After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 055 Picking Up Brother Jiang Chen

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July 22nd, the He family.

“Qian Min, can Mom come in?”

He Qianmin didn’t take his eyes off the draft paper, and responded casually: “Come in.”

Yang Yun pushed the door open while holding a fruit plate, and saw her younger son who was doing a math question at the desk and her daughter who was lying on her younger son’s bed reading a book. This had been the case for a while recently and it was no longer surprising after becoming used to it. She went to put the fruit plate on the small table in the leisure area, and said with a smile: “Qian Yang just called and said that he will arrive in a little over an hour, so remember to go down to see him in later.”

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He Qianmin didn’t even raise his head: “Brother Qian Yang is as familiar with our house as his own, so what’s the point.”

Yang Yun said gently: “Today is Qian Yang’s birthday, wouldn’t it be better for you to say happy birthday to him as soon as possible?”

“It’s all the same when you say happy birthday.” He Qianmin finished writing an answer, turned to the next page and said, “It’s not like if you say it earlier, you won’t be a year older.”

He Qianyu raised her head, swinging her legs and smiling into a crescent moon: “Second Brother is right.”

“Okay, you two.” Yang Yun tapped He Qianyu’s nose: “I haven’t seen you two put on such a united front before, but now you are practically singing together.”

He Qianmin gave a legitimate reason: “I have to study.”

He Qianyu followed closely and said: “Brother Qian Yang rubs my hair every time he sees me, so I don’t want to go down and let him rub it!”

“That’s because your brother likes you.” Yang Yun said: “Your eldest brother has already set off to pick up his friend, and if you two don’t go down, won’t it be very rude?”

“Who did Eldest Brother go to pick up?” He Qianyu was curious.

“Han Qiya.” Yang Yun said with a smile: “It’s sister Ya Ya who often teased you when you were young, do you remember?”

He Qianyu shook her head: “I don’t remember.”

“You might remember when you see her later.”

He Qianyu pouted, but did not speak.

Seeing her little expression, Yang Yun paused and asked, “Xiao Bao, can Mom ask you a question?”

“Sure.” He Qianyu flipped through the book and said casually.

“Did you have any conflicts with your eldest brother recently?” Yang Yun said carefully, “I noticed that you seldom go to play with him these days.”

He Qianyu’s swinging legs stopped, and the movement of turning the pages of the book also stopped.

He Qianmin put down his pen and turned the chair to face the bed, “She thinks that He Qianjian will be in his third year of high school soon, and she is afraid of disturbing his study, so she comes to bother me every day.”

Yang Yun laughed: “So that’s it.”

He Qianyu nodded quickly: “That’s right, didn’t Eldest Brother not do so well on the recent two exams? He never studied before but since he came second in the last midterm exam, he always locked himself in the room to study. This time he only took third place in the final exam, so I think he would definitely study harder, so I can’t bother him even more.”

Yang Yun nodded, a little worried: “Your brother has always been first place before, and his test scores are not satisfactory these two times, so he should be very upset. It’s just that he is too proud. When he doesn’t do well on the exams, he shuts himself away to study and never says anything to us.”

He Qianyu looked up at Yang Yun: “Mom, are you worried about Eldest Brother?”

“That’s right.” Yang Yun patted He Qianyu’s head: “Your eldest brother looks more mature and stable than others since he was a child, but he is still a child at heart, and he is a kid who cares more about face than others. Mom is worried that he won’t be able to cross this hurdle.”

“No.” He Qianyu comforted in a low voice: “Eldest Brother can do everything well, isn’t there many people saying that he is a second Brother Shi? It’s not so easy for someone as smart as Eldest Brother to be knocked down.”

“That’s right.” Yang Yun didn’t want to mention her worries about her eldest son too much in front of her other two children, so she shifted her gaze to He Qianmin: “Qian Min, Mom remembers that you don’t seem to have homework during summer vacation, What are you writing these days?”

“Competition questions.” He Qianmin said: “If I do some more practice questions, those questions that I don’t understand, I can ask my brother about it all together at that time.”

