be cleaned?”

A cleaner who was about the same age as Su Shiqing said, “The top floor also needs to be cleaned, but there is a fixed cleaning team on each floor. Only when someone resigns or is fired will they be replaced.”

“Shi Qing, why are you asking this? Do you want to clean the top floor?” Someone asked strangely.

Su Shiqing quickly said, “No, no, it’s my first time working at a big company, I’m just a little curious, nothing else.”

The office workers laughed and said, “We all joined a branch office right after graduation, and then the branch office recommended us to the headquarters. Except for the Qin Group, we have never been to any other company.”

“Society is developing very fast now.” Someone sighed, “The head office used to only look at performance, and the people recommended by the branch office, if their performance passed the test, as long as their education is a bachelor’s degree then it’s fine. But that is no longer the case. Now not only do they look at performance, your education must also reach the graduate level.”

“Fortunately, I came in early.” The man said with lingering fear, “I just want to stay at the Qin Group and not go anywhere.”

“Where’s your ambition.” Someone laughed at him, “I want to work for a few more years, save some money, and then go back to my hometown to get married and open a shop or a small company in my hometown.”

The several people talked about the future they imagined, and they all felt that the future was bright. Although they were not management, but because they were in the R&D department, their annual salary was basically several million yuan. If they do a good job, the year-end bonus alone could compare to their annual wages.

Su Shiqing was quite confused.

He had never earned money, never worked, and he didn’t know how hard it was to earn money, nor how difficult it was to find a good job.

Even if Su Shiqing heard all this, he didn’t have any special feelings.

The only feeling was probably: “Working so hard, yet the money I earn is not as much as the pocket money Qin Yue gives me.”

“Why don’t you find a good lover?”

That’s right, Qin Yue! He hadn’t communicated with Qin Yue for a long time, and he didn’t know how Qin Yue was doing now.

But he was too busy.

After all, he had to get close to Uncle Qin, since Uncle Qin was not as good to Qin Yue now as before.

As long as he got Uncle Qin’s attention, it would also benefit Qin Yue, right?

He sacrificed so much for Qin Yue, and Qin Yue would be very touched when he knew about it.

But how to get in touch with Uncle Qin was a big problem. He had to go to the top floor.

Su Shiqing called Mr. Zheng again.

Mr. Zheng agreed easily: “Sure, I can help you with this.”

“Shall we go out for dinner this weekend?” Mr. Zheng asked earnestly.

Su Shiqing replied sweetly, “Okay.”

Mr. Zheng was in charge of the company’s logistics, the department manager of the logistics department. Though it was called logistics, in fact it was just miscellaneous personnel. He couldn’t intervene in most of the company’s important affairs. Though he was considered management, he did not have much power in his hands. Even so, there were still people who sucked up to him.

Especially those who wanted to try their luck with Qin Xing.

Don’t look at the job of a cleaner and think it didn’t seem to have anything to do with Qin Xing.

The promotion channels for the company’s employees were very fixed. If you don’t have outstanding performance, you have to wait for your seniority. This aspect was very strict, so the one who could make contact with Qin Xing in a short period of time was actually the cleaner.

Within a week of working below, Su Shiqing rose to the top floor.

The strange thing was that no one was jealous of him, and they all sincerely thought that he was just very lucky.

“Xiao Su has only been here for a week, and he has already gone upstairs.” Though some people were a bit sour.

Immediately, someone refuted him: “Xiao Su is so quick in doing things, he is also good-looking, sweet talking, and polite. If he doesn’t go, do you think you would go?”

“That’s right, the sour taste in your words practically permeates the whole building.”

“One has to be a little self-aware, Xiaosl Su is such a good person, the way I see it, he should go!”

Hearing the praise from the crowd, Su Shiqing had a modest smile on his face: “I don’t know what’s going on, maybe I’m just lucky, everyone, don’t think that it’s any different just because I go to the top floor. I am still a cleaner, and I still have to do my job well.”

When he got on the elevator to the top floor, only then did he let out a relieved sigh. Mr. Zheng’s hands and feet were quite fast.

Su Shiqing touched his left cheek, with a disgusted and contemptuous expression on his face. If it wasn’t because he had to fight for a way out for himself and Ah Yue, how could he have agreed to Mr. Zheng’s request.

That kiss on his cheek made him sick.

