After Becoming The Tyrant CH 070 The Lion Of The Empire

The Holy Court had begun to build their Kingdom of God.

The King could confirm this.

In the last port city that needed to be dealt with personally by the King, a secret agent who didn’t have time to tidy up was received by the King.

He was Legrand’s overseas agent sent to Bressi.

And the only one who successfully returned to Legrand.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At the beginning of the new year, the King ordered the recall of a group of overseas spies who had contact with Bressi’s king, Ferri III. But until today, only this person returned to Legrand, and the others were all intercepted and killed on the way.

The surviving spy delivered a sealed letter to the King.

The letter came from General Karl, the commander of the Bressi Expeditionary Force who negotiated with the King back then. The content of the letter was very brief. After the King read it, he looked at Mr. Secret Agent in front of him: “Before you left Bressi, what was the situation of General Karl?”

Mr. Secret Agent recalled carefully: “It’s no different from before. He was still in charge of Ferri III’s coronation. But…..General Karl’s butler had changed to two new ones.”

Two new butlers…..

“Go and receive the award you deserve.” The King nodded slightly, “along with the rest.”

The spy saluted and slipped out, avoiding the attention of others.

The King put the letter on the table.

The coronation of Ferri III began before the spy returned. The time was shortly after Legrand was attacked by the plague ships and the Northland rebellion. And Ferri III wrote this secret letter through General Karl, conveying the message that he was not controlled by the secret baptism of the Holy Court’s coronation.

This was good news.

As long as Bressi’s true monarch was not controlled, a war would be inevitable if the Holy Court wanted to seize Bressi and establish a nation.

But that was also bad news.

With the caution shown by Ferri III when he contacted him earlier, he would not directly let General Karl, who was close to him, hand over the letter to Legrand’s secret agents. This was too easy to expose themselves——it meant that although the secret baptism had not succeeded, the Pope’s mission still had a very high control over the capital of Bressi.

General Karl’s butler had been replaced by two new ones successively…..All people close to Ferri III’s party were under surveillance.

“The Kingdom of God…..”

The King smiled coldly, and threw the letter into the fireplace.

If he guessed correctly, when Legrand’s spy overcame various difficulties and successfully returned, Bressi on the other side of the Abyss Strait should have also been caught in the flames of war.

The Master of Households had prepared all the matters for returning to the Rose Palace.

The plague in the southeast was already under control, and at this time according to the conscription order, the lords should have brought their knights from all over the country to the meeting point. At this time, the “Legrand Transportation Department” established by the King was coordinating the transportation of grain and supplies.

Merchants who were unable to trade at sea due to the blockade also received tasks assigned by the royal family at this time.

The ships that had been moored for a long time started paddling again. Under the coordination of the Ministry of Land Transportation, the merchants fulfilled their obligations and transported materials to the north at the fastest speed through inland river shipping.

When the King returned to the Rose Palace, the preparatory work was almost completed.

“Let’s go.”

The King said to the Master of Households who came in for orders.

He wasn’t even going to wait for daylight.

The night was dark.

On the tallest tower in the city, a figure stood silently.

Ordinary people couldn’t stand at such a high place safe and sound in such a strong and cold wind, and he was indeed not an ordinary person.

The cold wind was blowing the Devil’s black coat, and he was holding a black umbrella in one hand. Ever since he invited the King to visit Hell, he seemed to have always carried this umbrella with a hidden sword with him. These days, he carried out the King’s order to clean up the plague along the southeast coast, and he seemed to be extremely busy, such that he hadn’t showed up in front of the King for a long time.

However, the fact that he was standing here silently at this time showed that things didn’t seem to be like that.

It seemed that he no longer needed to go to every location to open the gate of Hell in such a troublesome way as he did in the beginning.

All the birds perched around the tower disappeared. The little birds that used to hide under the warm eaves were more keen than humans. The Devil stood here, so the surroundings became silent.

The Devil watched the King’s carriage roll away in the heavy snow to go to the war that belonged to the monarch.

He held a crimson rose as usual in his hand.

“You are as stubborn as ever.”

The Devil seemed a little worried, and he raised the rose in the direction where the King was leaving.

“I won’t be able to follow you for the time being, so…..”

“Good luck.”

After finishing speaking, he bowed slightly and turned into a group of black butterflies.

The black butterflies, which seemed fragile enough to tear in the wind, flew into the sky like a cloud of black mist, followed the strong airflow, and quickly headed towards Bressi. When the Holy Court was about to establish a country on the other side of the strait, the Devil belonging to Hell stepped into the future Kingdom of God.

He went to retrieve something that should have belonged to the King.

After all……

He once told his dear King a little lie: there was no fate line, there was no so-called fate that originally belonged to Pureland.


Those were the King’s fate, another fate.


Northland, Newcastle.

Rebels surrounded the royal castle.

The rebel forces conducting this siege were well equipped. At this time, on the battlefield outside the city, tall and heavy-rod trebuchets were pushed onto the battlefield. The soldiers shouted and turned the winch, and slowly lowered the empty boom. When the boulders were in place, the man with the ax on the side cut the rope.

The wooden winch turned rapidly, the trebuchet made a creaking sound, and the end loaded with heavy objects fell heavily. At the same time, with a huge whistling sound, the boulder was thrown high and smashed into the towers of Newcastle which had perforations made for archers.

