After Becoming The Tyrant CH 077 The Iron Emperor

Right now, Prince Will could be described as elated.

He saw with his own eyes the Duke of Buckingham and his royal soldiers burned to ashes by the red fire of the war angel in front of him. The greatest fear of his life was gone in that moment——Legrand without the Duke of Buckingham had no one to bring him fear now.

The Gulundi heavy cavalry arrived as scheduled. Out of caution, Prince Will arranged the Gulundi heavy cavalry as the central army to defeat the main force of Legrand’s army.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When he arrived at the battlefield, Prince Will saw the bloody royal flag fluttering in the middle of Legrand’s central position in the distance——that was where Legrand’s monarch was.

Prince Will had full confidence.

Even the cavalry led by the Duke of Buckingham couldn’t compete with monsters like the Gulundi heavy cavalry, let alone the royal cavalry formed by a young junior at the end of last year? When the Gulundi heavy cavalry rushed into the opposite central army battlefield and started the massacre, causing the young king of Legrand to die under the iron hooves, the rebellion in the Northland would be victorious!

They would even be able to sweep down all the way, carve up the land belonging to the Rose family again as they did a thousand years ago.

The Gulundi heavy cavalry had already launched the charge.

Prince Will also led the main force of the rebel army onto the battlefield——he wanted to tear apart the weak left wing of the Legrandians, and then join the Gulundi heavy cavalry to completely strangle all of Legrand’s forces!

The shadow of Legrand’s cavalry appeared ahead, and the opponent’s army was less than one-third of theirs.

“Kill them!”

Prince Will didn’t pay attention to this low-key left-wing army without any banners——generally speaking, those placed on the left and right wings to hold the formation were all inferior forces, completely uncomparable to them, who were the main force of the rebel army.

The desolate horn echoed in the air at the same time as Prince Will gave the order.

Their enemies and Prince Will’s huge army gave the order to charge at the same time, and the cavalry, which was much smaller than the rebel army, immediately galloped when the horn sounded.

The wind blew from the direction of Legrand’s army, accompanied by galloping horses, the wind lifted the snow on the ground high into the air. The figures of the cavalry were shrouded in a thick fog of snow, and their specific appearance could not be seen clearly, only that the shadows of the horses were becoming faster and faster.

Prince Will suddenly felt that something was wrong——

Ordinary cavalry didn’t have such a fast speed!

As soon as this thought flashed by, the distance between the two sides had already narrowed sharply, and it was too late for him to change the order.

At this moment, among the cavalry who charged head-on with snowflakes sweeping in their wake, hundreds of banners were raised high at the same moment——

The banners were all in scarlet, and iron roses bloomed on the bloody background.

Hundreds of royal banners were unfurled at the same instant, as if a blood-colored fury was spreading across the surface in an instant, bringing with them a huge momentum.

The rebels have too deep a memory of this bloody banner!

A few days ago, the fallen imperial lion charged into their army with such a tide of blood, and started a wanton one sided massacre!

“The Duke of Buckingham?!”

Prince Will almost blurted out, at that moment, those bloody banners seemed to turn into ferocious ghosts in his eyes, howling and biting towards him.

He almost thought that the elation of the previous few days was just a dream, and the Duke of Buckingham made a comeback as a lingering ghost.

However, soon, Prince Will came to his senses.

The Duke of Buckingham was dead! People killed by angels would never appear on the battlefield again!

“Not good! A trap!”

Prince Will realized with a start.

Besides the Duke of Buckingham, there was one other person, a cavalry that would use such a banner——

That was Legrand’s King! The Iron Rose Cavalry that the King just formed last year!

They were tricked!

That bloody royal flag erected in front of the army in Legrand’s central position was just a means to deceive them! Legrand’s real elite was not arranged in the central army at all! The King personally led the Iron Rose Cavalry disguised as a weak left wing, waiting for their attack!

But it was too late to realize this now.

The armies of both sides had already rammed hard against each other.

The iron armor was clanging, and when swords met with each other, blood flew high into the sky almost instantly.


At the front of the Iron Rose Cavalry was a young knight, and it was he who roared loudly.

The wind scraped across the knight’s helmet, and the icy armor equipped him to become a majestic iron emperor. He rode his horse and was the first to knock away the iron spear of the rebel army. The sword in his hand quickly swung out in arc-shaped crescent moons, and the throats of the enemies standing in front of him were cut mercilessly.

The iron emperor led his army, like a furious lion, cutting into the front line of the rebel army.

In an instant, a bloody and fierce battle broke out!


On the battlefield, the right front.

“Block! Block!”

The lieutenant general roared, sweating profusely.

With his roar, the longbowmen raised their bows again and began to shoot. The sound of the horn echoed in the valley, and a new massacre began again.

Legrand’s longbowmen were famous all over the world, and they could shoot through chain mail from sixty yards away.

The King allocated all the longbowmen in the vanguard this time to the right-wing army. What they had to do was to use the terrain to firmly stop the rebel light cavalry, and prevent the rebel light cavalry from getting a chance to bypass the battlefield to support Prince Will.

