After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 062 Yang Tianci’s Sentencing

Establishing a company was a matter of great importance, and there were too many things that needed to be prepared in the early stage. At this time, the reason Jiang Chen mentioned it was that, besides giving Huo Bo and Shen Xu a mental preparation in advance, he wanted to use this to let them have a goal.

In the first life, Jiang Chen often skipped classes because of his family matters and Shen Xu and Huo Bo sacrificed all their rest time for him. From the second semester of the second year of high school to the third year of high school, they were almost by his side every weekend, holiday, winter and summer vacation. At that time, in order to cheer him up, they somehow came up with the idea to study with him.

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Jiang Chen didn’t want to study but couldn’t refuse his good friends who came to ask him for help in their studies. After going back and forth, he gradually came out of the shadows, and because of a whole year of study, Shen Xu and Huo Bo unexpectedly passed the college entrance examination with good results. However, the current situation was different from the first life. Jiang Chen was no longer depressed, Shen Xu and Huo Bo didn’t need to study to motivate their friend, just like before, and they maintained a state of laxness in regards to studying.

Thus, Jiang Chen once again gave them a goal, a future within reach.

When Shen Xu first heard that he and his friends were going to start a company belonging to the three of them, his whole person couldn’t help his blood from boiling in excitement. Especially after hearing Jiang Chen’s firm statement that their company would stand on the top of the world, it was like he had been injected with chicken blood, and every day he would bring his books to the Jiang’s on time for a atudy session.

However, the boiling blood was cooled by the endless sea of practice questions within a few days. He lay down on the table and said weakly: “Jiangzi, I really can’t study anymore, I beg you, let me play a game, or let me chat with Changjiang, I just want to rest for half an hour…..”

Jiang Chen paused in his idle rotating of his pen, and turned his eyes to look at Huo Bo.

Huo Bo said lightly: “School starts in a week, and we have agreed that whoever has the lowest test scores the day before the start of school will bring breakfast for one semester.”

“Does the result even need to be said?” Shen Xu’s face and the table were more tightly stuck together, and he said mournfully: “You are hiding even deeper than Jiangzi, a fellow who is last in the whole grade actually surpassed me, who is in the top two hundred in just one month. Did Jiangzi install a chip in your brain? Did Changjiang secretly give you tutoring lessons?”

Huo Bo glanced at him in some disdain, and lowered his head to continue working on the practice questions.

Huo Bo didn’t want to talk to Shen Xu anymore, so Jiang Chen could only go into battle by himself: “Your grades have also improved a lot, and there is still hope for you to win.”

“I won’t listen!” Shen Xu covered his ears and said, “You two just want to trick me into studying.”

Jiang Chen was silent for a moment. He took a deep breath, and said, “Are you going to do it or not?”

“I won’t!”

Jiang Chen stood up and stretched his arms.

Shen Xu shrank back, hugged himself and said, “This is a threat! You are threatening me! If you do this, our friendship will be in jeopardy! For the sake of our friendship boat…..”

Huo Bo put down his pen, stood up, and cracked his neck.

Shen Xu quickly picked up the pen and opened the exercise book: “I will do it!”

When the summer temperature in Yan City reached its highest point, it was also the time for school to start.

Jiang Chen came out of Fu Jinyu’s office, turned around and saw Sun Zhi coming out of the Academic Affairs Office at the other end. He paused slightly, and Sun Zhi also happened to look up at him at this time.

“Hurry up, won’t you?” The middle-aged woman next to Sun Zhi didn’t stop walking. She turned her head and said to him as she walked, “Tell me, what use are you? You usually don’t study well and don’t know how to do housework. You only know to grow in height but not in brain cells. Among a group of people only you were arrested for getting in a fight. How can you, a sports student, be admitted to university with such a record? Do you think it’s still the days when your uncle is the vice principal here? Can’t you be a little smarter?”

The woman walked for a while, but seeing that Sun Zhi was not moving, she frowned and turned her head, “I still have to rush back to cook for your dad, what are you still doing there?”

Sun Zhi stood where he was, staring closely at Jiang Chen, his teeth clenched.

Jiang Chen’s eyes curved and his lower lip curled slightly upwards at him. He probably guessed the reason why Sun Zhi received a demerit on his record. During the summer vacation, he had a fight with He Qianjian in the park behind the skating rink, and Sun Zhi was among He Qianjian’s people. He had been hiding behind the others before, and Jiang Chen’s attention was all on He Qianjian, so he didn’t notice him until later when the police came. He Qianjian couldn’t run fast because of his injury, and Sun Zhi was pushed out by that side to distract the police. Only then did he notice the other.

The middle-aged woman followed Sun Zhi’s line of sight, saw Jiang Chen, and asked, “Is this your classmate?”

