After Becoming The Tyrant CH 073 Song Of Iron And Blood

The infantry of the rebel army gathered in a hurry and raised their half-man-high shields to form a shield wall to resist the cavalry charge. The number of cavalry who launched the attack was much smaller than them but the formation of this cavalry charge was a bit strange. They were not lined up in ordinary rows, but gathered at one point and then elongated, shaped like a sharp sword.

The tip of the long sword was the sharpest part of the whole sword.

The Duke of Buckingham was the tip of the sword.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The iron cavalry led by the Duke of Buckingham himself was completely different from the ordinary iron cavalry!

The infantry shouted in terror, seeing the murderous warhorses approaching in an instant. The knight in the front broke through the defense of the shield almost instantly, and his lance swung out, sweeping out a huge half-moon arc, and within the arc, blood splattered from all the infantry attempting to gather together.

The first knight had opened a gap in the entire defense line, and the following knights followed him and entered through this gap.

Compared with them, the entire rebel army was like scattered sand (TN: lacking in cohesion or organization).

The terrifying impact of the cavalry was fully demonstrated when the Duke of Buckingham took advantage of the terrain to seize the best opportunity.

The shield wall of the rebel army was a flimsy piece of thin paper in front of the charging royal cavalry. The cavalry spears of the knights tore through the paper-thin defense line, and directly penetrated through to the rebel army’s center in one breath, cutting the rebel army in half.

The rebels realized that their enemies were as fierce as tigers and as cunning as foxes.

The cavalry on both sides remained separated by infantry and military supply teams at all times. The Duke of Buckingham did not give the rebel knights a chance to organize and surround him. Instead, he relied on his own speed to cut across the entire battlefield like the wind. All the cavalry closely followed the Duke of Buckingham, always maintaining the formation of a longsword.

In front of the iron cavalry, the infantry could only let them trample.

After breaking through the line of defense, the royal cavalry immediately used their heavy lances as spears and threw them with all their strength. Wherever the two-meter-long iron lance passed, blood spattered, causing death or injury.

And at the moment when the iron lances left their hands, the cavalrymen had already drawn out the swords at their waists and swung them down from on top of their horses.

Sprays of blood splattered up and onto their armors. These knights looked like gods of death bathed in blood.

The warhorse leaped.

Surrounded by several enemy cavalrymen who finally caught up, the Duke of Buckingham jumped up with his horse, swinging his sword in mid-air. The tactics used by the King when he fought against the Gulundi heavy cavalry were repeated by the Duke of Buckingham——the King’s combat skills were taught by the man himself after all!

Both man and horse danced together, the sword light leaping like the moon.

The rebel cavalry who had just arrived were clearly the ones surrounding the Duke of Buckingham, but at this time they had to raise their shields to defend.

A young knight’s shield met the Duke of Buckingham’s sword. He only felt a sharp pain in between his thumb and forefinger, and the next moment the shield flew out. Without hesitation, the Duke of Buckingham slit the knight’s throat with his sword.

The horse fell to the ground, and the Duke of Buckingham continued to charge forward, followed by other royal cavalrymen.

The Duke of Buckingham charged straight to the center of the army, where the rebel flag flew, and where Prince Will stood.

Prince Will’s general found him and asked him to give orders, but only saw Prince Will’s pale complexion and trembling under the heavy armor.

Prince Will witnessed the Duke of Buckingham cross most of the battlefield, coming towards him like an unstoppable force, and could only tremble uncontrollably.

When he was young, he was also on such a battlefield, and it was also a small versus many battle.

The still proud and immature Prince Will encountered his first miserable defeat in his life.

His army was torn apart by the cavalry of the Duke of Buckingham, his knights were trampled by the knights of the Duke of Buckingham, and he himself was almost killed by the sword of the Duke of Buckingham. That was the lunatic of the Rose family! How could a normal person hold up against a lunatic!

His pride, his dignity, and his ego were all shattered in that battle.

It wasn’t until William III died of illness that the Duke of Buckingham remained to guard the Rose Palace and was replaced by Buckingham’s son Johan on the battlefield that Prince Will’s fear gradually faded away.

But now, that nightmarish fear returned with a vengeance, and more intensified than before.

He pushed away his subordinates who were anxiously calling out to him, turned his horse’s head, and was about to flee in the direction he had come.

At that moment, a soft sigh traveled into Prince Will’s ears, and into everyone’s ears.

Prince Will seemed to be blocked by an invisible wall. He fell off his horse and stared blankly at the sky. Ripples of light spread out in the air one after the other. The light carried majesty and power beyond human imagination, and the warhorses neighed and trembled.

