After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 056 That’s Definitely Not He Qianmin!!

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The terrain of Yan City was square, and the area was roughly divided into five areas: east, west, north, south, and the center.

The Jiang family was located in the Zhonghai District in the center of Yan City, while the He family was in the Huyang District to the north. Even if the road was unimpeded, it would take about 40 minutes to drive from the Jiang family to the He family.

The driver, Uncle Wang, dropped Jiang Chen and the others off, and just as he drove the car into the garage, He Qianyang’s car arrived.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The girl sitting in He Qianyang’s co-passenger seat said: “A few people passed by just now, I think I saw your little cousin, he really looks like you!”

“Really?” He Qianyang backed up the car, took off his sunglasses and said, “They likely came down to pick me up, let’s go.”

The girl held He Qianyang’s hand and said nervously: “It’s the first time I’ve come to your relative’s house and I didn’t bring anything with me. Won’t it be rude?”

“My uncle and my aunt are very nice, you will know when you see them later.” He Qianyang said with a smile: “Among my three cousins, the eldest would never embarrass you on the surface, and the second eldest is the kid you just saw. He is an adolescent and likes to pretend to be cool, showing a cold face to everyone, you can just treat him as a kid with second year junior high syndrome. The third child is the only little princess in our family for several generations, but she has a very good personality, you will definitely like her when you see her.”

The girl repeated what He Qianyang said just now, and after memorizing it in her heart, she raised her head and said, “I just saw that your little cousin didn’t have a cold face. And he was chatting and laughing with others.”

“You really see it correctly? After that kid went to junior high school, I only saw him sneer.”

“It’s not a sneer.” The girl’s delicate eyebrows furrowed, and she still couldn’t find a suitable adjective after searching her brain. She could only say simply: “It’s the kind of Prince Charming smile, you know? It’s very gentle, and all young girls would definitely fall for it when they see it.”

He Qianyang paused, turned around and looked at his girlfriend seriously. When she became puzzled, he put his hand on her forehead: “Baby, either you are blind or you saw it wrong, trust me, my cousin doesn’t have that expression.”

Girl: “But I saw it.”

He Qianyang: “You saw wrong.”

Girl: “You don’t believe me?”

He Qianyang: “I believe it, but I know my cousin. He may smile, but he can’t smile like you said. You really saw wrong.”

Seeing his obviously disbelieving expression, the girl felt a surge of indignation. She grabbed him and strode forward: “I will prove it to you!”

He Qianyang followed her footsteps and was dragged off by her. He laughed as he walked, “If you want to see him smile, I will use my elder brother’s prestige to force him to smile for you later. If he doesn’t smile like Prince Charming I won’t let him sleep, okay?”

As soon as they entered the door, the girl stopped suddenly. He Qianyang almost had no time to hit the brakes. He put his arms around his girlfriend’s shoulder and said, “Why did you stop?”

The girl shushed him, pulled him to hide behind a tree, pointed to the front and said, “Look for yourself, if he is smiling the gentle smile of Prince Charming that girls would like or not!”

“Why are we hiding…..”

He Qianyang was puzzled and looked in the direction his girlfriend was pointing at. When he saw He Qianmin first, he noticed that his expression was indeed much better than what he had seen before. Don’t know what he was talking about to the person next to him but it indeed held atrace of the gentleness his girlfriend mentioned…..

No, wait. He Qianyang’s eyes widened a little bit. That boy in front with a sweet and obedient expression and letting people rub his head was really He Qianmin? !


He, did, not, believe, it!

That was definitely not He Qianmin!

He Qianyang let go of his girlfriend’s hand, and walked towards the frightening scene in three steps. The shock on his face didn’t disappear as he approached and heard their conversation. Instead, he was even more disbelieving.

Listen to what He Qianmin said:

——”Big Brother, I did all the questions you left last time, and you promised to accompany me for a day, does it still count?”

——”My cousin’s group of friends like to scream and howl. You definitely would not like it. Let’s play in my room later.”

——”Their neighborhood compound is full of old men and ladies. Last time he made too much noise on his birthday he was beaten up by my uncle, which is why he came to our house to hold the party now.”

The boy next to him seemed to chuckle, and said with a smiling voice: “It seems that you and your cousin have a very good relationship.”

——”So-so, he is just as noisy as He Qianyu.”

“He, Qian, Min.” He Qianyang adjusted his expression, smiled and enunciated every word of his name, before saying in his most gentle voice: “You saying that about your brother who usually dotes on you on his birthday, won’t your conscience feel a little bit pained?”

He Qianmin turned his head but when he saw He Qianyang he didn’t feel guilty at all. He just turned his head again and said, “This is He Qianyang, and today is his birthday.”

