After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 067 System’s Unresponsiveness

This year’s math competition was held at Yan No. 1 High School. Before entering the examination room all the leading teachers were having a last few words with their students.

Fu Jinyu also encouraged all the participating students he was in charge of, and then called Jiang Chen aside.

“Although I don’t know what you have been doing for more than half a month, I believe that you have a sense of proportion and I also believe in your ability.” Fu Jinyu patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder: “Take the exam well, go on inside.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As the homeroom teacher and math competition coach, Fu Jinyu had endured a lot of pressure for the half-month leave he gave to Jiang Chen. Whether it was from the school leaders or his fellow teachers, if Jiang Chen did not do well in the competition this time he would be the first to be blamed, and perhaps even be worse off than Jiang Chen himself, but even so, he didn’t put any pressure on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen stretched out his hand and patted Fu Jinyu’s arm, his eyes and face were full of smiles that was the unique radiance of a teenager: “Absolute gold medal, don’t worry.”

Fu Jinyu scolded the brat with a smile, but he couldn’t help laughing too: “Waiting for your gold medal.”

At eight o’clock in the morning, the exam began.

When Jiang Chen got his test paper, he first scanned it briefly, put aside all distracting thoughts, and then settled down to do the questions. The first exam lasted a total of 80 minutes, and when just over half of the time had passed, Jiang Chen had already finished all the test questions and checked over the test paper from beginning to end.

He raised his eyes to look at the wall clock by the podium, raised his brows almost imperceptibly, and then curled his lips upwards.

At this moment, He Qianjian, who was in two classrooms away from Jiang Chen, could already feel sweat gathering in the palm of his hand holding the pen. His hand was scribbling randomly on the draft paper, looking like he was very focused on the exam but in fact his eyes were not focused at all.

After getting the test paper, He Qianjian called the system in his mind as usual, asking it the answer to the first fill in the blank question, but after waiting for more than ten seconds, the system did not respond at all. At that time, He Qianjian was a little panicked, but there was a proctor in front and one in the back, and he couldn’t show the slightest abnormality. The only thing he could do was call the system over and over again in his head.

But forty minutes had passed, and it was as if the system had disappeared. No matter how much he shouted and asked in his head, the system did not give him the slightest response.

The test-taker at the next desk turned over the paper, and the sound of flipping test pages made He Qianjian suddenly look up. Seeing the teacher by the podium slowly pacing towards this side, he quickly lowered his head and turned the test page over.

The proctor walked past He Qianjian and he breathed a long sigh of relief. He continued to call the system in his mind without giving up.

However, even to the end of the exam, the system still did not make the slightest sound, let alone give him the answers to the questions.

The proctor stood at the podium, and the test-takers went forward to hand in their test papers one by one. After handing in, they could go outside to rest and wait for the second test in 20 minutes.

He Qianjian had already unconsciously crumpled up his test paper in his anxiety, but he still didn’t have the courage to step forward and hand it in. His test paper was completely blank, with nothing written on it except his name. If the proctor saw this, he would definitely ask him why he didn’t answer a single question. If he couldn’t find a valid reason, the image he had maintained for so many years would be completely ruined.

He could already imagine what their expressions would be like when the school and his parents knew that he had handed in a blank test paper. But what if he didn’t hand in the blank test paper? In the last 20 minutes, after He Qianjian came to terms that seeking help from the system was hopeless, he also thought about doing the questions himself, but don’t even mention doing these questions, he couldn’t even understand what the questions meant in the first place.

With a god-level cheat that was the system, since his second year of junior high school, He Qianjian had never done a single test question by himself. In addition to maintaining the image of being the first in his year, it was also because he was not very good at studying in his previous life. And during the several years after he had graduated, he didn’t even read a single book, and re-learning just made him, whose life had been smooth sailing after owning the system, once again feel the sense of defeat and frustration from his previous life.

This was the feeling He Qianjian hated the most. In this new life after he had enjoyed all the praises and support, it was even harder to accept setbacks.

Now, he had to personally face this colossal defeat, including the predictable jeers.

“Student…..the one who is still sitting!”

He Qianjian suddenly came back to his senses, and when he looked up, he saw that the proctor at the podium was showing an impatient expression.