The soldiers of the rebel army subconsciously fell to their knees.

“A miracle! A miracle has descended!”

Some men trembled and shouted, with worship and fear in their voices.

The battlefield, which was still noisy just now, suddenly fell silent.

The Duke of Buckingham reined in his horse and stood on the blood-stained snow with his cavalry which had equally suffered losses.

The so-called “miracle” was reflected in his icy blue pupils.

“Is this God’s Holy Soldier that Clemo got back then?”

The Duke of Buckingham said softly.

That was a piece of history on the other side of the strait. In 217 AD, King Clemo accepted the help of the Holy Court, and obtained the help of the Holy Lord at the price of accepting the Holy Court as the state religion. In Bressi’s Chronicle it was written that “…..angels in armor fought with mortals, and they crowned King Clemo with their victorious laurels…..”

The power of God changed the situation from its original defeated state to victory.

Now, after more than a thousand years, that power has appeared again.

The three iron carriages had opened up, and l three holy caskets could be seen in the carriages, which contained three holy remains that were supposed to be buried in the church to be worshiped by the world. White light spread out from the holy skeleton and gathered in mid-air.

In mid-air, a pair of huge white wings slowly spread out from behind the young white-robed priest, and armor appeared on his body from illusion to solidity at the same time. The entire area was silent, and everyone in the rebel army was prostrate on the ground. The only ones who did not kneel and kowtow were the cavalry led by the Duke of Buckingham.

They also felt a heavy pressure, but none of the knights retreated.

Because the Duke of Buckingham did not back down.

He stared at the war angel suspended in mid-air, reached out to take the royal banner from the knights around him, and held it up high.

The royal banner fluttered fiercely.

This was the banner of mortals.

The angel opened His eyes, His expression was the same as all the murals on the Holy Court Church, neither happy nor sad, but His pupils retained the shadow of a priest in white robes, as clear as a mirror, which reflected the image of the knight holding the banner of mortals up high.

“Descendant of the Dragon Slayer.”

He said, very softly, but it reached everyone’s ears.

“It has been over a thousand years, do you still want to continue with your original choice?”

“Over a thousand years.”

The Duke of Buckingham looked up, looking at the somewhat ragged and worn scarlet royal flag fluttering in the air.

It had been over a thousand years!

The Rose family had struggled to stand on this land for over a thousand years! They were smashed again and again, under pressure from all directions again and again, and poured their blood on this land from generation to generation…..It turned out that they have persisted in this way for over a thousand years!

“What the Rose family’s choice was over a thousand years ago will be the choice now a thousand years later.”

The Duke of Buckingham uttered slowly.

“You will die.” The angel looked at the old duke, looking at the eyes that have been passed down from generation to generation, “Even so, do you still want to fight?”

“The evil dragon sees mortals as food, and you see mortals as ants. Now, have you started to feel pity for the ants?”

The wind blew the edge of the banner into Duke Buckingham’s face. He had been in the military all his life and never talked nonsense, but today he didn’t care about wasting time.

“Is it pity? Or is it a discovery——that the gathering of ants also has earth-shaking power?”

His gaze sharpened suddenly, like an ancient knife turned sideways, with a cold light leaping across the edge.

Icy cold.

“We can give you glory, strength, power,” said the angel, “We can give you power, we can make you transcend the boundaries of the ordinary, and achieve the extraordinary.”

The Duke of Buckingham laughed: “No, you don’t understand what we want at all!”

For the first time, doubts appeared in the angel’s mirror-like eyes.

“You don’t understand at all.”

The Duke of Buckingham looked around, the white snow had turned into mud, corpses laid against each other, blood and slush were mixed together, knives, swords, and spears could be seen everywhere.

In the war of mortals, whether they lose or win, it should all depend on themselves.

Before every knight stepped onto the battlefield, he was already prepared to return triumphantly after victory, and to die on the battlefield after defeat. This was the fate of the knights, they have no regrets! But by no means should it be like it was now——the victory or defeat of the entire war, the fate of millions of people in the entire country, disappearing in a flash, in a single thought.

No matter how much mortal blood spilled, in front of God, it was just a small drop of water, falling silently and without a trace.

“That’s why we are always unwilling to bow our heads to you!”

If mortals were like ants in front of God, all the selfless sacrifices and hard work would become just a joke.

How ridiculous that would be!

The persistence of the Rose family for over a thousand years was simply just the right to decide the fate of mortals themselves! The history of mortals to be written by mortals themselves! They wanted themselves not to be prey, not to be ants, not to be puppets!

