After Becoming The Tyrant CH 078 The Age Of Heroes

The white salamander flag fell from the air to the ground, and the Iron Rose Cavalry that followed behind him trampled it into the bloody mud, instantly becoming dirty.

For a moment the rebels were dead silent, as if they had not yet reacted over what happened.

Prince Will’s head rolled on the pile of corpses on the ground. An Iron Rose cavalryman shook his wrist and speared it up high with his spear.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The remaining commanding officer of the rebel army on the battlefield, a pitiful count watched the Iron Rose Cavalry charge straight to him, the head of Prince Will still dripping blood. This rebel army noble only had time to allow fright to freeze his face stiff before without hesitation, he turned around, and fled.

The King sheathed his sword, and took the long bow from behind his back.

He set an arrow to the sting and pulled it back.

His ice blue eyes locked onto the prey like an eagle and aimed at the fleeing earl. The next moment, he let go of his hand, the iron arrow flew out, and screamed across the air like a vengeful ghost.

The earl only heard the sharp and piercing sound of the arrow, before a chill suddenly crawled up his spine. He subconsciously raised his arm to block his back with a shield. But just as he raised the shield, the cold iron arrow buried through the gap between his helmet and armor, piercing through the sophisticated chainmail.

The earl slowly bowed his head and saw the arrow tip poking out of his throat.

From his throat, he let out a gurgling sound of unwillingness, before immediately falling off his horse and planting face first onto the battle ground

The King hung the longbow back on his back, pulled out his sword again, and pointed it to the defeated rebels who were attempting to escape: “Kill!”

The word “kindness” was always just a joke on the battlefield!

The flag had fallen, and the leader was dead, the remaining rebels were completely unable to put up a fight themselves. And waiting for them was the Iron Rose Calvary reborn in blood and fire. The cavalry followed the King, galloping across the battlefield fast like lightning, trampling on all the enemies in their wake.

The sound of thunderous horseshoes came from the distance.

The King turned around and led his knights to line up into an assault formation.

The Gulundi heavy cavalry, had arrived.

In the rolling dust and kicked up snow, the black torrent came from the other end of the earth. This terrifying shadow of the battlefield rolled across the land, the bone spurs on their armor were covered with blood, and the iron spears in their hands dripped equally in the viscous blood. It was not difficult to imagine what kind of slaughter this Gulundi heavy cavalry launched on the central army.

The King moved forward immediately and stood at the forefront of the Iron Rose Cavalry.

He held his ground and faced the terrible momentum of the Gulundi heavy cavalry head on.

A war horse let out a shrill scream.

The horses hanging with heavy armor stopped at the same time, and the Gulundi heavy cavalry suddenly changed from a wild flood to a sudden static ocean.

In front of the Gulundi heavy cavalry on the opposite side, stood their leader.

The two sides stood facing each other and no one spoke.

At this moment, the battlefield was so quiet that the sound of blood dripping could be heard.

Chief Hermóðr squinted slightly. He looked at the Legrand cavalry opposite, and the familiar bloody royal banner fluttering in the cold wind. Holding the royal banners was a group of knights in blood soaked armor——they were the true Iron Rose Cavalry. And the leader of this cavalry was that too young king.

“The Rose family…..”

Chief Hermóðr said lowly.

The warrior behind the leader felt that his father’s eyes seemed to have become sharp again in an instant.

Earlier, they led Gulundi heavy cavalry, effortlessly tearing down the large number of central army troops, and chased those who had fled. At that time, he also believed that after the death of Buckingham, Legrand no longer had a decent army.

But now it seemed that was not the case.

Although the person who could really be called the Imperial Lion had fallen, the Rose family member who took over the mantle from him inherited the same might as him.

The King looked at the quiet Gulundi heavy cavalry. He reached out and took the spear with the head of Prince Will on it from the knight next to him, and flicked his wrist.

The head drew a long arc in the air, and accurately fell towards Chief Hermóðr.

The heavy cavalry behind Chief Hermóðr shifted, wanting to swing their spear forward. But Chief Hermóðr held up a hand out and stopped them.

The head with blood that had completely condensed fell from the air, rolled on the ground, and finally came to a stop on the grass less than one meter in front of Chief Hermóðr.

Chief Hermóðr looked at the head of his employer, and then looked up to see the King standing opposite from him.

The King had taken off his helmet and the recognizable silver hair of the Rose family hung down on the armor covered in blood, revealing that youthful but expressionless young face under the helmet. The wind rolled his heavy cloak, and at this time, blood could be seen still dripping down from the hems of his cloak.

The King’s pale face was splattered with red blood, and his whole person was shrouded in a kind of aggressive vicious mood.

Separated by a swamp battlefield full of blood and mud, the two sides looked at each other.

Chief Hermóðr narrowed his eyes slightly, and suddenly laughed, bellowing out laughter that sounded like thunder: “Duke of Buckingham! Good ol’ Duke of Buckingham!”

