After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 065 Make A Wish

At the end of the military training of the first years, Yan No. 1 High School also ushered in its first weekend.

In the last class on Saturday, the chemistry teacher dragged on the class pass the bell as per usual, and the students below were also used to it and remained very focused. There was only a little movement in the back row.

“Jiangzi…..Jiangzi…..” Shen Xu paid vigilant attention to the movement up at the front while calling to Jiang Chen under his breath. When the chemistry teacher up front turned to write on the blackboard, he quickly tilted his body and pushed Jiang Chen who was doing a practice question. When Jiang Chen looked over, he sat up straight. He covered his mouth and pointed to the back door: “Little Brother Min is waiting for you outside, and there is also a pretty sister.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen followed his line of sight to look back and was stunned for a moment. In the corridor at the back door, He Qianmin was talking to Yang Yun. The two stood by the window outside the corridor, apparently to avoid disturbing the class.

He Qianmin came here to wait for him after school, but did Yang Yun come here with him or because of other matters?

Jiang Chen pursed his lips slightly, and looked away.

Shen Xu had been paying attention to Jiang Chen’s expression the whole time, and when he saw this, he scooted over and asked, “You know her?”

“He Qianmin’s mother.”

“So young?” Shen Xu said in surprise, “I thought she…..”

“Shen Xu!” The chemistry teacher up front turned around abruptly: “You have been whispering to Jiang Chen since the bell for the end of class rang. Is it because you can’t wait to get out of school, or have you two made an appointment to go out to play? I didn’t finish this part and disrupted your plans, is that it? Or is it that you already know everything and can take the college entrance exam immediately? And Jiang Chen, are you already positive that you can score the top spot on the exam? And the rest sitting or lying in the back who are not listening to the lecture, anxious to get out of school, are you all like Jiang Chen? He has the ability not to listen to the lecture, and you also think that you don’t need to listen to my lecture? You think it’s a waste of time for me to teach you a little more, don’t you?”

Shen Xu stood up abruptly, raised his hand with an apologetic expression, and put on a very correct attitude of admitting his mistake: “Teacher He, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have been afraid to disturb everyone’s progress because I didn’t understand the first step and leaned over to whisper to Jiang Chen instead. I shouldn’t have disturbed your class because of my thirst for knowledge and made you angry. I will definitely raise my hand to ask you next time or wait until after class is over! I was wrong, Teacher He, I’m sorry.” After finishing, he bowed seriously.

The words at the top of Teacher He’s throat was blocked by his bow. Standing there, he grinded his teeth angrily. Shen Xu quietly raised his head a little. Seeing that Teacher He was silent, he cleared his throat and shouted at the volume learned from military training: “I was wrong! I’m sorry to my parents, I’m sorry to my teachers, I’m sorry to my classmates! I really regret it! Teacher He, please forgive me for my mistakes!”

After a while of silence, the first burst of smothered laughter sounded, followed by uncontrollable bursts of laughter from the rest. Even Jiang Chen couldn’t help but secretly roll his eyes.

Teacher He, nicknamed M2, was famous for his short temper, able to scold at a high speed and with a wide range like a machine gun. However, since he taught Shen Xu, he had encountered the biggest defeat in his life. Every time he was about to scold with class, scold to his heart’s content, he would be blocked by Shen Xu, who had an eloquent mouth and a humble attitude. From then on, Shen Xu became famous, a phenomenon in class 1.

Sure enough, after grinding his teeth for half a minute, Teacher He threw the book on the podium and was defeated again: “Get out, class is over!”

When he walked away in a huff, the whole class burst into laughter, slapping their desks and kicking their chairs in great amusement. The classroom became very lively indeed.

Luo Ze laughed himself prone on the table, giving Shen Xu a thumbs up: “In terms of matching M2, I will only recognize you for the rest of my life, even his wife needs to come and learn from you!”

Shen Xu shook his head modestly: “If you call me Papa, Papa can also pass on my secret technique to you.”

Luo Ze: “Go to hell!”