Jiang Chen also turned around and looked over. When his gaze met He Qianyang’s face, there was an imperceptible pause. His eyes curved in a smile and he said, “Hello, I’m Jiang Chen, happy birthday.”

Not long after his words were uttered, He Qianyang’s girlfriend chased over, tucked her hand in the crook of his arm, and looked at Jiang Chen with a gentle smile, “Hello, little cousin, I’m Qian Yang’s girlfriend Zhu Yao, he often talks about me to you, no, no , it’s he often talks about you to me. I’m sorry I’m a little nervous, but it’s nice to meet you.”

The air was quiet for a moment.

“Cough cough, hahahahahahahahahahaha——”

A burst of laughter came from behind. Its owner had yet to appear but his voice already traveled over first, and they knew who it was without even looking over.

Li Nanfeng came over clutching his stomach and leaning against the wall. When he noticed everyone’s gaze, he stood up straight with difficult and said, “No, this is just too funny, He Qianyang, didn’t you tell your girlfriend what He Qianmin is like? How could there be a case of mistaken identity?”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s lips curved slightly, and he explained: “I’m not Mr. He’s little cousin, the one next to me is.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment, looking at He Qianyang.

He Qianyang looked away, patted He Qianmin on the shoulder, and said, “This is my little cousin, He Qianmin.”

Zhu Yao blushed instantly, “Sorry, sorry, you and my boyfriend look too much alike, I thought you were his cousin, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head.

Because of this little misunderstanding, He Qianyang’s girlfriend, Zhu Yao, hid in the small hall after saying hello. And in order not to be so obvious, she even dragged He Qianyu along, leaving a room full of boys outside.

When Shi Fengyue got out of the car, he went to the guest room to catch up on sleep. At this time, in the courtyard were Jiang Chen, He Qianmin, He Qianyang, and Li Nanfeng who suddenly appeared.

Li Nanfeng was still clutching his stomach and laughing, while He Qianmin’s face was dark because of what happened just now, and neither of them had any intention of opening their mouths. It was the first time Jiang Chen and He Qianyang met. Under such circumstances, they could only start the conversation themselves. Fortunately, the gift he brought was right next to him.

“This is a gift for you.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “Happy birthday.”

He Qianyang didn’t open it in a hurry, his eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s face, and he sighed: “I don’t blame Yao Yao for recognizing wrong. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have imagined that there is someone who looks so similar to me in this world.”

“I never imagined it either.” Jiang Chen smiled lightly.

He Qianyang smiled and joked, “Maybe we are long-lost brothers.”

“He won’t be your brother even if that was the case.” He Qianmin said with a stinky face, “He would be mine.” After speaking, he turned to Jiang Chen for approval: “Right, Big Brother.”

Jiang Chen lowered his eyes and smiled, “You’re right.”

He Qianmin was finally in a better mood, curled his lips at He Qianyang and said, “What eyes does your girlfriend have? My brother doesn’t look like you at all. When you look in the mirror, are you even half as handsome as my brother?”

He Qianyang waved his fist threateningly: “He Qianmin, you are looking for a beating on my birthday, right?”

He Qianmin grinned, showing his canine teeth: “Go ahead.”

“I’m an adult, I won’t quibble with a little kid.” He Qianyang snorted, then turned to Jiang Chen and asked, “Can I open it?”

“Of course.”

He Qianyang found a nearby step and sat down on the spot where he opened the lid of the gift box, “This is the first gift I received today…..Damn, it’s so cool!”

“This is a robot?” He Qianyang took out the robot inside, looked it over, and said excitedly: “I haven’t seen this style on the market before, where did you buy it? Is it a limited edition?”

“Of course it’s limited.” He Qianmin crossed his arms and snorted, “My brother made it himself.”

“You made it yourself?” He Qianyang looked up curiously, and Li Nanfeng finally stopped laughing, and looked at the robot in Li Nanfeng’s hand after hearing this as well.

He Qianyang fiddled with the robot, but he couldn’t find the power button. He Qianmin became impatient, walked over and squatted down. He grabbed it and started it himself, “This is how you play.” He pressed the start button and put the robot on the ground.

The eyes under the robot’s helmet lit up, turned around to face Jiang Chen and said, “Hi, I’m R01, what’s my owner’s order?”

He Qianyang was taken aback, and looked down at the blinking robot on the ground wearing a cool helmet. The eyes under the glass cover suddenly lit up with round pixels.

“This robot…..”

Jiang Chen said: “R01, your owner is right behind you. From now on, you will only accept his orders.”

R01 turned around, raised his cool little head little by little, and after saving He Qianyang’s image, said: “To change the command, please enter the password.”

