Source of Calamity CH 066 To Show Off

The captain of the anti-corruption brigade was surnamed Wei. He had been in his current position since he was in his forties. He was also a capable person.

Captain Wei asked Shen Zhen to tell him about the situation in person so Shen Zhen set off early the next day. Every province had an anti-corruption brigade. Generally speaking, if someone made a report, they would investigate.

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For such a long time, the fact that the police deputy chief had not been dismounted proved that he was really vigilant, or that he was still dedicated to his duties except for this matter related to relatives.

“You said that the police officer under him told you?” Captain Wei was wearing a uniform, was tall and strong, with a mustache, thick eyebrows and big eyes, his whole person giving off an upright aura.

Shen Zhen handed the document containing the information he obtained from the investigation to Captain Wei.

Captain Wei read very carefully, not missing a line of writing.

“There are witnesses and evidence, how can he still suppress it?” Captain Wei felt a little strange.

He had been dealing with these people for more than just a few years, he was also familiar with him, and knew that he had a lot of cases under his belt, otherwise he would not be able to sit in his current position. Yet he had become so unreasonable now?

Didn’t he think that if something went wrong, not only would the other party be unlucky, he would also be dismounted, and his political career would end here?

He was that stupid?

Captain Wei said: “Do you have a copy of the document?”

Shen Zhen nodded: “More than one copy.”

“But you have no evidence to prove that he is indeed involved in this matter.” Captain Wei said, “I will investigate. Until I am sure, you have to keep a low profile and not speak out.”

Shen Zhen: “I know this, but if you investigate for too long, my friend’s case…..”

Captain Wei: “Your friend’s case needs to be postponed for a while. It’s about a big case like corruption. At the time the several crimes would be punished together. You don’t have to be too anxious.”

Having spoken to here, Shen Zhen couldn’t say anything more. Before he left, he said to Captain Wei: “I hope you are as upright as you appear.”

Captain Wei waited for Shen Zhen to leave before stroking his mustache: “The young people nowadays have bigger and bigger tempers.”

“My integrity has always been the same inside and out.”

At this time, Shen Zhen was already on his way to Qin Xing’s company.

It was not the rush hour now, the road was not very congested, so Shen Zhen’s speed was a little faster than usual.

While waiting for the traffic light, Shen Zhen was about to brake when a person suddenly jumped out in front of him.

Shen Zhen stepped on the brakes quickly, relieved that he was still some distance away from the man.

However, what Shen Zhen didn’t expect was that the person who was clearly not hit by him was lying on the ground as if he had been hit. Probably because he realized that he was a little far away from Shen Zhen’s motorcycle, he actually crawled a short distance towards Shen Zhen’s direction.

Shen Zhen who witnessed all this: “…..”

Did he encounter the legendary pengci? (TN: to stage a fake accident to claim for compensation, typically of a pedestrian to voluntarily throw themselves at a traveling vehicle and blackmail the driver for “injury” compensation)

And the dumbest kind?

“Aiyoh!” The man hugged his leg and yelled, “Aiyoh! It hurts so much! Aiyoh…..”

Shen Zhen: “Stop pretending, piss off quickly.”

The man had a beer belly and persisted in rolling on the ground: “Hitting someone to death, hitting someone to death…..”

Shen Zhen reminded: “This is an intersection, there is monitoring.”

The man froze, looked up as expected, then got up resentfully, and gave Shen Zhen a middle finger: “You are lucky.”

Judging by the way this person acted, it was probably the first time he had done this.

Shen Zhen reminded again: “Now there are video recorders installed in cars.”

The back of the man leaving became even stiffer.

After this little interlude, Shen Zhen walked slowly to Qin Group’s building. His work card was not returned, so he could go upstairs without registration.

It was just that when Shen Zhen appeared in the building this time, he keenly noticed that many people seemed to be looking at him.

“Ah, I saw the real person, the real person is more handsome than on TV!”

“Right, right, so very handsome!”

“I wonder if we can go and say hello.”

“Forget it…..”

Shen Zhen found that no matter where he went, someone was watching him all the time. This feeling of being watched made him very uncomfortable. Just when Shen Zhen was puzzled, he finally saw the big screen that was playing the video of him receiving the award, including that embarrassing introduction that made him ashamed. And it was even being repeated on a loop!


He understood why so many people had been staring at him now.

“What is that on the screen?” Shen Zhen accused as soon as he entered Qin Xing’s office, “And it’s even on a loop. How many days has it been?”

Just as Qin Xing was about to speak, Shen Zhen said with a red face, “Quickly turn it off.”

Qin Xing hugged Shen Zhen from the front, Shen Zhen relaxed, and put his chin on Qin Xing’s shoulder: “It’s really embarrassing.”

Qin Xing didn’t understand: “Where is so embarrassing? My Xiao Zhen is so amazing, everyone should know.”

Qin Xing was like a dragon with a treasure trove. On the one hand, he wanted to show off his treasure to everyone, and on the other hand, he didn’t want it to be coveted by others. Qin Xing’s feelings were very complicated.

“Xiao Zhen will be even more amazing in the future.” Qin Xing coaxed Shen Zhen like one coaxed a child, and he gently kissed Shen Zhen’s earlobe, “Xiao Zhen can’t not like me then.”

Shen Zhen raised his head in confusion.

Qin Xing just smiled.

He was nearly 20 years older than Shen Zhen. These 20 years were a hurdle that could not be bypassed. Shen Zhen would never know how much he was jealous of Qin Yue. He could grow up together with Shen Zhen, experience the troubles of youth together with Shen Zhen, accompany each other, and be naturally close together.

