After Becoming The Tyrant CH 075 The Bloody Tyrant


The whistling wind passed over and across the land, and a group of dark iron armored cavalry stepped onto the Northland. They were all dressed in black heavy armor, and the hideous bone spurs on their armor looked like the scales and bones of a giant dragon. Their war horses were half a body taller than an ordinary horse, and they were also covered with dark armor like their riders.

These people, these war horses, were all shrouded in a heavy blood-scented aura.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They were the pinnacle of the knight age, and they were also the outright tyrants on the battlefield. They were the descendants of the sea barbarians and when they appeared on the battlefield, everyone would tremble because of them.

The Gulundi heavy cavalry, had arrived.

The rebel army spent huge sums of money to hire this elite Gulundi heavy cavalry.

The prestige of the Gulundi heavy cavalry spread far and wide on both sides of the Abyss Strait, but their leader was an old man——Hermóðr.

It was said that the sea barbarians briefly unified all the countries in the Hopeless Inner Sea and established a huge empire. The rulers of the empire were used to living in big white tents that travel around the seasons, and their emperor was named “Móðr”. However, the rule of the barbarians soon ended, as they were not really fit to rule a country.

Looting and killing were the things engraved in the blood of these Gulundians.

And Hermóðr’s name showed that he had part of the blood of the royal family of the barbarian empire.

Hermóðr was a typical Gulundian. His hair was already white, but his eyes were still as sharp as a wolf hunting on the grassland. A body of lean muscles was shrouded behind heavy iron armor, and a huge heavy sword was carried on his back. No one would doubt that when he swung that heavy sword, it would surely reap the enemy’s head like a scythe.

“Papa, have you been here before?”

At the side of Hermóðr was his son, a warrior as big as a brown bear.

“I came here once a long time ago.” Chief Hermóðr said lightly.

They continued to ride forward, and the heavy cavalry behind them made a surprised sound.

In the snow in front of them, a piece of blood-colored land suddenly appeared.

It was a huge open space. All the woods in the open space were turned into charcoal. The ground seemed to have been scorched by fire, and also seemed to be dyed through layers with endless blood, causing the land to take on a bloody color that was so thick and dark it was almost brown. The snow fluttered down from the sky, but for some reason, the snowflakes melted in thin air before they even landed on the ground.

So in the thick snow around, there was such a glaring open space.

It gave people a strange feeling, that it was a drop of blood, a drop of blood that fell on this land.

That piece of land was clean of everything, with nothing but red blood, making it impossible to fathom what had happened here. But there was still a chilling and tragic atmosphere in the air, an invisible aura of fear that made the war horses neigh uncomfortably.

“What’s this?”

The warrior reined in his horse with trepidation in his heart, looking at the open space that was like a pool of blood.

“A battlefield.”

Chief Hermóðr also reined his horse to a stop. He stared at the bloody field in front of him gravely, as if recalling something, his expression became serious. He took off his helmet, raised his hand and tapped his forehead.

The warrior was a little surprised, because this was the highest level gesture towards the dead in Gulundi tradition.

“It’s a pity.” Chief Hermóðr didn’t intend to explain. He put on his helmet again and waved to the heavy cavalry behind him, “Go around.”

The black iron heavy cavalry split into two groups, and bypassed the blood-colored slope, riding forward on the thick snow on the side instead.

“Just now?”

The warrior rode forward and couldn’t help asking his father in a low voice.

“I thought I could exchange blows with Legrand’s lion again this time…’s a pity.” Chief Hermóðr said lightly, “That is one who could really be named as a lion, and I wonder if the Rose family member who would succeed him could inherit his might?”

“Move full speed ahead.”

After Chief Hermóðr finished speaking, he said sharply again.

The warrior had a feeling.

——It was as if before he saw that bloody land, his father actually regarded himself not as a mercenary, but as a knight. He came all the way here because of a long-ago battle. He came to find an opponent he recognized and who he decided to fight against once again.

But his recognized opponent was no longer here.

So the rest really became just about money, which suddenly seemed to have lost all meaning to his father.

The Gulundi heavy cavalry galloped forward.

The heavy armor on their bodies clanged against each other, making sharp metallic noises. Their war horses were all red-blooded black stallions native to the Hopeless Inner Sea. When they marched at full speed, it seemed that the gate of hell had opened, and an army that had control over death galloped out of it.


Benz City.

This was the closest autonomous city to Newcastle that was still under the control of Legrand. But it was far inferior to the royal castle built by the King with a lot of money. It used to be just a trading town. Later, Legrandians gradually migrated to settle here, and the population gradually increased.

The King and his Iron Rose Cavalry were stationed here.

