Source of Calamity CH 070 Memory

Looking at Shen Mu in front of him, Shen Zhen didn’t feel anything in his heart.

Shen Mu was a person who never felt that he had done wrong. Shen Zhen did not have much contact with him, but he was still clear on what kind of personality Shen Mu had.

This person always puts his own interests first. He, Shen Mu, didn’t care about the Shen family. If he could get greater benefits, he could even give up his own family.

Shen Mu looked at Shen Zhen’s expression, and knew that his eldest brother was as cold-blooded and ruthless as always, and would not be easy to convince, so he put all his energy on Shen Li, saying pitifully: “Xiao Li, you know what kind of life I’ve been living recently. I already know I shouldn’t have treated you that way before, but I couldn’t bring myself to apologize to you this whole time.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Li turned his head uncomfortably: “That, that…..”

Seeing Shen Li’s softened expression, Shen Mu knew there was a chance here, so he said, “How about we go up and talk, it’s not good to continue standing out here.”

Shen Li turned his head and looked at Shen Zhen’s eyes questioningly.

However, Shen Zhen had already turned around and was walking towards the gate. When he left, he said without looking back, “You guys talk by yourselves.”

Shen Li thought that Shen Zhen agreed to take in Shen Mu, but in the next second Shen Zhen said: “But don’t go upstairs, don’t forget, the place you live is my property.”

Shen Li: “…..”

It seemed that there was no agreement here.

He turned his head to look at Shen Mu, and sighed: “Brother, you should go find your friends, I can’t do anything here.”

Shen Mu looked at Shen Zhen’s back with gloomy eyes, but the next second he recovered his previous pitiful expression, and he quickly said to Shen Li: “Xiao Li, just look at me now, no matter how angry I was before, you should’ve calmed down now, right?”

Shen Li scratched his cheek, indeed, seeing Shen Mu’s miserable state, his anger had indeed dissipated long ago.

After all, in his memory, his two older brothers always looked very mature and gentlemanly, and whenever they went out together, others would say, “Why is Xiao Li still acting like he hasn’t grown up?”

“It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t grow up, anyway, his big brothers are so talented, Xiao Li is lucky, he has a blessed life.”

“Yeah, it’s also good to be carefree all your life. You don’t have to worry about anything.”

It seemed that he had been compared with his brothers since he was a child.

While those people were saying things like “Xiao Li’s life is good”, they also felt that he was just a waste of space who happened to be born in a wealthy family.

Shen Li looked at the pathetic Shen Mu in front of him, and thought about Shen Zhen’s words. He could only say in a small voice: “I am living in an apartment arranged by Eldest Brother, and I am also working in Eldest Brother’s company. How about I beg Eldest Brother, and let you go to work in his company too?”

Shen Mu repeated Shen Li’s words in disbelief: “Go to work?”

He also stretched out his index finger and pointed at his own nose: “Me, go to work?”

Shen Li said as a matter-of-factly: “Yeah, otherwise how do you have money? Let me tell you, Eldest Brother’s company pays very well. I am just an intern now and although the salary is not high, the company’s cafeteria is very cheap but the meals are very rich. Also, the company even provides afternoon tea and dessert every afternoon.”

Shen Mu looked at Shen Li who was blabbering away excitedly, with an expression of one having seen a ghost on his face.

Wasn’t his little brother always lazy? Never sit when he could lie down, never stand when you could sit.

Moreover, he also had the acquired temper of a young master. If one wants to offend someone, just take him out for a walk and it’ll be done.

But this kind of young master was now actually working in Shen Zhen’s company?

And voluntarily?

And even thinking that the employment benefits were very good?

Shen Mu was a little dizzy, he must have transmigrated to some other world, right?

Was this Shen Li in front of him really Shen Li? Could it be that he was brainwashed by Shen Zhen?

The corners of Shen Mu’s mouth twitched.

But he still bowed his head in a very sensible manner and said, “Xiao Li, you also know my current situation. I’m not in good shape recently, and my health is not very good. If I want to go to work, I think I may need to recuperate for a while first.”

Shen Li hesitated. He suddenly remembered something, and asked, “Where is Second Brother?”

Shen Mu suddenly froze.

Shen Yun was like a piece of waste now.

