After Becoming The Tyrant CH 071 The King’s Conquest

Newcastle was saved.

The drawbridge was lowered, and the knights stepped into the unfinished castle to the cheers of the defenders. After the knights entered the city gate, they took off their helmets one after another. The commander found that among the cavalry, many of those at the front already had some gray hair.

It was these old subordinates who have followed the Duke of Buckingham on the battlefield for many years to form the soul of this cavalry.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After the Duke of Buckingham entered the castle, he did not rest, and directly summoned the commander of Newcastle.

The Royal Guard and old military officers who followed him were few in number, and the battle was won by the Duke of Buckingham’s surprise tactic. The most important thing right now was not to completely defeat one or two rebel armies, but to defend this important military castle for the King.

The map was spread on the table, and the commander reported to the Duke of Buckingham the situation in Newcastle during this period.

This time the riot that cropped up in the North was a long-planned rebellion.

After the Ingres transportation line from the southwest was cut off by the rebels, the construction work of Newcastle had to come to a standstill. The area north of Newcastle was completely in the hands of the rebels, and the situation to the west and east would not be much better. At the beginning of the war, besides sending people to bring letters to the palace, the commander put all his strength into defense.

“Still, the situation is bad.”

The commander said helplessly.

“The castle is too badly damaged.”

The Duke of Buckingham nodded slightly.

Newcastle originially had yet to be completed. This time, the enemy’s strong attack at any cost almost destroyed all the defenses on the north side of the castle. When the tower collapsed, part of the city wall was also damaged. When the rebel army reorganized and attacked again, the castle would be difficult to defend.

There was only one way to keep the castle:

Use offense instead of defense.

Currently, the most likely to launch another attack on Newcastle was the rebel team led by Prince Will of the vassal state closest to here.

Prince Will was stationed in the town of Werner, and the defeated rebel army would soon bring the news of the failed siege. After the Duke of Buckingham discussed with the generals, he quickly made a decision.

No sooner had the siege ended than the scouts were sent out of the castle.

They had been ordered to scout out the tracks of Prince Will’s army.

Without waiting too long, the scouts brought back the news the Duke of Buckingham and the others wanted.

Just as the Duke of Buckingham and the others predicted, Prince Will, who was stationed in the town of Werner, was leading the army to prepare for the second siege. They were traveling along the road between the banks of the Lacey River and Newcastle, and their speed was not fast because they carried with them a large amount of siege equipment.

After several days of rest, the recharged cavalry set off again with the Duke of Buckingham.

They left the castle and went to a slope on the lower reaches of the Lacey River, which had been a battleground many times since ancient times. There was a sparse forest on the border of the slope.

The Duke of Buckingham’s army would wait behind the woods for the arrival of the enemy.


Abyss Strait.

The sea was as deep as ink, and the wind and waves were rough. Amidst the furious waves, boats with white sails braved the dangerous waters. Printed in the middle of those bulging white sails was the most sacred cross. On the deck, while the sailors were working in an orderly manner, there were another group of people.

They wore fine armor, and their cloaks bore the symbol of the cross.

The way these people dressed revealed their identities.

The Knights Templar.

The white shell-like ship was on the east coast of the Abyss Strait, heading all the way up to Bressi.

The identity of these ships was clear——they were Templar ships that have long disappeared from people’s sight. Hundreds of warships broke through the waves, and the Holy Court’s fleet did not cease to exist as some people had speculated. On the contrary, they become more terrifying, more massive, more unstoppable.

Holy warships, Templar Knights.

The Holy Court drew His sword for the Lord of Hosts.

With this fire and sword they would establish for God His kingdom on earth.

The solemn knights did not notice the black butterflies flitting lightly in the sky above their heads.

The Devil arrived at Bressi one step ahead of the Holy Court’s army.

Legrand on the west coast of the Abyss Strait was experiencing the flames of war, and Bressi could be called Legrand’s brother-in-straits——it too was also facing the flames of war at this time.

The Devil unfurled his black umbrella and strolled leisurely through one of Bressi’s cities.

