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Since she was a child, Zhang Lei knew how to pretend to be pitiful. Her parents gave her good looks, with willow eyebrows, slender waist and cherry lips. When she was in school, male classmates tried their best to court her, but she always dismissed them. How could it be possible for her, who was so beautiful, to waste her time with these people? At that time, her family was not a demolition household. She had a younger sister and a younger brother. Her younger brother was her parents’ darling and she and her sister were just extras.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Although she didn’t have to go work the fields when she was a child, she did all the chores at home, cleaning the yard, taking care of her younger sister and younger brother, and when she was young, she even had to step on a stool to cook. At that time, she was very naive and strong-headed, after hearing that men and women were equal at school, she really thought that men and women were indeed equal, and said to her parents when she got home: “My younger brother has to do chores too. Now society pays attention to equality between men and women. Why should my sister and I do everything, and he doesn’t have to do anything?”

Her parents looked at her in surprise.

“How can you compare yourself with your younger brother. Your younger brother can carry on the family line, can you? Your younger brother can carry out funeral rituals for your parents, can you?”

“It’s stipulated by the law that you are an adult at the age of 18, and we have no responsibility for you when you turn 18!”

“Your brother is the root of the old Zhang family! What are you! You’re just a waste of money!”

Zhang Lei soon realized that there was no benefit to being strong. The more fierce she was, the more people outside would point and point, saying that she was already grown up yet she didn’t know how to be considerate to her parents, but only knew to be jealous of her younger brother.

But everyone liked her younger sister, because her younger sister was weak and gentle, soft-spoken, and would cry when being bullied.

Zhang Lei learned this trick and had been invincible ever since.

As soon as her parents said a harsh word, she cried, and the more she cried, the louder she became, so that nearby people around her would be drawn over, and only then would she verbalize her grievances.

Sometimes the lethality of the weak and gentle was stronger than that of the strong. After Zhang Lei understood this truth, she embarked on the road of the white lotus and never returned.

But after all, she had a strong nature, and she was more willing to show her nature when it was not necessary.

Although it would make her look bipolar.

“I don’t know why she keeps targeting me.” Zhang Lei subsided in crying, she sat on the chair, her eyes red, saying tearfully, “Because I’m young?”

The team leader’s face was also very dark. They were all sitting in the office of the logistics department. Mr. Zheng hurried over, his forehead was covered with sweat. He was in his early thirties, with very ordinary looks, the appearance of an honest and simple man. Only when seeing Su Shiqing did a smile appear on his face.

But he quickly restrained himself and asked solemnly, “What happened?”

Zhang Lei didn’t know that Mr. Zheng and Su Shiqing were old acquaintances, so she quickly grabbed Mr. Zheng and began to cry.

But while she was crying here, Su Shiqing also had tears in the corners of his eyes, and that unsteady look of one about to faint was even more pitiful. Mr. Zheng’s heart had already flown to Su Shiqing’s side.

As a small executive, Mr. Zheng only saw a small corner of the lives of the wealthy. He was full of curiosity and yearning for this class that he could not integrate into, but before meeting Su Shiqing, he had no other expectations.

But when he met Su Shiqing, he fell in love with this fair-skinned young master so much. As soon as he saw Su Shiqing, he couldn’t help but want to get close to him.

If he conquered Su Shiqing, wouldn’t it mean that he conquered Su Shiqing’s class?

This realization gave Mr. Zheng an adrenaline rush, and his mind was thrown into turmoil.

But he was not a selfless person, as much as he helped Su Shiqing, he had to get it all back from Su Shiqing.

Just like how he let Su Shiqing go to the top floor and got a kiss from Su Shiqing as thanks.

Even if that kiss was his one-sided kiss, it was enough for him to be excited.

He didn’t care who Su Shiqing was with, on the contrary, it would only give him a greater sense of excitement.

Thinking about it, Su Shiqing’s lover was a son of a wealthy family, but he had an affair with the lover of a man whose wealth and status was all higher than him.

Didn’t this prove that he was more attractive than those people?

Thinking of this, Mr. Zheng’s blood boiled with excitement.

At this time, Qin Xing’s office was ready for work, and Shen Zhen didn’t want to stay in the lounge the whole time either. There were reclining chairs, sofas, and wine cabinets in the lounge. It was a good place to relax but not to work. After reading the report for a while, Shen Zhen just wanted to go to lay down on the recliner, he felt that he could sleep for a few more hours.

It might be that Shen Zhen had a hard time concentrating because of too much work pressure recently. He put down the report and massaged his temples.

At this time, a hand stretched out. Qin Xing stood behind Shen Zhen. He was standing against the light, and there was only a black and blurry figure, but those hands were very warm and gentle, and Shen Zhen gradually relaxed.

The atmosphere was very good at this time. Assistant Ma originally wanted to come in, but after taking a look, he retreated and closed the door of the lounge lightly without making a sound.

“Tired recently?” Qin Xing asked.

Shen Zhen smiled helplessly.

Qin Xing: “You don’t have to do everything yourself, just ask me if you don’t understand anything.”

After speaking, Qin Xing chuckled lightly: “I won’t charge you for tuition fee.”

Shen Zhen thought with a smile on the corner of his mouth, what nonsense are you talking about, obviously there is a tuition fee, but it’s not just money.

