Source of Calamity CH 060 Violence

“Ai, isn’t this Mr. Su?” A woman walked in from the door. She was wearing a back revealing dress, her white and delicate skin on display. Holding a cigarette in her hand, she leaned on the door and looked at Su Shiqing lying on the bed.

Su Shiqing: “…..Zhang Lei?”

Zhang Lei walked over, hips swaying alluringly. “Thought I was driven away?”

Su Shiqing did not expect to see Zhang Lei again.

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Zhang Lei ignited the cigarette, and after blowing out a ring of smoke, she said, “We will be sisters from now on.”

Su Shiqing: “Who is sisters with you? I am a man!”

Zhang Lei sneered: “We are all relying on sleeping men to climb up, using love as a fish hook, what are you pretending to be noble for?”

A man’s hand wrapped around Zhang Lei’s waist, and Mr Zheng leaned over, kissing Zhang Lei’s ear: “What are you two talking about?”

Zhang Lei turned around and hugged Mr. Zheng’s neck: “Telling Mr. Su to follow you well.”

Mr. Zheng patted Zhang Lei’s ass and rubbed it: “Tell him nicely, don’t scare him.”

Zhang Lei glanced at him sideways and sighed: “You know that I can tolerate everything for you, so you just bully me.”

Mr. Zheng: “How are you bullied? Who bullied you? Tell me, I will teach him a good lesson.”

It had been nearly a month since Su Shiqing’s departure from Qin Group. The bruises on his face were almost faded, his injuries had gradually become better, and he was no longer in pain, but he still couldn’t get out of bed——his ankle was shackled to the bed.

Su Shiqing finally realized what kind of person he met.

This was simply a lunatic with mental illness.

And Zhang Lei, another lunatic.

He was extremely scared, but his phone was taken away and there was no window in this room. He had no way to ask for help.

Mr. Zheng first kissed Zhang Lei, then walked over to grab Su Shiqing’s chin, kissed Su Shiqing’s lips, and then adjusted his tie, saying said with a smile, “Then I will go to work now, Xiao Lei, take good care of Shi Qing.”

Zhang Lei smiled: “I know.”

After Mr. Zheng left, Zhang Lei sat beside the bed, and next to Su Shiqing. She poured a glass of wine, raised it in a toast, then took a sip. She held the wine in her mouth for a while then spit it out on Su Shiqing’s face, before letting out a big laugh.

“Mr. Su, aren’t you very capable? So capable you can drive me out of Qin Group.” Zhang Lei glanced at him in a charming manner, “But so what? Where are you better than me?”

“By the way, Mr. Zheng is deeply affectionate towards you.” Zhang Lei touched her chest. “When he f**ks me, your name is still the one he calls.”

She smoothed her hair: “But I don’t care about this, anyway, I am just staying here temporarily.”

“My goal is not a low -level man like Mr. Zheng.”

“Speaking honestly, your goal is not him either, right?” Zhang Lei, “But I have no other choice, if I want to climb up, I have to find a ladder. You are different, you were originally up high in the clouds, but you crawled down along the ladder yourself. “

Zhang Lei: “I heard that Mr. Zheng was also a dedicated and honest man before he met you. He did well in Qin Group, and practiced fairness and justice. Although he is just a small leader, the cleaners liked him very much.”

Zhang Lei looked at Su Shiqing: “After encountering you, he became completely crazy. Looking at it this way, Mr. Su, it seems you are indeed better than me.”

“But so what?”

Zhang Lei looked at Su Shiqing with contempt. She looked down on Su Shiqing. It was true that she was a social climber but Su Shiqing was willing to cheapen himself. She felt that she was much better than Su Shiqing.

“Mr. Su, for some time in the future, we will be staying under the same roof.” Zhang Lei took out the paper towels and wiped the wine on Su Shiqing’s face. “Let’s get along well.”

This month, Chu Haoyi was going crazy looking for Su Shiqing. Su Shiqing seemed to have completely disappeared from under his eyes. He didn’t even leave a text message. Chu Haoyi was helpless and could only take the initiative to contact Qin Yue.

Qin Yue was having a meeting in his company when he received the call.

After all, it was the heir trained by Qin Xing, and Qin Yue’s company had gone on track in a short time.

“Did you say that Shi Qing disappeared?” Qin Yue made a gesture, having the people continue the meeting, and then walked out of the conference room.

Chu Haoyi: “He isn’t with you?”

Qin Yue sneered: “After I returned to China, all my calls and text messages sent to him seemed to have sunk into the ocean. Isn’t it your doing?”

Chu Haoyi’s voice was colder: “If Eldest Young Master Qin wants to look for someone, how can you not find them? Text and call? Are you brushing me off?”

“You didn’t make an attempt at all, right?” Chu Haoyi drew blood directly.

Qin Yue frowned: “Chu Haoyi, don’t think I dare not make a move against you.”

“Who do you want to make a move against?”

The voice of another man came from the mobile phone, and thar man was right next to Chu Haoyi. His tone was careless, but Qin Yue could hear the threat in it.

Chu Haoyi was infuriated on the other end of the line: “Feng Anyan, I told you to piss off!”

Then the phone hung up.

“Su Shiqing disappeared?” Shen Zhen was lying on the sofa, holding his mobile phone in his hand, and under his head was Qin Xing’s thigh. He looked up at Qin Xing, “Do you know where he is?”

Qin Xing smiled: “I don’t know, there is no need to care about him.”

Shen Zhen: “I thought he would go find Qin Yue.”

