After Becoming The Tyrant CH 083 Retaliation

The King led his army forward, heading straight for Bomari Castle.

Not far from the main branch of the Lacey River, the barrier of Bomari Castle, the army chose a suitable location to station under the King’s order.

There was moderate snow falling from the sky, and under the guard of a small group of elite knights, the King climbed to a nearby highland. This was the best place to observe, but it was actually a huge rock lying on the ground, with no shelter on it, and the rebels on the opposite side could also clearly see the people standing on the high ground.

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The cavalrymen held their shields vigilantly and guarded the King.

Holding a black umbrella, the King looked off into the distance at the stretch of fortresses standing across the Lacey River.

The two black stone fortresses were like silent giants, standing on the isolated island in the center of the river and the inclined side tributary respectively. The Lacey River flowed very fast here with cold fog floating on the water surface. Ordinary rafts were easily overturned by the rapid current. There were also large and small rugged black stones as natural obstacles in the water. If one wanted to cross the river, one could only take the bridge over the water.

But the rebels was one step ahead, destroying the bridge connecting the left bank and the island before the King’s army arrived. In addition, they also nailed dense wooden stakes in the water to form a fence to cut off traffic.

Behind these outlying fortifications was the magnificent Bomari Castle.

Under the gray sky, the King looked thoughtfully at the opposite black stone castle.

The dark rock was extremely hard, and the entire castle had countless pointed towers, giving people a sharp and intimidating feeling. Buildings of this style were rare, but the King got a familiar feeling…..He seemed to have seen similar buildings somewhere, even bigger and more spectacular.

After a little thought, the King remembered.

——It was in Hell.

That time, when he accepted the Devil’s invitation to visit Hell, the King saw a dark castle on a barren land, with huge pale snake bones winding around it, and countless spires blending with the mountain peaks, leaving a memorable shadow on the dark red sky.

Bomari Castle was like a fragmentary miniature of the castle in Hell, except that there were no snake bones hovering over it.

The Rose Palace was built on the foundation of dragon bones, similar to the style of the lord of “greed and ill-gotten wealth”‘s palace. The dark and pointed towers of Bomari Castle, which belonged to the Rose family, were very similar to the castles in the barren land of Hell…..The King once again had some more guesses about the relationship between the Rose family and Hell.

While the King was observing the distribution of the towers of Bomari Castle, the knights around him took a step forward holding their shields.

The giant iron shield was as tall as a grown man, and it was divided into two halves and controlled by two knights. When it was heavily inserted into the ground, it immediately formed an airtight low steel wall. The moment when the iron shields were connected together, there was a mournful howl of arrows flying through the air.

Clang, clang, clang.

Three iron arrows flew out from the archery hole of the black tower fortress in the center of the opposite river. The archer was definitely a skilled one, even from a long distance, the three iron arrows managed to hit the thick iron shields directly. The arrowheads collided with the relief on the shield, causing dark red sparks to dance.

The other knights immediately raised their shields and moved forward to pick up the three iron arrows from the ground and handed them to the King.

The King took the arrows and held it before his eyes.

The arrowhead was made of cold forged steel, with a triangular blood groove on it. The technical level of the northern states was definitely not of this level. These were weapons produced in the lowland countries, and the three arrows shot from the opposite side were actually a signal of deterrence——the defenders in the tower of the blackstone fortress were giving them a warning.

The King stretched out his hand, and the guards next to him offered him a longbow.

“Out of the way.”

The King put the arrows shot from the opposite side on the bowstring, and the hand with the rose ring pulled the string of the hard bow to the max.

The knights holding the huge shields were the Iron Rose Cavalry who had followed him in the Battle of Benz City. Hearing the King’s order, they parted to the left and right without hesitation to make room for the King.

The instant the giant shield withdrew from view, the King let go.

The iron arrows pierced through the air at a faster speed than when it came, and the blood groove on the arrowhead cut throught he air, making a long, extremely shrill howling sound.

In the center of the Lacey River, in the blackstone fortress on the isolated island.

When the archer at the top of the tower saw that the three arrows he had shot with all his strength landed on the tower-like shield, he put away his bow and shook his head at the officer standing beside him, expressing that the other party was well prepared.

The external military defense of Bomari Castle was under the charge of Balboa State. The representative of Balboa State stationed here was General Aldo, nicknamed “Vulture”. He had a conspicuous hook nose, gray eyes, and gray hair. General Vulture was on the tower of the fortress in the center of the Lacey River at this time. He squinted his eyes and looked at the broken rock on the other side of the river.

It was naturally the best result if the archers shot arrows and killed the King of Legrand.

General Vulture also knew that the possibility of such an outcome was very small, and he was not disappointed. The more important purpose was to give the enemy a warning.

“As tough as his uncle.”

General Vulture muttered to himself, looking into the distance from the archery hole.

At this moment, he saw the giant shield on the opposite broken rock suddenly parting.

