After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 057 Humiliation

You Jiuyu shyly said: “I didn’t expect to meet you here.” He looked at Jiang Chen, his hands curling in fists nervously behind his back.

“What a coincidence.” Jiang Chen smiled and said, “You also came to He Qianyang’s birthday party? Why aren’t you going in.”

You Jiuyu scratched his cheek with his fingers, and said embarrassedly: “I’m not used to this kind of occasion, and I don’t know anyone, and I feel awkward standing inside. You…..are going in now?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen’s eyes fell on his somewhat lonely expression, and he said with a smile, “I want to get some fresh air outside.”

You Jiuyu’s eyes lit up, he pointed to the rattan sofa, and said tentatively, “Then let’s sit there for a while.”

“Let’s go.”

The violin music from the hall changed from melodious to passionate, then from passionate to lyrical, and gradually came to an end.

Jiang Chen and You Jiuyu sat side by side, one thoughtful, the other looking at the brightly lit hall, hiding the dimness in his eyes.

“You…..” You Jiuyu started cautiously, and when Jiang Chen looked at him, he immediately avoided his gaze and whispered, “Are you Brother He’s friend too?”

“Not really.” Jiang Chen smiled lightly, “I’m his cousin’s friend.”

“Eldest Young Master He?”

Jiang Chen: “No, He Qianmin.”

You Jiuyu was a little surprised: “Are you the one who gave Brother He the robot?”

Jiang Chen turned his head: “Did you see that robot?”

“Everyone saw it.” You Jiuyu smiled and said, “Brother He showed it to us all. At that time, many people asked him where he bought it. He said it was a gift from Second Young Master He’s friend. Brother He said your name, but I didn’t expect it to be you. That robot is so amazing, and everyone said that they have never seen such an intelligent robot.” He paused, and said, “You are so amazing, Jiang Chen. “

It was clear that he was praising others, but his face was even redder than the person being praised. Jiang Chen couldn’t help laughing and said, “Thank you for your compliment.”

“It’s not a compliment.” You Jiuyu turned his head, and said seriously in a small voice: “What I said is what I think in my heart, I really think you are very amazing, you are one of the most amazing people I have ever seen, unlike me…..” The corner of his mouth pulled stiffly and he gradually pursed his lips.

Seeing You Jiuyu trying his best to cover up but still showing some of his inferiority complex, Jiang Chen smiled and asked, “How are you?”

You Jiuyu lowered his eyes, and the corners of his mouth pulled up with self-mockery: “I can’t do anything well, I always make people worry, and it’s difficult for me to communicate with others…..”

Jiang Chen looked at him sideways: “You play the violin very well, it was some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Worry comes from love, people who love you will worry about you no matter what you become, because they love you. And as for communication… you find it difficult to communicate with me?”

“No.” You Jiuyu quickly denied, and then lowered his head after meeting Jiang Chen’s gaze, saying softly, “You are different.”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. Thinking of his tense and cautious manner all the time, he thought that maybe he was so shy because he really rarely communicated with others.

“And…..” You Jiuyu continued: “I can’t play the violin in front of others. What’s the difference between art that can’t be shown and art that is non-existent?”

Jiang Chen was puzzled: “When you were in the park, you played it very well.”

“That’s different.” You Jiuyu shook his head: “At that time, there was only you in the park.”

Jiang Chen was thoughtful, thinking in his heart, one who could only play the violin when the audience was very small, and if there were too many people, he would feel pressured, might be because of a psychological issue.

While the two were chatting, the violin music also ended. Amidst the warm applause and the sound of “encore” echoing one after another, You Jiuyu couldn’t help looking at the hall full of lights and laughter again.

Jiang Chen noticed his gaze and asked, “Want to go in?”

“No.” You Jiuyu quickly withdrew his gaze, and lowered his eyes to cover up: “I only know Brother He, and there must be many people who he needed to entertain today. If he still had to take me into consideration, it would be too much trouble for him.”

Probably because the audience was too noisy, the violin music began again. You Jiuyu raised his head unconsciously, and glanced over there again.

Jiang Chen saw the longing and envy in his eyes, and pondered, “Do you want to play the violin?”

“No…” You Jiuyu shook his head: “I can’t play the violin in front of others.”

“Have you tried?”

“I’ve tried many times.” You Jiuyu said with a wry smile, “Not once has it succeeded. Every time I see them, my hands would become uncontrollably stiff, and I would be so nervous that I couldn’t play at all.” After a pause, he said: “Only in front of you is there an exception.”