Jiang Chen tidied up his things, raised his chin to gesture towards the outside, and said, “I’ll be leaving first.”

Shen Xu waved his hand: “See you later!”

When Jiang Chen walked to the back door, he turned around and said, “Give me the practice test paper I asked you to do on Monday.” Then he left through the door without looking back.

A howl came from the classroom, and Jiang Chen greeted Yang Yun politely: “Aunt Yang.”

“Xiao Chen.” Yang Yun glanced at the noisy classroom and smiled softly, “Your class is so lively.”

Jiang Chen smiled: “Third year is very tense, everyone cherishes anything that can lighten the mood.”

Yang Yun was instantly attracted by this topic: “Are you under heavy academic pressure? Are you tired? If you study late every day, you must eat something healthy and nourishing to make up for it. Auntie knows some…..”

“Mom——” He Qianmin interrupted Yang Yun and said, “My brother doesn’t need to study late at all. He is in cooperation with Li De, and he spends most of his extracurricular time working, but he is still the number one even if he doesn’t need to study much.”

“It must be very tiring to study and work at the same time.” Yang Yun said worriedly: “Auntie stewed pigeon soup with red dates and wolfberries at home today, which can strengthen the brain and improve memory. It just so happens that today is also Qian Yu’s birthday. She asked me to come and invite you to be a guest at our home and celebrate her birthday.”

“Qian Yu’s birthday?” Jiang Chen looked at He Qianmin. He Qianmin had never told him about thus before.

He Qianmin coughed lowly: “I forgot…..”

The two teenagers looked at each other, and Yang Yun laughed: “You often forget even your own birthday, your sister won’t blame you. On the way home later, we’ll stop by the shopping mall and you can just buy her a gift. Xiao Chen, if you are free in the evening, come back with us. Qian Yu has been looking forward to you attending her birthday party since a week ago.”

Jiang Chen hesitated, Yang Yun continued: “If Qian Yu sees you, she will be very happy.”

“Okay.” Jiang Chen smiled and said, “I’ll call home first.”

He Qianmin’s eyes lit up: “Big Brother, you agree!”

“En.” Jiang Chen said to Yang Yun, “I will be troubling you.”

“How can that be?” Yang Yun smiled softly, while sighing in her heart that Jiang Chen was very polite, there was also a sense of loss that seemed to come from nowhere. She suppressed her inexplicable emotions, and stretched out her arms to tuck Jiang Chen and He Qianmin’s arms on either side: “Let’s go, the driver is already waiting at the school gate.”

On the way to the He’s, Jiang Chen called Yang Si. Hearing his mother’s gentle reminders and his father’s hearty laughter, he pursed his lips and chatted with them for a while. After hanging up the call, he looked out the window at the lessening traffic and the road that seemed to be leading to a place with more beautiful scenery. After a few seconds, he quickly looked away. His heart seemed to be pressed by something that was neither light or heavy, feeling guilt and resistance.

The atmosphere in the car was a little silent. Yang Si saw Jiang Chen’s expression from the rearview mirror, and said softly, “Xiao Chen, Auntie still doesn’t know when your birthday is? Next time when it’s your birthday, Auntie will remind Qian Min to bring you a gift.”

Jiang Chen’s eyelashes flickered. He quickly suppressed the emotion in his eyes, slightly moved his lips and said, “In december.”

“That’s coming soon.” Yang Yun said with a smile: “It’s already September, less than three months away.”

He Qianmin also turned his head and said, “Big Brother, so your birthday is in December, what date in December?”

Jiang Chen looked out the window and said with a faint smile, “The 22nd.”

Yang Yun was startled, and He Qianmin also widened eyes. He muttered in a low voice, “Why is it on the same day as him…..”

After finishing speaking, he realized that what he said was inappropriate. He instantly raised his eyes to explain, but found that Jiang Chen was looking out of the window in a daze, as if he didn’t hear what he said.

He Qianmin quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and his mood became high-spirited again: “Big Brother, I will definitely prepare a super cool gift for you at that time! Guaranteed to satisfy you.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, turned his head and asked, “What gift?”