Qin Xing’s fingers were sifting through Shen Zhen’s hair. Shen Zhen’s hair was very soft and his hair was also very dark. Qin Xing didn’t care: “And what can Qin Yue do?”

Shen Zhen hooked a hand over Qin Xing’s neck, making Qin Xing lower his head, and the two met in a lingering kiss.

“Tomorrow is the award ceremony of the top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs.” Qin Xing said vaguely in between kisses.

Shen Zhen pushed Qin Xing away slightly, and looked at Qin Xing’s eyes: “I forgot.”

Qin Xing laughed: “Don’t worry, I already prepared the suit and car. You only need to prepare yourself tomorrow.”

Although it was just the top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in the local area, and it could not be compared with the whole country, this was also still very prestigious. Shen Zhen also knew that he had yet to reach the national level.

That night, Shen Zhen returned his apartment for once.

The lights at home were bright. Mama Zhang had always been like this. So long as Shen Zhen did not say he would not come back, she would always turn on the lights. Sitting on the sofa in the living room, sometimes watching TV, sometimes weaving wool, the food kept hot in the kitchen. Just waiting for Shen Zhen to return home and eat.

“I’m back.” Shen Zhen changed his shoes at the entrance.

Mama Zhang stood up and said with a smile: “Eat something first.”

Shen Zhen found that Mama Zhang’s son was not in the living room: “What about Han Lang?”

Mama Zhang paused, and the smile on the corner of her mouth collapsed: “In the hospital.”

Shen Zhen said strangely: “Is he sick?”

Mama Zhang nodded stiffly: “I’m going to go bring the food out.”

Shen Zhen discovered that something was not right with Mama Zhang: “What’s wrong? He isn’t hospitalized due to sickness?”

Mama Zhang was busy in front of the kitchen island. She wiped her eyes with her sleeves, and smiled at Shen Zhen: “There was a small conflict with his classmates.

Shen Zhen: “Small conflict?”

Mama Zhang nodded and brought the food to the table: “I…..I have to go to the hospital to take care of him at night.”

Shen Zhen couldn’t see Mama Zhang upset.

In Shen Zhen’s heart, Mama Zhang was more like a mother to him than his own mother.

“What exactly happened?” Shen Zhen, “Why was he beaten?”

Mama Zhang Ma couldn’t help it any longer. She rushed to Shen Zhen’s arms and cried: “I don’t know. In the afternoon, their class counselor called me and said that Xiao Lang entered the hospital. When I went to see, Xiao Lang had already been pushed into the operating room. The counselor said that he was found in the school alley, and there is no surveillance there. “

“There is clearly monitoring, surveillance cameras. I went to school in the afternoon, and I saw the cameras there.” Mama Zhang’s emotions collapsed, “His counselor said that the angle of the cameras was not facing the alley.”

“I said I want to watch the surveillance videos.” Mama Zhang, “He then said that the surveillance was broken for a long time, there are no videos.”

“Xiao Lang is still in a coma.” Mama Zhang cried uncontrollably. She went to see her son in the afternoon and went to school to find evidence. She forced herself to remain calm for an entire day, and now she finally couldn’t hold back.

Mama Zhang spoke as if to herself: “Xiao Lang would not fight with others. He never causes trouble, and is very polite.”

Shen Zhen hugged Mama Zhang: “Did you call the police?”

Mama Zhang: “I reported it, the police said they are investigating the case.”

“Are there clues?” Shen Zhen asked again.

Mama Zhang shook her head: “I just called and asked, they said there are no clues, said that all evidence was destroyed at the scene.”

“The blood on the ground is all Xiao Lang’s.”

Shen Zhen said calmly, “I will go to the hospital with you.”

He glanced at the food on the table: “Wait for Xiao Lang o get better, we’ll then eat together.”

Mama Zhang nodded.

Shen Zhen took Mama Zhang downstairs and started the car.

Was it campus violence? Why was it towards Han Lang?

What happened?

Now Han Lang was still in a coma. Shen Zhen knew that Han Lang could not provide any news. He had to see Han Lang’s injuries.

“Was he beaten or are there other wounds on his body?” Shen Zhen asked.

Mama Zhang: “I…..I don’t know, I didn’t see under his clothes.”

Mama Zhang sobbed into her hands.

When they arrived at the ward, Mama Zhang stood at the door, and didn’t dare to go in.

Shen Zhen opened the door of the ward and saw Han Lang lying on the bed.

There was only the sound of beeping in the ward, and the tip of his nose was surrounded with the smell of disinfection water.

Han Lang’s chest, abdomen and arms were all bruised. He was lying flat on his back now, and the injuries on his back couldn’t be seen. But the places where they could see were already all mottled purple. There was no skin on his face that was unmarred. Such a heavy beating, the perpretrator must have hated him deeply.

But his breathing was smooth, his heartbeat was normal, and he was not in danger.

The injured places had already been taken care of, and they could only wait for him to wake up naturally.

After waking up, he would have to be checked again. The worst case scenario now was brain shock.

The brain becoming damaged would be troublesome.

“Mama Zhang, give me the phone number of the school leader and his counselor.” Shen Zhen took out his mobile phone.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Since Han Lang was the son of Mama Zhang, he couldn’t turn a blind eye.

If it was Han Lang’s fault, then this beating was deserved. If not, the perpetrator should pay the same price.

Shen Zhen looked at Mama Zhang’s crying figure. He didn’t know how terrifying the look in his eyes was at this time

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