All he was thinking about now was Su Shiqing, and because he had no money and didn’t want to lose face, he refused to go to the hospital. As a result, he had been walking with a limp for a while now, but even so he didn’t care about it, and felt that it didn’t matter if he was crippled all his life. After all, Su Shiqing’s leg was also lame. Thinking about it this way, the two of them seem to make a good match.

Although Shen Mu could understand, he also felt that Shen Yun had gone too far.

Even if he also liked Su Shiqing, he wouldn’t like Su Shiqing to the extent that just because the other became lame, he would become lame too.

Wasn’t that the same as being crazy?

Shen Mu said: “Your Second Brother may have some psychological problems recently. I asked him to come to see you with me, but he didn’t want to. I asked him to go home with me and beg Dad but he refused as well.”

Shen Li couldn’t believe it: “Is he crazy?”

Shen Mu really felt the same way, but he couldn’t be as straightforward as Shen Li, he just said: “Maybe he just didn’t figure it out yet.”

Shen Li: “Then it’s useless for you to look for me, I’m not a psychiatrist.”

Shen Mu: “…..”

Now he suddenly felt that Shen Li’s one-track mind was not a good thing.

He used to think this kind of person was easy to use, but now he felt that he was just too stupid.

“I don’t have any money with me right now.” Shen Li suddenly remembered this. He took out his wallet and took out the only few hundred yuan cash he had left. There was some money in his bank card——but that was his living expenses for next month, and it was not like he could live on nothing for the next month just to help his two brothers, right? Shen Li was not that selfless.

Shen Li handed the money to Shen Mu: “I only have this little money on me, you go and use it first, take care of your health, and find a job when you’ve recuperated.”

Shen Mu looked at the several hundred yuan in his hand in disbelief, there was even some spare change in it. Last time Shen Li at least gave them a few thousand, but this time it was only a few hundred?

What was a few hundred yuan enough for? At most it could just pay for the next month’s rent.

Although it was a low-rent housing, the housing price had been rising recently, so the landlord would also increase their rent as well.

What was the difference between this and sending off a beggar?

Shen Mu couldn’t accept this. He stared at Shen Li: “Xiao Li, how did your Third Brother treat you before?”

Shen Li didn’t understand: “Just okay? I remember you used to snatch my game console before.”

Shen Mu: “…..”

Shen Mu: “I gave you pocket money before.”

Shen Li suddenly remembered, and he said strangely: “Wasn’t that because I took the blame for you and had my pocket money deducted by our dad so you compensated me?”

Recalling this, Shen Li was also a little angry: “You only gave me half!”

Shen Mu was speechless, if it wasn’t because he had no other choice, he really didn’t want to deal with Shen Li.

“You are by Shen Zhen’s side now, how much money he has, you should be very clear, right?” Shen Mu suddenly said, “Don’t forget how much you hated him before, and you were even beaten up by him during the first meeting, is your memory so bad?”

Shen Li didn’t respond.

Shen Mu thought he had hit on Shen Li’s sore spot, so he quickly continued: “You should be clear about how much you hated him before, right? Do you think he actually has any brotherly affection for you?”

“He hasn’t seen the Shen family for so many years, and he hasn’t been very good to you either. But now he just treats you a little better, and you forget everything that happened before?”

“Why don’t you think about it, maybe he was just waiting for this day, waiting for you to leave the Shen family, so that us brothers would turn against each other and he could reap the benefits.”

Shen Mu said: “Think about it, he is our eldest brother and the legitimate heir of the Shen family. If we have a falling out, he can deal with us one by one, and at that time wouldn’t the Shen family be in his pocket?”

Shen Li was taken aback by Shen Mu’s words.

He…..he really didn’t think about it.

When he left the Shen family, it was just out of anger, and he didn’t expect that his father would drive his two brothers out as well.

He felt that what Shen Mu said made sense.

Thinking about it with his walnut-sized brain, he couldn’t find any flaws in Shen Mu’s words.

Seeing that Shen Li was moved, Shen Mu continued insidiously like the evil witch coaxing the little mermaid: “We are blood brothers who grew up together. Anyone could harm you, but Second Brother and I would definitely not.”

Shen Li looked around and asked in a low voice: “Third Brother, what are you trying to say? Although I want to help you, I really don’t have any money.”