The sky was gray, knights galloped past on the streets from time to time, and flags with the cross symbol hung high everywhere in the city. This represented that the city had accepted the rule of the Holy Court.

“Yah. The speed is quite fast.”

The Devil raised his umbrella a little, watching the Bressi royal tulip banner being ripped off and thrown into a stinking ditch.

At the coronation ceremony of Ferri III, the Pope took out the letter that Clemo V had written to the Holy Court.

——The letter promising to hand over the secular domination of the entire lowlands and the western part of the kingdom to the Holy Court.

The Pope used the “Gift of Clemo V” to demand the power due to the Holy Court from the new King of Bressi, Ferri III, and claimed that “it was precisely because the monarch of Bressi forgot what he had promised to the Holy Lord, that the great plague of the Black Death descended on us, this was the divine punishment of the Holy Lord, and only timely repentance can bring redemption.”

After the examination of the Bressi noblemen present, the letter was indeed the original letter written by Clemo V.

The Holy Court came aggressively, and most of the great nobles had already defected to the Holy Court. It was said that the scene that day was also very exciting and dramatic.

However, Ferri III withstood the pressure.

He used a delay tactic, claiming that the specific scope of the western region donated to the Holy Court in the letter needed to be carefully discussed, and the two sides needed a more formal agreement. After the Pope’s delegation left the capital, Ferri III immediately went back on his word, not only did he not hand over the western part of the kingdom, but began to mobilize the army.

In retaliation for Ferri III’s treachery, the Pope immediately declared:

The excommunication of Ferri III, the abolishment of his position as monarch, the revoking of the oath of allegiance of Bressi subjects to Ferri III, and calling on the lords of Bressi to punish the sinner for the Holy Lord, as well as calling call on the people of Bressi to rise up and overthrow the monarch who brought disaster to them. [1]

Prince Charles, who had previously been defeated by Ferri III in the struggle for the throne, was the first to respond to the Pope’s call.

A large-scale civil war broke out.

But was this really just a civil war?

Holding the umbrella, the Devil watched a black carriage pass by in front of him.

On the carriage, there were exquisite reliefs of flames and poisonous snake coiling on the cross, and that cross was like a sword, nailed to the poisonous snake.

This was the tribunal’s carriage.

The black iron carriage could not block the Devil’s sight in any way, and he clearly knew that there were two masked priests in black sitting in the carriage at this time.

“A little present for you.”

The Devil said cheerfully.

He didn’t forget that these guys actually wanted to tear the King’s soul last time——what a joke! In order to take away His Majesty’s soul, just how much effort he had put forth even until now.

The Devil snapped his fingers, and black flames creeped silently over the carriage.

The black-clothed priests inside the carriage realized something was wrong, grabbed their iron swords and wanted to get up, but found that the carriage seemed to have been sealed directly, and no matter how they hit it, they couldn’t open it. They could only watch helplessly as the poisonous snake-like flames surrounded them, the terrifying heat seeming to burn their souls together with their flesh.

The ordinary people who come and go on the street remain completely unaware.

The Devil performed a little illusory trick.

They didn’t see the carriage at all, and they didn’t even know that not far from them, a certain Devil maliciously imitated the Holy Court’s method and held a “burning” for the priests of the tribunal.

“Yah, I hope you will remember——”

The Devil’s lips curled up slightly.

“Next time, don’t reach sticky fingers out to other people’s treasures.”

There was an indescribable coldness in his smile.

After both the carriage and people within turned into a pile of ashes, the Devil continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened.

As for the disappearance of the adjudicators of the Holy Court out of thin air in this city, and how much trouble it would bring to the rulers of this city…..what did that matter to him?

His goal was St. Val’s Cathedral in Bressi.

A relic of the Holy Court was said to be preserved there.

Why were there so many shameful thieves in this world who loved to claim other people’s things as their own?

The Devil pondered. Holding a black umbrella, he quietly melted into the darkness.