Who the hell knew which psychopath was responsible for the design of Newcastle!

The guy practically wanted to arm the castle to the teeth, so that he could build a hedgehog——fortunately, the castle was still some distance from completion, and the north tower was only a prototype.

Otherwise, they forget about being able to capture the castle in a short time.

While the general of the rebel army cursed at the castle, he never imagined that Mr. Architect, who wanted to arm the castle to the teeth, was actually standing on the city wall at this moment.

“What the hell are you doing on the city wall!”

The commander blocked the falling gravel with a shield, and dragged James, who was almost killed by the boulder, to a safer place.

When the soldiers told him that James had also climbed the city wall, the commander almost went crazy from anger at this guy.

Right now, huge boulders were whistling by, the defenders of the city and the people in the tower might be crushed to death at any time, so what was this little architect doing here?! Did he want to die?

James spat a few times to get the sand in his mouth out, and grabbed a pen to quickly write and draw on his papers: “There are errors in the design versus actual combat! Only by seeing it with your own eyes can you make more appropriate changes…..The location of the towers is not rational enough.”

The commander snatched the pen from his hand and threw it out.

Boom, another loud explosive sound came.

Everyone standing behind the protective wall felt the vibration under their feet. Several boulders had hit the city wall. The commander cursed, and glanced out of the city through the peephole. When the trebuchets continuously fired boulders, the enemy had already surged over like a tide, and tall siege ladders were pushed onto the battlefield, quickly approaching the city wall.

Taking advantage of the attack from the trebuchet, the enemy had already planned to forcibly capture this place from the weak point of the castle.

Seeing that the ladder tower had pushed past the trench that was filled in yesterday, and the top of the city wall was about to become a battlefield of hand-to-hand combat, the commander didn’t have any more time to argue with James. He pointed to two of his own soldiers.

“Take this guy down for me! Throw him into the secret passage!”

The commander said.

At this time, someone came up with hot oil, and poured the hot oil onto the wooden ladder on the wall. The commander took the lit torch from the person next to him and threw it towards the ladder.

The flames wound around the siege ladder like a snake from top down, and the enemies standing on the ladder howled and fell off mid-air.

“Take him away!”

The commander threw away his shield, grabbed his bow, and began shooting the enemy.

“I don’t have the money to hire a second castle architect for the King!”

The air was filled with the smell of burnt wood, the strong stench of blood, and the smell of burnt human flesh…..The sky was full of smoke and dust, and the flames of war filled the air. There was another loud bam, and a tower next to them collapsed, and even the soldiers in the tower were drowned in the rock ruins.

The castle was unfinished and won’t last long.

The commander held up his shield, but still a piece of gravel grazed his cheek, and blood rolled down. He licked his own blood.

He waited for the second tower to fall.

But the expected collapse did not happen.

“It’s reinforcements!”

“Reinforcements are coming!”

“Reinforcements are coming——”

Shouts of joy echoed from the city wall, and the soldiers cheered.

The commander was taken aback, and he looked up.

A team of horses were galloping this way, their iron hooves trampling the ground, and kicking up the snow into the air, looking like billowing smoke. Through this snow-white smoke, the scarlet royal banner surged like a raging tide, accompanied by the clanging of iron armor. The scarlet and silver torrent in the horizon appeared more and more clearer in everyone’s vision.

This cavalry was like a bloody whirlwind passing across the ground, approaching the battlefield in an instant.

The rebel army stopped their siege on the city of Newcastle, and quickly pulled back and gathered, wanting to meet the cavalry that had suddenly arrived.

The sound of sharp arrows piercing the air could be heard.

Those were Legrand’s most elite longbowmen, and they took the lead in attacking the enemy after they came into range.


The battlefield was always changing rapidly, and those who were on the offensive side at the last moment have become the prey of others in a blink of an eye.

Yes, the prey!

The cavalry that came with the scarlet royal banner formed a crescent-like battle formation, encircling the rebels outside the city of Newcastle. After the armored cavalry arrived on the battlefield, they charged directly without taking any rest, giving the impression that this was a tyrannical beast, and the rebel army was its prey.

Iron armor met iron armor, and blood splattered, red like the royal banner that was whipping fiercely in the air.

“Who is it!”

The general of the rebel army tried to organize a counter-charge, but the enemy came so suddenly and so swiftly that his army, caught off guard, was scattered and was now being trampled upon by the enemy.

Who was in command of this cavalry?!

What kind of person could lead such a brutal army?

A war horse flitted across the battlefield, and all those who were in its way were beheaded. The knight on top was like a long knife cutting across the battlefield, blood splattering on his armor.

He charged to the front of the city on his warhorse, and slashed at the rebel general with his sword.

At that moment, the rebel general saw the ice-blue eyes under his helmet visor.

In the moment of losing consciousness forever, the general of this rebel army knew who was the one leading this cavalry.

The snow was still falling in January.

The fire was still burning, and the corpses of soldiers and horses on the snow lay intertwined and in piles. The rebel army retreated northward. The cavalry who came to provide reinforcement did not pursue. With armor covered with blood, they gathered together raising the royal flag high.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The commander standing on the city wall ordered the drawbridge to be lowered.

At the front of the cavalry, the knight who beheaded the rebel general took off his helmet. The wind blew his silver hair, his whole person as cold as iron.

The commander recognized him at a glance.

That was the lion of the empire.

The Duke of Buckingham.

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