After Becoming The Tyrant CH 080 The Truth

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While the King beheaded General Ayton, in the territory of Legrand, Koszoya Port.

The Jenny of the Walway Pirates was docked at the port, letting the tide wash over the hull. On the deck at the bow, three people stood quietly, looking to the north.

After many years, the old friends and acquaintances finally meet again.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Captain Hawkins still wore his crooked black hat, and the scar on his face slanted across his cheek. He squinted his eyes slightly, holding a flagon in his hand. First Mate Charles was dressed in a neat double-breasted black overcoat, and next to him was the dark-haired Queen Mother Eleanor.

“Is this the ship he boarded?” Eleanor looked at a water bird sitting on a rope. “He told me that it is called…..Jenny?”

These memories were actually very far away, but when Eleanor talked about it, it felt like it was still yesterday.

She had just walked down the bright red carpet in a gorgeous gown to marry the young monarch with sky-blue eyes. On the second day of their marriage, he took her to the highest tower of the Rose Palace, where all his treasures——many paintings——were sealed.

Few people know that William III had superb painting skills.

He painted down all the beautiful scenes in his memory one by one: riding a horse with the Duke of Buckingham when he was young, receiving a long sword from his father for the first time and becoming a knight, going out to sea and settling on a notorious pirate ship…..William III pointed to the pirate ship on the painting and said to her with a smile:

“This is a naive little girl.”

As soon as Queen Mother Eleanor’s words fell, many rose buds grew one after another on the railing in front of her, and they bloomed in a blink of an eye, automatically winding and weaving into a flower crown.

The vines spread and sent the flower crown to Eleanor’s head.

The black-haired Queen Mother wore a crown of bright red roses, as beautiful as she was when she was a young princess.

She raised her hand and gently touched the flower crown.

Perhaps the one thing the King did not know was that…..alchemy made living ships have better memories than humans, and the moment the King stepped on deck, this ghost ship recognized him as William III’s son, just as she recognized Eleanor was the sweetheart who was “as beautiful as a rose” in the words of William III.

Time was too long for humans and too short for unnatural beings.

So short that Jenny clearly remembered William III and the dark-haired woman he described.

“She also liked William very much back then, and now she also likes you and Your Majesty.” Charles patted the railing lightly, as if remembering something, and laughed, “I don’t know why, but only the Duke of Buckingham did not receive her fondness.”

Captain Hawkins on the side leaned lazily on the railing, his lips curling: “That bastard almost burned Jenny’s sail on the first day he stepped on the ship. It’s no wonder Jenny dislikes him…..Ha! That was his most embarrassing moment!”

Charles looked at Captain Hawkins with a smile, and reminded him: “Don’t forget, you were the one talking nonsense back then that made him think we were really going to kidnap William…..You are also partly responsible for the sails burning.”

As soon as Charles finished speaking, the railing that Captain Hawkins was leaning on made a cracking sound and suddenly separated from the middle automatically.


Captain Hawkins was caught off guard, and only had time to call out “Jenny” before falling into the sea with a big “splash”.

“When the Duke of Buckingham was on the ship back then, he was basically given this treatment.” Charles said to Queen Eleanor with a smile.

Eleanor raised her eyebrows. Thinking of the Duke of Buckingham, who was always serious, being thrown into the sea by Jenny just like Captain Hawkins, she also felt amused.

The relaxed atmosphere diluted the faint sadness of the reunion of old friends. The people who met again after more than ten years seem to have returned to their youth. Although everyone was still burdened under heavy pressure, they were still laughing and cursing in high spirits.

Captain Hawkins climbed out of the water wet all over and wiped the water from his face. Just as he was about to complain, a carrier pigeon landed on the ship.

Charles took down the letter with a smile.

He unfolded the letter.

Almost at the same time the content of the letter jumped out into his eyes, the smile on his face froze.

“What’s up?”

Hawkins rarely saw Charles’s expression change like this.

Charles took a deep breath, and he slowly raised his head. The happy past reflected in his always gentle eyes slowly faded little by little.

“He…..died in battle.”

The beauty of the past was suddenly shattered, and time once again lay in front of everyone. Behind the three old friends, the tide of the sea rose and fell, and the sound of the sea remained unchanged since times immemorial.


Early morning.

In the misty light blue mist, a team of cavalry crossed the white snow field, a carriage in their midst. The faint light dyed their armor a cool bluish metallic hue, and the knight at the head was none other than the King.

General Sheehan had arrived and was now leading an army to recapture Newcastle. While the battle to recapture the castle was going on, the King was not on the battlefield. He led a team of cavalry around the castle and went straight to the old battlefield where the Duke of Buckingham blocked the path of Prince Will.

Retaking Newcastle was very easy for the current Legrand army.

As the King expected, the death of a hero far outweighed the death of a prince of noble blood.

After General Ayton’s head hung high outside the city gate, the rebel army in the central part of the Northland began to collapse. And in Newcastle, which was closest to Benz City, many defenders began to flee secretly every day.

