After Becoming The Tyrant CH 079 Blood For Blood

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The lieutenant general led the way for the King.

The prison conditions in Benz City were very poor. In the past, most of the prisoners here were only small fries jailed for brawling. The general of the rebel army was the highest-ranked prisoner to be held here in the history of this small prison.

The lieutenant general held a torch to light the narrow passage for the King.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He was wounded in the battle. No one survived the bloody battle unscathed, and even the King had an arrow wound on his shoulder. When the lieutenant general later heard about the King’s performance on the battlefield, he felt as if he saw another William III, or a second Duke of Buckingham.

The members of the Rose family seem to be born with madness flowing in their veins.

General Ayton, the commander of the rebel army, was held at the lowest level of the prison. Except for him, none of the other prisoners of war survived. When the King was clearing the battlefield, he ordered the massacre of nearly a thousand prisoners of war and wounded rebels. There was no chivalry and only cruelty to this order, but there was not a single voice of opposition in Benz City.

All the grown men in Benz City died in this war. Compared with humaneness, those who survived were more willing to use blood to soothe their grief and hatred.

An eye for an eye, blood for blood.

General Ayton was in his early thirties, and he was not like Prince Will.

He came from a very ordinary background. He was originally an insignificant soldier, but later he joined the riots in the Northland. During the war, he climbed up step by step relying on his military exploits, and finally became a general. In the Northland, his story was legendary to many young men who joined the rebellion.

Before now, General Ayton refused to accept anyone’s interrogation, and even when he was thrown into the cold cell he did not say a word.

“I’ve always wanted to see you.” Seeing the King stepping into the cell, General Ayton shook the iron lock on his wrists and spoke for the first time. He narrowed his eyes slightly and sized up the King: “I wanted to see just what kind of person had the ability to earn the Duke of Buckingham’s loyalty for so many years?”

The King examined the captured general.

General Ayton, who was in his thirties, looked like he was forty years old. The harsh natural environment of the Northland and years of life on the battlefield had ground him into a hard and firm rock. Born as a refugee, he had none of the airs of a general, and looked no different from any common Northland warrior.

“Now you have seen me.”

The King took the torch from the lieutenant general.

“Is that idiot Will dead?”

General Ayton didn’t seem to have the slightest self-awareness of being a prisoner.

“Very much so.”

The lieutenant general felt that the current scene was a bit strange. One was the King of Legrand, and the other was a general of the rebel army. But in the meeting of the two, the conversation could be called very peaceful. The King, who wanted to know about the Duke of Buckingham’s death, was not as angry as he might have imagined.

“All the prisoners of war…..” General Ayton paused, “are they dead too?”


The King looked at him calmly.

General Ayton’s fingers twitched, and he let out a long breath: “You are really like your father. He also gave such an order back then. But there is nothing wrong about it, if it were me, I would do the same.”

After all, the number of Legrand’s troops stationed in Benz City was small. In order to prevent the rebels from regrouping, this was indeed the best choice.

“You care about your men,” the King said. “You waited so many days just to know if they are alive.”

General Ayton laughed soundlessly: “Do you know? The Northland has always been poor, and it’s cold and hungry here. I promised the boys’ parents that I would bring them back safely, and that I would go back with them with food and horses…..Without them, I am nothing.”

The hard as rock general seemed to age several years the moment he got his answer.

“I know what you want to ask.” He looked down at his hands, “but I’ll only tell you.”

The lieutenant general immediately looked at the King: “Your Majesty, he is one of the most skilled knights in the Northland…..”

Even if he had not eaten for several days, General Ayton still had the strength to put up a fight in this small space.

The King interrupted him with a raised hand, gesturing him to back out.

The lieutenant general could only give General Ayton a warning look, and handed the torch to the King.

“Your general seems to have misunderstood that you have no intention of killing me.” General Ayton turned his head to look at the retreating lieutenant general, and suddenly smiled, “But why do I feel that no one in this world wants to kill me more than you?”

Only General Ayton and the King himself knew that the conversation between them was definitely not “peaceful”. True killing intent never appears on the surface, the King would not forgive anyone related to his uncle’s death, and General Ayton regarded his soldiers as valuable as his life. The both of them had only deep hatred for each other.

The King held the torch and looked at him.

The light of the fire fell on the King’s eyes, like a long river of red gold, and also like a still molten lava in a crater.

“I learned from other people who also experienced that battle on that day, an angel joined the battle. You people call it a miracle, the Battle of God’s Blessing.” The King said slowly, “Who is the angel who joined the battle?”

The King already knew about the situation that day from other prisoners of war.

Just when the Duke of Buckingham had gained the upper hand, an angel descended. It was not until the angel descended that the soldiers knew that there were three sacred caskets hidden in the three carriages among the enemy ranks.

Regarding the three caskets, the King had certain guesses:

——The “Millennium Kingdom” spoken by the Devil and the Holy Court was about to arrive, and the Code had already been loosened. The Holy Court collecting a large number of holy objects was related to this. It was very likely that the three sacred caskets contained the holy objects collected by the Holy Court. With the help of the holy object, the Holy Court briefly violated the Code and let the angel descend and join that battle.

But who was the one who summoned the angel?

The prisoners of war who relayed this information did not know more details. Before that, the angel was a white-robed priest concealed among their ranks, but ordinary soldiers didn’t know the name of the white-robed priest at all.

