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It was already 10:30 in the morning when he left the Qin family manor. Shen Zhen originally wanted to go directly to the company, but Qin Xing said, “Go to Uncle’s office for a bit? Do you want to read the documents?”

This made Shen Zhen follow Qin Xing into the car willingly. There was no helping it, he really wanted to see the Qin Group’s business reporting method. Sometimes, this can increase efficiency and shine knowledge on the industrial chain to be targeted in the future.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In fact, Shen Zhen didn’t have to go to the company every day. His assistant would send all the materials of the day to Shen Zhen’s email. It was just that Shen Zhen had a strong sense of responsibility and had never been absent from work for a month. Sometimes he even spent weekends and rest days at the company.

Usually, if there were any appointments he couldn’t decline, they were also done after getting off work.

So today when Shen Zhen told the assistant that he would not go to the company, he gave the assistant quite the surprise.

The assistant also said: “CEO Shen, take a good rest and don’t overwork yourself.”

Seeing the boss working so hard, the employees below were also under a lot of pressure.

Shen Zhen said seriously: “If there is anything wrong at the company, please call me.”

The assistant quickly said: “Of course, CEO Shen, just inform me if there is anything.”

The assistant was a young girl, but she had been in the workplace for a long time, and her skills in dealing with interpersonal relationships were very good, which was exactly what Shen Zhen needed. The only problem was that because she was a girl, it was difficult for Shen Zhen to hand over personal affairs to her. Shen Zhen planned to recruit another male assistant.

When they arrived at the company, Qin Xing and Shen Zhen took the elevator, and many people saw Shen Zhen.

“Isn’t that CEO Qin’s secretary? I feel like I haven’t seen him for a long time. “

“I remember he was in the media department before.”

“CEO Qin couldn’t be that, right?”

“Could it be just to please the little lover?”

“Damn, for a man to do this kind of thing, isn’t that a bit, you know?”

“Anyway, I look down on this kind of person. A man selling his ass, it’s disgusting.


At this time, Shen Zhen didn’t know that the rumors behind him were already flying all over the sky.

And he became a male “secretary” who betrayed his dignity to climb up.

When Shen Zhen and Qin Xing got off the elevator, Assistant Ma was already waiting at the door of the elevator. He smiled and took Qin Xing and Shen Zhen’s coats: “Mr. Qin, all the documents you want are in your office.”

Qin Xing nodded, and Shen Zhen greeted Assistant Ma: “Brother Ma.”

Assistant Ma also greeted: “Young Master Shen.”

Walking into the office, Shen Zhen found that Qin Xing’s gaze and expression changed the moment he walked in. He looked around, turned to Assistant Ma behind him and said, “Who cleaned the office?”

Assistant Ma’s face changed in surprise: “It should… the same as before.”

Shen Zhen also looked around the office and found that there was dust under the table, but it was not obvious. Only now that the curtains were drawn and the sunlight came in, he could see it clearly. Not only that, there were also fibers left by the cleaning rag on the table——usually there would be no such traces on Qin Xing’s desk.

The glass windows also had very clear traces left from the window cleaner used to clean it.

Assistant Ma: “I’ll ask the cleaners…..”

Qin Xing raised his hand: “No need.”

Assistant Ma immediately said: “I will clean it again, and this will never happen again in the future.” He would definitely fire the person who did such shabby work!

Assistant Ma walked to the table and picked up the documents. They had been organized and cleaned by him personally and now they were also covered with dust. He had to take them back and rework them. He frowned, extremely displeased. He had worked for so many years, but don’t even mention big mistakes, even small mistakes have never been made. In the very beginning, Qin Xing’s office was cleaned and disinfected by him personally.

Later, he handed it over to the cleaning team after seeing that they did a careful job.

The top floor cleaning team earned five times as much as the lower floors.

They couldn’t even do this job well?

Qin Xing led Shen Zhen to the lounge, and Assistant Ma was left to bitterly clean the office himself.

After Assistant Ma finished cleaning, the room still smelled of disinfectant, so it needed to be ventilated.

He walked to the room where the cleaning team was resting, strode over, and asked the team leader with an ugly face: “Who cleaned CEO Qin’s office today?”

The team leader was taken aback, and she immediately knew something was wrong by seeing Assistant Ma’s expression.

But she couldn’t say directly that it was Su Shiqing. After all, although she had only been in contact with Su Shiqing for just a few hours, she had already developed quite good feelings for this young man. She felt that this young man was like her son.

The team leader lowered her head and quickly had an idea in her mind. She said, “It’s Zhang Lei. Zhang Lei was in charge today.”

Assistant Ma frowned, he had never heard of this name, which proved that this person had never been in charge of CEO Qin’s office before: “Where is she?”

Team leader: “She should be outside.”

Assistant Ma: “Walking around?”

The people in the lounge didn’t talk, few of them liked Zhang Lei, because Zhang Lei was good-looking, and every time they tried to strike a conversation with her Zhang Lei never responded to them. They had felt uncomfortable for a long time, and Zhang Lei was also not one to please people. So with the team leader having spoken, it was better for them to shut up.

Zhang Lei, who went back to the lounge after using the toilet, found that everyone looked at her with pity.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Lei asked strangely, “What happened?”

The team leader also felt guilty, she didn’t dare to look at Zhang Lei, and winked at the person she had a good relationship with. The person came over and said: “Zhang Lei, you have been fired.”

Zhang Lei: “Fired? What do you mean? Why am I fired?”

