After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 069 Recommended For Direct College Admission

Coming out of the office building and turning a corner, Jiang Chen saw Huo Bo waiting by the garden.

He paused and laughed, “Are you stalking me?”

“Your chemistry class.” Huo Bo said helplessly, “Shen Xu doesn’t dare to skip.”

Jiang Chen pursed his lips: “I guessed it.”

Huo Bo raised his chin and looked towards the principal’s office above: “Are you all right?”

“It’s fine.” Jiang Chen said, “I’ll tell you after school.”

Huo Bo: “Let’s meet up for dinner together tonight.”


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As soon as Jiang Chen returned to the classroom and sat down, a ball of paper flew across his desk. He looked sideways, and Shen Xu was winking at him, so he opened the paper ball, which read: Are you okay?

The chemistry class was still going on, so Jiang Chen turned to the page the class was reviewing, picked up a pen and wrote back two words: I’m fine.

Shen Xu hastily unwrapped the ball of paper, and was relieved to see the reply. Under Jiang Chen’s reply, he wrote “Then why did the Bull Demon King take you away?”, taking advantage of when the chemistry teacher turned around, he quickly threw it on Jiang Chen’s desk.

Jiang Chen: Professor Zhang from the Department of Computer Science at Yan University came. He seems to have heard something from Mr. Xiang and asked me about my university aspirations.

Shen Xu: Then what did you say?

Jiang Chen: My first choice is the computer department of Yan University.

Shen Xu: And then?

Jiang Chen: Let’s talk after class.

Shen Xu: I waited for you for an entire flag raising and half a chemistry class, do you really have the heart to let your good brother continue to wait?!?!

Seeing Shen Xu’s two giant question marks and exclamation marks that were about to tear through the paper, Jiang Chen could only explain clearly as concisely as possible and then end this dangerous conversation with balls of paper flying all over the place.

Jiang Chen: Professor Zhang hoped that I would definitely choose the Department of Computer Science of Yan University, and talked with me about direct recommendation, but I haven’t agreed yet.

Shen Xu: What are you thinking!!! Isn’t Yan Uni compsci your first choice! Don’t you know how much trouble you could save by being able to be admitted directly! It’s equal to early liberation, brother! And for the rest of third year, you can do whatever you want! Why not agree!

Jiang Chen received the paper ball that flew over again, glanced at Shen Xu, and stuffed the paper ball into the belly of his desk without looking at it.

Seeing that Jiang Chen didn’t look at it, Shen Xu scratched his head anxiously, covered his face with the book and leaned closer, “Jiangzi, why didn’t you agree?”

Jiang Chen lowered his voice: “Let’s talk after class.”

“Class will be over soon, I won’t be able to focus if you don’t say it now, you have to tell me now…..”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth twitched, and feeling the gaze from the podium, he had no choice but to take out the piece of notepaper, write a few words and throw it over.

Shen Xu quickly caught it, but before he could look at it, he was hit directly by a piece of chalk.

The chemistry teacher who was standing on the podium said: “I notice that the flying paper ball between the two of you can even compare to the Xiaoli Feidao (TN: wuxia skill from the novel of the same name by Gu Yong), flying back and forth so fast I nearly couldn’t see its path clearly. What interesting things are you two chatting about, that you can’t even stop, let us hear too, and be let in the fun as well!”

Jiang Chen put a hand to his forehead, Shen Xu tucked in his neck, and put on a very good attitude while admitting his wrong: “I’m wrong, Teacher He, there won’t be a next time.”


Shen Xu nodded: “Wrong.”

“Where are you wrong?”

“I’m wrong in everything, so very wrong, but I will correct my wrongness…..”

“Stand up!” Teacher He knocked heavily on Shen Xu’s desktop twice, pointing to the note in his hand: “Read!”

Shen Xu hid the note behind his back, and said in a low voice: “Teacher, I was really wrong, and I realized my wrongness very deeply. I promise to correct my wrongness in the future and turn over a new leaf. I will write a thousand-word letter of guarantee to you after class, so reading…..this won’t be unnecessary, will it.”

Teacher He hissed, as if he couldn’t believe it: “A thousand-word letter of guarantee?”


“Okay, a thousand-word letter of guarantee.” Teacher He nodded, and when Shen Xu breathed a sigh of relief, he snatched over the ball of paper in his hand: “The guarantee must be written and this must be read as well. Will it be you who read it or I?”

“I…..” Shen Xu was a little at a loss, turned his head and looked at Jiang Chen apologetically, asking for his opinion.

Jiang Chen nodded, and Shen Xu said, “I’ll read it.”

Teacher He handed the note to him: “Read, read to me with the passionate emotions you had when writing the note.”

Shen Xu licked his lips, opened the note, and read it word by word: “Me: Are you okay’, Jiang Chen: ‘I’m fine, Me: ‘Then why did “cough cough” take you away’, Jiang Chen:…..”

“What is “cough cough”?” Teacher He frowned: “Speak clearly, don’t cough at me.”

Shen Xu was silent for a few seconds. Then he shut his eyes, and really launched into an eloquent and passionate recitation.

At first, the whole class roared with laughter because of his “Bull Demon King”, but when they heard the rest, they all fell silent.

Shen Xu passionately read out loud most of the interrogation: “…..You can do whatever you want for the rest of third year! Why don’t you agree!” Then he imitated Jiang Chen’s tone: “Jiang Chen: “Professor Xiang of Hua University proposed that I go to the Department of Mathematics of Hua University. I benefited a lot from chatting with him, and I have not yet rejected his invitation, and I also plan to take the college entrance examination.”