When he reached the top floor, there was the leader of the cleaning team in charge of this floor. She was an aunt in her forties. She immediately liked Su Shiqing when she saw him, and said to him: “You can clean Mr. Qin’s office. Mr. Qin likes cleanliness so it needs to be disinfected as well after cleaning.”

Su Shiqing couldn’t ask for more: “Thank you, team leader.”

The team leader smiled kindly and said, “Just be careful.”

She knew that these young people would definitely not be willing to just be cleaners and wanted to try their luck with Mr. Qin. She didn’t care about the others, but she felt this new young man was particularly pleasing to the eye, so she was willing to arrange for him to go to Mr. Qin’s office.

“Oh, how amazing. Actually able to immediately clean Mr. Qin’s office.” The young woman was also wearing a cleaner’s uniform, but even wearing a loose uniform couldn’t hide her good figure, curvy and voluptuous. And even without makeup powder on the face, with a face just plain she was still beautiful enough, giving one the feeling of a hibiscus in clear water.

But she didn’t like Su Shiqing at all.

After all, she was also here for Qin Xing. At first, she felt that as long as she went to the top floor, the future rich life would be beckoning to her. Her dream was also very simple. She did not dream of becoming the wife or madam, just a little lover was already very good, and her future would be guaranteed.

As a result, after working for so long, the team leader kept her under watch the whole time. So don’t even mention entering Qin Xing’s office, she couldn’t even greet him face-to-face.

What right did this little brat have?

Besides, they were all scheming characters, whatever he was thinking, how could she, a senior in the scheming world, not see it?

It would be too ridiculous if she pretended not to see the other taking the same little white lotus path as her.

The team leader scolded the young woman in a low voice: “Zhang Lei, don’t make trouble.”

Zhang Lei snorted, “What trouble am I making? I’ve been here for so long. It should have already been my turn to clean Mr. Qin’s office. Why should he get to do it? Just because he’s a man and I’m a woman, are you sexist? You’re a woman too.”

The team leader was also angry. She was just a little  team leader and had no power. At most, she could tell the management to deduct Zhang Lei’s salary, but Zhang Lei didn’t come here for salary, and she didn’t care about it at all.

Team leader: “Anyway, I’m the team leader. I can still decide who to clean where. Don’t think that everyone doesn’t know your little schemes, we just don’t say it out loud.”

Zhang Lei said angrily: “What am I scheming? Tell me, you say I have schemes, and he doesn’t?”

Zhang Lei pointed at Su Shiqing with her slender index finger.

The team leader snorted and looked down on Zhang Lei: “He is a man, not like you, shameless.”

Zhang Lei: “Auntie, is there something wrong with your eyes?”

Su Shiqing hurriedly persuaded the fighting women: “Don’t quarrel because of me. I came to work as a cleaner because I need the money. I can clean anywhere. Don’t fight because of me.”

Zhang Lei crossed her arms over her chest: “Don’t pretend in front of me. Speaking of pretending, I am your ancestor, but I am too lazy to pretend in front of you people. You think I can’t see the little schemes in your heart?”

The team leader was already speechless with anger at Zhang Lei. She originally thought that this was not all that important, and let Zhang Lei go clean Mr. Qin’s office, but after hearing Su Shiqing’s words, she became more firm. She grabbed Su Shiqing’s wrist, and said to Zhang Lei: “Who cares about you? If you have the ability, go talk to Mr. Zheng and see if he can arrange it for you.”

The team leader also mocked her: “Not learning well at a young age, not relying on your own hands to earn money, and wanting to take shortcuts. How shameless.”

Zhang Lei: “Who are you scolding shameless? Stop right there, let’s talk about this clearly, why is he going to CEO Qin’s office not shameless, but I am if I go?”

“What are you all doing standing here! CEO Qin is coming, do you understand the company’s rules?” Assistant Ma came out of the office frowning, “Resign if you don’t do your job. I’ve never seen a company as noisy as a vegetable market.”

The team leader quickly said: “I’m sorry, Assistant Ma, it’s just a small matter. A new colleague has arrived and I was assigning him an area.”

Assistant Ma gave her a look of displeasure, and walked back to the office.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Assistant Ma was not familiar with Su Shiqing, and he didn’t especially look at the newcomer, so he didn’t recognize him.

But even if he recognized him, he wouldn’t point it out.

Zhang Lei glanced at Su Shiqing who was walking towards CEO Qin’s office, and while going to get the cleaning tools, she thought to herself: If I don’t make you cry like a dog, then I’m not a scheming b*tch.

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