“No.” Sun Zhi came back to his senses, his voice seeming to squeeze out of his throat: “He is a third year.”

“Then what are you staring at him for?”

“He was there in the fight last time.”

The middle-aged woman turned her head to look at Jiang Chen, glanced at his clean and handsome face, and hesitated for a moment: “He fought alongside you guys?”

Sun Zhi gritted his teeth: “It was he who beat us.”

The middle-aged woman was stunned for a moment. Her expression changed instantly, and she asked, “Why didn’t you say that in the office just now?”

“No one would believe me.” Sun Zhi said, “He is the first in the third year.”

“You are so stupid, it is because he is the first in the grade that you should…..”

Jiang Chen listened to the conversation between the two, laughed lightly, turned and went downstairs.

Huo Bo and Shen Xu were waiting downstairs. Seeing him coming down, Shen Xu complained, “Why was it taking so long, I’m almost melted by the sun.”

“I met Sun Zhi and his mother.” Jiang Chen said lightly, “Last time we fought, he was the only one who was caught. Now that the school knows about it, it seems like he got a demerit on his record.”

Shen Xu let out a laugh: “He deserves it.”

Huo Bo leaned against the pillar with his arms crossed, and suddenly looked up. The middle-aged woman Jiang Chen met just now came down the stairs like the wind. She grabbed Jiang Chen’s wrist and said, “Follow me to the Academic Affairs Office. You beat my son. What right do you have to be fine while he got a demerit, the school must treat everyone equally! Either both get a demerit together or not be punished at all!”

Jiang Chen wasn’t annoyed at being grabbed, but instead smiled kindly: “Auntie, are you sure you want me to go with you to the Academic Affairs Office?”

Sun Zhi hurried over, grabbed his mother and said, “Mom, what are you doing!”

“Let’s go to the Academic Affairs Office again.” Mrs. Sun said, “I want to see if this place of teaching and education can truly treat students equally.”

Jiang Chen stopped Huo Bo who wanted to go forward with his eyes, handed the academic competition workbook in his other hand to Shen Xu, and said with a light smile, “Since Auntie wants to go, let’s go.”

When Fu Jinyu came down from upstairs, this scene was what he saw.

He frowned: “What is this?”

Mrs. Sun looked Fu Jinyu up and down: “Are you the teacher here?”

Fu Jinyu: “I am Jiang Chen’s math teacher.”

“Then that’s perfect. Come with me to the Academic Affairs Office. I want to ask you teachers why it is that he is fine after beating my son but my son is not.”

“Jiang Chen hit your son?” Fu Jinyu moved his eyes from the fair and thin Jiang Chen to the dark and strong Sun Zhi who was half a head taller than Jiang Chen, and he said with amusement: “Parent, are you sure?”

“Why am I not sure? My son said it himself.”

Fu Jinyu looked at Jiang Chen: “What do you say?”

Jiang Chen’s expression was mild: “I didn’t hit him.”

“Okay.” Fu Jinyu nodded: “Let’s go to the Political Education Office together.”

In the Political Education Office, the director stared at Mrs. Sun, a headache building.

“Director, you must give me an explanation for this matter!” Mrs. Sun said: “Otherwise, you are treating students with good grades and students with poor grades differently. If this is the case, I will report to the Education Bureau to deal with this matter.”

The director of the Political Educational Office said: “This parent, I understand that you want fairness, but the two children are insisting on their own views on this matter. One said they were beaten and the other said they did not do it. We have to follow the evidence, right? Sun Zhi was the only one who was arrested and brought to the police station which has brought a negative impact on the school. Why bother to involve other people now.”

“What do you mean by involving other people?” Mrs. Sun said excitedly, “Why does my son have to get a demerit on his record, while nothing happens to him? It’s not fair! I will go to the Education Bureau to sue you!”

Hearing Mrs. Sun bringing up the Education Bureau twice in just a few words, the expression of the head of the Political Education Office turned dark. He turned to look at Sun Zhi, and said, “Tell me, did Jiang Chen hit you? Where did he hit you? On the face or on the body? Do you have any evidence?”

“He hit…..” Facing the severe look of the director, he paused, and then said: “He didn’t…..”

The director put down his pen heavily: “Did he hit you or didn’t he hit you?”

Sun Zhi was so nervous that his whole body stiffened, and he blurted out without thinking about the truth: “He didn’t hit me, but he hit someone else.”