“Hand in your test paper.”

He Qianjian’s hand on his test paper tightened, his face pale. The students in the same examination room had already noticed him. Some people who knew him were curious and puzzled, and whispered to the companion next to him: “Isn’t that Chenghua’s number one? What’s going on?”

The companion shook his head: “He doesn’t look very good, maybe he didn’t do well on the exam.”

“Impossible. He is a legend in Chenghua. He is as famous as Jiang Chen from Yan No.1 High School and Li Xiao from our attached secondary school. The three major test masters in Yan City are all recognized geniuses. No matter how bad this kind of person does in the exam, how bad can it be, at least a silver medal, and it’s only the first test.”

“Then I…..the teacher went over.”

He Qianjian watched the proctor approach step by step, and his hand holding the test paper trembled slightly. When the proctor was a step away from him, he stood up abruptly, handed the test paper directly to the proctor, and said, “I’m not feeling well. I decided to give up the competition.”

After the words fell, there was an uproar inside and outside the classroom.

The classrooms in the teaching building were all connected, and there was a 20-minute break. The test-takers were scattered in various classrooms and those who were familiar with each other would go find each other so there were not just the students in this exam room outside the door but also students from other exam rooms. And because there were many people gathered by the classroom window, people passing by to go to the toilet also came over to see what happened, such that the entire corridor had already been crowded with many people.

The proctor thought that he had heard it wrong: “What did you say?”

“I said I won’t be taking the exam.” After the words were uttered, He Qianjian instead became less nervous. He was the eldest son of the He family and the first in his year in Chenghua with privileged status. If he failed this exam his reputation would be ruined, but if he handed in a blank test paper and gave up the exam, no one would think that it was because of his lack of ability, but that it was his willfulness. And his identity gave him the capital to be willful.

He Qianjian opened his mouth and repeated again: “I won’t be taking the exam.”

The proctor frowned, and looked down at the test paper that He Qianjian had just given him. After seeing the blank spaces on it, his expression also became ugly: “You think the competition is a game?”

When the proctor said this, it was actually exactly what He Qianjian wanted. He said, “I suddenly don’t want to take the exam anymore. Can I leave the exam room first?”

Another proctor also came over, and he said with a dark face: “Even if you withdraw from the competition, you can’t leave, you have to wait until the end.”

“Then I’ll wait outside.” He Qianjian picked up his pen and draft paper, turned around and left.

“Wait.” The proctor confirmed again: “You really decided to give up the second test?”

He Qianjian nodded, and the proctor said without expression: “Fine, I will count you as having given up on the exam, leave the draft paper.”

He Qianjian was dissatisfied: “I gave up the exam and you still need my draft paper?”

“This is the rule.” The proctor said blankly, “The draft paper from the examination room cannot be taken out.”

He Qianjian squeezed the draft paper tightly, gritted his teeth and handed it to the proctor, then left the classroom without looking back.


“Big news!” A boy ran in from the front door and slammed the table with excitement: “Big news, big news, comrades!”

Jiang Chen raised his head upon hearing the sound, and other students also looked at him curiously. The people who were familiar with him asked, “What big news?”

The boy smiled mysteriously and lowered his voice a little: “Do you know Chenghua’s He Qianjian?”

Someone nodded: “I know, the one whose family is quite rich, who was third in the final exam last time, what’s the matter?”

“He gave up the competition!” The boy slammed the table: “Just handed in a blank paper during the first test!”

“F**k? Is that true?”

“That arrogant?”

“Impossible. I’m from Chenghua. He Qianjian doesn’t seem like this kind of person. He’s quite measured in his actions, and he really wants to save face. I don’t think it’s possible.”

“How is it not possible?” The male student who was questioned was unhappy: “You go to the toilet on the east side of the third floor now, He Qianjian is in that examination room, and everyone outside the corridor is discussing this matter. “

“Then why?”

“How do I know.” The boy said: “I heard that he said he was not feeling well, but no one knows whether it is fake or not. Anyway, I heard that the two teachers who proctored him today did not have a good impression of him, their faces were all dark.”

Someone laughed and joked: “You have heard a lot.”

“That’s right. In No. 1 High School, I am the most well-informed person. No one can be more accurate than me except Shen Xu, right God Jiang?”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips and smiled, “Where did He Qianjian go?”

