After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 052 Inviting Jiang Chen Over

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“Everyone please speak a word for me, my daughter…..”

As soon as old Mrs. Yang began to speak, she was splashed with oil all over her head and face. She subconsciously smacked her lips, and when she realized what was thrown on her, her eyebrows immediately narrowed. However, before she could speak, she heard what Yang Si said as well as saw the lighter in Yang Si’s hand.

She took a half step back, clutched her chest, slapped her thigh and wailed, “My God! Listen to what she said! What evil did I do! Not only does my daughter want to kill my son, she also wants to kill us old couple!”

Yang Si was expressionless: “You’re right, I just want Yang Tianci’s life, don’t even mention going to jail, I want nothing more than for him to be shot immediately.”

Old Mr. Yang wiped his face, and the oil from his beard slipped into his mouth. He couldn’t help coughing twice at the taste, pointed at Yang Si and scolded in a deep voice: “Look at what you are saying and what you did! Even an beast would not do something like that!”

Yang Si gritted her teeth and said: “A beast can’t do what Yang Tianci did. He kidnapped his nephew and blackmailed his sister, and even instigated his parents to come to his sister’s house to make trouble. He is not a beast, he is even worse than a beast!”

Seeing her cold expression, old Mrs. Yang flopped down on the ground, pounding the ground and crying: “What crime did I do! Why is my life so miserable! Each daughter is more cruel than the other, and finally when I have a filial son, he is about to be killed by you, Tian Ci is my lifeline, if you want him to go to jail, then you want your mother to die!”

Yang Si squeezed the lighter in her hand, her eyes red with anger: “Yang Tianci kidnapping Chen Chen is also the same as wanting me to die! He is male, so he is more valuable than me in your eyes. But he shouldn’t have touched my son! Whoever dares to touch a hair on my son’s head, I will dare to fight him with my life!”

Jiang Zhuo walked up to Yang Si, hugged her trembling shoulders and patted her gently. He said coldly to the two elders: “Father-in-law, mother-in-law, it’s useless for you to come to us for this matter, Yang Tianci broke the law, and the police arrested him. How he is sentenced will be decided by the court, not by us. Even if you cry here for three days and three nights, the sentence will still be the same.”

Old Mr. Yang said in a deep voice: “Tian Ci is Yang Si’s younger brother, your brother-in-law, Jiang Chen’s biological uncle. As the uncle he just wants to take his nephew for an outing, how can it be considered kidnapping? As long as you still recognize me as father-in-law and father, you must tell the police immediately that everything is a misunderstanding and have them release your brother.”

Old Mrs. Yang also stood up and said, “Yes, go to the police station and release your brother.”

Yang Si sneered: “Have you forgotten that I have not been your daughter for a long time. There is no need to discuss this matter. Yang Tianci has never regarded me as a sister nor Chen Chen as his nephew, otherwise he would not have done such a thing that even a beast would not do. You can make trouble at my door, it doesn’t matter, when the time comes to go to court, I will ask the judge to deal with the case severely, and I will never forgive him. The more you make trouble, the longer your son will spend in prison.”

The noise here had already attracted the neighbors upstairs and downstairs. Some people were standing in the corridor, craning their heads out and whispering.

The whisperings reached his ears, and old Mr. Yang’s face became very dark, his facial muscles trembling with anger: “What a wolf-hearted ungrateful thing, an unfilial white-eyed wolf! I raised you with your mother for so many years, yet you can actually say such a thing!”

“You want me to die, don’t you!” Old Mrs. Yang turned around and rushed up the corridor, pushing aside the crowd and climbing towards the window, saying as she climbed, “If you don’t promise me to let your brother go, I will die on your doorstep!”

Yang Si turned on the lighter with a “click”, went up the stairs step by step, stood beside old Mrs. Yang and said, “Okay, I will die with you, your son wants my son’s life, I can’t give it to you, but you gave birth to me, if you want my life, I will pay it back to you.”