Before General Vulture could react, the sharp howling of arrows sounded in his ears.

“Not good.”

He was about to draw the sword at his waist immediately.

But a cold light passed in front of General Vulture, and the strong wind cut a thin gash in his cheek, which stung painfully. Immediately, General Vulture heard a muffled sound coming from beside him. When he turned his head, a chill ran up his spine and passed over his skull——an iron arrow had sunk into the head of the archer beside him.

The archer’s eyes widened, and he fell straight back and heavily on the ground.

General Vulture took a step back, backing away from the archery hole, staring at the iron arrow on the head of the corpse. He could not mistake it, it was the arrow shot by the archer just now. The other calculated his location from the direction of the three arrows shot by the archer, so he returned the arrows of the archer and took his life while at it.

When did Legrand’s longbowmen become so terrifying?

Before General Vulture could think about it, there were two more terrifying sounds of shrieking arrows.

The remaining two arrows were accurately shot through the archery holes, and under the eyes of General Vulture, they were nailed to the tower wall in front of the oblique front. Even after a long time the tail of the arrow was still vibrating from the force.

As for who shot the arrows, General Vulture had a vague guess in his mind——

It was said that in the Battle of Benz City, the King of Legrand shot and killed the rebel noble who was trying to escape with terrifying archery prowess, completely destroying the entire enemy army.

General Vulture pressed himself firmly to the wall of the tower. While he was staring at the two arrows and making guesses, he suddenly noticed something peculiar about the two arrows nailed to the wall. One of the arrow shafts was tied with a piece of scarlet fine silk. Faint writing could be made out——it was a letter.

General Vulture reached out and picked up a shield from the side to protect himself and then approached the arrow carefully. He then pulled the arrow from the tower wall with all his strength. During this process, the other did not shoot any more arrows.

The general unwrapped the letter and saw the signature on the letter at first glance.

This was a letter written by King Legrand himself.

General Vulture’s heart jumped slightly, and he didn’t even manage to read what was written in the letter, hurriedly looking out from the archery hole again. On the far side of the broken rock, the King had already left with his black umbrella while surrounded by his knights.

The letter in his hand felt like a hot sword, and General Vulture’s expression shifted several times.

Finally, he gritted his teeth, lowered his head and opened the letter.


“That guy saw you.”

The Devil walked beside the King, smiling slightly as he said this to the King.

He walked beside the King, but none of the surrounding knights noticed his presence. The fear of sunlight that dark creatures had did not exist in him.

The King nodded slightly.

There was another most important purpose for the King to climb the broken rock today——

Help the Devil confirm whether the inhuman power of the Holy Court really existed in the castle.

The defense of the rebels was too calm, which made the King suspicious.

If he captured Bomari Castle, then the pacification of the Northland could be regarded as certain. Such a result was obviously not what the Holy Court wanted to see——they would definitely not want Legrand to withdraw from civil strife that soon. Since the war angel was able to appear on the battlefield and kill the Duke of Buckingham after paying a huge price to hoodwink the Code, then…..

When the battle was about to end in defeat, the Holy Court would likely also intervene again.

The Devil returned from Bressi and provided the King with a lot of useful information.

Although the Code was about to be lifted, the time for the Millennium Kingdom had not yet come. It was impossible for even the Holy Court to interfere once again in the entire battle situation like they did by killing the Duke of Buckingham last time in a short period of time. Therefore, it was very likely that they would resort to assassination this time.

So long as the King died, the Northland counter-insurgency movement would be destroyed.

In the words of the Devil, Hell and the Holy Court have been fighting tit for tat for so many years, and he had a way to detect whether there were angels hiding in Bomari Castle.

In the King’s hand, in addition to the ring of the Rose family, he also wore the bone ring that symbolized the authority of “greed and ill-gotten wealth”. The black umbrella in his hand hid the dragon bone rapier that the Devil often used. And the Devil stood beside the King, hidden in the shadow cast by the black umbrella.

The Devil’s black umbrella had a special concealment ability. When he opened the black umbrella, he could walk into any church other than the sanctuary of the Holy Court. Even the priests of the tribunal could hardly detect him.

However, if the other was an angel, it was likely that they would be more sensitive than a priest, so the King wearing the bone ring opened the black umbrella in his stead.

Entering the main tent, the King closed the black umbrella and returned it to the Devil.

The Devil shrugged. He rather hoped the King wouldn’t give him back the umbrella…..It was a pity that His Majesty was so perceptive.

“When do you think they will move?”

The Devil asked with a smile.

The King looked up and outside the tent, and replied calmly, “Tonight.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Devil clapped his hands cheerfully: “I’m happy to be of the same opinion, then…..let us prepare for this hunt, my dear majesty.”

There was a bit of coldness and bloodthirstiness in the Devil’s smile. That careless devil may care attitude was just a disguise he used often, and there was a more terrifying side under his mask.

The King stroked the bone ring on his hand.

The hunter or the prey, until the last moment, this still remained to be seen.

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