Thinking of the young man she saw last time, the smile in Yang Yun’s eyes unconsciously gentled: “Xiao Chen is coming here to attend your cousin’s birthday party, not to tutor you.”

“My brother will definitely check my question book.” He Qianmin quickly calculated the math on the draft paper. The huge number distracted him, and he couldn’t help feeling yearning and worshiping: “If I had even half the mental arithmetic ability as my brother then that would be great.”

Yang Yun thought about Jiang Chen’s grades which she had heard about before, and said with a smile: “Xiao Chen has really good grades. From childhood to adulthood, he is the only one who could pass your elder brother’s exam score.”

He Qianmin paused, and snorted: “How could He Qianjian compare with my brother? He Qianjian only got 100 points in a test because he could only get 100 points, but my brother only got 100 points in a test because there are only 100 points.”

Yang Yun laughed and couldn’t help but cast a chiding glance at him: “You won’t be happy unless you speak ill of your brother all day long, is that it?”

He Qianmin put down his pen, stood up and said, “I never speak ill of my brother, I only praise him.”

Yang Yun was taken aback for a moment, and it took a few seconds for her to react. Seeing He Qianmin walking outside, she said, “Qian Min, where are you going?”

“To pick up my brother.”

He Qianyu threw the book away, jumped off the bed, and ran after him before she could even put on her shoes: “I’m going to pick up Brother Jiang Chen too!”

The sound of the two briskly going downstairs came, and Yang Yun shook her head with a smile before also leaving He Qianmin’s room.

Before Jiang Chen went out, he answered a phone call and received a text message. The text message was from Li Nanfeng, the content was that he asked Shi Fengyue to pick him up on time, and the call was from He Qianmin, telling Jiang Chen that he was already on his way to pick him up. Without much hesitation, he replied a text message to Li Nanfeng, telling him that Shi Fengyue didn’t have to come to pick him up.

But who would have thought that when he went downstairs, two cars stopped at the entrance of his house, one in front and the other in the back. The man was leaning beside the off-road vehicle in front, and the boy in the car behind had a dark face.

Jiang Chen paused, and the man and the boy turned their heads at the same time.

“You’re here.”

“Big Brother.”

A small head stuck out from the front row of the car, waving excitedly: “Brother Jiang Chen!”

Under the watching eyes of the three, Jiang Chen raised his leg and walked towards the parking lot.

Shi Fengyue rested his elbows on the top of the car door. Don’t know if it was because of the cigarette between his fingers or the hazy eyes behind the smoke. But the clean style of white shirt and trousers actually appeared rather sexy and indolent on him instead.

Jiang Chen’s gaze paused, and he stopped in front of Shi Fengyue: “Dr. Shi.”

The corner of Shi Fengyue’s lips hooked upwards slightly: “Get in the car.”

When Jiang Chen approached nearer, he realized that his lips were redder than usual, and the corners of his eyes were also slightly red, and he couldn’t help but change his words: “Dr. Shi is not feeling well?”

“No.” Shi Fengyue rubbed the center of his brows, his voice low and husky: “Last night, there were two operations in a row, and I just got off work.”

Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, he remembered that Shi Fengyue performing operations was all based on his mood, so how could there be times when two operations were performed in a row.

“Car accident.” Shi Fengyue seemed to see his question, and said calmly: “The emergency room was too busy, so I went over as I was still at the hospital.”

Jiang Chen frowned, “Then why did you promise Li Nanfeng to pick me up?”

Shi Fengyue took out his mobile phone, clicked on the call log, and the number of missed calls was displayed as 89.

“From my second surgery last night to the end of it.” Shi Fengyue put his phone back in his pocket and said lazily, “Not only that, but he also sent more than 130 text messages.”

Jiang Chen was silent for a moment, and suddenly felt that he was also partly responsible. After all, Li Nanfeng was pestering Shi Fengyue because of him. After thinking about it, he said, “Why don’t Dr. Shi ride with us in the same car? It’s not safe for you to drive when you’re so tired. “

He Qianmin got out of the car just now, and when he heard Jiang Chen say this, although he was a little reluctant, he just curled his lips and did not refuse.