“Then why did you say that he beat you just now?” Shen Xu interrupted and said, “Director, I suspect that Sun Zhi is acting out of vengeance. In last semester’s final exam, don’t know who he promised from Chenghua Academy, but he threatened Zhang Zhipeng from our class to trick Jiang Chen outside. But unexpectedly the scheme happened to be caught by Jiang Chen who saw through his plan. Out of anger, he blocked Jiang Chen on the Saturday of the week of the final exam. Huo Bo was there and can testify to this. At noon that day, Jiang Chen went to Teacher Fu to ask for leave, and Teacher Fu can also testify.”

Fu Jinyu thought for a moment, nodded and said: “There was indeed such a thing.”

“Jiang Chen was not injured that day because of Huo Bo’s timely appearance. Later, during the summer vacation, we bumped into each other at the skating rink and had some small conflicts. I am guessing that he wants to drag Jiang Chen down with him after being caught in a fight. He has wanted to harm Jiang Chen not just once or twice.”

Recalling the time Shen Xu spoke of, the director suddenly remembered something, and said: “You were the ones fighting outside the school that day? You ran very fast.”

“It was that day that Sun Zhi led people to block Jiang Chen.” Shen Xu looked at Sun Zhi and said with a cold voice, “I don’t know if he was bribed by someone from another school or something else, but he said he would break Jiang Chen’s hand during the fight so that he would never be able to take an exam again, he…..”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Mrs. Sun interrupted Shen Xu: “You are slandering!”

“Go and see if Zhang Zhipeng is still at school.” The director of the Political Education Office frowned, and said to Shen Xu, “Call him over if he is. Whether it is slander or nonsense, you will know after the confrontation.”

Sun Zhi’s face turned pale. He never thought that Shen Xu could bring up things that happened so long ago. If Zhang Zhipeng really came, and it was confirmed that he wanted to hurt Jiang Chen, then this serious incident would not be settled with just a demerit. And…..he still didn’t know what He Qianjian wanted to do to Jiang Chen, but if he was expelled from school, He Qianjian would definitely not give him money to monitor Jiang Chen. Everything would be over.

“Don’t call him!”

Shen Xu paused, and everyone in the office looked at Sun Zhi. Sun Zhi said with a pale face, “It’s me who is talking nonsense. Jiang Chen didn’t get into a fight. I’m just jealous of his good grades. I slandered him because I don’t like him.”

The director and Fu Jinyu looked at each other, and said after some thought: “This parent of Sun Zhi, this matter is not only about Sun Zhi getting a demerit for getting into a fight, but also slandering his senior and threatening to hurt others. How do you think our school should deal with this?”

Mrs. Sun glanced at Sun Zhi’s expression, as the mother she knew her son well, she knew at a glance that what the boy next to him just said was probably true. She was both panicked and angry, but she had to speak for her son: “Sun Zhi is only a first year in high school, it is likely that he lied because he failed to learn good habits from those friends he usually plays with. Director, please give him a chance, and I guarantee that he will never do it again.”

“Fighting, bullying classmates, and cooperating with students from other schools to bully and hurt students from this school.” Fu Jinyu said without expression: “Director, these few actions are enough to result in expulsion.”

“No, no, teacher.” Mrs. Sun lost her previous arrogance in an instant, and said anxiously: “Teacher, you misunderstood, my Sun Zhi has a very good personality, and he must have been taught to be bad by those students in his class. Please give him a chance, and he will definitely turn over a new leaf.”

Neither Fu Jinyu nor the director of the Political Education Office spoke. Mrs. Sun turned her target to Jiang Chen. She took Jiang Chen’s hand again and said with a smile: “Student, you are two or three years older than Sun Zhi, and you are also smarter and more mature than him. With such good grades you must be very kind, how about we just forget about it, Auntie begs you, please?”

Jiang Chen withdrew his hand and said calmly, “Auntie, I have no say in how to deal with Sun Zhi. Everything can only be decided by the school.”

The director also frowned: “Parent of Sun Zhi, student Jiang Chen is a complete victim in this matter, what are you pulling him for?”


The director of the Political Education Office did not wait for Mrs. Sun to speak, and directly made a conclusion: “As for Sun Zhi’s handling, I will discuss with the teachers in the Academic Affairs Office. He will not come to school tomorrow, and he will be suspended from classes for a while. We will inform you when the results come out.”

“How can this be?” Mrs. Sun was dissatisfied: “Sun Zhi is now a second year, what should he do if he can’t keep up with the classes when he comes back to school after a period of suspension?”

“Then maybe you can help Sun Zhi go through the transfer procedures directly?”

Mrs. Sun froze. She immediately put away her dissatisfaction, squeezed out a smile and said: “I understand, Director, I will take Sun Zhi back first. This is indeed our Sun Zhi’s wrongdoing. I hope all the teachers will give him another chance.”