Jiang Chen: “0722.”

“The password is correct.” R01 walked towards He Qianyang: “Hello, owner, I am R01, and I am very happy to be your robot.”

He Qianyang was in a dazed state the whole time, until the little robot patted his leg, he suddenly came back to his senses, and raised his head in disbelief: “This robot… can communicate with me?”

“It is able to communicate simply.” Jiang Chen said: “Because it is a gift for you, the initial password I set is your birthday. If you want to change any original settings including passwords, just talk to it directly, and then give the password to it.”

“Okay.” He Qianyang nodded blankly, after a while, he suddenly raised his head again, and said in unison with another voice: “You made this?”

Li Nanfeng picked up the robot, looked it up, down, left, and right. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down a few times, and he looked at Jiang Chen with unconcealable eagerness in his eyes: “Bigwig, can we talk right away?”

Jiang Chen nodded, and said to He Qianyang: “Happy birthday to you again, I hope you will like the gift I gave you.”

He Qianyang took back the robot in Li Nanfeng’s hand, looked at it fondly, then raised his head and smiled and said, “This is definitely the coolest gift I have received so far, thank you, I like it very much.”

“It’s great that you like it.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “CEO Li and I still have some things to talk about. It seems that Mr. He’s friends have also arrived, so I won’t bother you for now.”

“Don’t call me Mr. He, my cousin call you brother, so we are a family, just follow him and call me Brother Qian Yang.”

“Who are you calling CEO Li? How can our relationship be called so distantly? Call me Brother Feng, from now on I will be your close blood brother!”

He Qianyang and Li Nanfeng spoke at the same time and ended at the same time, and they also glanced at each other at the same time.

Jiang Chen called obediently: “Brother Qian Yang, Brother Feng.”

“Come down early after you finish talking, I’ll introduce my friends to you later.” He Qianyang contentedly went to entertain the friends who had just arrived.

Li Nanfeng couldn’t wait to take Jiang Chen upstairs, and said as he walked: “As long as we confirm the cooperation intention, everything will be arranged by your orders after that, and I will give you the greatest freedom and authority, and will not interfere with any of your research. You don’t need to worry about funding, what you have in your hands can definitely convince the board of directors…..”

When Jiang Chen and Li Nanfeng went upstairs, another car stopped in front of the He family’s iron gate.

He Qianjian got out of the car, went around and opened the door on the other side, and smiled at the person inside: “Here we are, come on out.”

Above the pastel-colored high-heeled shoes were well-proportioned and slender legs, and a knee-length short skirt which wrapped those long legs. The soft and gentle looking girl in a small designer lady suit got out of the car, and smiled slightly: “Thank you.”

He Qianjian bent down gentlemanly: “It is my honor to serve a beautiful lady.”

Han Qiya brushed her long hair behind her ears, met He Qianjian’s straightforward gaze, pursed her lips and smiled, “I haven’t been back for a long time, and I’m a bit unfamiliar, can Young Master He introduce everything here again to me?”

He Qianjian stretched out his hand and said, “No need to go to the trouble, let’s go in together, and everyone will come to introduce themselves to you.”

Han Qiya’s eyes shifted and she didn’t move for a long time. He Qianjian said half-jokingly and half-seriously: “Do you still need to hesitate about holding your fiancé’s arm?”

“That was just a joke of our grandpas.” Han Qiya stretched out her arm to tuck it into the crook of his elbow, and blinked playfully, but the smile in her eyes faded a bit: “We shouldn’t be bound by this old custom and tradition.”

He Qianjian lowered his eyes and said harmlessly, “It’s all up to you.”

There were already quite a few people in the main hall. He Qianyang had always been extroverted. He made friends ranging from fifteen to sixteen years old to thirty or forty years old. When the people gathered together, it was difficult to distinguish them from their age levels. Many also didn’t know each other, but most of the people here have met He Qianjian, because he often followed He Qianyang and attended parties that he attended.

Therefore, when He Qianjian led Han Qiya into the door, many people greeted him.

Someone was curious: “Young Master He, who is this?”

“Currently——” He Qianjian paused, gave the other a look, and then said with a smile, “A friend.”

The other person understood, held up the champagne and said, “Friends now, but it might not always be friends. Here, I wish you the best in advance.”

Han Qiya took a glass of champagne from the tray and said with a generous smile, “I also wish you and Young Master He a long-lasting friendship.”

The other person paused, and looked at He Qianjian. The smile on He Qianjian’s face faded, but soon recovered: “Come, come, cheers.”