“If I tell you now, what kind of surprise would that be?” He Qianmin smirked: “In short, I absolutely guarantee that you will like it!”

Jiang Chen bent his eyes and said, “Then I’ll look forward to it in advance.”

“Just look forward to it!” He Qianmin thought for a while, and then said: “Actually, don’t look forward too much, if you look forward to it too much, what would I do if you end up disappointed?”

Jiang Chen laughed: “Didn’t you say that I would definitely like it?”

“I think you would like it.” He Qianmin said: “But on your birthday, you must be in the happiest state throughout the whole process. I’m just afraid you would feel a little unhappy after being disappointed.”

Jiang Chen was silent for a moment, then smiled and said, “I won’t.”

After saying that, the car stopped at the gate of the He’s. He Qianyu, who had already been waiting at the gate, rushed over. Her eyes lit up instantly when she saw Jiang Chen getting out of the car. She couldn’t hide her delight and shyly called out: “Brother Jiang Chen!”

Jiang Chen knelt down, looked at her and smiled, “Happy birthday, little princess.”

He Qianyu held back for a moment, then flew into Jiang Chen’s arms, hugging his neck and smiling, “Thank you Brother Jiang Chen!”

“Alright already.” He Qianmin followed out of the car and said, “What are you doing hugging for so long, are you going inside or not.”

He Qianyu glared at He Qianmin, and the scene of seeing Jiang Chen for the first time flashed across her mind. She hesitated for a few seconds, leaned into his ear and whispered: “Brother Jiang Chen, can I make a wish to you?”

Jiang Chen smiled: “Of course.”

“I want you to carry me inside.”

Jiang Chen was taken aback, and He Qianyu blushed instantly, and quickly explained in a low voice: “I saw you carrying a little girl once, and I was so envious. My brother has never carried me like that before. I want to know how it will feel to have Big Brother carry me, that’s why…..but if it’s not possible, then——”

Jiang Chen turned around, squatting down with his back to He Qianyu. He looked back and said with a smile, “Come on up.”

He Qianyu stared dazedly at Jiang Chen, and her eyes lit up little by little. She jumped on Jiang Chen’s back, and made faces at He Qianmin with joy.

He Qianmin snorted, but the corners of his mouth also curled up in a smile, “You’re so fat, aren’t you ashamed to have others carry you.”

He Qianyu hugged Jiang Chen’s neck, and in this position she was also a bit taller than He Qianmin: “I’m not heavy, right, Brother Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Light as a feather.”

He Qianyu took advantage of her height and pulled He Qianmin’s hair. Under his glare, she raised her chin and said, “Did you hear that, I’m super light!”

“He Qianyu!” He Qianmin gritted his teeth: “Don’t think that just because today is your birthday I won’t do anything.”

“I’m not afraid of you!” He Qianyu leaned on Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said proudly, “Brother Jiang Chen will protect me.”

Yang Yun and He Yanfeng looked at each other and smiled. He Yanfeng shook his head with a chuckle and said, “I’ve never seen her be so affectionate to someone after just meeting a few times, and Qian Min has never admired anyone this much either. But after meeting Jiang Chen, it’s like the two of them had their fur smoothed, not only obedient, but also eager to compete for favor, and even their old father can’t compare.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yang Yun looked at the three laughing children in the courtyard without moving her eyes away, and couldn’t help but smile: “Maybe it’s because Xiao Chen has an affinity with our family, the first time I saw him, I liked him immediately, and the more I see him, the more I like him. I can’t help but want to talk to him more and spend more time with him…..Maybe this child just has such likable qualities.”

The conversation in the entrance hall traveled into the living room. He Qianjian stood up and looked out, seeing the He couple and Jiang Chen in the courtyard, his face darkened.

The conversation was still going on, Yang Yun seemed to think of something, and said with joy: “And Xiao Chen’s birthday is also on the same day as Da Bao, so it seems that he really does have an affinity with our family.”

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