After Becoming The Tyrant CH 081 With The King As A Pawn

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This was a picture that was so lonely, so lonely that anyone would feel that the King sitting quietly on the ground was being weathered away little by little by time. The road of the monarch was so lonely, so lonely that even heaven and earth couldn’t stand it.

A slender figure stood on the edge of the scorched forest.

The Devil arrived soundlessly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

His complexion was paler than usual, and standing there he seemed to blend with the surrounding scorched wood, like an unreal phantom. Holding a black umbrella, it was as if he came to mourn the Duke of Buckingham.

He twirled the black umbrella gently.

In fact, what qualifications do human beings have to say that the Devil in hell was too treacherous?

Unscrupulous behavior was not the patent of hell, but the means of all madmen. The Rose family was probably the very typical example of a lunatic. After all, how many existences in the world dare to fight against the gods, and dare to scheme against hell?

The representatives of the Rose family of the generation of William III and the Duke of Buckingham happened to pull off such a wonderful fraud.

More than ten years ago, William III unified Legrand’s thirty-six states.

Naturally, the Holy Court would not sit back and watch William III push down the knife of reform. Across the Abyss Strait, they activated the hidden nails that had been planted in Legrand for so many years, setting off a series of political turmoil. That era was also steeped in weapon and fire, and at the most dangerous juncture Queen Eleanor became pregnant.

In the womb of a young raven-haired queen, the destined monarch was conceived.

The Holy Court no longer held back, and all the hidden nails were raised. In the month when the Crown Prince was about to be born, William III had to personally lead an army to the southwest to put down a rebellion. The Duke of Buckingham guarded the palace, and the shadow blades of the Rose family patrolled outside the palace. Every day, new blood soaked the ground of the palace.

In that month, the Pope led one of the Holy Court’s twelve sanctuaries, and left the Holy City for the first time in the name of “The Mandate of Heaven” to come across the sea.

He came to baptize the newborn Crown Prince.

Papal baptism was an honor, a holy grace that could not be refused.

No country could refuse the arrival of the Pope’s carriage, and no country’s crown was not placed by the hands of the Holy Court. As long as William III refused, the Pope would have enough reason to launch a holy “Western Crusade” against Legrand, forcing Legrand to surrender by force.

Either accept the baptism and let the new monarch be controlled by the Holy Court and become a puppet of the Holy Court.

Or refuse the baptism and have the army of the Holy Western Crusade land in Legrand. There were too many countries eager to use the excuse of a Western Crusade to plunder the land of Legrand, and the vassal states in Legrand were also unwilling to surrender to rule of the Rose family…..The Rose family could not bear such a conquest.

Unless they wanted Legrand, who was moving toward unity, to collapse again.

William III did not want to choose either.

The Rose family had fought against the Holy Court for thousands of years, and they had found a way to resist the Holy Court’s secret method of baptism through the fall of one young monarch after another. The ordinary secret method was carried out by the archbishop of the Holy Court, and the Rose family found a way to resist it, but the baptism performed by the Pope himself used the real blood of the gods.

It went without saying how precious the blood of the gods was, and even the Holy Court would not use it lightly.

In the history of the Rose family, only one king was baptized by the Pope himself, and that was the “Mad King” Henry.

The Devil remembered the monarch who was later known as the “Mad King”.

He was crowned king at the age of sixteen. Before the age of twenty-three, Henry was an impeccable monarch. In his hands, the territory of the Legrand royal family gradually recovered, and the majesty of the royal family gradually became stronger, but the method used by the Rose family to resist the baptism was no match for the blood of the gods.

Henry did not become a puppet being manipulated, but from that moment on, an out-of-control madness entangled that originally great monarch like a shadow.

He became the “Mad King”.

The former hero became more and more unable to control himself. When his reason was overwhelmed by madness, he would become a beast that only knew how to kill. At the last moment of his life, when the Mad King Henry realized in a brief moment of sobriety that his loss of control was destroying everything he had worked so hard to build, he handed the sword to his son.

Mad King Henry’s last order given was for his son to kill him.

William III and the Duke of Buckingham did not want a second tragic mad king to be born.

They must preserve a calm and sober monarch for the Rose family, and they must have Legrand continue on the road to prosperity instead of aborting prematurely on the way again and again.

So on a land swept by a violent storm, William III reached a deal with the Devil who the Rose family had been looking for thousands of years. From that moment on, the person who should have been the country’s most noble became a betting chip in this war that no one knew how long would last, becoming the most important pawn.

The Devil sighed faintly.

He couldn’t be blamed for being deceived by that bastard William III in a moment of ecstasy. After all, who would have thought of it?