Old Mrs. Yang shrank back and as she looked at the lighter that was getting closer and closer she felt as if her whole body was about to burn up in flames. Thinking of what Yang Si said just now and how much she valued Jiang Chen, she felt that it was very possible that she would really burn her to death. Old Mrs. Yang quickly let go of the window and leaned back again and again, with her stooped back pressed against the wall, trying her hardest to bend her neck back and stay away from the fire source. She was so frightened that she couldn’t speak a word.

Old Mr. Yang just felt extremely embarrassed. While standing on shaking legs, he raised his cane and wanted to hit Jiang Zhuo at the door: “Put a stop to your wife already! You are all rebellious and unfilial! You want to anger us to death!”

Jiang Zhuo grabbed old Mr. Yang’s cane and said in a deep voice, “If Yang Si doesn’t recognize you, I won’t call you father-in-law. I have seen how you two have treated Yang Si for so many years. She is filial and can bear with it all, and still give her heart and soul to you every time, but I can’t. I cherish my wife, as soon as she feels upset, I will feel upset, but for her, I can at least be polite when I see you.”

Old Mr. Yang tried hard to pull back the cane, but Jiang Zhuo let go at this time, and he stumbled a few steps back while clutching the cane, almost falling over.

Due to emotional distress and using too much force, Jiang Zhuo’s legs began to hurt again. He propped himself up against the wall with one hand and said, “But from today onwards, every time I see Yang Tianci, I will hit him once. You’d better pray that he stays in prison and doesn’t come out, otherwise I won’t let him feel any peace. And you two, suppressing others with your age relies on if the other gives you face, but you don’t have any face here with me. So before I use force, I advise you to leave, don’t make things too ugly.”

Old Mr. Yang was so angry that his beard trembled for a long time and he couldn’t say a word.

As soon as it quieted down, the whispers of the neighbors became amplified. Some people who were going up the stairs saw that the corridor was blocked and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

The downstairs neighbor shook his head: “Xiao Yang’s parents are making trouble again!”

The person who was going up the stairs was also an old neighbor. He knew a thing or two about the Jiang family. The most famous incident was about ten years ago when Yang Tianci asked Yang Si to give up Jiang Chen’s school quota to his son. The five people blocked the door of the Jiang’s, begging, yelling and scolding, so loud that the whole building couldn’t sleep. Some people couldn’t watch anymore and said a few words for the Jiang’s, only to be cursed out by old Mrs. Yang.

So upon hearing this, the person going up the stairs immediately expressed sympathy: “What’s going on this time, Xiao Yang’s family is too unreliable, making trouble all day long, aren’t they even ashamed at all.”

“I heard…..” The neighbor downstairs came up to him and whispered something in his ear.

The man stared wide-eyed in disbelief: “Seriously?”

The downstairs neighbor curled his lips and motioned him to look up, and he saw Jiang Chen appearing at the door.

“Mom.” Jiang Chen walked up the stairs in two to three steps, took Yang Si’s white-knuckled hand holding the lighter, and said in a gentle voice, “Put down the lighter, it’s too dangerous.”

Yang Si’s stiff and tense arm softened, and the lighter fell to the ground. She turned her head at a loss and said, “Chen Chen, why did you come out?”

Jiang Chen picked up the lighter on the ground, a little helpless: “Aren’t you going to the police station? There was a call from there just now.”

Only then did Yang Si realize that she had forgotten something important. Just as she was about to speak, old Mrs. Yang grabbed Jiang Chen and said, “I am your grandma, Jiang Chen, and Tian Ci is also your own uncle, you must not cause your uncle to go to jail! Otherwise, you will suffer retribution and be struck by lightning!”

Yang Si’s expression changed, and she pulled away old Mrs. Yang’s hand, standing in front of Jiang Chen like a hen guarding her chicks, “What do you mean causing Yang Tianci to go to jail? When Yang Tianci kidnapped Jiang Chen, he should have thought of today. This is all his retribution! He is also the one who will be struck by lightning!”