Now the people in Benz City were in a hurry to strengthen the protection of the town, but in fact, anyone with a discerning eye knew that these hastily built fences and the original low city walls have no real defense effect at all.

The self-government in Benz City became the King’s temporary military command seat at this time.

The scouts had returned before dark, bringing bad news——the rebels had completely occupied Newcastle yesterday, and the Gulundi heavy cavalry also officially entered the castle yesterday, and were now resting.

It seemed that there was an invisible weight falling on everyone’s head.

If the King himself wasn’t here as well, the entire town would have fallen into despair, and the army might have begun to flee as well——the Gulundi heavy cavalry had a terrifying reputation on the battlefield.

In fact, it was not that there were no countries that have tried to build an army like the Gulundi heavy cavalry, but no one could invest all their wealth in armor and weapons like the Gulundi, and they also did not have such warriors who had been tempered on the battlefield.

The Gulundians did not have their own country, their blood was full of violence and killing, they were born for the battlefield, so they were the shadows on the battlefield.

The best way to deal with the Gulundi heavy cavalry was to strongly defend the castle.

But Legrand’s most important military castle in the Northland had fallen, and this head-on confrontation was inevitable.

After the lieutenant general reported the number of troops they have now and the situation of the heavy cavalry observed by the scouts, they waited for the King to make a decision——to fight or retreat?

“We need a win.”

The King stared at the map.

The Duke of Buckingham died in battle, and Newcastle had fallen…..The battle in the Northland had reached the most critical juncture. They could retreat, but once they retreat, the hearts of the entire Northland would be completely dispersed. The King leading the soldiers to flee would make all the places still fending off the rebel army fall in despair.

Therefore, they could only fight, and had no other option.

Even if there were Gulundi heavy cavalry in front, they must fight!

The Imperial Lion had fallen, and the King must declare a victory to the entire Empire——they have a new Lion.

But what could they fight with?

In addition to the Gulundi heavy cavalry, the number of rebels was six times that of the vanguard led by the King. The disparity in troop strength put Legrand’s important battle in an extremely dangerous state from the very beginning.

“Open the arsenal in Benz City and distribute all weapons to all grown males in the city.” The King said slowly, “Tomorrow, I will confer all of them knighthood on the spot.”

According to Legrand’s military system, each county had an arsenal. When the King ordered conscription, the county lord would select civilians, and then open the arsenal and distribute swords and armor to the selected soldiers. After the war these supplies would be taken back together. The King’s purpose in changing his previous county lords was all aimed at this point.

As an autonomous city of Legrand, Benz City was equivalent to the county in central Legrand in terms of status, and it also had an arsenal.

“All the newly conferred knights will be incorporated into the reserve army as…..the central army.”

The King withdrew his gaze and looked directly at the lieutenant general, saying slowly.

The lieutenant general trembled in his heart, and a chill slowly crept up his spine.

He knew what the King’s move at this time meant.

Before the follow-up reinforcements could arrive in time, all adult males in the town were to be knighted on the spot——the King wanted these new knights to set foot on the battlefield. But they weren’t even reservists, just men who had just taken up arms…..they were pawns that the King threw into the battle.

The King used them as the central army to send them under the horses of the Gulundi heavy cavalry, allowing the heavy cavalry to trample and kill them, so as to gain the opportunity to confront the rebels with the Iron Rose Cavalry.

Their lives would be thrown into this war, and their lives would be thrown away by the King the moment they rejoiced over having become knights.

“Do you know what that means?”

The lieutenant general knew that he shouldn’t ask such a question, but the words still blurted out uncontrollably.

“I know.”

The King raised his head slowly.

The lieutenant general met his eyes and felt chills in his heart.

The King’s eyes were so deep that no one could understand the look in them. What was hidden under those icy blue eyes was no longer a glacier, but a frozen ocean…..The boy who galloped in the snow field of the Northland for his uncle for several days and nights, when he heard that the Duke of Buckingham had died in battle, the boy with his downcast eyebrows and eyes covered with shadows and sadness disappeared completely overnight.

The lieutenant general suddenly could no longer treat the person sitting on the chair with the attitude of caring for a young person as the Duke of Buckingham had entrusted to him.

Because the person sitting in the dim light of the candle was no longer someone he could regard as a junior.

On the high-backed chair in this simple hall, only Legrand’s monarch remained.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The young king became a true king overnight, and the candlelight covered him in molten gold, illuminating the place where he was. Sitting alone on the throne, he completely possessed the heart and methods of iron and blood.

“So, I will put a person’s life on the battlefield.”

The King’s voice was calm, but there was something frightening about it.

The lieutenant general couldn’t help asking: “Who?”


AN: The end of the first volume “The Young King”.

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