Shen Mu: “Well, you go with me to find Second Brother. We’ll go to Dad and say that we have reconciled, this way we can all go home.”

“We can go home?!” Shen Li was suddenly excited.

But the excitement quickly faded away.

There didn’t seem to be much benefit in going home. Although there was money, he was not allowed to buy this, and he was not allowed to buy that.

Life in comparison wasn’t as free and happy as it was now.

Shen Li thought for a while and said, “Well, then, I’ll accompany you to bring Second Brother home, talk to Dad, and then I’ll come back.”

Shen Mu’s face froze: “You don’t want to stay at home?”

Shen Li nodded: “Yeah, in fact, I am doing well at work now. You feel that Eldest Brother would harm me, but I don’t think there is anything he can harm. After all, I don’t have any of the family business shares in my hands, and I’m pretty happy in the company I am working at. My mentor even said that he would treat me to eat beef when he came back from his blind date.”

Shen Mu: “…..”

Shen Li must have been brainwashed, right?

Shen Mu was a little despairing.

But he could only agree to Shen Li’s proposal first: “Then let’s go find Second Brother together first.”

Shen Li nodded: “Okay!”

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, Shen Zhen watched the two little ant-sized dots downstairs leave together, and knew that Shen Mu had persuaded Shen Li. What Shen Li planned to do next was out of his control.

He turned on his cell phone and called the lawyer he had found.

His legal team had been fighting with Sun Changyang for the past few days.

“Mr. Shen.” The lawyer was a young man in his thirties, but he had a good reputation in the industry. He had fought so many lawsuits and had a winning rate of 80%. This was quite an amazing feat, but of course, his salary cost quite the pretty penny as well.

This person was introduced to Shen Zhen by Yang Changsheng.

Shen Zhen went straight to the point: “How is the case now?”

The lawyer said with a smile: “It was a bit difficult at the beginning, but I think it’s a sure thing. There should be a sentencing in the near future. It is estimated that there would be monetary compensation and a prison sentence. The other party now wants to settle with us out of court and is willing to pay more compensation.”

Shen Zhen: “Money is not a problem, he must go to prison.”

The lawyer expressed his understanding and promised that Shen Zhen would definitely get what he wanted.

Sitting on the sofa, Shen Zhen poured himself a cup of tea. The aroma filled the room, and Shen Zhen took a deep breath, as if all the fatigue had disappeared. Just when Shen Zhen was about to lay down on the sofa to nap for a while, his phone suddenly received a message.

[Qin Xing]: Are you home yet?

Shen Zhen became energized instantly, and texted back: Already at home.

Qin Xing had to go abroad this time, and it was estimated that he would have to be gone for some time, and the two would not be able to see each other for a while.

[Qin Xing]: I have to be away for a month this time, will you miss me?

Shen Zhen pursed his lips, but the corner of his mouth involuntarily quirked up in a smile: No.

[Qin Xing]: Really?

Shen Zhen felt that he could see Qin Xing’s expression at this time. He must be smiling. He would know that he was lying at a glance and so he would have a helpless expression on his face.

[Shen Zhen]: Really.

[Qin Xing]: It seems that I can only come back earlier, lest Xiao Zhen forget me and run off with someone else.

[Shen Zhen]: You aren’t on the plane now?

[Qin Xing]: I just got off the plane. On the way to the hotel, it is already night over here.

[Shen Zhen]: Then send me a message after you get settled in the hotel. I’ll sleep for a while.

[Qin Xing]: Okay, don’t catch a cold.

Shen Zhen put the phone on the table beside him, lay on the sofa and prepared to nap for a while, his eyelids were already losing the fight.

Sure enough, as soon as he closed his eyes, Shen Zhen fell into a deep sleep.

He had a vivid dream.

In the dream, he was standing at the gate of the Qin family manor. It was when he was nineteen years old in his previous life. He had just entered college, and it was rare for him to return to the Qin family manor. Compared with living in the Qin family manor, he preferred to stay at school.

Standing beside him, Qin Yue held their laptops in his hands, and said to him with a smile: “It’s rare to come back, after all, it’s Uncle’s birthday, so don’t make such a bitter face.”

Shen Zhen: “I’m not making a bitter face.”