However, Shi Fengyue glanced over lazily, and said lightly, “It’s too crowded.”

He Qianmin snorted: “You sit in the co-passenger seat, and the three of us sit in the back row, so we won’t squeeze you.”

“Come get your car after you’ve rested.” Jiang Chen said, “You can catch up on a nap in the car.”

Shi Fengyue’s eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s face, he paused for a moment, then nodded slightly: “Let’s go.”

After Shi Fengyue got into the car, Jiang Chen, He Qianyu and He Qianmin sat in the back row one by one. It was probably the first time for He Qianyu to sit in this position, and she kept turning left and right, with a small face full of excitement.

When the novelty was over, she shifted her attention to the things in Jiang Chen’s hands, and asked curiously, “Brother Jiang Chen, is this a gift for Brother Qian Yang?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“What is it?”

“A little robot.”

“Robot? Can it move by itself?”

“It can carry out simple instructions.” Jiang Chen smiled, “It can help you bring over things within its reach.”

“Really! That’s amazing!”

He Qianyu opened her eyes wide, and He Qianmin also looked over.

Shi Fengyue’s voice came from the front row, unhurried but certain: “You made it yourself.”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen was a little surprised that Shi Fengyue could guess it, but he didn’t think too much about it: “I couldn’t think of any suitable gift, so I brought this.”

He Qianmin tilted his body to this side, staring at the box on Jiang Chen’s lap as if he wanted to punch a hole, and see what’s inside right away: “Big Brother, you made it yourself?”

“I made it a long time ago.” Jiang Chen smiled: “The outer shell is a bit crude, not as exquisite as my father’s craftsmanship.”

“Brother Jiang Chen’s father knows how to make robots?”

“No.” Jiang Chen’s gaze became nostalgic: “But he could make all the toys I want.”

“Brother Jiang Chen’s father is so capable.” He Qianyu looked adoring: “Brother Jiang Chen is also so capable!”

Shi Fengyue turned his head and asked, “Can I have a look?”

Jiang Chen didn’t seal the box, it was easy to open and close, so he handed it to Shi Fengyue.

He Qianmin and He Qianyu followed the box closely, and when Shi Fengyue opened the gift box, they squeezed over together and looked with their heads craned.



The two exclaimed and moved their heads closer together.

Shi Fengyue took out the robot which was less than thirty centimeters high from the box, looked at it carefully, and found the start button.

“Hi, I’m R01, what is my ownerr’s order?”

As soon as the robot spoke, He Qianmin and He Qianyu scooted forward some more.

Shi Fengyue raised his eyebrows and said, “It only accepts orders from designated people, or all orders?”

“It can be set.” Jiang Chen said: “Currently it is all instructions.”

“Is the voice system the one on your phone?”

“The big data and model is similar.” Jiang Chen said, “But the functions of the two are different, so there are some differences.”

“What is your positioning for it?”


Shi Fengyue put the robot upright in the cardboard box, and said softly, “R01, what can you do?”

“I can serve tea and water for my owner, and I can also read the news and tell jokes to my owner. If my owner is bored, I can also play games with my owner online.”

Shi Fengyue’s eyes narrowed slightly: “En? How do you play games?”

“As long as my owner downloads the game to the mobile hard disk, and then copies it to R01, then R01 can play the game after learning it.”

Shi Fengyue raised his eyes and turned to look at Jiang Chen: “You should know what it means for a robot that can learn autonomously to appear in the world.”

Jiang Chen said: “R01 is not self-learning, it just has faster computing power, and its computing power can only allow him to store the gameplay of a few small-memory games, and he can’t learn games that are too complicated.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shi Fengyue looked at Jiang Chen quietly, and after a few seconds, he chuckled lightly and put the robot back into the box, saying with a lazy smile in his tone, “It seems that Li Nanfeng will be busy.”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s lip curled upwards, noncommittal.

When he decided to give the robot to He Qianyang, it was naturally impossible that he really didn’t know what to give, but he didn’t expect Shi Fengyue to be so keen that he could see through his purpose in just a few words.

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