“I heard that he went downstairs to the proctor’s room. He can’t leave before the competition is over, so he can only sit in the proctor’s room.”

Someone was puzzled: “Wait, it’s already come to this point, yet he says he won’t take the test then he won’t take the test, what is his motive?”

“What motive can he have, it’s just to make himself feel good, do you know what’s the situation of his family.” The boy who said he was from Chenghua made a thumbs up sign, shook his head and said, “This. Those in Chenghua basically come from good families, his family is also at the top of the pyramid in Chenghua, not to mention his grades are very good. He has even set a precedent in our school and only takes the midterm and final exam, even if it is the college entrance examination, he can still enter the school he wants to enter. Even if he doesn’t perform well in the college entrance examination, with his family background, which school can’t he enter? Going abroad is also another option.”

“The He family doesn’t allow their descendants to go study abroad.” A boy said with a sneer, “Besides, the He family has strict family teachings. No matter how favored He Qianjian is, he wouldn’t dare to be so willful. I am guessing something happened this time.”


“How would I know?” The boy said, “If you want to know, go to the proctor’s room to find him, and ask yourself.”

At the end of this remark, the bell for the second test rang and the teacher entered the examination room. The 150-minute test proceeded smoothly. The bell rang again at 12:10, and the test-takers handed in their papers and left the classroom in an orderly manner.

When Jiang Chen left the classroom, besides discussions over the answers, all he heard was gossip about He Qianjian giving up the competition. He lowered his eyes and curled his lips upwards, following the flow of people out.

As soon as he walked to the school gate, he saw He Qianyu who was waving vigorously. She put her hands by her mouth and made a trumpet shape: “Brother Jiang Chen! We are here!”

Jiang Chen paused. His eyes swept over He Qianmin who was beside He Qianyu, He Yanfeng and his wife who were looking this way with a smile, and finally fell on He Qianjian, who tried his best to hide the gloominess and restrained fear in his eyes. Seeing this, his smile faded a little.

“Uncle He and Aunt Yang.” Jiang Chen greeted politely.

He Qianyu immediately ran over to grab his hand, and finished explaining the reason for waiting here in a chatter: “Eldest Brother has to take the exam today, and Brother Jiang Chen and Xiao Xiao are also taking the exam, so we just waited outside until you all come out to celebrate together!”

Jiang Chen rubbed her head, He Qianyu shook his arm coquettishly: “Brother Jiang Chen, come with us~”

“Let’s go together.” He Yanfeng said: “The three of you can compare each other’s answers at that time.”

Jiang Chen glanced over He Qianjian, who had a flustered expression for a moment, and felt a complete lack of interest. Just as he was about to refuse, He Qianyu jumped up and waved: “Xiao Xiao! We are here!”

Li Xiao walked through the crowd and was not surprised to see Jiang Chen. After greeting the He family, she asked, “How did you do on the exam?”

Jiang Chen nodded lightly: “Not bad.”

Li Xiao tilted her head: “Gold medal?”

“More or less.”

“I am also definitely a gold medalist.” Li Xiao said: “It seems that we can only decide on a winner during the winter training camp.”

“Let’s talk in the car.” He Qianyu took Li Xiao and Jiang Chen by the arm, claiming the spot first: “I want to share a car with Brother Jiang Chen and Xiao Xiao!”

“My brother and I will be in the same car.” He Qianmin pulled He Qianyu’s hand away: “Men sit with men, and the little girl should just step to the side.”

“I don’t care, I want to ride with Brother Jiang Chen!” He Qianyu hugged Jiang Chen’s arm and pouted, “Brother Jiang Chen also wants to ride with me! Right, Brother Jiang Chen?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Jiang Chen met her expectant and excited expression, and it was hard to say the words of refusal.

“I’ll sit in Uncle He’s car. I’m a bit tired from the exam. I want to nap for a while.” Li Xiao said, “Jiang Chen, did you use Ptolemy’s theorem to prove your last geometry problem? I found that I went in the wrong direction after I wrote the answer, but there was no time to change it, so I thought of another method. I’ll tell you about it when we eat.”

Jiang Chen had no choice but to get into the car.

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