The lighter in Yang Si’s hand was gone, so old Mrs. Yang gained back her confidence. She looked at Jiang Chen and said, “I see that nothing has happened to you. Since you are not injured, why should your uncle go to jail? He already knows he is wrong. Grandma knows that you have always been a good boy, so you will definitely forgive your uncle, right?”

“Chen Chen, you go back first, this matter is between us adults, you…..”


Jiang Chen interrupted Yang Si, smiled at her to signal her peace of mind, and walked out from behind her.

“Old Mrs. Yang, I remember that in March this year, when my father was in a car accident, my mother begged you to return part of the money we lent to your family to use for emergency at home. Because the conversation broke down, you insulted me and my father, so my mother severed ties with you at that time.” Jiang Chen glanced at old Mr. Yang downstairs, and said calmly, “You do remember this incident, do you?”

“What severing relationship!” Old Mrs. Yang raised her eyebrows: “I never said anything like that! Yang Si is my daughter, how could we sever ties with her!”

“You are old, you may not remember, but fortunately there is a recording.”

Jiang Chen smiled lightly, took out his phone from his pocket, and clicked on play.

The recording sounded, and the corridor was instantly quiet. Everyone listened with ears pricked. After hearing the content of the recording, most people’s expressions were indescribable, and the expressions they had when looking at the old couple of the Yang family were even more strange.

Old Mr. Yang’s expression also became more and more ugly as the recording was played. When the recording ended, the grooves on his face seemed to become deeper, and his whole body was trembling slightly.

“You! You! You!” Old Mr. Yang raised his hand and pointed at Jiang Chen, his chest heaving with anger, unable to say a word.

Jiang Chen glanced over at him, and continued: “A few days ago, Yang Tianci sent someone to tie me up and bring me to a place where abandoned containers were piled up in the suburbs of Xing City. The people who tied me up kept my eyes covered, but later let me see their appearances. Before the police came, they were going to kill me because the location was exposed, because they didn’t intend to let me go home in the first place, so if the police didn’t come in time, you wouldn’t see me standing here.”

Yang Si was taken aback, and immediately gasped. She hadn’t heard Jiang Chen say this at all, and she didn’t know that there were such dangerous twists and turns in the middle.

Everyone was also terrified when they heard this, they didn’t expect that the kidnapping scene that they thought only appeared on TV or among rich people would actually happen to someone they knew. Moreover, Yang Tianci was Jiang Chen’s uncle, and he actually planned to kill him. Yang Si was right at the beginning, this kind of person was worse than a beast!

“You’re talking nonsense!” Old Mrs. Yang pointed at Jiang Chen’s nose and said, “He tied you up just to ask your mother for money, how could he really kill you! He’s not stupid!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes flickered slightly, and he said calmly: “That’s what I heard and saw, and I also told the police truthfully when I made my statement, but I didn’t expect that you seemed to have long been aware of him kidnapping me, it seems that this matter…..”

“Full of nonsense!” Old Mr. Yang interrupted Jiang Chen with an angry growl. He slammed his cane on the ground and said loudly, “If you don’t promise to let Tian Ci off, we have nothing to say! Old woman! Let’s go!”

Old Mrs. Yang also realized that she had slipped her tongue, so she hurried downstairs, supporting old Mr. Yang out of the crowd, and walked quickly away in a pathetic manner.

Yang Si grabbed Jiang Chen’s hand tightly: “Chen Chen…..”

Jiang Chen held her hand back, smiled and said, “I’m fine, don’t worry, the police are still waiting, let’s go to the police station first.”

He family.

Yang Yun brought the white fungus and lotus seed soup that had been boiled all night to the dining table.

He Qianyu waited at the table, eagerly took a taste of the porridge, blinked and said, “It’s delicious!”

“Little greedy cat.” Yang Yun touched her hair and said with a smile: “Your two lazy brothers are still not awake, you go up and call them down, and tell them to have breakfast.”

