Source of Calamity CH 062 Older Man In Love

In the teaching building, the girls were whispering.

“Did you see that handsome guy at the door when you came in?”

“God, he’s really handsome! He’s tall, with long legs, not to mention that face. I really want to strike up a conversation, but I didn’t dare.”

“Have you seen the watch he was wearing? I have seen the brand, but I haven’t seen that model. It must be custom-made. The cheapest basic model of that company is at least 200,000 yuan. High-end luxury brand, I am convinced.”

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“Looks and money, damn, if I was more beautiful, I would definitely ask for a phone number.”

“I wonder whose boyfriend he is, either way I haven’t seen him in school before.”

“I know, I know, just now I heard him asking where Lin Manman’s class is.”

“Lin Manman, the name sounds familiar.”

“You don’t know the most popular girl in the sophomore year, the goddess of all geeks? She’s even a rich second generation.”

“Ai, I thought so, rich people are only friends with rich people, ai.”

“But I think Lin Manman is just average.”

“Lin Manman is still average? I think she is quite pretty.”

When Shen Zhen found Lin Manman, Lin Manman was just finished with class. She had long black hair like a waterfall, wore simple and elegant clothes, and light makeup on her face. Among girls, she was quite outstanding.

“Lin Manman, that handsome guy seems to be waiting for you to come out.” Lin Manman’s friend whispered, “Just now someone said that a guy is waiting for you downstairs the teaching building. How did you know such a handsome guy? You didn’t reveal a hint.”

Lin Manman was also at a loss: “I don’t know him.”

The friend pushed her over: “Go and ask.”

Lin Manman looked at Shen Zhen, a little nervous, but soon pulled herself together and walked over with a smile on her face.

“Lin Manman?” Seeing Lin Manman approaching, Shen Zhen called out her name.

Lin Manman: “Yes, it’s me, and you?”

Shen Zhen took out a paper bag from behind, which contained a cup of milk tea. He handed the paper bag to Lin Manman, and then introduced himself, “I am Han Lang’s brother. I bought this cup of milk tea at the gate of your school. It hasn’t been opened.”

Only then did Lin Manman take out the milk tea and put in a straw. She stood beside Shen Zhen, her heart pounding against her chest like a deer, and she lowered her head: “Han Lang hasn’t come to school these days, is he sick?”

Shen Zhen didn’t expect that Lin Manman didn’t know about it yet, so he asked gently, “You aren’t dating Han Lang?”

Lin Manman hastily explained: “We are just friends. He said some time ago that he wanted to make a small game app. I happened to be free, so I worked with him on it.”

After all, in garden landscapes they also learned model design. Although it was not necessary for small games, scene design was still possible.

Lin Manman suddenly asked: “What happened to him? Did something happen?”

Shen Zhen: “Sun Yun, do you know him?”

Lin Manman’s face suddenly turned pale: “Did he trouble Han Lang? I have explained to him several times but he is very domineering. I dated him in my freshman year, but I just can’t stand his machismo so I broke up with him. After we broke up, he several times he has threatened my male friends.”

“I also told Han Lang about this.” Lin Manman explained anxiously, “Han Lang said it’s okay, that he isn’t dating me, and Sun Yun has no reason to bother him.”

Lin Manman: “Han Lang…..did something really happen to him?”

Shen Zhen nodded: “He was sent to the hospital last night, and is still in a coma.”

Lin Manman’s face turned pale: “How can this be…..”

“I’ll call Sun Yun, I want to ask him.”

Lin Manman took out her mobile phone and pulled up Sun Yun’s number from the blacklist.

Lin Manman took Shen Zhen to a quiet corner and turned on the speaker.

The connection was made within ten seconds after the number was called.

“Manman? Taking the initiative to call me? Have you figured it out?”

Lin Manman pressed the record button.

She asked: “Sun Yun, I have told you many times, we have already broken up, please don’t pester me and the people around me anymore, Han Lang and I…..”

The male voice on the other line interrupted her violently: “I said it before! You can’t be with any man in this life except me! What is Han Lang? Does he have money like me? What can you get from being with him? Let me tell you, if you still want to be with Han Lang, he will only be worse off than now!”

Lin Manman: “Speak clearly, what did you do to Han Lang?!”

Male voice: “Don’t worry about it, you just have to remember, whoever dares to date you except me, Han Lang’s fate will be their fate!”

Lin Manman yelled at the phone: “I have no feelings for you, and I don’t want to be with you, I’m not your property!”

Sun Yun snorted coldly: “What you say doesn’t count.”

Lin Manman glanced at Shen Zhen, and Shen Zhen nodded to her.

Lin Manman’s tone softened: “Sun Yun, I really have nothing to do with Han Lang.”

Sun Yun said: “I don’t care if there is anything or not, anyway, whoever dares to touch my woman, I will make him pay the price. I’m not afraid of you knowing that Han Lang’s beating is his own fault, if it wasn’t because he didn’t want to kneel down and apologize to me, I would not have him beat so miserably.”

Lin Manman was trembling with anger.