The classroom fell into silence. In the silence, Teacher He pushed his glasses up his nose three times. When he was about to push the glasses for the fourth time, the end of class bell rang.

“Remember the 1,000-word letter of guarantee, not a single word less.” Teacher He adjusted his glasses calmly, turned around with the book in his hand, and said, “Class is over.”

It was the first time that the chemistry teacher didn’t drag the class past the bell, and left the classroom in a hurry before the bell even finished ringing. The students in class 1 also came back to themselves in the sound of the moving desks and chairs of other classes and the lively noise outside.

Luo Ze sprang up, snatched the ball of paper from Shen Xu’s hand, read it by himself, and swore after reading it.

Others came back to their senses one after another. Some went to look at the paper ball, and some directly asked, “God Jiang, a professor from Yan University just came? He wants you to go to Yan University?”

Jiang Chen didn’t expect that this matter would be exposed in this way, but he would not hide it when asked. Seeing him nodding, someone shouted “awesome”, and then there was a wave of envious congratulations, and at the same time followed a series of questions:

“God Jiang, was it because of this that you asked for leave?”

“That’s right, God Jiang, what did you do after taking almost a month’s leave?”

“Haven’t the results of the math competition not come out yet? If the professors from Yan University and Hua University contact you, can they ensure your early admission?”

“God Jiang, which college are you going to agree to, is…..”

Jiang Chen smiled, and interrupted the series of questions gently but firmly: “I haven’t considered the matter of direct recommendation. I hope everyone will not disclose this matter to the public. I will tell everyone when there is a result.”

The other students were puzzled, but some people quickly agreed: “Don’t worry God Jiang, we won’t talk about it.”


However, before noon, the school’s forum had already put up a post to discuss Jiang Chen’s direct recommendation. By the time school was over, all the students in the school knew about Jiang Chen’s direct recommendation.

He Qianmin had been waiting at the school gate early, and when he saw Jiang Chen and the others, he raised his hand and said, “Big Brother!”

Before Jiang Chen and the others walked over, he already trotted over to Jiang Chen in three steps, with excitement in his eyes: “Big Brother, I heard other people talking about your direct recommendation, is it true?”

“Even you know?” Shen Xu raised his eyebrows.

“The whole school knows.” He Qianmin: “Big Brother, what are you thinking?”

From the corner of his eye, Jiang Chen caught sight of many students who were slowing down, and said, “We’re going to have dinner together, you can come with us, wait——Dad?”

The three also followed Jiang Chen’s line of sight and asked in surprise, “Uncle Jiang?”

Jiang Zhuo walked over slowly, he was walking like an ordinary person now, but he couldn’t walk too fast and couldn’t run.

“Xiao Xu and Xiao Bo are here too.” Jiang Zhuo nodded to the three of them with a smile, and his eyes fell on He Qianmin: “Is this your classmate too?”

Jiang Chen didn’t know why Jiang Zhuo came to the school suddenly, but he still introduced He Qianmin sincerely. He said, “Dad, this is He Qianmin. He is a first year in our school. You probably haven’t seen him before, but I mentioned him to you, do you remember?”

Jiang Zhuo thought for a while, and suddenly said, “When Miao Miao said you had a younger brother last time?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen smiled, “Qian Min is like a younger brother to me.”

The corners of He Qianmin’s mouth slightly curled up, and he called out obediently, “Hi Uncle Jiang, I’m He Qianmin, nice to meet you.”

Jiang Zhuo smiled brightly: “Hello, Uncle has heard Jiang Chen mention you a long time ago. Today Uncle came to pick up Jiang Chen to go home for dinner. If you three have nothing to do, you can come together.”

Huo Bo and Shen Xu looked at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen didn’t know why Jiang Zhuo suddenly came to pick him up from school, but seeing the unconcealable smile in his eyes, something good should have happened.

“Uncle Jiang, you came too timely.” Shen Xu said with a smile: “We were just thinking about what to eat. With Auntie’s cooking, we don’t even have to think about it.”

“Then let’s go.” Jiang Zhuo said beamingly: “Your Aunt Yang has prepared a large table of dishes at home, and I’m sure you all will be satisfied.”

Jiang Chen became even more curious, and couldn’t help but ask with a smile, “Could it be some special day today? Mom cooking a big table of food, and you even came to pick me up.”

“You’ll know when you get back.” Jiang Zhuo said with a mysterious smile, “I guarantee it will be a big happy surprise.”

Jiang Chen returned home with curiosity and three tails following close behind. When Yang Si saw Shen Xu and the others, she was surprised for a moment, but she quickly welcomed them with a warm smile, “Come in, wash your hands and then we can eat.”

It was only when Jiang Chen saw a large table of dishes in the true sense that he realized that the news his parents were about to announce might really be a great surprise.

At the dining table, Yang Si picked up food for the three of Shen Xu from time to time, and was even more enthusiastic towards He Qianmin. Because she was worried that he would be embarrassed, she even quietly asked Jiang Chen about his taste before the meal, and switched the placing of his favorite dishes over to be placed in front of him.

This was the first time for He Qianmin to come to the Jiang’s. Compared with Shen Xu and Huo Bo’s casualness, he was much more reserved. Facing the occasional questions from Yang Si and Jiang Zhuo, he also behaved very sweet and polite, causing Shen Xu to tsk in amazement.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Both the host and guests enjoyed the meal, and when everyone put down their chopsticks, Jiang Zhuo and Yang Si finally announced the reason why they made this table of dishes to celebrate.

Jiang Zhuo held Yang Si’s shoulder with one arm, put his other hand gently on her lower abdomen, and said with a smile, “In seven months, you will have a younger brother or younger sister.”

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