Behind him, a troop of cavalry galloped by, joining the punitive army against King Ferri III.


In Legrand, the King had already arrived at the Rose Palace.

“The Holy Court has been preparing for quite a long time.”

The King unfolded the last letter from Bressi.

The reason why it was the last one was that it was difficult to contact the rest of Legrand’s overseas spies in Bressi.

The letter described the current chaos in Bressi.

Bressi was more affected by the Black Death than Legrand.

During the Black Death, Bressi was infected city after city, and the dead piled up. In the face of the Black Death, the Bressi royal family was powerless, while in contrast the Pope’s mission cured the sick who the doctors were helpless to save on the way to the coronation of Ferri III.

Under this contrast, the concept of “the punishment from the Holy Lord” had become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

And when the Holy Court took out the “Gift of Clemo V” and asked Ferri III to atone for the royal family’s deception of the Holy Lord, it would be easier to get the public’s approval.

Ferri III was forced into a dead end.

The King was not surprised by Bressi’s current situation.

A country that had bowed its head in front of the Holy Court for too long, willingly handing over its own neck to the enemy, sacrificing other countries in exchange for survival…..for such a cowardly country, when the Holy Court’s knife fell on its head, what could be done in such a short time?

Giving succor to the enemy was a sin in itself.

The King put down the letter.

General Sheehan came in and reported to him that all preparations had been completed.

The King nodded slightly.

Soon the Master of Households came in, and he helped the King who he watched grow up into his armor. It was not really his duty, but he asked the King for this request, and the King granted it to him.

“May the former King protect you.”

With trembling hands, the Master of Households straightened the armor for the King.

He stepped back, looking proudly at the King in silver armor.

The icy armor endowed the King with a completely different aura than usual, and the luxury of the royal court was erased at this time, leaving only pure majesty, which was the iron-blooded soul of generations of the Rose family.

The Rose family was born to be companions to swords, flames of war, and blood.

“Victory will be yours!”

The Master of Household’s eyes were slightly moist.

The King didn’t speak, he only nodded slightly, and then walked out of the Rose Palace with General Sheehan.

Today, Metzl Castle saw a rare snowfall.

The sky was dazzling.

General Johan waited outside the city gate. He watched the King come on horseback and bowed to salute.

The King pulled back the reins and looked down at him: “I hope, when I come back, you have your long sword and iron gauntlets ready.”

“I will.”

General Johan answered loudly.

The King did not look at him again, nor did he make any further stops.

Outside the city, waiting for the King was an army ready to go.

At the very front was the King’s Iron Rose Cavalry.

Like the King, they were shrouded in a murderous aura. They rode tall war horses, and both men and horses wore heavy plate armor and breastplate. The sun shone on their armor, reflecting a dazzling light. The Iron Rose Cavalry unfurled hundreds of scarlet royal banners.

After the Iron Rose Cavalry, came the cavalry led by the lords from all over the land, and they raised the flags representing their respective families.

In front of the motley flags of various colors and insignias, the hundreds of scarlet royal flags were like an unstoppable force.

Horseshoes kicked the ground.

The King reined in his horse and stopped in front of everyone, his eyes sweeping across the army that belonged to him.

The sun shone down on the King, framing the edge of his armor with scorching lines of light.

“Set off!”

The King snapped an order.

The horses galloped off, the armor clanged against each other, making a loud sound, and all the flags were blown back by the wind, spreading out into a sea of murderous intent. This torrent of men and horses, iron and flesh and blood was surging because of the King’s will.

This was 1433.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

On the east coast of the Abyss Strait, the Kingdom of God on earth was being established, the light of the Holy Spirit was spreading along with the Pope’s will, warships were criss-crossing the raging waves, and the knights of the Templar were about to set foot on the battlefield. On the west bank of the Abyss Strait, the Legrand rebellion was raging, and the weak such as Ingres, Newcastle, and the lowland countries…..were not spared and were also drawn into the vortex.

As if overnight, the whole world was ignited by the flames of war.

This year, the King set off to war in person.

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