Every time Qin Xing thought of this, he would want to kill Qin Yue. He suppressed his tyrannical emotions. He hoped that he would be a gentle person in front of Shen Zhen’s eyes and in his heart.

“How are things going?” Qin Xing changed the subject.

Shen Zhen said: “Captain Wei said he will investigate, but Han Lang’a matter has to be postponed.”

Qin Xing nodded: “That’s normal.”

“You don’t have to be so anxious.” Qin Xing still maintained the posture of hugging Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen: “Probably because I don’t want to see Mama Zhang’s sad expression.”

Qin Xing sighed. While he didn’t want Shen Zhen to be so softhearted, he was also glad that Shen Zhen was so softhearted.

“Let’s go on vacation together at the end of the year.” Qin Xing said, “I have a private island and haven’t been there yet.”

Shen Zhen didn’t know this, he smiled and said, “Can I bring others?”

The smile on the corner of Qin Xing’s mouth gradually froze: “Others?”

Shen Zhen nodded: “Mama Zhang, and of course Han Lang will be with her. And aren’t I cooperating with Yang Changsheng? I can call him too. Do you want to invite others as well?”

Qin Xing: “…..All right.”

As long as Shen Zhen went with him, everyone else could be regarded as air.

At this time, Su Shiqing didn’t have so much leisurely thoughts about vacationing. He had been locked in this room for more than two months, and Mr. Zheng would come to see him every day. At first Su Shiqing thought that Mr. Zheng would force himself on him. After trembling with fear for a long time, he finally realized that Mr. Zheng probably developed a new interest and wanted to make him fall in love with him.

“You are so lucky.” Zhang Lei sighed, “I heard that there are still many people looking for you outside.”

Su Shiqing’s eyes widened, and he quickly begged, “Are Ah Yue and Hao Yi looking for me? Zhang Lei, I beg you, please help me. It’s been so long, and your anger should have calmed down now. As long as you help me this time, I can help you with anything you want.”

Zhang Lei asked playfully: “Really?”

Su Shiqing couldn’t stop nodding.

Zhang Lei played with her long hair and said with a smile: “Well, if you can let me follow Qin Yue, I will help you this time.”

Su Shiqing was stunned: “…..Follow Qin Yue?”

Zhang Lei shrugged: “Exactly as you understand it. I won’t be with surnamed Zheng forever. He can’t give me anything except a little money, and that money can’t even buy a few luxury goods. Qin Yue is different. He now has his own company, so even if he doesn’t inherit the Qin family in the future, he will still have endless money to spend.”

Su Shiqing swallowed: “Do you want to marry Ah Yue?”

Zhang Lei looked at him strangely: “Why should I marry him? It’s not easy to be a wife of the wealthy. I’m not like you. I know how much I am worth. I’ll be satisfied to just be Qin Yue’s mistress.”

“Su Shiqing.” Zhang Lei said, “You are really strange. It stands to reason that people like us all want to pursue a better life, but why do you look like you are tired of living a good life?”

“I’ve also heard about you from surnamed Zheng.” Zhang Lei really didn’t understand Su Shiqing, “Chu Haoyi is the heir of the Chu family, and he treats you so well. You won’t suffer any hardships by his side, and you can get whatever you want. He is also so loyal and doesn’t play around, such a man can’t be found even with a lantern, yet you still tried to hook up with surnamed Zheng, why?”

“How can surnamed Zheng compare with Qin Yue and Chu Haoyi?”

Zhang Lei had an expression of “Are you crazy?”: “If I were you, I would hold on to Qin Yue and never let go.”

Su Shiqing had tears in his eyes: “You don’t understand, what I want is not money and status, I just hope that Ah Yue could suffer less and get what he deserves, and for this I can give everything.”

Zhang Lei had a look of shock: “Give everything means that you are going to seduce Qin Yue’s uncle for Qin Yue’s sake? And by the way, also seduce surnamed Zheng. Su Shiqing, you are really a person with brain problems.”

Su Shiqing looked at Zhang Lei with a sorrowful expression: “You don’t understand, if you love someone deeply like me, you would know that in front of love, everyone is small and insignificant, I don’t expect everyone to understand me, even if people don’t understand, I will still stick to what I think is right.”

“You’re not afraid that after Qin Yue finds out…..” Zhang Lei really couldn’t understand.

Su Shiqing sighed: “I don’t care.”

“As long as Ah Yue lives well, I think that’s enough.”

Zhang Lei was speechless. From a certain point of view, Su Shiqing could be considered quite amazing. He lived in his own world, believing he did things “for the good of others”, but actually he was just seeking benefits for himself. He simply just needed a more grandiose and noble excuse.

“Since you are willing to do anything for Qin Yue.” Zhang Lei said, “Then I’ll help you out, and you let me become Qin Yue’s mistress. This request isn’t too much, right?”

There was pity in Su Shiqing’s eyes: “I can’t guarantee that Ah Yue would touch you, nor can I guarantee that Ah Yue would love you.”

Zhang Lei smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry about that.”

Probably because Zhang Lei was too confident, Su Shiqing began to hesitate.

Zhang Lei asked impatiently, “What do you say?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Shiqing thought of Mr. Zheng’s face and the disgusting words of love he liked to say to him, and he could only nod first.


Zhang Lei smiled.

Thinking to herself: There would always be a day when you would regret it.

But when that day came, it would be too late.

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