Who would have thought that the Rose family would use their king as a pawn to be thrown into this war.

With the king as a pawn.

Such a country, such a family, such a sad and hopeless fate.

His king, his majesty.

As the Devil thought, he walked towards the King. When approaching the King, he deliberately let his footsteps sound.

The King didn’t look back. When the footsteps came up behind him, he drew out the sword at his waist, and stabbed backwards precisely.

It did not land.

“Good day, my dear majesty.” The Devil closed his umbrella and bowed.

“I didn’t summon you.” The King didn’t sheath back the sword, and the cold light on the blade flickered slightly, announcing its master’s rising hostility.

The Devil smiled helplessly: “…..I will choose a better time to see you next time. However, today please forgive me for the moment, at least for the sake of a gift I brought you.”

“A gift from Hell to you. The Holy Court has occupied it for too long. I brought it back for you.”

The Devil’s voice became faint and flickering.

Hearing the “Holy Court”, the King finally stood up. He looked at the slightly bowed Devil with no expression, a long and narrow black iron box held in the Devil’s hands.

“What’s this?”

The King didn’t take it.

“A key.”

The Devil looked up at the King and showed a faint smile. That smile was not like the usual mask that usually hung on the face of the Devil. In that smile there was a mockery directed at something else concealed within.

“The key to the Millennium Kingdom.”

“Those people of the Holy Court enshrined it in their holy temple as an ordinary holy object, but spent hundreds of thousands of years looking for it…..Now don’t you think that’s ridiculous?” The Devil’s tone when speaking made no secret of his malice towards the Holy Court, “So I brought it to you, and I believe that if this war really breaks out, you would hope it was you who opened it instead of those idiots?”

The Devil knew his majesty too well.

The millennium was approaching, and the war between the Holy Court and Hell would start again.

If the world was destined to become a battlefield, then the King would definitely choose for the mortals to launch this war.

The King looked at the Devil with an unchanging expression for a long time, and then finally reached out to take the black iron box.

“Then…..please allow me to take my leave first, Your Majesty.” The Devil straightened up.

“Are there still souls here?”

At the moment when the Devil’s figure was about to fade away, the King suddenly spoke. His voice was very soft, and if it wasn’t the Devil who was here, anyone else might not be able to hear it clearly.

But the Devil heard it clearly, and he even caught a glimmer of hope under the calmness.

The Devil sighed in his heart…..

He wanted to take his leave early exactly because he wanted to avoid answering this question, but the King asked it anyway.

The Devil was no longer in a hurry to leave now. He bowed to the King and said, “I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

The King closed his eyes.

Pureland, although broken, will eventually be born anew and beautiful in nirvana…..His father and his uncle had hidden all the answers in his name early on.

Distant, childhood memories came to mind.

It was in Legrand, while he was conscious, that the Duke of Buckingham taught him and Johan swordsmanship. During break times, the Duke of Buckingham told them the deeds of each ancestor in the family. All the stories began with the same legend. It took place a long time ago in an age of legends, where there was a family who wanted to slay the dragon.

“This family had drawn up a long conspiracy to slay the dragon with disgraceful means. For this, are they shameful?” In the afternoon sun, the Duke of Buckingham seemed to be asking himself, or asking the two young children in front of him, “But how can there be any fairness in the war between mortals and the dragon?”

Unspeakable grief surged like a tide.

He should have told his uncle.

The Duke of Buckingham need not feel guilty, he and William III had never done anything wrong.

He knew that he was a pawn thrown by the Rose family on the battlefield. After he returned to Legrand, after he had fully awakened, he knew that his past years were also a part of a long-lasting war. A war waged between the Rose family and the Holy Court.

He didn’t have the chance to tell the Duke of Buckingham that it didn’t matter.

They originally should have been the most daring schemers, this originally was a dance on the tip of the knife, and if they weren’t careful, they would fall to their deaths. The Rose family used conspiracy to kill the evil dragon back then, and now they didn’t hesitate to use disgraceful means to subvert the world of the supernatural.

The war between mortals and gods was unfair from the very beginning, so how could one speak of honor?

He was willing to be such a pawn.


After the long waiting knights were finally allowed to step on the slope, they finally knew what was in the carriage they brought with them this time.

It was an empty coffin.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The King opened the coffin and personally scooped the blood-colored soil into the coffin with his own hands.

“I will show you the suppression of the rebellion in the Northland, the unification of Legrand, and the beginning and end of this war.” The King whispered, “I will…..take you home.”

How long has this war been going on?

How long would it continue?

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