The director of the Political Education Office nodded perfunctorily, and looked at Jiang Chen with a friendly smile: “Student Jiang Chen, you should tell your teachers about any difficulties you encounter in your study and life in the future. Your homeroom teacher for the new semester has already been arranged. It is Teacher Fu, tell him if you have any problems, and you can also come to me if you want, understand?”

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded: “Thank you Director Liu.”

The director of the Political Education Office said this in front of Sun Zhi and his mother, causing Mrs. Sun’s face to turn pale. She pinched Sun Zhi’s arm and pulled him to apologize again before leaving the office.

As soon as they left, the three also left the Political Education Office.

On the way to the junior high school section, Jiang Chen received a call from Jiang Zhuo.

Today was also the day when the court tried Yang Tianci. Jiang Zhuo told him that Yang Tianci’s sentence had come down. Because of the seriousness of the circumstances, Yang Tianci was sentenced to ten years in prison. Just now, two elders from the Yang family were present as well, and when they heard the result, old Mr. Yang fainted on the spot and was taken away by an ambulance not long ago.

After relaying this, Jiang Zhuo sighed, and said: “School starts today. I heard that no one took Yang Shengmao to report in. He is still at home. His mother has already left the Yang family. I don’t know that after this incident, what would happen to the child?”

Yang Si’s voice came faintly from the side: “What the Yang family does from now on has nothing to do with our family. The care of Yang Shengmao is in the hands of his mother and grandparents, and not ours.”

Jiang Zhuo said: “Of course, this is the end of the matter relating to the Yang family. In the future, our family will live our own lives. Simple and peaceful is also good.”

Jiang Chen ended the call. Shen Xu was still there describing the expressions of Sun Zhi and his mother at that time with excitement: “Sun Zhi’s mother should learn the Peking Opera art of changing face, she would definitely be the star of the stage every minute. Those different faces switching one moment after another, she is quite flexible. Wonder why didn’t that idiot Sun Zhi learn even a fraction of this skill from his mother.”

Huo Bo sneered: “He didn’t learn it? I think he learned it very well.”

“Where?” Shen Xu said: “I don’t think he can hide his expression at all. When I mentioned the time he blocked Jiangzi, his expression changed in an instant. Then when the director told me to go find Zhang Zhipeng he stopped me without even thinking about it. Who wouldn’t understand after that? He thought that if Zhang Zhipeng didn’t come, Director Liu would just pretend that nothing happened.”

Huo Bo turned his eyes to Jiang Chen: “Uncle’s call?”

Shen Xu also turned his head immediately: “Did Yang Tianci’s sentence come down?”

Jiang Chen nodded: “Ten years.”

After the words fell, a clear youthful voice pierced through the noisy crowd, causing all three of them to look forward.

“Big Brother!”

At the school gate, He Qianmin, who was several shades tanned, flashed his white teeth and waved vigorously in the sun.

Shen Xu burst into laughter: “Why are you so tanned?”

The first years of high school started ten days earlier than the second and third years because of the military training. Now it was almost the end of the military training. The tan from long-term sun exposure made it so that one didn’t even need to look at the military training uniforms to distinguish who were the first year students versus the students of the second and third years.

Standing among a group of tanned high school freshmen, He Qianmin was already considered fair, but in the eyes of Shen Xu and the others who had seen him before, they still couldn’t help laughing.

The boy next to He Qianmin bumped his arm: “F**k, that’s God Jiang from the third year. I saw him in a post from Yan No. 1 High School forum before, is he your brother?”

“What?” He Qianmin asked.

“Awesome.” The boy gave a thumbs up, leaned over and smiled ingratiatingly: “In the future, don’t forget your buddy when there is blessing to enjoy.”

“It’s not just God Jiang.” Another boy also came over: “The one on the left of God Jiang is the high school tyrant Huo Bo, and the one on the right is Shen Xu, who belongs to the student council. Although he is not the president, in terms of popularity, no one can match him in the whole Yan No. 1 High School. These three together are simply invincible.”

“That amazing?”

“Definitely.” The boy said: “Have you checked the school forum? Among the top posts, in addition to the rules, there is another one. In the whole of Yan No. 1 High School the people who can’t be offended. The three of them occupy the top three spots.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Others also came over, and after learning this new information from the boy, their expressions when looking at He Qianmin changed. Someone clicked his tongue and said, “The little brother of a bigwig, and the friends of the bigwig are also bigwigs, then doesn’t that mean in the future you can do as you please in Yan No. 1 High School?”

He Qianmin raised his chin, pursed his lips and suppressed the raised corners of his mouth. Don’t know why, when he was in Chenghua, so long as someone connected him and He Qianjian together, he couldn’t help but want to get angry, but now when he heard other people tying him and Jiang Chen together, he just wanted to let them talk more. In fact, it would even be better to let everyone know that he was Jiang Chen’s little brother.

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