He Qianyang’s birthday party officially started when the sunset began glowing in the sky. He himself was very good at enlivening the atmosphere. In addition, the band that the party planning studio found was a very popular group recently, and everyone soon became excited.

Another rock song ended. A girl in hot pants ran onto the stage, grabbed the microphone and said loudly, “After listening to rock for so long! Does anyone want to listen to something quieter! Something more lyrical! A song suitable for a love confession!”

The last sentence ignited everyone’s enthusiasm for gossip, and they responded one after another:


“A tribute to love!”

“Who confesses! With whom!”

The girl raised her hand to signal for quietness below, and said with a smile: “Since everyone wants to listen, how about we invite the recognized musical genius, He Qianyang’s cousin He Qianjian, to come on stage and present a violin piece, let’s wish him good luck!”

“Oh oh oh——”

“He Qianjian! He Eldest Young Master!”

The whistling was accompanied by eager eyes gathering around. He Qianjian paused the hand holding the wine glass, and lowered his head to hide the displeasure in his eyes.

No one discussed this matter with him and just called him onto the stage, treating him as an actor who comes and goes when he was called?

Han Qiya turned her head and said with a smile: “I still remember the piano piece that amazed everyone at your tenth birthday party. I didn’t expect you to play the violin as well. It seems that today there will be a treat for the ears.”

He Qianjian raised his head and pretended to be generous: “Since Miss Qi Ya wants to hear it, of course I have to present a piece.”

Under everyone’s attention, He Qianjian put down his wine glass and ordered someone to go upstairs to get his violin. He stepped onto the stage and jokingly said, “I’ve already asked someone to bring the violin, but let me explain in advance that my violin hasn’t been practiced for a long time. If I don’t play well later, I hope everyone won’t laugh at me.”

There was good-natured laughter in the audience, and someone said: “Who doesn’t know that Young Master He is a musical genius. Shocking even Master Waller with a violin piece at the age of twelve. How could he not play it well?”

People who knew He Qianjian all echoed an agreement, and the lively atmosphere did not cool at all during the short waiting period.

He Qianjian smiled on the surface, but he was communicating with the system in his head.

[Help me find the person who plays the violin best within the widest range.]

[Searching…..the person with the highest violin talent nearby has been found, located 130 meters southwest of you. Are you sure you want to exchange violin skills?]

He Qianjian frowned in his heart: [Who is it, it won’t be too shabby, right.]

[After testing, this person’s violin talent belongs to the top level of the pyramid in the world.]

[And compared to Waller?]

[The talent is higher than Waller’s, but the skill is not as good.]

He Qianjian was relieved, and the smile on his face was much more genuine and natural. He nodded to the audience, and said to the system: [Of course. There are a few people in the world who can surpass Waller in skill. Okay, then it’ll be him.]

[Violin skills are being exchanged…..the exchange was successful, and the host can use it for 30 minutes.]

Second floor.

Jiang Chen, who was discussing the cooperation details with Li Nanfeng, suddenly paused and raised his head.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Jiang Chen stretched his shoulders and said, “The party should have already started, and the details are almost all discussed, let’s go down first.”

“Okay.” Li Nanfeng closed the laptop and said, “I will hold a board meeting tomorrow, and I pick you up at your home the day after tomorrow. When we arrive at the company, we can finalize more details.”

The two packed up, turned around and went downstairs.

The villa of the He family was similar to a courtyard house. In addition to the courtyard built around the whole house, there was also a three-story sunny garden room in the center of the house. The little study room the two were in was located in the west wing second floor. The west wing was only open to guests, not connected with the northern part where the owner lives, and the main hall where the party took place was on the first floor of the north wing. So if they wanted to go there, they could only pass through the garden room, or take the separate stairs of the west wing, walk around the courtyard and into the main hall.

Li Nanfeng went to call Shi Fengyue, and Jiang Chen went downstairs first. When he reached the stairs, he paused, stood there for a moment, then turned and went down another staircase.

There were a few people here and there in the courtyard, and it wasn’t deserted at all, but the place that was even more lively was the main hall with laughter and music.

Jiang Chen came out from the side door of the west wing, and before he even took a few steps, he heard the sound of a violin, playing a melodious tune. He couldn’t say anything professional about it, but he knew it was played well.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The violin music, which became more and more crescending, flowed into Jiang Chen’s ears while accompanied by applause. Thinking of the conversation he had just heard, he paused, and slightly pursed his lips. He wondered whose skill He Qianjian had exchanged this time.

“Jiang Chen?” A tentative voice with unconcealed surprise called from behind.

Jiang Chen looked back at the sound, and the moment he saw the shy young man with a shy smile under the moonlight, something flashed through his mind, and he hesitated, “You Jiuyu?”

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