They wanted to stand upright on the ground!

They just wanted fairness, they just wanted freedom.

However, whether in the sky or on the earth, no one would give them this.

“None of you will give this, so——” the Duke of Buckingham said softly, his voice heavy with these many years, “the Rose family will take this ourselves.”

Take it with blood, with the lives of generations after generation!

“As long as you stand here, you are not our enemy.” The angel held the fiery sword, and pointed lightly at the place where Prince Will was.

The Duke of Buckingham looked back at the knights behind him: “Go, don’t disappoint this rare kindness.”

The cavalry stood upright and solemn, none leaving.

“Don’t feel ashamed, the enemies you are facing now are beyond the scope of your oath.” The Duke of Buckingham said lightly, “Go.”

“Are you insulting us?”

The old knight who had followed him for the most years spoke, he was blinded in one eye during the battle, and blood flowed all over his face. He slowly raised his sword and pointed at Prince Will who was kneeling on the ground.

“Have us follow after a dog that pissed his pants?”

His description was vulgar and impudent, completely inconsistent with the spirit of chivalry. But as soon as he finished speaking, all the knights burst into laughter, wild and unrestrained, as if there was no invincible angel in front of them, and there was no invisible pressure around them that pressed down on them so much that they almost fell off their horses.

The Duke of Buckingham was taken aback for a moment, then laughed out loud.

He reined in his horse and looked at his knights: “I am very happy!”

He had always been cold and stern all his life, no matter how great the victory was, he had never laughed like this, and he had never expressed his feelings so bluntly.

“I am very happy!”

The Duke of Buckingham raised his royal banner aloft.

“You’re all here! I’m glad you’re all knights of the Empire!”

“For the glory of the Rose!”

The knights roared, and they raised their swords high.

The warhorses no longer neighed.

The horses and their owners have been fighting together for many years, and they have already established a connection with each other. At this moment, the warhorses actually overcame their natural fear, and just like their owners, proudly raised their head, not retreating an inch.

“Now! Follow me——”

The Duke of Buckingham turned to the angel, and he swung his sword.


Just like before, he was the first to charge.

The knights followed, and the iron hooves of their horses kicked up blood and mud from the battlefield. They followed their general without hesitation, they were a longsword, they were the swords and knives of mortals! Old knights, young knights, there were only a few hundred of them left.

But at this moment, they were the mighty army of the empire!

The angel spread His wings and drew His fiery sword.

The mighty red fire spread in midair, with the angel as the center, and within a space of hundreds of meters, all the snow melted in an instant. The water from the melting snow turned into a long scalding river, tossing and flowing, straddling between the Rose cavalry and the rebel army.

Like a moat between mortals and God.

As long as you step over, you will be smashed to pieces.

The scorching air waves rushed towards them head front, but the warhorses kept galloping.


The Duke of Buckingham hollered.

This was war!

This was the war between mortals and God and the world. This war had lasted from the age of legends to the present and had never stopped.

This war would not cease until there was death!


All the knights shouted loudly.

On the battlefield, knights have only one mission——to kill! Kill their enemies, or be killed by them! The Rose cavalry would never retreat!

The angel held the sword in both hands and raised it high.

The red fire in the sky rolled down, carrying endless majesty and violence. This was not the power of human beings, but the power of God! The fire rolled past like a bloody sea, with thousands of swords in the fire. The world was tainted a bloody red, and everything crawled in submission.

God’s punishment came and devoured everything.


The border between Legrand and Newcastle.

The King led the vanguard and rushed all the way, arriving here almost non-stop around the clock. They had just passed through the first town, and then passed through two autonomous cities before arriving at the royal castle of Newcastle.

The King was at the front of the line.

He reined in suddenly and looked up to the north.

The north wind howled between the sky and the earth, and the wind was so cold that it penetrated into the bone marrow. The King held on tightly to the reins, feeling his blood cooling inch by inch, or as if there was a flame boiling in his heart.

The soldiers stopped behind the King and looked at him in confusion, noise rising slightly.

However, in this world, all voices seemed to fade from the King’s vicinity.


It seemed to be an illusion, and it seemed that the sound was carried by the wind and came from far away.


It was the sound of a drop of blood falling.

Whose blood was that?

“Let’s go!”

The King suddenly roared.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He raised his whip high and swung it down vigorously. The warhorse screamed and galloped out. The cold wind blew on the King’s face like a knife. He held onto the reins tightly, his joints turning terribly pale.

Over mountains, across glaciers, and through swamps, the King galloped through the bitter cold of late winter.

How much could he call his own?

And how much could he lose!

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