He Qianyu paused while holding the spoon, and muttered, “Eldest Brother is not a bedbug. If he doesn’t come down, he must be busy. Second Brother is the one who procrastinates in bed. I’ll call him!”

Saying this, she ran upstairs. Yang Yun smiled, then frowned suddenly, and asked He Yanfeng who was reading the newspaper: “Old He, do you feel that our daughter is a bit strange these days. “

“What’s so strange?” He Yanfeng said while turning the page of the newspaper.

“Qian Jian and Qian Yu’s relationship.” Yang Yun said thoughtfully: “Before, Xiao Bao liked to play with Da Bao more than Er Bao, but now she seems to prefer to play with Er Bao.”

“Girls are like this, changing back and forth over and over again.” He Yanfeng read the newspaper intently: “Both of them are her brothers, she likes this one at one time and that one at another time. Maybe it’s just a matter of a piece of candy or a piece of cake, nothing surprising.”

Yang Yun thought about it, and felt that she might be thinking too much. She shook her head, looked up and saw He Qianmin being dragged downstairs by He Qianyu with a face of reluctance, and she couldn’t help but smile, “Are you still asleep?”

“She’s so noisy.” He Qianmin frowned and said, “Voice like a trumpet, and even jumping on my bed.”

He Qianyu turned around and made a face at him: “Who told you to procrastinate in bed!”

“Do you know how much you weigh?” He Qianmin grabbed her arm and pulled her back to pinch her face: “Your teacher should have you run more when you’re so fat!”

He Qianyu snorted, jumped onto He Qianmin, hugged his neck tightly and said, “I’m not heavy! You meanie!”

Seeing this, He Yanfeng raised his eyebrows. Usually at this time, He Qianyu would immediately come to complain, but today she was acting like a baby with He Qianmin, which was indeed different from before.

Yang Yun waved: “Da Bao, come down quickly, Mom has prepared your favorite sandwich for you.”

He Qianyu’s arms hugging He Qianmin stiffened, and He Qianmin patted her with his hand: “I’m going to put you on the chair so be still.”

He Qianmin took big steps, and He Qianyu hugged him even tighter in fright, but couldn’t help giggling.

After everyone was seated, the He family’s breakfast officially started.

He Yanfeng put down the newspaper, took a sip of porridge, thought of something, and suddenly said, “Why do you suddenly want to go to No. 1 High School to study?”

“I just want to.” He Qianmin took a bite of the fritters, expressionless.

“Your mother and I fully respect your wishes.” He Yanfeng said: “However, No. 1 High School is farther away from home. Are you going to ride a bicycle in the future, or Dad can arrange someone to send you off.”

He Qianmin paused, raised his head and said, “I want to move to live near No. 1 High School, or live directly on campus.”

The dining table fell quiet, Yang Yun and He Yanfeng looked at each other, and He Yanfeng said, “What’s your reason?”

He Qianmin: “No. 1 High School is too far away from home, and it is inconvenient for me to go back and forth. I can study better with the time saved on the road.”

He Yanfeng: “Is there anything else?”

He Qianmin said lightly: “Also, I haven’t experienced the life of living in a dorm, so I want to try it.”

Yang Yun couldn’t help interjecting: “Although No. 1 High School is far away, Mom and Dad can arrange someone to drive you to school every day. Also, if you want to experience the life of living in a dorm, you can also experience it in university. High school is hard work, so it will be more comfortable at home, and it is also good for you to study better isn’t it?”

He Qianmin opened his mouth, saw the sadness in his mother’s eyes, and swallowed the words again. He pursed his lips, lowered his eyes and said: “No. 1 High School is a public school, and I didn’t like to go to and from school by car when I was in Chenghua only to be like this when I go to No. 1 High School. This will affect my relationship with my classmates.”

Yang Yun pulled the corner of her mouth in a smile: “I see, if this is the case…..”

Suddenly, a cell phone ringing interrupted her.