The lieutenant general led the army to dig a triple trench on the hillside on the right side of the battlefield, and inserted sharp wooden stakes deeply into the ground to form a protective line of defense, before finally arranging the longbowmen on the hillside in an echelon from top to bottom, where they shot again and again at the light cavalry who attacked them.

Based on the dense rain of arrows, the lieutenant general successfully held off the first two cavalry charges.

Longbowmen have limited lethality against heavy cavalry, but towards light cavalry, they possessed a lethality that could not be underestimated.

The chain mail of light cavalry was not as thick as that of heavy cavalry, which meant  that they could not face a rain of arrows as easily as heavy cavalry. Instead, light cavalry horses without armed protection were often fatally injured under arrow rain.

The horses fell to the ground from the arrows, and the rebel knights on the horses also fell heavily. Immediately after the rain of arrows fell, the lives of the fallen knights were taken. In addition, many knights were trampled because their horses were injured and struggled frenzily, dying under the horseshoes of their own horse. In an instant, the hillside was dyed red.

The first and second charges were held off.

But it didn’t end there.

Relying on several times more numbers to hold up against the rain of arrows, the rebel army forcibly launched a charge. Relying on the sacrifice of human life, many light cavalry rushed to the slope occupied by Legrand’s right wing, massacring the longbowmen behind the simple bunker.

By this time, there were many casualties on both sides.

After the second charge was suppressed, the rebels retreated briefly to rest.

Seizing this short opportunity, the lieutenant general commanded the soldiers to drag the corpses on the ground and nearby slopes to form a new protective wall to stop the enemy’s third charge.

This was probably the most horrifying defensive wall ever built.

It was piled with the corpses of comrades and enemies. The blood on those corpses was still dripping down, and every head was covered with blood and mud.

The horn sounded loud and clear again.

The lieutenant general pulled the bowstring first, and he shouted at the top of his lungs: “Block them! Stop them with your lives!”

They must resist this charge again and again!

At this time, on the battlefield on their left, the Gulundi heavy cavalry had already rushed into the central army.

Facing the top combat power of the knight age, the group of new knights in the central army simply had no power to fight back. Under the leadership of the Iron Rose knights at the front, the central army retreated by taking advantage of fleeing in disorder, sacrificing hundreds of lives every minute and every second to hold back the footsteps of the Gulundi heavy cavalry and distract them.

After paying so many lives, they would never allow failure!

Their King was now facing the main force of the rebel army on the left flank. Even if they died, they must fight against this group of light cavalry for the King, and buy enough time for the King to kill Prince Will!

As long as Prince Will was dead, this war would be over! Mercenaries without employers would have no reason to join the war, and rebels without their main force and marshal could only be defeated!

So, they must block them!

“Shoot! Shoot!”

The lieutenant general roared, his hands had already been cut with hideous wounds by the bowstring.

The cavalry charged forward under the rain of arrows, and the longbowmen drew their bows under the pressure of galloping horses…..

The battlefield had turned into a huge grinding pan, and both sides were throwing their lives into the flames of war that crushed everything.


When the Gulundi heavy cavalry chased the retreating central army and raised their slaughtering knives, the battlefield where the King was also fell into a life-and-death battle.

This place had become a huge slaughterhouse.

Corpses were piled on top of each other, and while the living people who had just fallen still had some remaining breaths in them, new corpses were already heavily pressing down over them. The snow field had turned into a swamp, and blood flowed like a river. People and horses were fighting in this bloody river. Both sides clashed in a gridlock.

Human life became the least valuable thing at this time.

The Iron Rose Cavalry, which were like a group of madmen, managed to hold back the main force of the rebel army, which was several times larger than them.

Indeed, the Iron Rose Cavalry led by the King had just been formed less than a year ago, and they were far inferior to the experienced royal family soldiers led by the Duke of Buckingham. But at this moment, the Iron Rose Cavalry were inspired by a kind of frenzy. This fiery and frenzied passion came from their King.

——The King galloped and sprung his sword in the heart of the battle in blood stained armor.

The King fought on the battlefield in person and put his head on the battle with all his soldiers!

Blood splattered all around him, and an arrow shot from the opposite side pierced his shoulder, but he onpy slashed the tail of the arrow with a swing of his sword, ignoring his wounds. No one could stop his footsteps.

When Prince Will withdrew from the fight and noticed this scene, he couldn’t help shivering.

The nightmarish scene decades ago overlapped with the present one.

The young king rode across the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, split the entire battlefield, and charged straight towards him. All the soldiers who stood between the two were beheaded one by one by the King without mercy. He was the most terrifying knight on the entire battlefield. When he swung his long sword, the sticky blood drops on the sword flew out obliquely in a fan-shaped arc.

The same silver hair and blue eyes, the same madness.

The arrogance in generations of the Rose family revived in the young king.

He came bathed in blood, peerless and unstoppable.

“Archers! Archers!”

Prince Will shuddered.

At that moment, he found that the shadow of the Rose family did not disappear with the fall of the Duke of Buckingham, and that it was still firmly shrouded over his head from beginning to end.

This damn family of lunatics!

Prince Will stepped back while ordering the archers to abandon other targets and shoot the King at the center of the battlefield with all their strength. He didn’t dare to fight forward anymore, but shouted and ordered the surrounding shield knights to gather around and protect him.