Jiang Chen: “If every time you perform, you treat it like I’m the only one in the audience, would you still be nervous?”

You Jiuyu said in a daze, “I don’t know.”

“Then try.”

You Jiuyu: “How to try?”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled, took out his mobile phone, and called He Qianmin.

He Qianmin saw Li Nanfeng and Shi Fengyue come down, but didn’t see Jiang Chen. He was about to call him, but when he saw that the other called first, he immediately retreated from the busy hall and connected the phone.

“Big Brother? Where are you?”

“Do you have a spare violin at home?”

He Qianmin was curious: “Yes, what are you doing?”

“Bring it to the wicker chair in the west courtyard, I need to use it.”

He Qianmin didn’t ask any more questions, and went upstairs to get the violin after agreeing. Within two minutes, he found Jiang Chen with the violin case.

When he saw You Jiuyu beside Jiang Chen, he paused: “Who is this?”

“I…..” You Jiuyu stood up, looking at Jiang Chen nervously and helplessly.

Jiang Chen smiled encouragingly at him, but didn’t speak.

“My name is You Jiuyu…..” You Jiuyu’s voice trembled with nervousness, “I’m Jiang Chen’s friend.”

He Qianmin gave him a strange look, nodded, and asked Jiang Chen, “Big Brother, what do you want the violin for?”

“To use.” Jiang Chen got up and took the violin in his hand, handed it to You Jiuyu and said, “Have a look, can you play it?”

You Jiuyu took a tentative look at He Qianmin, and then opened the violin case. His eyes lit up when he saw the violin inside, and said, “This is a violin handmade by Master Waller.”

Jiang Chen was a little surprised, but he didn’t know much about these things, so he just asked, “Can you use it?”

“Yes.” You Jiuyu touched the strings excitedly, forgetting to be nervous: “Master Waller only makes violins for three people every year, and he has only made just a little over 20 violins so far. I didn’t expect that one day I could also see the master’s violin with my own eyes.”

He Qianmin said lightly: “Like it? It’s yours.”

You Jiuyu was taken aback for a moment, and Jiang Chen also raised his eyes to look at him.

“It’s useless for me to keep it.” He Qianmin shrugged and said, “The best way to maintain a violin is to play it every day. I haven’t played it for so many years. So why not give it to you, I believe you will not let it down. “

You Jiuyu didn’t dare to accept it: “I can’t take it, it’s not just precious, it’s…..”

“You are worthy of this violin.” He Qianmin walked up to Jiang Chen and sat down, saying “I heard you play the violin once when I was young, and it was much better than He Qianjian. He could even have a violin made by Master Waller, why can’t you have one as well.”

“How can I compare to Eldest Young Master He’s violin skills.” You Jiuyu said: “His violin playing was once praised by Master Waller himself.”

He Qianmin snorted: “Waller did say that he plays it well, but he also said that he only has the techniques but no emotion. Don’t know why this second half of his words became omitted when it spread outside.”

You Jiuyu was also at He Qianjian’s twelfth birthday party. He recalled the shock of hearing that violin piece, and said, “But his skills have already reached the pinnacle.”

“Then you listen to it now, do you think his skills are still at their peak?”

You Jiuyu was taken aback, and listened subconsciously. A few seconds later, he frowned slightly: “It seems to have regressed a lot.”

He Qianmin sneered: “His violin skills have never been stable, but on the emotional aspect his music is as emotionless as always. In this regard, he would never be better than you.”


“Do you want it?” He Qianmin frowned: “If you don’t want it then forget it, I don’t need it anyway, and it would just be thrown away.”

You Jiuyu: “I want it.”

Seeing him holding the violin case in a cherishing manner, Jiang Chen said with a smile, “Try out your new violin.”

You Jiuyu glanced at Jiang Chen, then turned to look at He Qianmin. The corner of his mouth twitched, but the words that sat on his tongue couldn’t come out.

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “There are two people here, but you can still act as if I’m the only one listening, try it.”

You Jiuyu nodded and tucked the violin under his chin. The moment the bow touched the strings, he took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.

The sound of the violin in the hall came to an end, and the intermittent sound of the violin in the courtyard replaced it. The people in the hall were stunned, and someone asked: “Is someone playing the violin outside?”

“Who?” Someone guessed: “The person who wants to confess?”

Zhu Yao had just stepped onto the stage, and had silently recited countless lines. After hearing the intermittent sound of the violin outside, she paused and suddenly forgot the lines.