He should have thought! How could a cub that had grown up under a fierce lion’s guidance be weak!

Chief Hermóðr raised the spear in the direction of the King and the Iron Rose Cavalry, and then turned his horse’s head: “Let’s go!”

At his order the black Gulundi heavy cavalry detoured the bloody and muddy battlefield and withdrew from the area.

Seeing this scene, the knights holding the royal banners high behind the King, hollered: “For the glory of the Rose!”

“For the glory of the Rose!”

Everyone roared together, the sound carried on the wind, and mixed with the scent of blood that filled this place to be echoed far away.

They, won!

Faint cheers could be heard behind.

The warrior caught up with his father in front of him and asked lowly: “Why didn’t we fight?”

The young king and his cavalry were fierce and aggressive, not timid or cowardly at all. But after a brutal battle, whether it was the number of people or amount of energy, they could no longer bear a second round of brutal battles.

“Fight my ass.” Chief Hermóðr slapped his son’s head unceremoniously with a big hand. “The employer is dead, who do you want to fight a free battle for?”

The warrior grimaced and found that he did indeed ask a stupid question.

Chief Hermóðr took his hand back, and he turned to look at the direction of the battlefield: “A new lion…..”

There would always be an opportunity to fight.

Chief Hermóðr thought, retracted his gaze, and drove his horse forward.


The air was filled with a thick and weird odor.

It was the odor of human blood, the blood of downed horses, burnt flesh…..these various odors were mixed together.

The young slave stood dazed in the center of a pile of dead bodies, holding the sword tightly in his hand. There was a long wound on his shoulder, and it no longer bled at this time.

He climbed out of the pile of bodies.

The Gulundi heavy cavalry killed almost all the reserves who had just become knights. At this time, there were not many people left on the battlefield.

In less than half a day, the adult males in the entire Benz City were buried on this land.

The scene of the Gulundi heavy cavalry cutting through them was still in front of his eyes. Wherever the armored monsters passed, only residual broken limbs on the ground remained. After they left, there was only a dead silence on the grassland.

He stood up and wanted to find several other slaves he was familiar with from the dead.

Corpses were stacked on top of corpses, and the broken limbs were frozen into slabs by the blood. He couldn’t find the others.

At this moment, the sound of horseshoes sounded again.

The young slave grabbed the sword with a cold hand, and he turned around.

The Rose Royal flag fluttered in the cold wind, and the King who granted him knighthood on the high platform returned bathed in blood with his cavalry.

The King pulled the reins and looked at the battlefield of the central army. The small number of Iron Rose cavalrymen who he sent to lead this reserve army was not able to survive, and the King saw a bloody flag inserted not far away. Next to the flag, a knight wearing iron armor held the flagpole tightly even in death.

The knights behind him took off their helmets and bowed their heads and mourned.

Some of them closed their eyes and couldn’t bear to look at this scene again.

The King did not close his eyes.

He quietly stared at the battlefield full of corpses. After a while, he lowered his head to see the young slave with the sword. The King recognized him.

The young slave met the King’s eyes directly, neither kneeling nor talking.

The King watched him for a while, then reached out to order a knight to lead a war horse over——the owner of the war horse had died in the battle.

The war horse stopped in front of the young slave, and the King threw a badge with the symbol of the iron rose to the young slave.

He didn’t say anything more, simply turned around, and rushed towards the battlefield where the lieutenant general was located.

The Iron Rose Cavalry silently followed the King, and no one looked at the motionless slave again.

After a long time, the last knight at the back of the cavalry heard the sound of horseshoes behind him. The knight turned his head and saw the young slave ride the war horse over. He wore the iron rose badge on his chest.

The cavalryman slowed down and waited for this new Iron Rose cavalry member to join their ranks.

The knight reached out and patted his shoulder gently.


The sky and the earth were all washed in blood, the sky and the earth were covered in white.

After Benz City paid a heavy price in the battle, they finally welcomed a miraculous victory. Along with victory was also heavy sadness.

After the rebels retreated, the people of Benz City opened the gate and started cleaning up the battlefield in accordance with the order of the King. All the corpses were concentrated and burned. It wasn’t that no one was opposed to burning the corpse, but when they arrived at the battlefield, they found that even if the corpses were not cremated, there was no way to distinguish who was their own relatives.

Before the battle, all reserve soldiers were registered in the book, and the names of all the victims would be officially entered into the Iron Rose Cavalry casualty list, and they would enjoy the same treatment that the royal family soldiers would have after sacrificing their lives.

The funeral would be held after seven days, and everyone’s tombstones would be concentrated on a hillside outside the city.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When the cavalry was resting, waiting for the follow-up army to arrive, the King who had just treated the arrow wound on his shoulder hurriedly entered the prison of Benz City.

When they went to support the right wing army, they captured a general of the rebel army.

The King specifically left the life of the general.

He wanted to know the details of the situation when the Duke of Buckingham was killed.

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