He Qianjian glanced at the incoming call, his eyes flickered, put down the knife and fork in his hand and said with a smile: “Mom and Dad, my classmates are looking for me, I’m going to answer the phone.”

“Go ahead.” Yang Yun nodded and said with a smile: “After answering the call, come back early to eat, you haven’t had Mom’s boiled lotus seed soup yet.”

He Qianjian left the table, and the dining table became silent again.

After a while, He Yanfeng said lightly: “I accept all the reasons you said, but I still want to know if there are other reasons.”

He Qianmin nodded, and said directly: “There are more.”

“What reason?”

“I want to move near my brother’s house.” He Qianmin said: “In this way, he can tutor me in my studies. I scored second place at the end of this semester because of his tutoring some time ago.”

“Your brother?”

He Yanfeng and Yang Yun looked at each other, and they were both curious about the brother He Qianmin was talking about.

“It’s Brother Jiang Chen!” He Qianyu raised her hand and said, “I know, Brother Jiang Chen is super smart, has super good grades and is super gentle!”

Yang Yun was startled, and the young man who she caught only a brief glance at instantly appeared in her mind: “Jiang Chen?”

He Yanfeng also thought of the boy who looked very similar to He Qianyang, he laughed and said: “Speaking of which, our family has a good affinity with him, not only you, I, your mother and your sister have all met him. Indeed he’s a good boy. I invited him to play at our home before, but your sister interrupted me. I thought she didn’t like him, but it turns out that isn’t the case.”

He Qianyu blushed when she was teased, she pouted and said, “I didn’t mean to interrupt you, I just thought you talked too much! The same goes for Mom, last time you just saw Jiang Chen’s brother’s profile, and you asked sister Liu Yi so many questions. I have never seen you treat others like this, how embarrassing it is for brother Jiang Chen to be asked around like this!”

He Yanfeng smiled: “Yo, it seems that my little princess likes Jiang Chen quite a bit. She has never been so protective of her two older brothers before.”

When Yang Yun heard He Qianyu’s words, she was dazed for a moment. She didn’t know why, but she was inexplicably concerned about that boy. When he wasn’t brought up before, she could ignore this feeling, but when he was mentioned again, and now hearing her daughter say she had never treated others like this, she realized that her feelings for that child were really different. She couldn’t tell what was different, but she had a strange and inexplicable feeling for him, different from everyone else.


Yang Yun came back to herself, looked at He Qianyu, and said, “What’s wrong?”

“What were you thinking just now?” He Qianyu was curious: “We called you several times, but you didn’t answer.”

Yang Yun smiled, shook her head and said, “What were you talking about just now?”

“We were talking about inviting Brother Jiang Chen to come to play at home!” He Qianyu immediately smiled: “Father told us to pick a time, I think Brother Qian Yang’s birthday is very good, and it happens that Brother Qian Yang will host it at our house, what do you think about inviting him over in the name of inviting him to the party?”

“Not much.” He Qianmin curled his lips: “My brother doesn’t know Brother Qian Yang, what would he do here, and Brother Qian Yang’s friends are boring and just like to scream like ghosts, my brother likes the quiet, he definitely won’t like it. “

“Then you pick a time!”

He Qianmin crossed his arms: “At any time, as long as He Qianjian is not around. My brother was first in the final exam. I’m afraid that He Qianjian will be too jealous when he sees him, and he won’t be able to control his emotions.”

Yang Yun said helplessly, “You!”

He Yanfeng thought for a while, and said: “Qian Yang’s birthday is indeed not appropriate, and they don’t know each other, so I’ll let you choose a time.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He Qianmin pursed his lips, stood up and said, “I’m going to make an appointment with my brother right now.”

He Yanfeng looked at his brisk back and said with a smile: “I really want to know more about this Jiang Chen. It’s rare to see this kid so fond of someone.”

Yang Yun smiled and nodded, saying softly, “Qian Min likes him so much, he must be a good boy.”

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