Even though he was surrounded by thousands of troops, he didn’t have the slightest sense of security.

He could feel that the young king’s gaze was always on him, that cold gaze was like a sharp knife, closely pressed to his neck, ready to cut off his head at any moment.

The battlefield at this time had become extremely bloody.

No one could tell which side had the upper hand, and everyone was fighting fiercely. The archers gathered together, but they didn’t know how to shoot for a while——there were many warriors of the rebel army around the King. They were stuck together, moving and spinning quickly, and it was difficult to lock on a single person.

“Don’t care! Just kill him!”

Prince Will roared.

The archers received the order and no longer hesitated, nodding their arrows and pulling strings towards the approaching war zone.

The iron arrow shot out through the air with a shrill sound.

The rebel knights, who were fighting to protect Prince Will, heard the sound of arrows raining behind them, and subconsciously raised their shields while looking back——only to see the archers under the order of Prince Will, shoot the arrows this way regardless of their lives.

The rebel knights stared wide-eyed.

Some of them opened their mouths in astonishment and wanted to say something, but an arrow pierced through the air and into his mouth, directly piercing through his skull.

The King was at the very center of a siege of rebel knights.

At this time, his enemy became the city wall that blocked the rain of arrows for him. He grabbed a shield and protected most of the rain of arrows, and he also blocked the rest with his long sword.

At this moment, the knights of the rebel army didn’t have the wherewithal to besiege the King any more, and scattered in all directions.

“Your Majesty!”

Three Iron Rose knights with shields galloped through the blood, and they surrounded the King. In the rain of arrows, they protected the King and rushed forward, charging straight to the center of the rebel army——where the big flag with the emblem of a salamander on a white background was fluttering in the wind.

Prince Will was under that flag.

Prince Will realized the King’s intentions and frantically urged the archers to stop the King’s approach.

The remaining Iron Rse knights on the battlefield kept a close distance from the King. At this time, they all abandoned their enemies and gathered together at the risk of being cut by the enemy a few times.

The Iron Rose Cavalry charged again.

This time, the charge penetrated the battlefield between Prince Will and the King in one breath, and successfully sent the King to Prince Will.

Facing the fully armed Iron Rose Cavalry, the archers of the rebel army burst out with unprecedented shooting speed in the face of life and death.

In an instant, arrows rained down.

At this moment, the three shield knights roared and rushed forward to form an indestructible shield wall.

They held up their shields together, and let the arrows from all sides shoot themselves into hedgehogs, creating a chance for the King to make that fatal blow.

Covered by three shields, the King broke through the archer’s line of defense and rushed to the white salamander flag.

Prince Will saw his enemy clearly at this moment.

There was no emotion in his cold blue eyes.

The young king was surrounded by a murderous and bloodthirsty cavalry, and he finally killed his way a path through the mountain of corpses and sea of blood to him. His armor was dyed a dark red color because it was spattered with too much blood. He was a furious emperor who came here to behead his enemy.

Prince Will squeezed out the final order from his throat, calling out to the surrounding shield bearers to protect him.

The shieldmen dutifully inserted the giant shield as tall as a man into the ground, trying to erect an iron wall around Prince Will to stop the charge.

The war horse arrived in front of him in an instant, but the shield bearers did not receive the expected impact.

The moment he rushed to the front of the shield formation, the King let go of the reins and leaped high from the horseback——this was originally a horsemanship skill used to show off on the grassland, but it was now used by the King on the battlefield at this time. His figure was fierce and graceful at that moment, like a goshawk soaring on wide wings, and everyone’s eyes subconsciously followed his figure.

The King changed from one hand holding the sword to two hands in mid-air.

The long sword was raised high, sunlight reflecting off the sharp edge of the sword, and it was as bright as a gorgeous aurora at that moment.

Prince Will had a feeling at that moment.


He screamed, frantically wanting to back away, trying to hide. But beside him were the shieldmen who protected him tightly, and he had no way out.

That dazzling light slanted down from mid-air.

A pool of hot blood spurted up high along with the flying head.

The shield bearers couldn’t believe their eyes at all——the King of Legrand killed Prince Will under their heavy protection!

The King landed from the air, breathing heavily and half-kneeling on the chariot where Prince Will was originally, blood dripping down his somewhat chipped helmet.

The shield bearers stood stunned on the spot, but the Iron Rose Cavalry did not stand still.

Taking advantage of the opportunity when the enemy was overly frightened by the killing of Prince Will, the Iron Rose Cavalry broke through the archer’s line of defense. The horses came galloping, violently driving away the shield bearers around the King. Some shield bearers reacted faster and jumped to the side to avoid it, while others reacted slower, and were trampled into new bloody mud by the iron hoofs in a blink of an eye.

The King’s war horse galloped along with them.

It stopped beside the King.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The King reached out and grabbed the reins, and jumped back onto his horse.

Only when the King mounted his horse did the knights move forward again. The horses galloped, and at the moment when they passed the central flag, the King’s raised sword swung horizontally.

The big salamander flag with a white background was slashed to the ground.

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