Shen Zhen raised his head to look at Qin Xing, and Qin Xing also happened to lower his head as well. Their eyes met and Shen Zhen couldn’t hold back, suddenly laughing: “You didn’t sleep well last night.”

Qin Xing: “En?”

Shen Zhen: “There are dark circles under your eyes.”

Shen Zhen whispered, “Like a precious panda.”

It was a pity that Qin Xing didn’t hear the word panda, but heard the word precious, and his expression suddenly became complicated.

Shen Zhen stood up from the sofa. He had been sitting for a long time, and felt his waist and shoulders were a little sore. He raised his arms and stretched his waist. He was not wearing a coat at this time, and only had a shirt on. The moment he raised his arms, the shirt was also pulled up, revealing a small stretch of bare waist.

Shen Zhen’s waist could not be called thin, but because he didn’t do outdoor activities all year round, he was very white. During this period of time, he had neglected to exercise, so only a faint shadow of his abdominal muscles were left, which was very inconspicuous, but even so, it was still incredibly sexy.

Qin Xing’s Adam’s apple moved up and down.

He helped Shen Zhen take a bath and change clothes, but at that time he didn’t have any inappropriate fantasies.

Because at that time Shen Zhen was unconscious, like a puppet, and he had no interest in puppets.

He liked the passionate and lively Shen Zhen, the way he yells and cries wantonly, that was another side of Shen Zhen, without any cover-up.

Qin Xing stared at Shen Zhen intently.

Shen Zhen practically grew up under his watch. He was sensitive, and had strong self-esteem. He forged a shell for himself, peering outside while nestled in the shell, reaching out carefully, and immediately retracting when he found something wrong.

Qin Xing recalled when Shen Zhen was twelve or thirteen years old. At that time, Qin Xing was very busy with work, he was full of ambitions, and the domestic economy was in turmoil, so he had no time or energy to care about the affairs of the younger generation at home.

It was a family dinner, and he was sitting in the center seat, watching the family members say some grandiose words with their own motives and self-interests. Everyone wanted something from him, but they were unwilling to say it outright. They hoped that Qin Xing could see their wishes and fulfill their wishes.

That made Qin Xing lose any interest. He was completely bored. If it wasn’t because his surname was Qin and he still remembered his father’s instructions before he passed, he might have already left this family——he really didn’t have any affection for the Qin family.

In his eyes, the Qin family should have died a long time ago.

A huge monster past its prime, reaching decline step by step. The best ending for it was to walk into the coffin at the right time.

At that time, he didn’t know who bought the outfit for Shen Zhen. The other children were all wearing suits, and he was the only one wearing a cotton jacket, which was even a bright red shade. The red jacket, pants, and shoes were as festive as any child on the street.

As soon as he came out, everyone stared at him.

The child couldn’t hide his thoughts. He saw Shen Zhen’s pale face, which made his lips appear redder, but he didn’t back down, and instead straightened his back even more. When he walked, he looked straight ahead, only his slightly trembling hands exposed his emotions.

When he came to pay New Year’s greetings, Shen Zhen followed behind Qin Yue. Holding a glass of juice, he forced himself to smile at him with difficulty.

At that time, Qin Xing felt that at such a young age, he had actually already learned to restrain his thoughts and emotions, and if he didn’t make detours in the future, he might be able to achieve something successful.

Qin Xing had the butler fire another nanny who was with Shen Zhen at that time, and only let Mama Zhang alone take care of Shen Zhen.

That night, in a fuzzy state, Shen Zhen’s blank eyes were wide open as he talked to himself with trembling lips. He seemed to be asking someone, but he didn’t seem to expect an answer. He asked, “Why doesn’t anyone need me?”

He was pushed out by the Shen family and lost his parents and brothers.

His only friend and lover, Qin Yue fell in love with Su Shiqing.

Even Mama Zhang had her own biological son.

He didn’t even ask why no one loved him, only why no one needed him.

Qin Xing suddenly stretched out his arms and hugged Shen Zhen’s waist. It was clearly not thin, but Qin Xing felt that it barely took up his embrace, and could be snapped with a little force.

“Uncle, Uncle?” Shen Zhen stood there dazed, his hands still stretched upwards, his skin exposed to the air rasing with goosebumps. He was like a rusted gear that could no longer operate naturally.

Qin Xing’s hand slipped under his shirt.

His lips were close to Shen Zhen’s ear, hot and humid, ambiguous, like an irresistible hot wind, making Shen Zhen’s mouth dry.

“Xiao Zhen.” Qin Xing’s tone was indescribably seductive, “Uncle loves you, en?”

Shen Zhen felt that his soul had left his body.

Wherever Qin Xing’s hand went, every inch of thirsty skin screamed for it to linger one more second.

Qin Xing said again: “Uncle loves you.”

Shen Zhen finally lost all his strength. If he hadn’t been hugged by Qin Xing, he would have fallen to the ground in a second.

He didn’t know why Qin Xing said such words suddenly and pierced the window paper, but despite his panic, he still felt an indescribable sweetness.

Indifference and arrogance were just the shell he used to protect himself.

It lets the hungry soul resist the instinct of longing for love.

He needed familial love, friendship, and romantic love.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But all of that was too far away from him.

Like the distance between two galaxies.

But now, his body and soul were trembling, and his reason and calmness had left him mercilessly.

Shen Zhen didn’t dare to move, nor did he want to move.

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