Qin Yue pinched Shen Zhen’s cheek, with a look of “you can’t hide it from me”: “It’s so dark it’s practically dripping ink.”

Clearly Shen Zhen had no expression as always, but Qin Yue could just see the change in Shen Zhen’s mood no matter how small.

Shen Zhen: “Go in quickly, lest Auntie scold you again.”

Qin Yue shrugged: “When doesn’t my mother scold me? I’m used to it. She won’t bother you, right? If she scolds you, tell me, and I’ll go and reason with her. “

Shen Zhen didn’t hold back the laugh, and took over his laptop with a smile: “Come on, Auntie won’t give you a beating?”

Qin Yue threw an arm over Shen Zhen’s shoulders and walked forward with his arm around Shen Zhen: “I know you don’t like staying in the Qin family manor, so when I graduate from university, I’ll buy a house and write your name on the deed. At that time we’ll live together.”

Shen Zhen lowered his head: “You said it.”

Qin Yue vowed: “I won’t forget what I said, and the promises I made have never been broken.”

They walked through the gate together.

Qin Li passed by them, his eyes full of gloom, and he looked at Qin Yue and Shen Zhen with strong hostility.

Qin Shan and Qin Meng sat on the other side. They just looked up briefly and then looked away.

The Qin family had always been like this. Everyone kept a weird distance. They were obviously a family, but they were not close to each other at all. It seemed as if they were enemies living under the same roof and so everyone must remain wary and on guard.

“Uncle Qin seems to be seldom at home.” Shen Zhen sat on the sofa talking to Qin Yue, “I feel like I have barely seen him a few times since I was a child.”

Qin Yue thought for a while: “That’s right, Uncle doesn’t seem to talk to the younger generation much except me.”

Shen Zhen elbowed Qin Yue: “Look at your gleeful face.”

Qin Yue touched his chin with a smile: “Is it so obvious? Do I look that gleeful?”

Shen Zhen rolled his eyes: “Whenever you can get rid of the shortcoming of cocking your tail at any time, then you will be perfect.”

Qin Yue laughed loudly: “I think I’m pretty good already right now.”

Shen Zhen turned his head, he really didn’t want to continue looking at Qin Yue’s narcissistic face.

But there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, and the look in his eyes was very gentle.

Qin Yue was always like this. In front of him, he was carefree, narcissistic and proud, but in front of others, he always acted calm and self-restrained. He never said or did anything out of line. In the eyes of others he was “other people’s child”.

“Uncle has come down.” Qin Yue nudged Shen Zhen.

Shen Zhen looked up, and sure enough, he saw a man walking down the stairs.

He was tall, had long legs, and was dressed in a gray suit. Shen Zhen hadn’t seen Qin Xing for a long time. It was the first time he saw someone who could look so good in a formal suit. People always appreciated beauty, and he himself had a hard time looking away as well.

Qin Xing walked downstairs step by step, and everyone’s eyes followed him. He didn’t need to do anything, just appearing and he was the center of everyone’s attention. This was an innate charm of a person in a seat of authority and power.

Although it was his birthday, Qin Xing himself had no interest in these activities. At most, he just simply greeted the juniors.

Qin Xing glanced over the people in the hall, but his gaze stayed on Shen Zhen for a few seconds longer.

Shen Zhen, who accidentally met Qin Xing’s eyes, quickly lowered his head, his ears quietly turning red. Fortunately, his hair was relatively long at this time and could cover his ears from sight.

Qin Yue smiled at Shen Zhen, and then took Shen Zhen to go say hello to Qin Xing.

He whispered: “Actually, Uncle has a very good temper. I have never seen him lose his temper anyone. You don’t have to be too afraid of him. Just say a few words with me. Otherwise, I don’t know how long it will be when we’ll see Uncle next time.”

Shen Zhen was still a little apprehensive.

Although he had seen Qin Xing at the Qin family manor before, the total number of times was no more than ten times, and every time he was always in the crowd, looking at him from a distance.

“I heard that Uncle won’t be going out so much after coming back this time.” Qin Yue said again, “I believe he will be having dinner with us in the future.”

Qin Yue had a proud expression on his face.

He was taught personally by his Uncle. In the whole Qin family, he had the closest relationship with Uncle.

This was enough for Qin Yue to be proud.