And General Ayton in front of him was the one who was responsible for escorting the three sacred caskets at that time, and he had direct contact with the white-robed priest.

“The people who told you this must be already dead, right?” General Ayton sighed, “They thought you would spare their lives after knowing this…..What idiots, what kind of morals and benevolence did they think they could discuss with an iron-blooded monarch?”


The King was unmoved.

“Can I stand up?” General Ayton raised the chains on his hand, “You wouldn’t be afraid of a chained guy, would you?”

The King looked at him coldly and nodded slightly.

General Ayton stood up. He hadn’t eaten in days, and he staggered as he rose to his feet. Steadying himself, General Ayton walked towards the King.

“His name is…..”

The moment he walked close to the King, the iron chains in General Ayton’s hand made a clanging sound, twisting towards the King’s neck like a poisonous snake.

The lieutenant general’s judgment was not wrong.

As a well-known knight in the Northland, General Ayton still had the power to strike a blow even though he was wounded and imprisoned for so many days. The people in Benz City used the strongest and heaviest iron chains on General Ayton. At this time, the veins on his arms were bulging, and the muscles were knotted one by one. The iron chains turned into a murderous weapon on his wrists.

There was a flash of fire.

At the moment when the iron chain struck like a snake, the King twisted his wrist, and the torch was sent forward instead of being strangled by the iron chain. Almost instantly, there was a cracking sound of the stick breaking. The fire tip fell to the ground, and the cell suddenly darkened. General Ayton took advantage of the situation and whipped the iron chain in both hands.

The King originally didn’t think that the torch could withstand General Ayton’s long-planned blow.

At the moment when the flames flickered, he had already pulled back and stepped away to the side.

In the darkness, there was only the crisp sound of a sword when it was unsheathed.


Iron and iron collided, and sparks burst out.

The torch that fell to the ground ignited the straw spread on the ground, and the flames suddenly became bigger again. The cell was bright again.

In the light of the flames, the King held the sword expressionlessly, and most of the sword was buried into General Ayton’s chest, while General Ayton held a thin broken sword in his hand, blood dripping down his wrist.

That fragment of sword was the real weapon that General Ayton planned to use to kill the King.

Whether it was attacking with iron chains in the beginning or intentionally shaking the chains to make noise in the dark, they were all just to cover up his real purpose of cutting the King’s throat with the broken sword.

The broken sword was pulled out by General Ayton from his own wound.

The people of Benz City hated him to the bone, and no one bothered to tend to his wounds, so he managed to hide such a small sharp blade on his body. From the moment he refused to reveal any news, he was preparing for this blow. These days, he sat leaning against the wall to gather as much strength as possible.

With a twist of his wrist, the King drew his sword out.

He carried a sword under his cloak. From the very beginning he had come to kill General Ayton.

As General Ayton said, after the death of the Duke of Buckingham, the killing intent in his heart was stronger than that of anyone else. Beneath his calmness lay the emperor’s wrath, which when poured out, consumed all enemies.

The blade in General Ayton’s hand fell to the ground, and he fell to his knees as well, blood gushing out.

“Warwick Blyth…..that’s his name.”

General Ayton’s voice came in between intermittent breaths. Before he died, he fulfilled his promise and told the King the identity of the angel.

“He is…..Saint Val.”

His pupils gradually dilated: “…..That battle should have been won by……..”

General Ayton suddenly slumped.

“That battle should have been won by the Duke,” said the King slowly, his face illuminated by the flames.

The Duke of Buckingham would have won the battle had it not been for the angel. Even his enemies admitted this.

“In that battle, you should have been the one to win.”

The King said softly.


The lieutenant general waited anxiously outside the prison.

He knew that the King’s shoulder was still wounded, and the King hadn’t come out for so long, he was worried that General Ayton would suddenly attack and hurt the King. Just as the lieutenant general was pacing back and forth, unable to wait any longer, footsteps sounded from behind.

The lieutenant general’s heart finally fell back in its place.

He rushed forward to meet the King.

After he saw clearly the figure slowly walking out of the prison, the lieutenant general was shocked.

The King slowly walked out of the darkness holding a head.

That head belonged to General Ayton, and it dripped with blood. There was no expression on the King’s face, but the lieutenant general felt that he seemed to be wrapped in a thick bloody miasma. At this moment, the lieutenant general had a premonition…..perhaps, the King would walk on more corpses and blood in the days to come.

His royal robes would be soaked in blood.

“Have someone go inside to put out the fire.” The King said lightly, and he handed General Ayton’s head to the lieutenant general, “hang it above the gate of the castle.”

Compared with Prince Will, General Ayton had a higher prestige in the hearts of the Northland rebels, and he was the real banner of the rebel army. As long as he lived, new young men would join the rebellion. The death of a hero was much more significant than the death of a prince with noble blood.

The latter disintegrated an army, but the former disintegrated the willpower in one’s heart.

“Your Majesty…..” The lieutenant general wanted to say something, but couldn’t finish in the end.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The King had already stepped out into the cold wind, and it whipped at his robe, which seemed to be covered with blood. He would cut off their heads, he would crush their sinful bones, and he would make their souls kneel in their graves forever.

He never joked.

“Let the army rest. As soon as Sheehan arrives, immediately set off to retake Newcastle.”

The King ordered.

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