Everyone’s attention was attracted by Zhu Yao on the stage, and He Qianyang also looked at her in surprise.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and at the same time she was nervous, she was thinking that the nervous sound of the violin outside was quite suitable for the occasion, which perfectly matched her mood at the moment. She couldn’t recall what she wanted to say so she improvised: “He Qianyang, I originally prepared a lot of things I wanted to say to you, and I even purposely enhanced the atmosphere, but I didn’t expect that after I came up and saw you, there was only one thing left in my mind.”

There was a whistling sound from below, and He Qianyang raised his hand to signal them to be quiet, but it couldn’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm in seeing the excitement.

Zhu Yao continued: “The thing I want to say in my mind is——”

The intermittent sound of the violin outside suddenly eased, like an infinitely gentle girl’s heart, with a lively and brisk pace, but also shyly jumping for joy, like a gently blowing wind, touching people’s hearts. Some people looked outwards curiously, and the lively hall gradually fell into silence.

Zhu Yao subconsciously glanced at the direction of the sound of the violin as well, and the words that disappeared suddenly appeared in her mind again, but the words that had been edited countless times were not as good as what she wanted to say at this moment. Said: “He Qianyang, I never told you this, but before you liked me, I actually already liked you, at that time…..”

Accompanied by the soft and lively sound of the violin, Zhu Yan finished what she wanted to say. She covered her blushing face and looked at He Qianyang who was walking towards her. She felt that the person playing the violin outside must be the bug in her stomach. Each musical note they played coincided with her mood infinitely.

The perfect musical accompaniment allowed the audience below to feel more deeply the mood of the two protagonists on the stage. They held their breaths, waiting for this romantic moment.

He Qianyang embraced Zhu Yao, and the two exchanged a kiss. He smiled and said, “This is the best birthday present I’ve ever received.”

There was instantly warm applause from the audience, and the laughter was full of good wishes.

While accepting the blessings, Zhu Yao whispered to He Qianyang: “I really want to know who is playing the violin outside, it’s too powerful, each note touches deep into my heart.”

He Qianyang was also very curious, he didn’t know that there was such an outstanding violinist among the guests he invited. Not only them, most people in the audience wanted to know where the sound of the violin came from and who was playing the violin.

Seeing that most of the people were looking outwards intentionally or unintentionally, He Qianyang smiled and said, “The next part of the party will be on the second floor terrace, so how about we go over now, and take a look at who is the enthusiastic accompaniment friend outside.”

Naturally, everyone agreed. The large group of people left the hall one after another and walked towards the direction of the sound of the violin.

You Jiuyu and Jiang Chen didn’t know that a large group of people was coming here. After the piece ended, You Jiuyu looked down at his hand holding the bow, and said in disbelief: “I actually did it…..”

Jiang Chen joked, “Can the audience pick a song?”

“Of course.” The usual shyness on You Jiuyu’s face faded a lot, he smiled and said, “I’ll play whatever you want to hear.”

Jiang Chen originally just wanted to distract You Jiuyu from paying too much attention to his own emotions at this time, worrying that he would put more pressure on himself by paying too much attention to being able to play in front of outsiders. But he didn’t expect him to agree so readily. After thinking about it, he said, “The piece I heard when we were in the park last time, is that okay?”

You Jiuyu paused, nodded: “Okay.”

By the pool under the moonlight, the young man closed his eyes and began playing a melodious and soft musical piece. The sound of the violin was like gurgling water, softly telling his longing and loneliness. The people who followed the sound subconsciously lightened their steps and stopped to listen.

He Qianjian walked at the end of the crowd, and when he saw this scene, he stopped and his expression darkened uncontrollably.

As soon as the piece ended, the people who were still unsatisfied opened their eyes together with You Jiuyu. Seeing the young man in a daze under the moonlight, they all smiled kindly and said:

“That was so good.”

“Amazing violin playing, it’s the most touching piece of music I’ve ever heard.”

“What’s the name of this volin piece? I’ve never heard it before, it sounds so good!”

You Jiuyu put down the violin at a loss, and subconsciously searched for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly, and nodded encouragingly.

Don’t know why, but with such a simple gesture, You Jiuyu felt that most of the tension in his heart had dissipated. He smiled shyly, closed his eyes and tucked the violin under his chin again.

Everyone consciously quieted down.

He Qianjian vaguely heard an unfinished comment: “… the violin genius, he plays much better than Eldest Young Master He.”

The hands on his side clenched into fists, and his dark eyes fell on You Jiuyu. After staying for a few seconds, he suddenly noticed two people sitting on the rattan sofa behind him.