When Qin Yue led Shen Zhen to Qin Xing, Shen Zhen stood there at a loss, not daring to look up at Qin Xing.

He could only hear Qin Yue’s voice: “Uncle, happy birthday, may you always have today’s glory. And let today’s good memory always be with you.”

Qin Xing smiled lightly and said, “Good boy.”

Shen Zhen felt Qin Yue elbowing his waist, so he could only bite the bullet and say, “Uncle…..” (TN: the “uncle” here is the appellation used by Qin Yue and points to one’s mother’s brother) 

The atmosphere in the room stagnated.

Shen Zhen also realized that he had made a mistake, and quickly corrected himself: “Uncle Qin, happy, happy birthday.” (TN: the “uncle” here can be used to call any male elder)

Then he also heard Qin Xing’s gentle voice: “Good boy.”

Shen Zhen felt his heartbeat speed up a lot.

“Why is your face so red?” Qin Yue took Shen Zhen to the other side and asked strangely, “Is it too hot?”

Shen Zhen quickly said: “No, it’s probably because I am nervous talking to Uncle Qin.”

Qin Yue said with a smile: “I told you that Uncle has a good temper, do you believe me now?”

Shen Zhen nodded.

Qin Yue said: “When I inherit the Qin family, Uncle will likely go abroad.”

“Actually, Uncle hasn’t had much interest in the domestic market for a long time, which was why he focused on training me.”

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Yue: “You can definitely do it.”

Qin Yue smiled at Shen Zhen: “I think so too. When the time comes, you can go back to the Shen family if you want to, and help me by my side if you don’t want to go back.”

“Ah Yue!” Qin Xin waved at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue said helplessly: “I’ll go over first, and I’ll be right back to find you.”

Shen Zhen nodded: “Go ahead.”

Shen Zhen sat alone on the side. He had the best relationship with Qin Yue in this family, but he could barely speak a word to the others. He was not the kind of person who would force himself to establish a good relationship with others. He would rather be alone than have any interest in actively looking for someone to chat with.

The atmosphere in the hall made Shen Zhen a little suffocated. He took his cigarette case and lighter and walked to the balcony.

Shen Zhen leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette. He learned to smoke together with Qin Yue. Qin Yue’s addiction was not very strong, but his addiction was getting bigger and bigger, to the point where it was difficult to quit.

“Smoking alone?”

Shen Zhen instantly extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray and put away the cigarette case before turning around.

All of this was done in one go.

“That scared?”

Shen Zhen could only look down at his toes, feeling very guilty. He said in an equally guilty tone, “I don’t smoke often…..”

“Light one up for me?”

Shen Zhen took out the lighter from his pocket, clicked it a few times before lighting it up, and then stretched out his hand to light the cigarette for the person in front of him.

“Uncle Qin, why aren’t you…..”

With a cigarette between his fingertips, Qin Xing said with a half-smile, “Inside?”

Shen Zhen nodded cautiously.

Qin Xing: “Then why aren’t you inside?”

Shen Zhen said nervously, “Came out to get some air.”

Qin Xing smiled and said, “You don’t like crowded places?”

Shen Zhen originally wanted to deny it, but for some reason, he nodded and said in a low voice, “If there are too many people, I would feel uncomfortable.”

There would be a sense of suffocation, and his whole body would feel uncomfortable, as if his heart was being pressed down by something heavy.

With Qin Yue by his side, he could bear it. Without Qin Yue, the feeling would be so intense that he couldn’t breathe.

“Nervous to see me?” Qin Xing asked again.

Before Shen Zhen’s brain could react, his body moved first, and his head kept nodding up and down.

Qin Xing looked at the little guy in front of him, nineteen years old, just becoming an adult, and so shy.

“Accompany me for a walk?” Qin Xing said softly, “I have something to ask you.”

Shen Zhen looked up at Qin Xing: “Is it about Ah Yue?”

It seemed that as soon as it involved Qin Yue, the child could suddenly become calm, and he even dared to look directly at him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Yes.”


Shen Zhen fell from the sofa to the ground, and the back of his head smacked against the coffee table. He rubbed the back of his head, the corners of his eyes even becoming red from the pain.

Sure enough, as long as he had dreams related to his previous life, there would be no good results.

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