In fact, if the King had not arrived in time and succeeded in winning a miraculous battle, Legrand would be facing the rebel army’s situation now.

After all, how was the fall of the Duke of Buckingham not the same as making the empire lose her hero?

Legrand had a new king who could take over the banner of the Imperial Lion, but the Northland was not so lucky. When General Sheehan arrived with the follow-up troops, the King ordered the army to march towards Newcastle, and the war against the rebellion was finally on the right track.

When General Sheehan arrived, the other two armies finally also relayed good news.

There were three states participating in the rebellion this time, Newcastle State, Balboa State, and Chavos State.

Among them, the state of Newcastle was the most powerful, and the state of Balboa was located on the left side of the state of Newcastle, and its strength was relatively weak. The left army led by Earl Henry successfully arrived at the border of the Balboa State, successfully regained a castle and some autonomous towns, and established a foothold for the left army.

General Roger, the commander of the army on the right, followed the King’s previous order. After arriving in Newcastle, he went all the way north from the border, cutting off the connection between the coastal port of Newcastle State and the interior, thereby preventing the rebels from receiving aid from overseas.

After the follow-up army of the central army led by General Sheehan arrived, the King’s Iron Rose Cavalry joined the army and left Benz City.

They would first retake the royal castle of Newcastle, and then attack Bomari, which was the stronghold of the rebel rebellion.

According to the plan, when the King led the central army to attack Bomari, Earl Henry and General Roger would also complete the advance on the left and right fronts. The three armies would rejoin after pacifying Newcastle and Balboa, and finally go north to pacify Chavos State, thus completely completing the pacification campaign of the entire Northland rebellion.

Thud, thud, thud.

The war horses crossed the glacier river, and the slope appeared in the King’s vision.

The King reined in his horse.

There was still a burnt smell and the coppery scent of blood in the air as if a great fire had passed by the area. The sparse forest on the slope had been burned into black charcoal, charred twigs leaning or falling this way or that way.

Behind that was the battlefield of that day.

The King looked at the burned woods quietly, and after a while, he slowly urged his horse forward. The cavalry behind him silently tried to follow, but were stopped.

“Wait here.”

The King said.

To the person who wore the crown, just how many people could become close to him? And how many of those people would gradually disappear due to various reasons?

The King climbed the slope alone.

At the moment when the war horse flicked its tail on the top of the slope, the scene below the slope suddenly appeared in front of the King’s eyes, and the splash of red instantly burned the King’s pupils painfully like a fire.

He closed his eyes, and after a while, he opened them again and stared fixedly at the battlefield below.

In the vast expanse of white snow, there was a circular spot of red land.

Layers of blood dyed the open space vermilion. That was the place where the heroic soul was buried. His uncle, the Duke of Buckingham, and all the knights of the royal family were buried here. The snow fluttered down from the sky, but did not dare to fall on that spot of land, as if the fervent blood that had fought to the death that day still remained in the air.

The heroic soul was buried here, and here there was no spring and autumn.

The King got off his horse and walked slowly downwards.

His last step took him onto the bloody field.

The battlefield was clean, nothing was left, the King saw neither bones nor armor…..The fire of the war angel burned everything.

Only the ashes of blood and fire remained here, mingled with the whole land.

The King looked around the entire clearing of the circular area. He couldn’t tell where the last place his uncle had stood so he went to the darkest patch of land and sat down there.

He left the knights behind the slope, because a king should not show his sorrow in front of his soldiers, and at this time he was not only King of Legrand, but also the nephew of the Duke of Buckingham.

It was a private moment for a nephew to see his uncle off, and there shouldn’t be outsiders in the first place.

The King lowered his eyes. He looked at the blood on the ground and suddenly felt very tired.

“I haven’t had any more headaches lately, and I won’t any longer in the future.”

The King spoke, slowly and in a low voice.

He remembered that when he was in the Rose Palace, the Duke of Buckingham handed him the letter stating that the Pope would personally crown Ferri III. At that time, they briefly talked about an issue that both parties deliberately avoided.

The Duke of Buckingham asked him if his headache had been better lately.

At that moment, the eyes of both men briefly met. He clearly saw the guilt in the Duke of Buckingham’s eyes…..What was there to feel guilty about? So he looked away and replied curtly, “Much better.”

Why did both sides avoid that topic at that time? Why not be more frank?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Why did he rush anxiously to rescue the Duke of Buckingham from the moment he woke up? Why did he subconsciously say “I’m sorry” after the Duke of Buckingham gave him a hug in the Mohn Tower? Why did he not feel any unfamiliarity towards Legrand? Why did he feel a sense of familiarity the moment he drew out his sword when facing the Gulundi heavy cavalry outside the city of Truu, as if he had swung the long sword thousands of times before?

He knew the answer, and so did the Duke of Buckingham.


There had never been any rebirth, and there had never been any time travel!

Zhu Chi was him, and so was Pureland!

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