He Qianjian first saw the person in front, He Qianmin, and he gritted his teeth, no wonder the violin looked so familiar, it turned out to be He Qianmin’s violin. He suppressed the anger in his heart, and moved his eyes over. But when he saw the boy next to He Qianmin, his expression suddenly stiffened and he couldn’t believe it:

——Jiang Chen?

Why was he here?!

Who brought him here? Also, why was he sitting with He Qianmin? Did he discover something, or did He Qianmin discover something? Had he already met He Yanfeng and his wife?

One question after another came to mind, such that in the end, He Qianjian’s feelings of jealousy had completely disappeared, leaving only panic and fear.

[System!] He hurriedly called in his mind: [Why is Jiang Chen here? Did he discover something? Does he know his own birth background?]

The system’s voice didn’t fluctuate in the slightest despite his anxiety and fear. It said coldly: [Jiang Chen’s appearance in the He family does not mean that he has discovered his birth background. Your guess is groundless.]

[Then why is he with He Qianmin?] He Qianjian’s mind was in a mess: [He Qianmin only knows how to go against me since he was a child, and he has been pondering all day how to find out my weakness. Could it be that he discovered my identity and Jiang Chen’s identity, so he told Jiang Chen and even brought him to the He family, wanting to change our identities back.]

[With me cleaning up all tails, it is impossible to leave any evidence about your true identities behind, your guess is not valid.] The system said: [Unless someone can crack my code and get the record of your identity swap from me, otherwise no one in this world will know about it, don’t worry.]

He Qianjian’s state of mind was still unsteady and he said: [If someone cracks it…..]

[Impossible.] The system’s voice was cold and firm: [With this world’s technological level, even after five hundred years, no one would be able to discover my existence, let alone crack my code. You can rest assured.]

The certainty of the system reassured He Qianjian. He looked up at Jiang Chen and He Qianmin who were talking not far away with smiles on their faces. Recalling his shock and fear just now which were caused by them, even if no one knew about it, he still felt a loss of face.

Sure enough, every time he came across Jiang Chen, nothing good happened. There was also He Qianmin, who not only opposed him in everything before, but now even got mixed up with Jiang Chen.

The cold light in He Qianjian’s eyes flashed, he had to find a way so that he could truly put his worries to rest.

While endless dark thoughts roiled in He Qianjian’s heart, You Jiuyu’s song also came to an end. The place was quiet for a moment, and then there was a sudden burst of applause. Everyone’s faces were full of touched emotions and regret at its end.

You Jiuyu bowed slightly, walked up to Jiang Chen and He Qianmin and sat down. His cheeks were a little red, but his eyes were bright, with satisfaction and excitement that he had never felt before.

It was also the first time for He Qianyang to listen to You Jiuyu playing the violin, and he was amazed but also very happy for the other. He knew his shy character and knew that he might not want to continue playing, so he organized everyone with a smile: “Let’s go! Let’s go to the terrace on the second floor!”

The birthday protagonist spoke, and everyone naturally walked upstairs one after another.

Except on the way, it was inevitable that some people couldn’t help but mention the music just now:

A girl said to her companion: “When I heard that song just now, I almost cried, you know? The first time I heard such pure music, it really moved me so much. Before, I always thought that I couldn’t appreciate classical music. Now I realize that it’s because I haven’t heard anything that really touches people.”

Her companion said: “I have listened to countless concerts, and that boy’s playing skills just now were not top-notch, but the emotion he puts in his music is the strongest I have ever seen. It’s strange that I haven’t heard of him before. With his ability, he should have been famous a long time ago.”

“Maybe it’s because he doesn’t like to show off.” The girl lowered her voice and said, “Just now, I also listened to the violin music of Eldest Young Master He, which everyone has hyped about. When there is no comparison there is no harm. They can’t compare at all.”

Her companion looked around and lowered her voice to agree: “I also feel…..”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Such conversations did not only happen in one place, and some people were very polite and did not talk about it outright, but the murmurs in their hearts were unavoidable. After all, the two played the violin just before and after, so it was difficult for people not to compare them. As for the comparison results, there was no need to repeat them, music that touched people’s hearts vs music that only relied on technique and skill. It was not necessary to express which one was better, as everyone knew the truth well.

There were too many people talking, and naturally one or two words fell into He Qianjian’s ears. He fell to the back of the line, his face so dark that ink could practically drip from it.

From coming to this world until now, he had never suffered such shame and humiliation!

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