Just as she was about to say something, Sun Yun said, “I still have something to do. I will pick you up from school at night, so I’ll hang up first.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Manman said to Shen Zhen guiltily: “I didn’t know he would really do this, otherwise I wouldn’t have worked on the game with Han Lang…..”

Shen Zhen: “It’s not your fault.”

Lin Manman looked up at Shen Zhen. Under the sun, Shen Zhen’s eyelashes looked very long, long and curled, and his facial features were also very fine and exquisite.

Some people passed by and saw the two of them and began to joke goodnaturedly, especially those who knew Lin Manman.

“Manman, your boyfriend? He is so handsome!”

“Manman, remember to treat me to dinner!”

“Your boyfriend is so handsome! You must cherish it, Manman!”

Lin Manman’s face turned red and then white.

Shen Zhen: “Let’s add friends, and you can send me the recording.”

Lin Manman nodded: “Okay, if you have any news, or if you need me to do something, you can tell me.”

Lin Manman said: “This incident also happened because of me…..”

Shen Zhen nodded: “En.”

There was a recording, witness, and medical record provided by the hospital. The only thing missing now was the surveillance video.

Shen Zhen looked at his watch, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. He hadn’t eaten all day, but he still didn’t feel hungry.

The awards ceremony started at seven o’clock, and Shen Zhen had to go back now.

The awards ceremony this time was held by a local TV station. Shen Zhen went home and changed into a formal suit before driving to the TV station.

Qin Xing had already arrived, and was in the backstage lounge of the TV station.

Shen Zhen walked into the backstage and found that Qin Xing was the only one sitting in the lounge.

“Only Uncle is here?” Shen Zhen asked strangely.

Qin Xing was reading the newspaper. He put the newspaper down and smiled at Shen Zhen: “The others are in another lounge.”

Shen Zhen understood: “Uncle’s special treatment.”

Qin Xing chuckled.

Shen Zhen was suddenly a little embarrassed. Ever since he and Qin Xing pierced the window paper, he always felt embarrassed easily.

“It’s the first time for me to attend an awards ceremony.” Shen Zhen sat next to Qin Xing, and went to get the teacup with slightly stiff movements.

Qin Xing’s movements were very natural. He stretched out an arm and put it directly around Shen Zhen’s shoulder.

“Don’t be nervous.” Qin Xing said, “Xiao Zhen is the best.”

Shen Zhen blurted out: “You are just saying that because the beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..”

But before he finished speaking, Shen Zhen felt something was wrong with the phrase he used. He really wanted to dig a hole for himself. Why did he feel so shameless when he said that.

“Xiao Zhen is right.” Qin Xing smiled and kissed Shen Zhen’s earlobe.

Shen Zhen’s ears turned red instantly, and it even twitched. Why did he feel that Qin Xing seemed to have become a different person since the kiss from last time, and that the Uncle Qin who had always been calm, self-contained and abstinent was gone forever.

He suddenly missed that Uncle Qin a little bit.

“Are you hungry?” Qin Xing asked.

Shen Zhen shook his head: “I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat.”

Qin Xing: “I’ll take you to dinner after the awards ceremony is over.”

Shen Zhen did not refuse.

There weren’t many people in the studio. After all, it was a local TV station. It didn’t have much funding, so it didn’t invite audiences. It was enough for one to come on stage when his name was called by the host.

Shen Zhen didn’t know who wrote the introduction for him, and he got goosebumps when he heard it.

“Shen Zhen, chairman and general manager of Tonghui Enterprise, is a young entrepreneur who puts the people in his heart and is committed to serving the people. Although he is young, he is humble and Tonghui Enterprise which is involved in real estate and network information has made outstanding contributions to the stability of the market, and at the same time provides a better network platform for the public. All roads lead to Rome, and emerging industries can also become the pillars of society!”

Shen Zhen blushed when he heard this in the audience, it was like a public punishment.

So embarrassing.

Qin Xing didn’t hold back, and also laughed out loud, saying to Shen Zhen in a low voice, “Go on.”

Shen Zhen could only go up still with a blush.

Although his speech was memorized in advance, Shen Zhen still missed two sentences.

He really didn’t want to participate in such an award ceremony in the future, what was the point? Other than to suffer an execution of embarrassment in public.

The employees working at Qin Group the next day found that the company’s big screen in the lobby was all turned on. In fact, this screen was rarely turned on. Usually it was only turned on when there were important notifications. However, as soon as they went to work today, the screen kept playing Shen Zhen winning an award.

“Isn’t this CEO Qin’s secretary?”

“A young entrepreneur.”

“Who said last time that he has an improper relationship with Mr. Qin? Got slapped in the face, huh?”

“He looks even more handsome on TV. Has a good relationship with Mr. Qin, and has his own money and company. Damn, what a winner in life.”

“But…..having said that, why is it being played on a loop?”

“…..Why do I have the feeling that Mr. Qin is showing off?”

“Honestly, I feel the same way.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“That’s right. When Eldest Young Master Qin received an award before, the company never broadcast it, let alone broadcast it on a loop.”

Assistant Ma, who knew every inside information, walked by arrogantly.

Hmph, when an older man falls in love, it was like a house catching on fire. You people just wait and see, this kind of level is only relatively modest.

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