The person didn’t say anything specific, he just said: “You didn’t do your job well, and you didn’t clean well, it just happened to be discovered by the inspector.”

Zhang Lei looked at her in disbelief: “Are you kidding? I’m not the only one in charge of that area. Isn’t Zhao Guoqing with me? Why am I fired? But he is fine?”

“There was a problem with the place you were in charge of!” The person insisted.

Zhang Lei: “Don’t joke with me, you won’t tell me? Then I’ll ask myself!”

Only then did the team leader say: “You’re already fired, save yourself some dignity, don’t go out and make trouble, makes you look ugly like a shrew.”

Zhang Lei snorted coldly: “I have been fired but I can’t even know the reason? What do you mean by that? You want to drive me away? I just won’t let you do what you want!”

The team leader didn’t speak, and the lounge was very silent.

Shen Zhen, who was sitting in the lounge next to Qin Xing’s office, found that the air pressure around Qin Xing had been very low. Qin Xing’s obsession with cleanliness was not particularly serious, but the cleaning of that office…..was really horrible. When he exited, he even saw a puddle of water behind the door.

“Don’t be angry.” Shen Zhen poured Qin Xing a cup of tea, felt the temperature with the back of his hand before handing it over, “Brother Ma has already gone to clean it, and it will definitely not be like this again in the future. It’s not good for you to be angry.”

Qin Xing’s brows were still frowning.

Shen Zhen felt that if this continued, his own mood would become depressed as well, so he approached Qin Xing, stretched out his hand, and rubbed the center of Qin Xing’s eyebrows with his thumb: “Is it better?”

Shen Zhen smiled at him.

The corners of his eyes were curved and very gentle.

Qin Xing’s mood improved at a speed visible to the naked eye.

He said indifferently: “En.”

However, the corners of his mouth were still slightly upturned.

Shen Zhen felt that Qin Xing was surprisingly easy to coax.

The documents were sent over by Assistant Ma, with the same smile on his face as before, and he adjusted his mentality very quickly, without panic at all: “Young Master Shen, the documents are all sorted, if you have any questions, just ask me.”

Shen Zhen nodded: “Brother Ma, I’ve troubled you.”

Assistant Ma: “No trouble, no trouble.”

Although many people in the cleaning team dislike Zhang Lei, Zhang Lei still had friends. The friend was a girl, thin and small, but she worked very quickly and could not fit in with the others. Zhang Lei had a strong personality, while this girl had a weaker personality. Every time someone asked the girl to help with something, it was Zhang Lei who pushed it back.

The girl secretly said to Zhang Lei who was crying, “It’s the new guy who didn’t clean Mr. Qin’s office properly. Mr. Qin seemed very upset, so the team leader pushed you out.”

Zhang Lei’s tears were withdrawn in an instant, and she said angrily: “I knew it, it was definitely not my problem. I have been working here for so long, and if there was any problem, I would have already been fired. The newcomer surnamed Su is the team leader’s relative, right? Using power for personal gain, bah, shameless!”

The girl didn’t know either, so she could only say: “I don’t know either…..”

So Zhang Lei angrily went to settle the score with the team leader and Su Shiqing.

Ten minutes after Shen Zhen read the document, he heard a sound outside. It was not loud, but it was annoying.

And the footsteps of security guards.

Qin Xing also noticed, he looked up at Assistant Ma: “What’s going on?”

Assistant Ma shook his head: “I’ll go out and have a look.”

The security guards’ reaction was already quick, but they were still a step late.

Zhang Lei was fighting one against two. She grabbed the team leader’s hair with one hand and Su Shiqing’s with the other.

Why didn’t anyone realize that this woman was so fierce and reckless when beating people before?

The team leader bared her teeth in pain, and kicked Zhang Lei’s stomach with a foot. Zhang Lei arched back, and the team leader’s leg ended up kicking Su Shiqing’s leg. Su Shiqing’s hair was being pulled, and tears involuntarily rolled down, even so he was still asking pitifully: “What happened? What did I do wrong?”

The team leader also scolded: “Zhang Lei, what are you doing? It’s the decision of the superiors to fire you!”

Zhang Lei scolded angrily: “Don’t think I don’t know, this surnamed Su didn’t clean Mr. Qin’s office well, so you pushed me out. Do you think I’m easy to bully? I’m not easy to bully, at worst, everyone can be fired with me.”

The security guards hurried over to pull people away.

As soon as Zhang Lei was pulled away, her whole person changed, and she began to sob pitifully. She covered her face with her hands and said to the security guard, “Brother, they didn’t do their job well, and they pushed me out as the scapegoat. They are just bullying a weak woman like me.”

The security guards also had a heart of sympathy and tenderness for the beauty, but they couldn’t control this aspect of things, so it was hard for them to speak up.

Zhang Lei cried again: “My family is in the rurals, and my younger brothers and sisters all expect me to send money to them to pay tuition fees. If I lose my job, our family will be ruined.”

What she said was half-truth and half-false. Her family was indeed a rural registered permanent residence, but the family land had been bought to build highways, and she was considered a second-generation demolition child.

Just as the team leader was about to say something, Zhang Lei cried even more bitterly: “I’m so devastated. I didn’t know they would be like this. I’ve been working hard this whole time, and I come early every day.”

Coming early was because she wanted to try her luck, maybe Qin Xing would come early too? If Qin Xing came early, maybe he would have given her a second look.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

She cried: “If I didn’t do things seriously, I would have been fired a long time ago. How would it have waited until today?”

Su Shiqing was already stunned, he had never seen such a shameless person!

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